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Zack Gibson Could be A Top Heel

For me the highlight of NXT UK this week was the in ring promo cut by Zack Gibson. He argues he should get another shot at Pete Dunne before setting a match for next week with Noam Dar.

It made me think of something I already know, but it bares talking about again; Gibson could easily be a top heel. Not just in NXT UK but on any of WWE’s brands.

If you need any further proof of this watch both nights of this years UK Championship tournament and listen to how the crowd reacted to him. They serenaded him with chants such as “If you hate Gibson stand up” and “Shoes off If you hate Gibson”. The guy got half the audience to take their shoes off for god sake!

He was the right guy to win that tournament I only wish they went all the way and had him beat Dunne for the title the next night. Really capitalize on the heat. Him as a heel champion could be like Ciampa as NXT champion now as the boos he gets are similar if not louder than the ones Ciampa gets.

You almost couldn’t hear Gibson’s promo because the fans were booing and chanting so loudly. A number of his promos on the Indies have went very similarly.

The best thing about it is he doesn’t have to do a lot to gain such heel heat. All he has to do is talk. He knows that the Scouse accent can be irritating to some people so he just turns it up to 11 making it so grating. It’s because he doesn’t have to do much is why I think he can gain the same reactions on other WWE shows.

Maybe if he went to the main roster he wouldn’t be in the world title scene immediately but he could easily be slotted in the US or IC title picture. Give the casual fans to see his character and soon enough you’ve got a new main event heel.

His heel promos are so good that fans won’t even comment on his wrestling. Gibson is an excellent wrestler as his matches with Dunne showcased.

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I remember for a brief time I absolutely despised Gibson but couldn’t come up with a clear reason as to why I hated him. I soon realized it was because he was such a good heel which is something that hasn’t happened since I  was a child. A compliment to Gibson’s ability.

In the era of the cool heels and the whole shades of grey there are no heels and faces Gibson is one of the only true wrestling villains left. Move over Marty Scurll.

He is not interested in being cheered. All he cares about is winning so people are forced to acknowledge him as the best in the world. The best thing about a character like Gibson’s is the more they win the better they are as the can lord it over the fans. This means the reaction when they are beaten is bigger.


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