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Chairshot Classics: WCW Spring Stampede 1994 – Let The Stampede Begin!



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Our weekly WCW Chairshot Classics series continues with the inaugural Spring Stampede!

Open: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is in the arena and he introduces Aaron Neville to sing the National Anthem.

Match #1: Johnny B. Badd vs. Diamond Dallas Page w/The Diamond Doll
Page has a small black bag that he gives to The Diamond Doll. It appears she gives it to Bobby Heenan. Page ambushes Badd and they go right to work. Victory roll by Badd  and he can’t catch him early. Badd clotheslines Page outside and drags him right back in quickly, going to the wrist lock. Page pulls him down and stomps the mid section. Duck under takedown by Page and Badd kicks out. Front facelock by Page, Badd reverses into a hammerlock and drops his knee into the back. Badd rolls him over but can’t get 3.

He hangs on to the hammerlock as they work back to their feet. Page breaks it with an elbow and drops Badd with a shoulder block. Badd kicks him away and scores with an arm drag, cranking on the arm down on the mat. Page goes to the eyes and takes Badd over. Johnny bridges out on the headlock, lifts his feet in the air and uses his momentum to roll DDP over. Dropkick by Badd and a lateral press for two. Page baits Badd and throws him head first into the turnbuckle. Page lays in some elbows. Belly to back suplex by DDP and he’s feeling it. He continues to kick Badd while he’s down. To the ropes, a kick to the midsection and a gut buster by Page.

Snap suplex by Page and Badd kicks out again, DDP moves quickly into the reverse chinlock. Page with a nerve hold as the crowd rallies behind Badd. Up to vertical, Badd lays in some elbows and it’s his turn for a belly to back. A right to the midsection and Badd somersaults away from contact. Inverted atomic drop and a clothesline from Badd. He sends Page for a back body drop, to the ropes again, Badd gets up with a head scissors. He hits him with a left hook and Page tumbles to the floor. Flying cross body by Badd and he rolls DDP back in. To the top rope, Badd lands a sunset flip and that’s all he needs.
Winner: Johnny B. Badd (Top Rope Sunset Flip)

  • EA’s TakeIt’s our first PPV look at DDP’s real (at the time) wife, Kimberly Page, known of course at this point as The Diamond Doll. Shortest match on the card, but dense with action – no wasted moves. Both of these guys are about to come into their own over the next 12-18 months, so this is just a small preview of that as they both start to increase their profiles.

In the Arena: ‘Mean’ Gene is standing by with Jesse Ventura. They plug the WCW Hotline, Jesse’s ready to call right now. He’ll be available to talk to fans on Wednesday and he has plenty of dirt that can’t be talked about on the air.

Match #2 for the WCW World Television Championship: ‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. WCW World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal w/Sir William
There is a 15 minute time limit. Brian wastes no time and he throws Regal into the turnbuckle and lays in a variety of strikes. Irish whip, Regal stops short and tries a single leg pickup but Brian stays on offense. They exchange roll ups, and Regal tries to slow it down. Pillman drops to his knees to get on Regal’s level and slaps him across the face. He sends the champ face first into the canvass. To the ropes, leapfrog by Pillman and an arm drag. Regal bails to the floor, Pillman gives chase but he’s been baited. Pillman protects himself from the railing and sends Regal into it instead. Lord Steve retreats into the ring, Pillman slingshots his arm over the top rope.

In the corner, they jockey for position, Pillman takes him down with a hammerlock and drags Regal to the post where he continues work on that left arm. Pillman stalks Sir William away, giving Regal a chance to get in the ring. Chop from Pillman but Regal pulls the hair. European uppercut and an arm drag by Regal. He stays on the wrist. Pillman works his way back up and chops out of the wrist lock, but the champ slows the momentum. They hit the ropes, Pillman tries a Thesz Press, Regal catches him and flips him onto his back. Regal is slow to cover and Pillman kicks out. Forearms across the back by Lord Steven, Pillman fights back from his knees. It’s Regal keeping the upperhand and he lifts Pillman up on his shoulder.

Pillman maneuvers out of it and surprises with a small package, Regal kicks out. Single leg takedown by Regal, he grapevines the legs and maneuvers into a crossface. He switches into a half nelson on the mat. Regal grinds away with some mat work before picking Pillman up for some uppercuts. Pillman tries to reverse into a backslide but can’t pull it off. Regal lifts Pillman with a surfboard submission. He hangs on with a reverse chin lock. They exchange chops and hit the ropes, Pillman wants a back drop but Regal stops short with a forearm. The champ jackknifes Pillman up, but Flyin Brian counters with a head scissor take down.

Regal gets his shoulder up at two. Pillman attempts a crucifix, Regal makes it to the ropes, he stands back up and drops him with a Regal roll, Pillman kicks out at two. Modified abdominal stretch on the mat by Regal. Regal tries a crossbow but only gets one leg. Pillman breaks the hold with right hands. He goes to the ropes but Regal stops him with a single leg and a half crab. Pillman with some desperation chops and Regal lifts his boot to the challenger’s face. He tries a roll up with a handful of trunks but Pillman escapes. Back to a crossface by Regal. USA chants break out in favor of Pillman. Up to their feet and they exchange shots. Pillman gets the better of it in the corner but Regal won’t give. Desperation headbutt by Pillman but it seems to take more out of himself.

Forearm between the shoulder blade and an upper cut by Regal. Desperation drop kick by Pillman and both men are down. To the ropes, Regal catches Pillman’s drop kick, tries a Boston crab but Pillman throws him aside. Enzigure by Pillman, reacting to Regal’s single leg pickup attempt. Pillman tries a monkey flip, Regal tosses him off but misses with a knee drop. Regal goes to the middle rope as it’s announced there is 1 minute left in the time limit. Regal leaps but Pillman catches him with a drop kick. Pillman sends him for the ride and a back body drop. Pillman is fired up and he delivers rights in the corner.

To the ropes again, Pillman stops short of a hip toss and pulls Regal face first on the mat. Pillman runs for a cross body, Regal catches him out of midair, stumbles toward the ropes and both men tumble over the top and to the floor. Pillman is up first, he fends off Sir William and heads back to the ring. He gives Regal a vertical suplex back into the ring, but time has expired.
Winner: Time Limit Draw

  • EA’s TakeDean Malenko may be the ‘Man of 1,000 Holds’, but Regal is right there with him. His creativity on the mat is definitely in the highest percentile. I find myself using the word “modified” a lot during his matches because it’s as if he has 7 different variations of any given hold. The TV Title was treated a lot like the IC Title, often going to the reliable technicians. In the belt’s 27-year history, the top five guys in terms of combined reigns were Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat, Tully Blanchard, Lord Steven Regal and Mike Rotunda. Steve Austin comes in at #6, so I think that’s some solid evidence for my assertion.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene is joined by Col. Robert Parker and his new client, Bunkhouse Buck. Parker feels like the greatest promoter of all time. He has a lot to look forward to, but the one he’s looking forward to the most is Buck’s showdown with ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes. Buck says he hasn’t showered in a long time, he’s dirty and smelly because that’s the way Daddy used to do it.

Match #3 – Falls Count Anywhere Chicago Street Fight: WCW World Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) vs. Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne
The brawl starts right on the entrance ramp. Sags and Payne take it to the ring, Payne with a spine buster. Sags rolls to the floor and Payne chases. Knobbs beats Jack with a foreign object while Sags is thrown into the railing. Jack takes the baton and takes control of Knobbs in the ring. Jack sets him up, clotheslines Knobbs to the floor landing on the apron himself. Sags takes a chair to both his opponents and he beats Jack with a pool cue. Jack takes control of the chair and all four just have an all out brawl on the floor. Jack runs Knobbs into the entrance ramp, Payne drops two elbows on Sags. Sags takes the pool cue into the ring and beats Jack on the side of the head.

Payne and Knobbs take their battle toward the entrance ramp. Headbutt from Payne and he throws him into the ramp. Inside the ring, Sags measures Jack and uses the cue to send him over the top. Knobbs and Payne have made their way to a souvenir stand and Knobbs uses a trash can on him. Jack and Sags have rolled back to the floor and they’re fighting amid the fans. Jack delivers a chair shot across the head while Payne lifts Knobbs and sends him through a merchandise table. Payne stuffs a t-shirt down Knobbs throat, he tries a pin but Knobbs won’t let up. Sags joins his partner but Jack is right behind him. Cactus is tossed over the safety rail. The Nasty Boys double team Payne through the back of the souvenir stand.

Sags grabs a table and beats Jack over the top of the head. Up on the entrance ramp and Jack hits Sags with a neck breaker. He drops the table across the mid section of the tag champ. He goes for a pin but Knobbs cuts him off with a shovel. Knobbs climbs up to clock him again, but Payne makes the save. He grabs the shovel and assaults Knobbs. with it. Jack and Sags stand up on the table, it appears that Sags wants a piledriver, but the table gives way. He instead simply throws Jack over the side. He takes the shovel, clocks Cactus across the skull, makes a pin on the concrete and that’s enough for the win.
Winners: The Nasty Boys (Sags/Foreign Object)

  • EA’s TakeYou had to know exactly what you were in for before this match even started, just an ugly, unhinged free-for-all. I think battle royals are easier to sensibly call in a format like this. That spot on top of the table when it just broke on them was absolutely hilarious.

Backstage: Jesse Ventura is joined by Johnny B. Badd. Slamboree is a month away, DDP is a good wrestler but he’s a Badd man, and he wants a shot at the winner of the following United States Championship match.

Match #4 for the WCW United States Championship: The Great Muta vs. WCW United States Champion ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin w/Col. Robert Parker
Austin backs away from a karate kick and takes his time to move in. Collar and elbow, waistlock by Muta and Austin breaks it on the ropes. They lock up again, side headlock takedown by Muta and he hangs on. Austin twists out to a top wristlock but can’t completely escape. Stunning Steve is forced to go to the ropes again. Austin ducks the collar and elbow and hits a double leg takedown, delivers a stomp and picks Muta up for a right. To the ropes they go and it’s Muta who catches Austin in an abdominal stretch. Austin reverses but Muta lays in an elbow. Collar and elbow, waistlock by Muta and he tries a schoolboy. Side headlock takedown by Muta and he hangs onto the headlock.

Austin tries grabbing the hair by the referee catches him. Austin lifts for a belly to back suplex, but Muta takes him back over again, not relinquishing the lock. Up to their feet again and this time Steve’s successful. Austin tries a vertical suplex, Muta blocks and delivers one of his own. He lays in an elbow and moves back to the headlock. Austin is slow to his feet, they hit the ropes, Muta with a shoulder block, Austin leapfrogs but then eats a drop kick. Muta with another side takeover, Stunning Steve counters with a head scissor submission. Muta escapes and Austin rolls out to check in with Parker. Austin rolls back in on the near side. Back to the neutral position, Austin tries hooking a schoolboy but can’t get the pin. Drop toe hold into a front face lock, Muta counters into a hammerlock.

Muta tries getting the shoulders down but Austin fights out of it. Side headlock by Muta and they hit the ropes, Parker grabs the leg and Austin blindsides him with a knee. Austin runs a distraction and the Colonel takes advantage, choking Muta. Austin rolls out and sends Muta into the ring post. The champ sends Muta into the railing. Back in the ring, Austin stays on him with knees and kicks. Snapmare by Austin and he follows with a knee to the forehead. Lateral press and Muta kicks out. Austin moves into an abdominal stretch, the ref checks in but Muta’s not interested in quitting. Austin grabs the rope for leverage.

Nick Patrick catches him doing it and kicks him away, Muta lifts him with a hip toss to break the hold. Muta blocks a right and lays shots into the champ. Into the ropes but he misses with a drop kick. Austin lays in a knee from the middle rope and Muta kicks out at two. He hooks the leg but still can’t get him. Austin hangs Muta across the bottom rope and the ref backs him off, Parker takes a cheap shot. Muta blocks a buckle shot and gives one to Austin instead. Spinning karate kick by Muta. He sends Austin for a back body drop, following it with a vertical suplex. Standing drop kick by the challenger and he’s heading for the top rope. He tries a drop kick but no one is home.

Austin tries the Hollywood and Vine submission but Muta escapes. To the ropes and Muta is the one who hits the Stun Gun across the top rope. Irish whip and a back splash by Muta. He seats Austin on the top turnbuckle and lands a hurricanrana. Parker is up on the apron and he eats a spinning kick. Austin charges him, Muta reacts with a back body drop over the top rope, prompting a disqualification.
Winner and STILL WCW United States Champion: ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin (Disqualification)

  • EA’s TakeGood match. For the first couple of minutes I was asking myself who was the heel and who was the babyface. It should be obvious that Austin is the heel champion, but the fans do like him and the backstory was that Muta wanted to take the United States Championship back to Japan. At the end of the day, the fans were still behind the Japanese star.
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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: NWA-TNA Episode 23



TNA Wrestling Logo

NWA-TNA Episode 23: November 27, 2002

Goldy is introduced and sings ‘God Bless America’ and sounds lovely as usual.

Opening: We open with Borash in the ring and he says that since it’s the day before Thanksgiving and because everyone is feeling grateful, despite everything the country has been through and is about to go through (the War in Afghanistan was about to start, I think), everyone at TNA is thankful to the fans for supporting them.

Briscoe Brothers vs Divine Storm (with Trinity): The Briscoes are back! They’re going up against generic new comers, Divine Storm.

This match was much better than Divine Storm’s previous outing last week. They and the Briscoes worked together very well and put on a really good match. Trinity got involved, hitting a hurricanrana on one of the Briscoes. There was also a really cool spot where one member of the Briscoes and one member of Divine Storm hit stereo diving sentons on each other’s opponent.

Ultimately, Divine Storm would win this round with a cradle suplex.

At ringside, Tenay addresses the revelation that Vince Russo was Mr. Wrestling III. The usually calm, neutral Tenay minces no words about how he feels. He does NOT like Vince Russo, he does NOT want to be associated with him, and vows to not let Russo destroy TNA the way he did WCW. West is a little stunned by Tenay’s anger, claiming that he didn’t realize that Tenay disliked Russo that much.

After the commercial break, Tenay is in the ring and he’s wanting to interview Jeff Jarrett. He gets Vince Russo instead. Russo seems to see no reason to play nice. He throws Tenay out of the ring and tells him to go sulk in the commentary area. Apparently Tenay had vowed to quit if Russo was allowed into TNA and Russo called his bluff, telling him he can go home and pout like Sean Waltman and they’ll replace him with a chimpanzee that will have more personality.

Addressing the audience, and seemingly unaware of just how many people hold him responsible for the destruction of WCW, Russo introduced himself as the Anti-Christ of wrestling and said that he came back because the business was ‘in the shitter’, without seeming to accept that he’s very much to blame for the state of the business.

Russo then tries to claim credit for Jarrett’s rise in the late 90s, claiming to have befriended him in WWE, despite the Double J gimmick, though it should be pointed out that Russo’s ‘friendship’ didn’t help Jarrett get out of the mid-cards in WWE. Russo then clams that the Jarrett’s begged him to come in and help TNA, saying that TNA means ‘Tits and Ass’ not ‘Total Non-Stop Acton’.

Proving that he has no clue what he’s doing, Russo disrespects the NWA greats who have been putting up with his garbage, and claims he’s saving TNA, instead of destroying it.

But Russo’s wants us all to know that he’s not a total psychopath. He offers Jarrett, who owns the company and put up with Russo’s BS even when it nearly closed the company down, be in on what he’s got planned for TNA, which will include some drastic changes. He will expect an answer by the end of the show.

After Russo leaves, an incensed Tenay calls Russo a cancer, stating that Russo is everything that is wrong with professional wrestling and says, point blank, that Russo killed WCW.

Throughout the evening’s show, there were various TNA on-screen talent plugging a silent auction to benefit a school for autistic children and for breast cancer awareness. The segments were pretty lame, so I’m not going to mention them past this point.

America’s Most Wanted vs The Hot Shots: Hot Shots don’t get a ton of love from the crowd,but there are some cheers. AMW are extremely over, but they aren’t in good moods after losing their rematch to New Church last week. The match was pretty typical for these teams. AMW was ground and pound, while the Hot Shots were a lot of flash and cockiness, butthe match was really good.

During the match, James Mitchell and Bella Donna come out, which distracts Storm and Harris, just when they had the match won. AMW pursued the Not-So-Good Minister and his lady, getting themselves counted out in the process. Mitchell, proving that there is no honor among thieves, ran for his life and left Bella Donna to the wolves.

 Storm and Harris, proving that they are equal opportunity ass-kickers, were ready to hit the Death Sentence on Bella Donna, when Mitchell returned to half-heartedly try to save her. As the AMW were distracted, the New Church attacked from behind. Mitchell grabbed Bella and they got away, but Bella needs to rethink her life choices.

Backstage, Goldylocks is looking to talk to Jeff Jarrett about his upcoming match against Ron Killings and, presumably, Russo’s offer, but Dory Funk Jr is barring the door.

Funk, lets Goldy know that while Jarrett IS in the locker room, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone since he’s focusing on the match. When Goldy asks if he’s Jarrett’s manager, Funk simply says that he’s got a vested interest in the match.

NWA Tag Team Championship Match: BG James and Curt Hennig vs New Church (with James Mitchell and Bella Donna): I’m not sure why the Harris Twins aren’t in this match since they’re supposed to be the #1 Contenders for the tag titles, but we’re getting James and Hennig. It was supposed to be James/Waltman, but Tenay informs us that Waltman has refused to show up because he doesn’t to be associated with Russo.

Michell gets on the mic and says that he doesn’t care about the difference between professional wrestling and sports entertainment, he’s just interested in being evil.

This match was really basic, which is probably the best option for everyone involved. Hennig looks like he’s laid off the booze and hit the gym a little more, but there’s no hiding the fact that his ring skills are lacking, though he shows some of his former brilliance with an interesting modified figure-four.

AMW run in, causing James and Hennig to be DQ’d just when they thought they had the match won. All hell breaks loose with AMW not only brawling with the New Church, but with the angered James and Hennig who feel that they were robbed of their opportunity. AMW would chase New Church into the back, but it’s clear that AMW have made enemies of James and Hennig.

Alyx Winters vs EZ Money: For reasons that I can’t explain, EZ Money has gotten over with the higher ups at TNA and is back for another match. His opponent is Alyx Winters,who reminds me a little of the Wunderkind from WCW.

The match has a pretty basic start, but there’s an interesting reverse Boston Crab/swing hold by Money. There’s a spot where Winters was supposed to float over Money, but Money didn’t run in and when Winters landed, it was balls first on Money’s knee. After that stupid spot,that Money was very proud of, the match went rapidly downhill.  Money picked up the win with a cradle suplex and left poor Winters in the ring.

Backstage, we find Goldylocks with Bruce, who has been in middle of the drama that is the relationship of Brian Lawler and April. After seeming to be caught in the shower with April and probably NOT conserving water, unless April gets turned on by saving the Earth’s oceans, Bruce found himself fending off not only an enraged Lawler, but his former partner, Lenny Lane, who tried to claim that Bruce was ineligible to be Miss TNA because he was actually straight. If you find that confusing, join the club.

This week, Bruce has ditched the pastels and his fetching Miss TNA number for a pretty basic…guy look, long-sleeved shirt, baseball cap.When Goldy introduces him as Bruce, he corrects her and says that his name is now Allen Funk. A confused Goldy asks him about the April situation and Funk claims that he felt sorry for April because of how Lawler treated her and tried to comfort her. What that has to do with showering together, I have no idea.

Furthermore, Bruce states that he is gay, but that his heart got involved and  that April is a very sexual person. Goldy makes a really bad joke, but asks what Funk plans to do with the Miss TNA gear, and Funk says he’ll give it to April.

Crimson Dragon vs Sonny Siaki: Last week, Crimson Dragon made a mediocre debut in a match involving AJ Styles. This week, Dragon and Siaki meet one on one. Dragon’s changed his look and looks like a very stylish ninja, while Siaki looks bored,though he gets a bit of a pop from the crowd.

The match was okay, Siaki does his best, but Dragon sucks. He botches several spots before Siaki can put him away with a super overhead-toss and a Money clip.

Once Crimson Dragon is vanquished, a disgusted Siaki gets on the mic and states that he’s tired of the lackluster opponents he’s been getting. If TNA won’t give him better competition than this, he doesn’t want to say. Sonny Siaki, in his own mind, should only be wrestling top guys and be in title matches.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with April, apparently, Goldy was wanting to interview Lawler, but found April instead. April says that Lawler has been in the production truck watching the footage of the shower scene all day. April doesn’t seem to get what the problem is, Bruce is gay and she’s faithful to Brian, which shows that either she’s an idiot or he is.

Goldy points out that no one believes her, especially after last week, to which April coyly implies that Goldy’s jealous. Angry and fed up…FINALLY, Goldy tells the cameraman to cut off the interview because she’s ‘done with this bullshit’.

To add more drama to this mess, Lawler goes to ringside, not dressed to wrestle and looking very sad. According to him, he gave everything he had to a woman and that April cheated on him and made him look like an idiot, though it must be said that Lawler was already doing a good job of making himself look like an idiot before April got there. In play at sympathy, Lawler then claims that April and Goldylocks had an affair, which didn’t win him much sympathy. Fed up, Lawler says he’s quitting the wrestling business and does his really bad crying act before walking away.

Tenay and West are dumbstruck, with even West saying that that was weird.

Thing get weirder back stage when Goldylocks tries to talk to Lawler, but finds him being comforted by Priscilla, Jorge Estrada’s manager. Lawler is STILL doing the fake crying thing, telling Priscilla that she’s the only one that cares. They walk away together, but we see Lawler grabbing Priscilla’s butt, so I don’t think we have to worry about him bouncing back from April.

X-Division Championship Match: Jerry Lynn vs AJ Styles (with Mortimer Plumtree): The rivalry between Styles and Lynn is well-known, so I won’t go into it here. Styles won the right to face Lynn last week after defeating Jorge Estrada and Crimson Dragon.

The match was okay. Even the best rivals have a clunker and this was that match for Styles and Lynn. I’m not sure what was going on,but they just could seem to mesh as seamlessly as they usually do.

Added to the trouble was Plumtree, who was trying to use some heel manager tactics and not doing a great job at it. Unfortunately, Plumtree’s antics would end up costing Styles the match when the brass knucks Plumtree tossed him ended up with Lynn, who knocked Styles into next week for the pin.

In a pre-show interview, Tenay interviewed Dory Funk Jr. Funk, who has none of his brother’s personality, talked about how much being NWA champion meant to him, and talked about what he learned from all the greats he worked with, and plugged the Funking Conservatory wrestling school. For whatever reason, the person typing up the names of the former NWA greats Funk mentions spells Jack Brisco’s name as ‘Briscoe’.

Funk stated that he believed that the Jarrett/Killings feud was the future of the NWA and would be seen as a great rivalry in twenty years. As for Russo, Funk makes no bones about the fact that he doesn’t like Russo and feels that Russo’s sports entertainment had no place in professional wrestling.

NWA Championship Match: Jeff Jarrett vs Ron Killings: It’s time for the rematch. Both men get great pops, though Jarrett’s is a little mixed. This was a really great match, much better than last week’s. Jarrett and Killings took each other all over the arena, actually resulting in a double countout, but Bob Armstrong demanded that the match be restarted so that there could be a definitive winner.

There was a really lame ‘take out ref’ spot that was only saved by Armstrong’s selling, While Armstrong was ‘out’, Russo showed up, seeming to help Jarrett, handing Jarrett his guitar to finish Killings off. Instead, Jarrett breaks the guitar over the turnbuckle to the crowd’s delight, choosing to put Killings away with three Strokes to retain the title.

Angered, Russo go on the mic as Jarrett was leaving,demanding to know Jarrett’s answer, but the show ends before we hear what Jarrett has to say.

Overall Thoughts: So, how was Week 23 of NWA-TNA? Not great. There were a lot of blah matches andstupid/awful segments and only a couple of really good matches to cover for it.

The use of Russo was interesting, he seemed to truly NOT get that most people hold him responsible for what happened to WCW, a fact that bears out if you ever listen to him and seemed to honestly think that the wrestling business needed him. Spoilers: It doesn’t.  In my opinion, having watched this show from the first episode to now, Russo’s involvement has been what’s kept TNA from really flourishing in the early stages, which nearly put the company out of business.

I’m glad the Lawler/April/Bruce/Goldy thing seems to be finally over because it was godawful to watch. Siaki getting fed up with having to deal with mediocre job guys was interesting, but they’re still trying to make him a Rock clone and it’s not getting over with fans.

Overall, this was an okay show. I’m hopeful next week will be better.  


What did you think of this edition of TNA IMPACT? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF In Your House 5 – Season’s Beatings (1995)



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A look back at a previous December pay-per-view!

As we get closer to closing the book on 2018, we’re approaching WWE’s December pay-per-view so today we’re looking back at a past December event with In Your House 5: Season’s Beatings! A family squabble has been renewed in a rematch from SummerSlam 1992, except this time The British Bulldog challenges his brother-in-law Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart for the WWF Championship! Let’s get into the action…

Open: “It’s that special time of year. A time of giving, a time of joy, but one family not enjoying the spirit of this holiday season is The Harts. At a time when most come together, this family has been ripped apart. Bret Hart, the reigning three-time WWF Champion puts his title on the line against his brother-in-law, The British Bulldog, a man driven by the obsession to become champion, who Bret has never beaten. Tonight, two men stand apart, one family stands divided. Tonight, it will be more like seasons beatings for The Hart Family.”

Match #1: The 1-2-3 Kid & Sycho Sid w/’The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty
Goldust is seen sitting in the crowd to watch the action, applauding Razor as he makes his way to the ring. 1-2-3 Kid & Jannetty will kick things off, Marty teases having Ramon start the match, The Kid goes on the attack with kicks, shoots him to the ropes, but Marty slides under him for a kick of his own. Kid blocks it, Jannetty brings the other leg around for an enzuigiri that gets 2, hooks on a wristlock and looks to make a tag, but The Kid squirms free. They lock-up and 1-2-3 Kid backs Marty to the corner, doesn’t break clean and slaps him across the face, Jannetty pushes him onto his backside, then grabs a side headlock.

Kid pushes him away to the ropes, Marty scores with a shoulder block, goes back to the ropes and The Kid leapfrogs over, attempts a hip toss, but it’s blocked. Jannetty goes for a hip toss of his own to no avail, 1-2-3 Kid flips himself to his feet, gets leveled by a clothesline, Marty hooks the leg and finds a 2 count. He hooks on another wristlock and tries to tag, The Kid again squirms away, gets surprised by a drop toe hold, Jannetty goes to drag him to his corner, but 1-2-3 Kid breaks free once more. He puts the bad-mouth on Jannetty and a shoving match ensues, Kid swings wildly with a right hand that misses, Marty splits him with an atomic drop, then finally tags out. The Bad Guy steps in and 1-2-3 Kid retreats to the outside, Jannetty drops off the apron, rolls him right back in and Razor throws his toothpick in The Kid’s face.

1-2-3 Kid doesn’t appreciate it and pushes him, Ramon retorts with a slap to the face, ducks under a punch and delivers an atomic drop of his own, Kid making a blind tag in the process. Sid steps in and flattens The Bad Guy with a clothesline, hammers away at his back, chokes the champion across the 2nd rope, then brings Kid back in for a series of kicks. 1-2-3 Kid corners Razor and unloads with rights and chops, Sycho Sid re-enters the match, continues to batter The Bad Guy in the corner, then fires away with right hands. Ramon rebounds off the ropes and scores with fists of his own, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Sid tries a clothesline that’s off-target, Razor comes back through for one of his own and they double down after a double clothesline.

Both guys crawl to tags, Jannetty peppers The Kid with punches, attempts to shoot him to the ropes, 1-2-3 Kid reverses for a back body drop, Marty puts on the brakes and drives him face-first into the canvas. He sends Kid back to the ropes for a clothesline, The Kid ducks it, runs into a powerslam for a near fall, then reverses a whip to the corner. 1-2-3 Kid charges in and eats a back elbow, Marty hops to the 2nd rope, comes off with a somersault cutter, but only gains a near fall. He looks to ground The Kid with a camel clutch, we go to Todd Pettengill who is sitting with Goldust, The Bizarre One speaking about how much machismo Razor is oozing and comments on how good The Bad Guy looks before presenting Todd with an envelope to give him.

Back in the ring Marty slaps on a front facelock, Kid backs him to the corner, drives shoulders to the midsection, Jannetty counters one with a knee, snapmares The Kid over and grabs a rear chinlock. DiBiase climbs to the apron to distract the official, Kid finds his footing, shoves Jannetty off to the ropes, Sid clocks him from behind and 1-2-3 Kid follows with a spinning heel kick. Sid gets the tag and bludgeons Marty in the corner, Jannetty begins to battle back, climbs to the top rope for a crossbody, but gets caught in mid-air with a powerslam that almost puts it away. Sycho Sid scoops him up for a body slam, baits The Bad Guy into the ring, Marty hooks Sid from behind with a schoolboy, but the referee is busy dealing with Razor.

Sid quickly tags out and Kid plants Marty with a body slam, ascends the corner to the top rope, connects with a frog splash, but still can’t finish it off. Tag back to Sid, The Kid shoots Jannety to the ropes, the big man follows up with a big boot, The 1-2-3 Kid then baiting Ramon back inside. The official works to get the champion back to his corner, Sycho Sid whips Marty into the turnbuckles, shoots Kid in for a running dropkick, then turns Jannetty inside-out with a clothesline. He drives a knee into the spine and slaps on a chinlock, Marty fights to his feet, Sid clubs him back to the mat, Jannetty tries to punch his way back in it, but gets knocked down again. The Kid re-enters the match, snapmares Marty over and hits the ropes for a short leg drop, tags right back out and Sycho Sid uncorks with more heavy shots.

He tags out and Kid comes off the top with a double axe handle, sends Jannetty to the corner and charges in, nobody’s home and both guys reach out for a tag. The Bad Guy fires away with stiff right hands to Sid, knocks him down with a discus punch, catches The Kid coming in with another haymaker, then sends him colliding into his partner. He tosses 1-2-3 Kid with a fallaway slam to dispose of him, hooks Sid for the Razor’s Edge, the big man counters out with a back body drop, hits the ropes for a leg drop and it’s off the mark. Ramon looks to whip Sycho Sid to the corner, the big man reverses it and follows him in, takes a boot to the chops, the champion climbs to the 2nd rope, planting Sid with a bulldog for the 1-2-3.
Winners: Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty (Razor/2nd Rope Bulldog)

  • After The Bell: Kid hits the ring to make the save a little too late, The Bad Guy grabs him for the Razor’s Edge, Sid reaches in from the floor and drags The Kid outside to safety.
  • EA’s TakeJust a solid match to begin the show here, the action was really driven by Kid & Jannetty as you’d expect. Kind of an abrupt finish too, it almost seemed like The Kid was supposed to make the save, but his timing was off. I know they WWF is building towards a 1-1 match between Razor & Kid after The Bad Guy’s brief feud with Goldust, but it just seems strange that they would have Sid take the loss here. Especially with them pumping Sid & The Kid as the next great tag team, they probably should have gone over.

In The Arena: Our ring announcer makes the announcement for our next match, but Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler interrupts and says he’s got something big for everyone. The King says we are close to that time of year when everyone expects a visit from a special individual, but there’s a fat chance Santa Claus will come see any of the idiots here tonight. Lawler states he’s brought a surprise for everybody that is very special, introducing ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett. King tells us that Double J is greater than great, claims Jarrett is preparing for his newest world tour, saying that his last album and tour was so successful that he has a gift. He presents Jarrett with a gold CD to commemorate selling 500,000 copies of his last album, Double J calling it the culmination of that tour. He reminds us that he said he would use the WWF and that’s what he did, claiming to have taken Monday Night RAW to new levels all by himself. Jarrett speaks about putting the finishing touches on his new album, but also wants to declare himself as the first participant in next month’s Royal Rumble, believing he will go to WrestleMania XII and be crowned WWF Champion.

In The Arena: Dean Douglas heads to the ring for his match, calls for a mic and says class is in session now. He states he was prepared to come out tonight and give Ahmed Johnson a wrestling lesson, but the doctors did what no wrestler could do and sidelined him. Douglas claims his back is only at 65%, says he could still show Ahmed a thing or two, but they wouldn’t allow it so he had to find a replacement, introducing Buddy Landel.

Match #2: Buddy Landel w/Dean Douglas vs. Ahmed Johnson
‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett has joined commentary for this match. Ahmed enters the squared circle and gets right in Douglas’ face, Dean slaps him, Johnson looks to unload with a big right hand, but Landel blocks it from behind and we’re underway. Buddy fires away with stinging chops, Ahmed absorbs them, Landel tries to beg him off, scores with fists, but they have no affect. Ahmed grabs him by the throat, props Landel on the top turnbuckle, the referee steps in to force a break, Buddy comes off the 2nd rope with a crossbody, but gets caught in mid-air. Johnson plants him with a spinebuster, hauls him up for the Pearl River Plunge and that’s all she wrote.
Winner: Ahmed Johnson (Pearl River Plunge)

  • After The Bell: Douglas has his head down in disbelief on the outside, Ahmed slides to the floor, grabs the paddle and whacks him across the backside to send him scurrying. Lawler calls Johnson to the floor for an interview, calls for a different camera angle and goes on to talk up Double J instead of asking questions. He insults Ahmed and asks Jarrett how he’d do against him, Johnson states he’s heard enough, calls Double J a fake cowboy and a wannabe. Jarrett picks up his gold CD plaque clobbers Ahmed on the back of the head, then smashes the glass over him. He drags Johnson up, Lawler holds up a chair, Double J drives Ahmed into it, then rocks him with multiple chair shots. He rams Ahmed head-first into the steep steps, grabs the paddle and delivers a shot, then fires away with right hands. Johnson begins absorbing the shots, grabs the chair and chases Double J to the back.
  • EA’s TakeNot much to say about this one. Dean was pulled after complaining of a back issue, something that garnered him loads of heat considering Undertaker had been performing with a broken orbital bone in his face. This would be the last of Douglas we see in the WWF as whether any of the stories for why it happened are true or not, it led to him departing the company after roughly six months. Ahmed is still only a couple of months into his run and is being pushed pretty quickly despite still lacking in some areas, but would go on to feud with his post-match attacker, the returning Jeff Jarrett.

Backstage: Todd Pettengill is joined by Razor Ramon, congratulates him on the win and speaks about defending the IC Title against Yokozuna on RAW tomorrow. The Bad Guy informs Yoko that if he wants it, he just has to take it, but doesn’t think he can. Pettengill hands Ramon the envelope from Goldust and takes his leave, Razor rips it open and reads the letter, looking puzzled before crumpling it up.

Match #3 is an Arkansas Hog Pen Match – Special Referee Hillbilly Jim: Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Henry O. Godwinn
Godwinn chases Helmsley to the outside with a bucket of slop prior to the bell, The Connecticut Blue Blood avoids the swap and Tony Chimel takes it at ringside instead. Hunter takes the opening and goes on the attack, rolls Henry back into the ring, slides in and staggers him to the corner with a forearm. I guess we’re officially underway with no bell, The Hog Farmer begins to battle his way out of the corner, shoots Helmsley to the ropes for a back body drop, Hunter rolls out-and-in for a quick walk, then catches Henry with a thumb to the eye. The Connecticut Blue Blood looks to whip him to the ropes, Godwinn reverses it, goes downstairs with a right hand, follows with an uppercut, then ties him up in the ropes.

He reaches out for a handful of slop, rubs it all over Hunter’s face, Helmsley slips free and clobbers him from behind with a forearm. He unloads in the corner with boots and fists, chokes The Hog Farmer, then shoots him across and delivers a kick to the midsection. He hits the ropes and scores with a swinging neckbreaker, lines Henry up for a knee drop, then plasters him with more heavy punches. He shoots Godwinn to the ropes and connects with a high knee, dumps him to the outside, climbs out and looks to whip him into the steel steps. The Hog Farmer reverses, drives The Connecticut Blue Blood into the stairs with a battering ram, powers him up over his shoulder and starts heading towards the hog pen.

Helmsley slides off and rocks Henry with a right hand, rams him face-first off of a guardrail, wants to do it again, but it’s blocked and Godwinn returns the favor. He drops Hunter with a big right, attempts to shoot him into the fencing of the pen, The Connecticut Blue Blood turns the tables and sends Henry into it instead. He hooks The Hog Farmer for the Pedigree, Godwinn reverses with a back body drop, Helmsley lands on the top of the fencing, stands up and connects with a diving elbow drop on the floor. Hunter looks to get away from the hog pen and crawls back to the ring, Henry gives chase, reverses a whip to the corner and charges in, but eats a boot to the chops.

The Connecticut Blue Blood collapses and they double down, Helmsley finds his footing first, whips Godwinn to the ropes, drops down and goes for a monkey toss, but Henry puts on the brakes and plants him with a wheelbarrow facebuster. Both guys stagger back up, The Hog Farmer sends Helmsley into the corner, Hunter gets turned inside-out, Henry shoots him back across and The Connecticut Blue Blood spills over the top to the floor. Godwinn goes out after him, they exchange blows and The Hog Farmer gets the better of it, sets him up for the Slop Drop on the floor, but Helmsley hangs onto the barricade to block it.

The Connecticut Blue Blood goes to shoot Henry into the side of the pen, Godwinn reverses and deposits Hunter instead, plants him on the floor with a Slop Drop and both guys struggle back to their feet. Helmsley uses the hog pen to get back up, The Hog Farmer charges in, gets back body dropped into the pen and this one’s over.
Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

  • After The Bell: Hillbilly raises The Connecticut Blue Blood’s hand, Helmsley rips his arm away, shoves him, Hillbilly Jim returns the favor and Henry reaches over the fencing to grab him. He powers Hunter up in a military press, drops him face-first in the mud, then hauls him up for a body slam. The Connecticut Blue Blood pulls himself back to his feet, but slips and falls back down over-and-over.
  • EA’s TakeWhile this was certainly no masterpiece and the stipulation is pretty cheesy for my taste, this one is actually pretty entertaining overall. It’s at least a new idea, both competitors gave a solid showing with some not-so-typical offensive maneuvers and the aggression, especially from Helmsley, was clearly turned up and showed a different side of The Connecticut Blue Blood. This would basically serve as the finale of this rivalry, although they’d meet once again in the Royal Rumble. Henry would go on and reunite with his old tag partner from WCW, while Hunter’s push would stall a little bit as he began coming to the ring accompanied by some high-profile beauties.
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