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WWE Rumors: Another WWE Superstar Reportedly Working Through Injury



Bobby Lashley

We’ve seen a handful of WWE Superstars shelved in recent months with injuries, which will of course always come with the territory of being a professional wrestler.

Kevin Owens recently underwent two knee surgeries, Sasha Banks was out with a speculated back injury, Alexa Bliss returned from an arm issue and now appears to be hurt again (check that out here).  This all excluding the big announcement from Roman Reigns that he is dealing with leukemia again. Now, another RAW Superstar could be dealing with some physical problems as well.

Last night’s RAW saw Finn Balor pickup a victory over Bobby Lashley, a bit of a surprise to some fans considering the way Lashley has been booked of late. According to Dave Meltzer on the most recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Lashley has been working hurt and that may have contributed to the decision for Balor to go over in the match.

While no specific injury to Bobby Lashley is known, it doesn’t appear to be anything serious as Meltzer noted that he will not need to miss any ring time.

EA’s Take: Eh, hard to tell with this one. It’s entirely possible that Lashley is banged up, but at the same time Balor very easily could have gotten a win last night because it’s part of an angle. Last week it seemed like they were trying to build something between the two, so unless Lashley will be taking time off then I don’t see how a possible injury would factor into him losing to Finn. It just doesn’t correlate to me.


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