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Chairshot Classics: WCW SuperBrawl IV (1994) – Flair vs. Vader 2



In The Arena: ‘Mean’ Gene is joined by WCW International Broadcaster Olivier Muffler. He’s never seen anything quite like SuperBrawl. He gives Gene a German saying that means he’s very proud to stand side by side with him, and certainly the German wrestling fans will see this great event. Muffler has one last question: can Ric Flair beat Vader twice? Okerlund won’t put himself in the hot seat, we’ll find out later.

Match #4: Johnny B. Badd vs. Jimmy ‘Jam’ Garvin w/Michael ‘P.S.’ Hayes
They lock up, Badd takes position in the corner and Garvin complains that he grabbed the hair. Jimmy Jam struts and resets. Hammerlock into a side headlock takedown by Badd. Garvin jumps up but backs off, he heads to the ramp to check in with Hayes. Collar and elbow, side headlock from Badd. Garvin hits the ribs and they go to the ropes, Badd leapfrogs Garvin and takes him down once again. He holds the headlock, Garvin counters with a head scissor. Hayes barks from his wheelchair on the outside. Badd maneuvers into a hammerlock and drives the knees into the kidneys. Badd rolls him over and gets two.

Garvin is up quick but he’s taken over with an arm drag. Badd holds the arm and cranks on it. Clean break in the corner, Garvin poses and the fans don’t like it. Collar and elbow, Badd moves to a wristlock, he ducks under for a back drop and holds the arm bar. Badd holds a wristlock and pounds on Garvin’s arm. Garvin uses the hair to drag Badd to the mat. Johnny is angry and Garvin backs off. Jimmy Jam wants to call timeout to talk with Hayes again. Collar and elbow, drop toe hold by Badd, he moves into a hammerlock and tells the crowd he’s a Badd man. The ref checks in, but Garvin isn’t interested in quitting. Up to their feet, Garvin gets position in the corner and he lays in a series of knees. Irish whip is reversed by Badd, Jimmy Jam gets his boot up.

Badd is stomped on the mat, lateral press and Badd kicks out. Garvin throws Badd head first into the corner, he does it on the other side and snaps him over for a sleeper hold. Badd works his way back up, flips Garvin over and hits the ropes. Jimmy gets his knee up, but Badd kicks out at two. Garvin calls for the DDT but Badd lifts him with a back body drop. Badd throws the fist into the midsection, they hit the ropes and Badd gets him with a head scissor takedown. Another back body drop by Badd and he’s calling for the Kiss that don’t Miss. Garvin ducks the left, but Badd nails him with an uppercut. Badd heads for the top rope and scores a sunset flip to pick up the win.
Winner: Johnny B. Badd (Sunset Flip)

  • After The Bell: Badd looks to give the wheelchair-bound Michael Hayes a big left hook. Hayes backs up on the ramp which gives Garvin enough time to ambush Johnny. He hauls him back into the ring, uses Hayes boot to knock Badd out and then finishes him with a jawbreaker.
  • EA’s TakeOne thing you have to say about The Freebirds: they knew how to entertain. This was Garvin’s first match in 2 years and his last in WCW. Other than a very short stint with Hayes and Gordy in GWF, his wrestling career is all but over at this point. So he does what any good vet should do on the way out and put the young guy over.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene checks in from outside the main eventer’s locker room once again. He asks for an officer to assist him into Vader’s area. There is a lot of screaming and banging heard from the outside. Gene peaks in, but tonight’s challenger runs him out with a chair.

Match #5 for the WCW World Television Championship: Arn Anderson vs. WCW World Tag Team Champion Lord Steven Regal w/Sir William
Regal looks disgusted at Anderson’s attempt to shake hands. Collar and elbow as the USA chants start early. They struggle for position and just break it off clean in the middle of the ring. They try a lockup, Anderson takes a quick shot to the side of Regal’s head. The TV champ wants William to take a look. Side headlock by The Enforcer, Regal breaks it on the ropes and he continues to favor his ear. They lock up, side headlock by Anderson, squeezing on the ear. To the ropes they go, shoulder block by Anderson, Arn measures him but Regal reels by the ropes. Neutral position, Regal goes for the wristlock and grabs the chin.

Anderson reverses and whips Regal to the mat. Lord Steven gets up and tries stalling but he can’t wait any longer. Regal tries to keep his distance and they lock into a test of strength. Regal with the upperhand early, Anderson works back up to his feet and turns the tide. Anderson kicks the gut, goes for a leg trip and grabs a modified arm bar. Regal uses his boot on Anderson’s face and lays in some European uppercuts. Regal goes for a half chicken wing and then stomps on the arm. He grinds Double A’s face as Sir William cheers him on. Up to a vertical base, Anderson reverses into a hammerlock and hits him with a hammerlock slam.

Regal slows it down, they finally lock up and the ref calls for a break in the corner. Anderson lays in his shoulder to the midsection and pulls Regal down to the mat with a hammerlock. He hangs on and rolls Regal’s shoulders to the mat but he can’t get 3. Regal is pulled to the corner and The Enforcer wraps Regal’s arm around the ring post. Sir William checks in with his reeling client, he tells him there is about 15 minutes left in the time limit for the match. Back in the ring, Regal rocks him with forearm shots. He grabs a cravate, Anderson attempts to break it with a scoop slam but Regal hangs on. Regal tries for some pins but Anderson makes sure his shoulders don’t stay down. Anderson pounds the knee and reverses.

Double A wraps his arm around the top rope and then uses his own shoulder for leverage. He yanks on the arm and tosses the champ across the ring. On the mat, Regal regains control with a head scissor and a reverse chin lock. Regal goes back to the cravat, Anderson drops in some elbows and a forearm to break it and he hits a back body drop. He makes a cover but can’t win the title. He holds Regal down, stretching the arm out of its socket. Regal breaks the hold and hits some European uppercuts. Irish whip to the corner and Regal collapses, Anderson drops some knees over the top. He whiplashes the champ’s arm across the top, he tries a pin but is too close to the ropes. Front face lock by Regal and an uppercut knocks Anderson to the apron. Regal runs a distraction while Sir William cheapshots the challenger with the umbrella. In the corner, Regal lays in some elbows.

Single leg takedown by Regal and he rolls Anderson over for a half crab, he uses the rope for leverage but he’s caught by Randy Anderson. Regal grapevines the legs for a submission and pulls up on the arm. Sir William holds Regal’s boot for extra leverage. Regal grinds his forearm into the face and lays in some rights. Anderson counters with a single leg takedown and he puts the boots to Regal’s groin. He sets up for the Figure Four but Regal kicks him away. Regal tries some pins but can’t get it, he dumps Anderson to the floor so William can take another cheap shot with the umbrella. Anderson pulls Regal down and bashes his knee against the apron. Back in the ring, it’s Anderson with the single leg take down. He jabs the knee down to the mat and William is up on the ramp.

Regal reverses the momentum and holds Anderson in a half nelson. Forearms across the back by the champ and he holds on with a reverse chin lock. Irish whip to the corner and Anderson collapses. Regal tries a cover and Anderson kicks out. Regal hangs on with a nerve lock and there are 3 minutes left. Anderson fights from his knees and they go toe to toe with strikes. Anderson gets the better of the exchange with some lefts, but Regal refuses to be pinned. Test of strength on the mat, now Regal with the leverage but Arn won’t give. Back to a vertical base, Regal trips him but Anderson catches him with a body scissor submission. Regal attempts to turn it into a Boston Crab but Anderson flips him away.

The Enforcer grabs a sleeper, he tosses Regal into the corner and schoolboys him. Regal kicks out. Anderson tries a small package and Regal kicks out once again. Regal sets up for a butterfly suplex, Arn counters and sends Regal for a spinebuster. He’s slow to make a cover, William distracts Anderson. From the apron, Arn lands a shoulder to the gut and goes for a sunset flip. William offers his cane for Regal to hang on to, Lord Steven sits down on Anderson’s chest while hanging on and he steals a win to retain the belt.
Winner and STILL WCW World Television Champion: Lord Steven Regal (Outside Interference)

  • EA’s TakeI feel like I appreciate Double A now far more now than I did while watching WCW live in my pre-teen years. I felt psyched when he came out to a nice pop for this match. These guys have a lot of similarities in terms of the value they brought to the table as in-ring performers and they’re both still influential in WWE. Anderson as a senior producer for RAW and Regal as the GM for NXT. Creatively, screwed finish in this one.

Match #6 for the WCW World Tag Team Championships: Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne vs. WCW World Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs & Jerry Sags)
Payne and Knobs get us started. Immediate German suplex from Payne and Knobs rolls to the ramp, stunned. He tags in Sags and tells the crowd to shutup. Collar and elbow, Sags goes to the eyes and the midsection. They hit the ropes, Payne catches the boot and scores with a belly to belly suplex. Now it’s Sags’ turn to regroup on the apron. Tag is made back to Knobs and Payne checks in with Jack. Knobs takes advantage of the neutral position, they hit the ropes but it’s Payne with a side slam. Sags rushes to his partner’s aid but Payne catches him for a big slam. Jack puts his boot up and Payne uses it on Knobs. Jack is tagged in and he cleans house, both partners dropping elbows on Knobs. Sags has to break up a pin.

All 4 men brawl and Jack and Payne clear the ring. Jack gets baited into the opponent’s corner by Sags, he drops a knee in the gut and tags in Knobs. Jack catches him with an elbow and leg drops him on the apron. Tag is made to Payne who sends Knobs to the ropes. Kick to the gut and a facebuster by the challenger. Knobs goes to the eyes to break it, they hit the ropes but he can’t knock Payne down. Sags comes in for some cheap help in taking him to the mat. Sags is tagged in and he lands a low blow. Knobs is tagged in quickly, Payne blocks a scoop slam and gives Knobs one instead. Brian moves away from a leg drop and he drops an elbow. To the 2nd rope, Payne moves away from the elevated leg drop. Tags are made to Sags and Jack.

Cactus catches him with a knee lift and clotheslines Knobs over the top rope to the outside. He attempts to come off the apron but Sags catches him from behind. Knobs lifts the mat on the floor and Sags shoulder blocks him onto the concrete. Knobs throws Jack into the steel rail and he’s got blood coming from his mouth. Sags kicks him from the apron, and he’s slow to return. Scoop slam by Knobs and he rolls him over for a Boston crab. Tag is made to Sags and he drops an elbow on Jack’s back. He takes over the Boston crab and tags in Knobs who does the same thing. Jack tries crawling to Payne, Maxx has seen enough and he fends off Sags from interfering. Patrick calls off Sags as Payne pulls Jack closer to their corner. A tag is made to Payne but the referee didn’t see it.

He tells Payne to get out of here. The Nasty Boys attempt to double team Jack, he ducks a double clothesline and instead gives them both DDTs. He rolls over to tag in Payne who cleans them out with clotheslines and scoop slams. Head butts are given to both Nasty Boys and he goes for the Payne Killer on Knobs. Jack tries to make sure Sags can’t interfere but Nick Patrick backs him off. With the ref tied up, Sags grabs the acoustic guitar they brought to the ring and clocks Payne with it. The ref calls for the bell, we have a disqualification.
Winners: Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne (Disqualification)

  • EA’s Take: How is Mick Foley still alive and functioning? That bump on the concrete that caused him to bleed from the mouth was ridiculous and it’s hardly the craziest thing he did on a regular basis. I don’t need to tell you too much about this one, you can figure what type of match you’re in for just by seeing the participants. Foley will be out the door for ECW in the coming months, but he’s certainly leaving a lasting impression.

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