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Chairshot Classics: Impact Wrestling Presents Bound For Glory 2018



What I Watched – A Chairshot Classics Presentation
Impact Wrestling – Bound for Glory 2018
By Harry Broadhurst

As I mentioned when we looked at Slammiversary, the reasoning behind that show being reviewed was that the Chairshot brass wanted to bring a more diverse viewpoint of promotions here to the site. We have a ton of coverage for everything WWE. Steven Mitchell does a bang up job of that. Andrew Balaz and others have covered the Japanese scene. I don’t believe a single person has covered the modern timeline of Impact Wrestling in terms of show reviews until that Slammiversary review went up. I could be wrong, but I definitely don’t recall anyone doing so.

In that Slammiversary review, I said that my regular gig here at the Chairshot would be as the guy who does PROGRESS Wrestling. Those reviews are still planned to be coming shortly, for the record. However, with the success of the Slammiversary and the positive buzz that the company currently has, I figured why not go directly into the show that we discussed at the top of the last review. Therefore in this instance, the way back machine takes us to October 14th, 2018 in Astoria, NY as “What I Watched” presents Impact Wrestling’s ‘Bound for Glory’ 2018.

WRITER’S NOTE #1: My reviews will not be a play by play recap. I’ve done that style in the past and honestly, I don’t especially care for it. Instead, it’ll be more of a stream of consciousness review as I talk about the wrestlers, the matches, the storylines and whatever else happens to pop into my head while I watch.

WRITER’S NOTE #2: As much as I’d like to let everyone make their own decisions on the matches, giving away match results in the review will be a necessary evil. The reason being that I will discuss what I think everything means going forward and maybe even doing a little fantasy booking of where I would go from where they presently are. I will still post the results as one big listing at the end of the articles as well as my ratings for the contests. The final show review will be after that as well as the ‘Final Reaction’ for the show. Going forward, I hope to have a full archive to all of my previous reviews here on the Chairshot.

MY RATING SCALE: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Bad, Very Bad, Terrible and SKIP. Some matches will occasionally get a ‘N/A’ rating as well. That will be reserved for matches that I feel don’t warrant a rating.

Let us know what you think on social media @ChairshotMedia and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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