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Chris Jericho WWE


A New Hope For Change: Y2J Chris Jericho

Can Y2J lead the change in pro wrestling?

WWE has grown into both the irresistible force and the immovable object. But there is support out there for something different, and a man who can lead that charge. He’s the new hope…he’s Chris Jericho.

In my humble opinion we are at a crucial moment to mainstream Sports Entertainment in a place where we may have never experienced before.  The force of the unstoppable WWE dominance is going places that haven’t been traveled.   Being used politically, on every aspect of media, and dominant brand recognition internationally, WWE has reached everyone in some way.

Now to the fans of the old WWE, in fact World Wrestling Federation fans are left asking, what is going on?  The plan was simple before.  You either love or hate the leader of the pack in this case Roman Reigns and tease him wrestling who you really want to be the leader, Braun Stroman for example.  And you watch every week either loving or hating it but always coming back.  Most of us are okay with this arrangement in hopes of something better may happen.  But Roman Reigns is out bravely fighting the biggest battle of his life, so change of plans.

In comes Brock Lesnar adding another almost genius way to expand the brand at the wonderment of all who are watching.  Let’s mix UFC and WWE with a cross over title match.  None of which is set in stone at all by the way, but it is a possibility and with the most potential it has ever had.  Lesnar is the Beast who bears the belt.  He will hold onto it forever until he wants to stop.  A pure spectacle that would benefit everyone financially and cross very similar fan bases together even closer.    WWE already loves the MMA Elite and gives them proper attention when associated with WWE events.  It is not crazy, and Dana White would not turn down a chance to work with the Master Vince McMahon.

I’m a huge fan of Professional Wrestling, it’s my favorite thing.  I get lost in it and enjoy the constant struggle.  Someone who may love Professional Wrestling the most and who may be one of the best ever who still is performing on a regular basis is in an interesting position of power, Y2J Chris Jericho.

He is a fan favorite from multiple eras who shows up and loves this business.  A true opposite of the current Universal Champion and someone with enough sense of this business that he may be able to impact WWE ratings whether on the roster or part of a rival promotion.  He has the street cred, and the talent, and can go.  In fact he is the one who had the guts to stand up to Lesnar backstage post the Randy Orton elbow to the head. It would be interesting who would be willing to come back to WWE if he were the Leader of the Locker-room.   He is respected, loves to party and rock out and can carry the WWE’s interest into the future until WWE finds their future icon if they haven’t already.

What this could do if Jericho is interested also can solidity that he is not rising against WWE and no longer going to appear elsewhere, nor create a possible headache and rival that WWE doesn’t need right now.

Devil’s Advocate to this tells me a few things.  Maybe WWE loves having their new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar only show for the big matches, making his appearances special and count.  Or, maybe they thrive on crushing rivals and competition and don’t see a new threat in a possible Mega Wrestling Promotion.   Also, they may want the attention that a cross UFC Title Match will bring to test the inevitable waters.   We may see some more of the talent we want to see fight for the title get their chances as well, the Finn Balor’s,  Rusev’s  etc.  I do know that there are a lot of wrestling fans yelling, “Do you hear us, we need you Chris Jericho!”   He is constantly working, and no matter what, will do something big.  I personally hope for a little bit of everything to happen!

Keep the story going WWE, we will as always be along for the ride.   Please like, comment and share.

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