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AJPW Real World Tag League 2018 Results & Review Part 2



AJPW still has the Real World Tag League rolling on. With a few teams starting to pull away, and other favorites stalling out, let’s see how Mathew breaks down the next 3 days of matches.

Welcome back to AJPW’s Real World Tag League and the first two nights kicked off really well to get the fans hyped up for the rest of the league.

I’m a bit behind due to the holiday keeping me rather busy and it’s time to pick up the pace with the next three shows I’ll be covering in this part. Let’s find out who will get more points on the scoreboard as we…dive right in.


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Dylan James & Joe Doering vs. TAJIRI & Gianni Valletta

Review: We start this show off with TAJIRI and Gianni taking on The Bomber. Both of these teams won their previous matches on the 17th show and one of them will look to have a bit of an undefeated streak going. Which one of these two will become undefeated?

Both Joe and Dylan wasted no time attacked TAJIRI and Gianni on the outside of the ring before they would get back in for the match to start. Poor TAJIRI, he’s pretty much getting abused by both of these powerhouses during the entire match without having a chance to tag Gianni in. Joe and Dylan together are still going over pretty well and could be a legitimate tag team if they keep it together after the league since there’s definitely potential there. TAJIRI would finally get some offense in as he hits a Drop Toehold on Joe to make him land on the referee, leaving Gianni an opening to wrap the chain around his arm to hit Dylan with a Lariat to knock him down. Joe would run towards them until TAJIRI spits the green mist onto Joe and Gianni hits him with the chain so TAJIRI could pin Joe and they get another surprise win!

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a quarter


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama vs. Odinson & Parrow

Review: Our next match is the Violent Giants taking on The End. This was a match I really wanted to see after seeing The End during the first day of the league. The Violent Giants still remain undefeated after defeating both NEXTREAM and Yoshiken at the last two shows and they look to keep that undefeated streak going. Will Violent Giants remain undefeated or will it be The End for them?

The match was hard hitting with both of these teams as it should be since they’re both powerhouses as well. The End was able to hold out on their own against the current tag champs when it came to a regular match, but for them as actual contenders then that all depends if they do decide to stick around after the league. Odinson is definitely the standout when it comes to this tag team from how strong and agile he is but Parrow still holds out on his own as well. Violent Giants still showed their worth as a team while kicking ass and taking names once again in this tournament. The End was about to go for their Doomsday Device onto Shuji before Suwama knocked Odinson down as Shuji got Parrow out of the way to hit the Superplex onto Odinson. Shuji would hit the knee strike onto him twice for Odinson to kick out and Shuji would quickly pick him up to hit the Fire Thunder Driver and Violent Giants remain undefeated.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu vs. Naoya Nomura & Yumi Aoyagi

Review: Our main event for the third night is Yoshiken taking on the current All Asia Tag Team Champions, NEXTREAM. Both of these teams have zero wins in their name and only one of them is gonna have to break that losing streak record. Which one of these two will finally get a win under their belt?

A rather slow beginning and most of the first half of the match due to it having a standard match feel which was a bit disappointing because of the people involved in the match. The banter between Kento and the referee is still hilarious everytime I see it and they could have their own little sitcom and it would still be funny, the two would argue while Yoshi was trying to get a pin on his opponent and not a good time to be having that right now. NEXTREAM are still a hit with their chemistry and Yuma paired off pretty well with Yoshitatsu in the match from how similar they kinda are together when it comes to their style. There was one sequence I loved between Kento and Naoya where Kento did the Shining Wizard to the corner and would pick him up for Nomura to get off Kento to hit a forearm before running to the ropes and Kento Big Boots him before going for a Blackout, but Nomura caught him in time to hit another big forearm. It’s a simple double down but the execution between them was great.

Now, this is where the match would start to pick up to get more intense here. Yuma would catch Yoshitatsu for the three German Suplexes while Kento was struggling to get in to try and save his partner, but Yoshi would kick out just in time to keep the match alive. Yoshi would attempt the Koji Clutch numerous times in the match and he would fail to make Yuma tap when he would try to reverse it as a pin for the first time and Nomura breaking the hold the second time. Yoshitatsu hits the Codebreaker of Jericho onto Yuma and Kento catches him for a German Suplex for Yoshi to try and get the pin but Nomura breaks the hold. After a hard-hitting twenty-five minute battle, Yoshitatsu would apply the Koji Clutch onto Yuma one more time and he would finally make him tap out to give Yoshiken their first win while NEXTREAM still fails to get their first victory.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
KAI & Kengo Mashimo vs. Joe Doering & Dylan James

Review: Time for the opening match of day four to begin as The Bomber is back for more in this one to open the show as the previous day as they take on KAI and Kengo Mashimo. KAI and Kengo failed to get a win in their first match against Daisuke and Jun but they now look to pick up a win in their second match. The Bomber suffered their first loss against TAJIRI and Gianna at the previous show and now look to make up for that humiliating loss. Who wins here?

While KAI and Kengo were busy figuring out who would start the match first, Joe and Dylan would start the attack on them and had them going for a while until both Joe and Dylan collided with each other as KAI and Kengo both hit an Enziguri on both of these men. After that quick little sequence, both of them would fight on the outside for a little while until going back into the ring. I thought this was a much better match compared to Bombers previous outing with TAJIRI and Gianni since KAI and Kengo were much better opponents for both of them. KAI would be able to hit Joe with a Frog Splash off the top rope and Kengo hits the PK to top it off but Dylan would break the count before it went to three. Kengo would apply the Sleeper on Joe to try and knock him out shades of last time during the Oudou Tournament but Joe would power out of it, but Kengo would hold Joe in place but KAI accidentally Superkicked Kengo when Joe ducked and hits the both of them with a Diving Body Press for a two count. Joe picked Kengo up for the Piledriver while Dylan helps slam him down onto the mat as Bomber picks up their second win.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai vs. Manabu Soya & Takao Omori

Review: We’re now onto our fourth day and it looks like Jake Lee and Ryouji Sai are finally set to have their first match in the tournament, but their opponents are Manabu Soya and Takao Omori. Manabu and Takao were able to win their first match when they defeated Zeus and The Bodyguard in the surprise victory. Will Sweeper pick up their first win in their first match or will Get Wild remain undefeated?

Jake and Ryouji as a tag team gave us a really solid performance here and I know Jake is great on his own, but Ryouji isn’t too bad either and the pairing gave us some decent tag action with them as a team. Jake did great during his encounters with both Manabu and Takao, and I get more impressed with Jake whenever I see him wrestle, just hope to see a big turnout for him by the end of 2019 since the kid is special. For the match itself, I thought it was standard as a wrestling match goes but nothing too bad either and I felt like it did its purpose in delivering us a solid match at least. Get Wild did decently enough since they meshed well with both Jake and Ryouji in the match. Jake had Takao in a DDT and Ryouji would slam down with him to give Jake that extra impact onto their opponent for good measure. Ryouji would run towards Takao but Manabu would catch him with a Spear and would try to do the same thing to Jake once he got into the ring, but Jake would catch him and hold him still until Manabu picked him up for the Death Valley Driver. Takao would hit the Axe Bomber onto Ryouji to pick up the win and Get Wild is undefeated.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Jun Akiyama & Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu

Review: Our main event for the fourth night is Kento Miyahara and Yoshitatsu once again as they now take on the team of Jun Akiyama and Daisuke Sekimoto. I was expecting this one to happen near the end of the tournament, but I’ll gladly take it now since I’ve been looking forward to this one. Daisuke and Jun got their first victory defeating KAI and Kengo Mashimo while Yoshiken got their first victory at the previous show after suffering two straight losses and hope to get another win here. Will Yoshiken get two wins in a row or will Uncle Jun and Daisuke slap them back down?

Seeing Daisuke and Kento in the ring together made me really wanna see a one on one match between the two and has MOTY contender written all over it if given the chance, but he could be in the 2019 Champions Carnival if things go do well here. Don’t know what Uncle Jun is doing here but it looks like he’s paying extra special attention to Yoshitatsu here and beating him around as if it was a bit of a shoot going on here, not sure what that’s about but this is Uncle Jun we’re talking about and I’m sure he has his reasoning for doing so to possibly help him out. Jun and Yoshi would keep on going at it in and out of the ring and it does look like Yoshitatsu stepped up his game a little bit when they shared a ring together, which is good since that’s what it looked like Jun wanted to do to bring the best out of him for this match.

Kento would get tagged in for the hot tag as he kicked Daisuke out and started to work on Jun for a little bit before Daisuke got into the ring for the two to go at it once more. Daisuke would have Kento up for the Torture Rack and Kento would fight it off for a little bit before he got picked back up and thrown onto Yoshitatsu to make it a cool spot. Yoshitatsu hits the Codebreaker of Jericho and German Suplex combo onto Jun as Daisuke broke the hold to keep the match going. Daisuke hits Yoshi with a Splash and Snapmares him into a knee strike by Uncle Jun for another kick out. Jun would have Yoshi set up for the Wrist-clutch Exploder and Daisuke gives Jun an extra boost by hitting a German Suplex on Jun to help lift Yoshi higher and Kento broke the count. Daisuke and Kento are fighting outside as Jun hits the Wrist-clutch Exploder one more time and gets the win for his team to remain undefeated while Yoshiken has three losses now, not good for them.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a quarter


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
KAI & Kengo Mashimo vs. Manabu Soya & Takao Omori

Review: Our final show of this article now as we get underway with our opening contest for day five with KAI and Kengo Mashimo taking on Manabu Soya and Takao Omori. KAI and Kengo still fail to get a win under their name still in this tournament while Get Wild is undefeated with two wins right now, and if Get Wild do win this match then they’ll be tied with Violent Giants for first place. Will Get Wild go to the top or our odd pairing finally get a win?

KAI is insisting on going first but his senpai neglects him to let him go first as him and Takao started the match off and Kengo seems to be on a roll here until KAI came into the ring to try and help him out, but KAI accidentally Superkicked Kengo once again and this is why senpai doesn’t notice him. Get Wild definitely had the control here over Kengo after the Superkick as they just worked on him as much as they could to make sure he doesn’t get a chance to tag in his partner so they could get another quick win. Kengo would eventually find a way to get KAI in for the hot tag and starts to do just that as he started getting momentum for his team now and even hits a Frog Splash onto Takao and would kick out. The match was decent as there were mostly sloppy moments than any memorable moments to make it a great match, but it’s at least worth watching at least once. Takao and Manabu would hold KAI in place for Takao to attempt an Axe Bomber but KAI ducked to hit Manabu by accident and quickly pinned Takao to get their first win!

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a half


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Joe Doering & Dylan James vs. Jun Akiyama & Daisuke Sekimoto

Review: Our next match is Bomber taking on Jun Akiyama and Daisuke Sekimoto. Jun and Daisuke still remain undefeated after defeating Yoshiken at the previous show while Joe and Dylan still have a strong showing here. Since Get Wild failed to get a third win, the winner of this match will be tied with Violent Giants for first place. Which one of these two teams will get six points?

There’s another match I would love to see between Daisuke and Doering since I feel like their styles would give us a great powerhouse type of match with the two of them exchanging powerful blows and we got a little bit of a sample with that when the two started off in the match. Daisuke definitely fits into the AJPW promotion with how he wrestles and doing a similar style like the other members of the roster to make himself a key player, but I know he loves to freelance and probably doesn’t plan on ending that anytime soon. Jun looked like he did a small shoot with Dylan a little bit and I like this side of Uncle Jun where he just wants his roster to do their best and would do whatever it takes to make it happen, even if he has to shoot on them a little bit.

Daisuke and Dylan are in the ring now and just exchanging blows for a while until they’re both down as Jun gets the hot tag against Doering and even hits him with a sliding knee for a two count. While Jun had Doering in a Guillotine Choke, Daisuke had Dylan up for the Torture Rack to try and make Bombers tap out but they would both break the holds before they could tap out. Jun hits the Wrist-clutch Exploder on Joe for a two count and he would try to go for it again with Daisuke getting ready to hit his German, but Joe would fight Jun off him as Daisuke only hits the German on Jun, without knowing about Joe breaking the hold and Dylan hits Jun with a Lariat on a corner and Joe hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam for a two count. Joe would pick Jun back up and they hit the Double Piledriver again as they get the victory and tie for first with Violent Giants.

Rating: Bruce Prichard


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai vs. Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu

Review: Yoshiken is main eventing the tag league for the fifth time now as they’re not set to take on Jake Lee and Ryouji Sai. Yoshiken is not in a good position right now with only one win and three losses, so they would need a win here to help put them back in the game a little bit longer. Jake and Ryouji, however, are in a good spot with only being in one match with one loss, so a win here would just balance them out. Will Yoshiken get a second win or will they be swept by the Sweepers?

Ryouji and Yoshi would do a quick little warm-up to get the crowd hyped up a little bit before we get to the real meat of the match and that’s the encounter between Jake and Kento. The two would lock up and have each other by the ropes to taunt each other until Kento got frustrated and the two would have a little sequence with kicks to the face and would avoid the knees to have the crowd give the both of these me a standing ovation. The rest of the first half would only consist of these two to make them the main focus of the match without tagging in their partners since this is a rivalry that’s being built up a lot more recently and we’re not even scratching the surface of it yet, that’s how exciting this rivalry is. The two would just go back and forth with blow after blow whether it’s in the ring or outside the ring with Jake delivering stiff kicks to Kento outside of the ring before bringing him back in and the two just kept going at it.

Ryouji and Yoshi would get involved in the match again after Jake and Kento controlling most of the match so far and it wouldn’t last too long as they would only be in the ring here and there for some quick tags before they go back to Kento and Jake once again. Jake had Kento for a DDT while Ryouji would slam down with them for a two count and Yoshi would hit his Codebreaker of Jericho onto Jake for Kento to hit the German Suplex Hold as Ryouji broke the pin. Kento would attempt his Shutdown German Suplex hold as Jake broke free of the hold and kneed Kneto in the face and Ryouji would top it off with a Shining Wizard onto Kento towards the turnbuckle and Kento sold that beautifully. Jake would get another knee to the face for a two count and Kento would eventually hit Jake with the Blackout for the two count. Kento picked Jake up to go for the Shutdown German Suplex Hold once more as Jake would struggle for as long as he could until Kento hits it this time for the three count. Great match and Jake once again failed to defeat Kento, but I do believe Jake will get a huge payoff once he gets that big win over Kento one day.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a quarter


Overall: These next three shows had solid bouts from top to bottom with three great matches to make them stand out and I’m looking forward to covering the next three shows to catch up with the pace of things. Most of these matches are worth checking out along with the rest of the tournament if you want good tag wrestling.

Favorite Match: Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai vs. Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu

Least Favorite Match: Dylan James & Joe Doering vs. TAJIRI & Gianni Valletta

Score: 8/10

Current Standings
Violent Giants: (3-0) (6 Points)
The Bomber: (3-1) (6 Points)
Gianni/TAJIRI: (2-0) (4 Points)
Get Wild: (2-1) (4 Points)
Yoshiken: (2-3) (4 Points)
Jun/Daisuke: (2-1) (4 Points)
KAI/Kengo: (1-2) (2 Points)
The End: (1-2) (2 Points)
Sweeper: (0-2) (0 Points)
The Big Guns: (0-1) (0 Points)
NEXTREAM: (0-3) (0 Points)

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