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The Shield returns to WWE


Is WWE Swerving Us With The Shield’s Breakup?

The Shield is one of WWE’s most popular factions. The trio of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins are an unstoppable force. Whether they’re together or separated, these three men are WWE’s top stars.

Since reuniting in August, The Shield has once again proven why they’re the top dogs on RAW.

Yet, the Shield’s brotherhood may not be as strong as it once was. For the past two weeks, cracks have begun to form in the stable. Their rivals The Dogs of War have been trying to break up the group by planting seeds of doubt into Dean Ambrose about whether his so-called brothers care about him.

Despite attempts to create tension, The Shield are still together. Yet, after Monday Night RAW’s main event, in which Dean Ambrose lost, the fate of the trio is once again up in the air. Following the loss, a dejected Ambrose left the building leaving a confused Reigns and Rollins in the ring.

Ambrose’s actions have added even more conflict to The Shield’s storyline and led to speculation that he’s finally going to be turning heel.

Or is he?

The plan prior to Dean Ambrose’s injury was for him to turn heel and feud with Seth Rollins. With the way the current storyline is progressing, it seems like WWE is keeping their plans of making Ambrose a villain.

However, it’s becoming too obvious that Ambrose is going to turn that it could mean WWE is planning to swerve the crowd.

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If Ambrose doesn’t turn heel, that leaves either Reigns or Rollins to break up the beloved group this time around.

Reigns would be a top choice to turn heel. Fans have been pleading for The Big Dog to become a villain because it would strengthen his character and help get him over with the crowd. While Reigns would be a good pick, it’s not going to happen. He’s the face of WWE and there’s no way they’re going to turn their top guy into a heel.

With Reigns out of the running, Rollins is the next pick.

He was the one who turned on his Shield brothers the first time and who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again. Rollins did have to work hard to regain the trust of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. He could be sincere in his quest to reunite with his brothers or he could be manipulating them, waiting for the perfect moment to strike again.

With Rollins and Ambrose as the top picks, which man will turn heel?

While Rollins would be a good swerve, they’ve already had him turn once and I can’t see them repeating the same storyline again.

Out of the two men, Ambrose needs the heel turn more than Rollins. Plus, with Dean there’s more to work with storyline wise. Currently, Dean’s the only member without a championship, and despite temptation from GM Baron Corbin, Dean resisted the urge to challenge his brothers for the Universal and Intercontinental championships. Add in his recent comments about not knowing where he fits in, WWE could use this to make Dean feel underappreciated and turn his back on Reigns and Rollins.

With Survivor Series being the anniversary of The Shield’s debut, that’s the perfect time to set in motion their breakup. Moving forward, all eyes are going to be on Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns to see which man turns.

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