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WWE Rumors: Some Officials Reportedly Pushing To Extend NXT To Two Hours




Theoretically, if you were to total the amount of fan complaints by each brand, then likely the show with the least amount of complaints would be NXT.

The NXT brand has become huge in recent years, firmly planting itself as WWE’s third and not just a developmental show with demand for events in more parts of the United States and world growing. With all of the talk about the show possibly moving to cable television after the announcement of SmackDown Live’s switch to FOX next year, there is some more indication today of that being a possibility in the future.

The most recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there are some officials in WWE that are pushing to extend NXT from a one hour program to two hours. The thinking is that the brand has so much talent, it easily could fill a weekly two hour show. Additionally, this would keep a three hour block on Wednesday nights once the Mae Young Classic comes to a conclusion. Of course, this would be two hours of NXT preceded by one hour of 205 Live should WWE decide to keep the Cruiserweights in that time slot.

It should be noted that there are also company officials that feel NXT is good just the way it is, however the idea is being tossed around. As for a move to FS1 or FS2, at this time there are still no plans in place. With WWE accruing so much money through various deals, it’s being said they are looking to put it back into NXT and expand, however plans are not yet known. Previously, it was said that the company wants to continue spreading their global reach, possibly even adding more Performance Centers at various locations across the globe.


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