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WWE Rumors: Bobby Lashley’s Health, What He’s Reportedly Working Through



Earlier this week, we noted how there was a report that WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley was working through an unspecified injury, which may have contributed to the reasoning behind his surprise loss to Finn Balor this week on RAW after weeks of running through the competition (see the story here).

Following up on their initial report, today The Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that Lashley is actually working through a separated shoulder which is causing him to be in “a lot of pain”. This comes after it was initially said that Lashley was not expected to miss any ring time, however now it appears as if that could be a possibility. According to The Observer, the injury has also contributed to Bobby’s physical appearance, claiming he’s looking “less impressive” of late.

As of yet, it still appears as if anything Lashley is dealing with, he will be working through since he has currently not been removed from any advertised appearances. As for recovery time, shoulder separations are a bit tricky due to having varying grades and can range anywhere from 3-12 weeks or longer if there is any damage done internally to the joint and surrounding muscles which can require surgery.

EA’s Take: The jury is still out a little bit on this one for me. I don’t doubt that there’s not something going on with him, but I don’t feel like Lashley has looked any noticeably “less impressive”. Maybe that’s just because I could never imagine in my wildest dreams having a physique like his or maybe I just haven’t noticed. He looks fine to me though and even if he’s not, if it was something serious that needed surgery he may have to push it off if he can.


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