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WWE Rumors: Former Faction Primed For A Reunion?



Bray Wyatt

It’s been quite a few weeks now since we last saw WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt on television, as he’s been off since his now-former tag team partner Matt Hardy put his career on hold and possibly on the shelf for good due to an ongoing issue with his spine and pelvis.

With Roman Reigns now out indefinitely to battle leukemia, members of the WWE Universe have wondered if Wyatt will be brought back to television to help fill out a role, as it’s also been reported that Bobby Lashley is working through an injury (check that out here). Meanwhile, a former cohort of Bray Wyatt is also off of television due to an injury to his tag team partner, as Luke Harper has only worked a few Live Events since Erick Rowan was forced to undergo surgery for a torn bicep (see that story here).

With both of these former Wyatt Family members left with nothing to do, the obvious conclusion to a lot of fans has been to put the two back together, despite Bray being on RAW and Harper being on SmackDown Live. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there was a recent pitch within WWE to reunite Wyatt and Harper, however it’s not known if it will actually happen or not.

It should also be noted that it was recently reported on Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer that the company has been waiting to bring Wyatt back because they may be looking to change his character in some fashion.

At this time, there’s no word on when either Bray Wyatt or Luke Harper will be brought back to television.

EA’s Take: When Rowan got injured I thought putting Harper and Bray back together was the only logical choice. Now that circumstances are different, I think RAW could use bodies at the top of the card and Bray can do that. Leave him as he is too, he doesn’t need a gimmick change. Perhaps a tweak or giving him a new layer, but not a complete overhaul. Just book the damn guy like he should have been booked all along and he will be money.


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