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Chairshot Classics: WWE Roadblock – End Of The Line (2016)



Match #6 for the WWE Universal Championship: WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns vs. WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens
Owens immediately rolls outside at the bell and walks around the ring, steps back inside, but then rolls right back out again. Roman cuts him off with right hands and tosses him inside, sends the champion to the ropes, KO hangs on, squirms back out to the floor and Reigns goes after him, bouncing him face-first off the Spanish announce table. He throws Owens into the squared circle and gets caught coming back in with kicks and punches, The Prize Fighter takes the challenger down with a side headlock, The Big Dog powering back to his feet and plants him with a back suplex for 1.

The challenger batters Owens in the corner with clotheslines, the champion slides out of the ring again for a breather, catches Reigns coming out with a kick, tries to send him into the barricade, but Roman turns the tables and introduces KO to the wall instead. The Big Dog starts clearing off the German announce table, The Prize Fighter surprises him with right hands, rolls him into the ring, hits a running senton and covers for a 1 count. KO takes control and puts the boots to Roman, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, The Big Dog ducks down for a back body drop, but Owens prevents it with a kick. He hits the ropes and the challenger floors him with a clothesline, irish whip back to the ropes is reversed, The Prize Fighter ducks a jumping clothesline, slides out to the floor and looks to catch his breath.

The Big Dog heads out to give chase, The Prize Fighter tries to escape through the timekeeper’s area, sneaks in a shot to the eyes, drives the challenger into the steel steps, walks up them and delivers a senton on the floor. The Prize Fighter hauls Roman back into the squared circle for a count of 2, buries kicks into the midsection, clocks him with a fist to the jaw and hooks the leg for another 2 count. He slaps on a rear chinlock to ground the challenger while talking trash, The Big Dog works back to a standing position, gets planted by a neckbreaker for a 2 count, The Prize Fighter follows with a somersault leg drop, covers and again only gets 2.

He goes right back to the rear chinlock to wear out Roman, the challenger again finds his footing, gets ripped back down to the mat by the hair, KO goes for another senton, but misses his target. Both guys stagger to their feet and trade-off right hands, The Prize Fighter hits the ropes, Reigns follows him in for a misdirection and flattens KO with a clothesline. He unloads on the champion in the corner with a series of clotheslines, hits the ropes and runs into a stiff forearm, the champion goes to the ropes and runs into a forearm now, hits the ropes and finds the same results. Owens goes to the ropes now and gets caught by a Samoan Drop, slides out and tosses the challenger with a german suplex, lines Roman up for the Cannonball, but the The Big Dog cuts him off with a big boot.

He plants the champion with a Samoan Drop for a near fall, gets in position for a Superman Punch, The Prize Fighter ducks it, spikes him with a DDT, but still can’t put it away. The Big Dog rolls to the corner to try and get up, the champion squashes him with a Cannonball, The Big Dog explodes right back up with a Superman Punch, falls into a cover, but Owens just kicks out at 2. He puts the boots to KO in the corner and props him on the top turnbuckle for a superplex, the champion blocks it, pushes him back down, but Reigns comes right back with another Superman Punch. He climbs back up for a superplex, The Prize Fighter counters into a 2nd rope fisherman’s buster, hooks the leg for a near fall, then goes up top for a senton bomb.

The Big Dog gets the knees up into the spine, puts the champion in his crosshairs for a Spear, KO feels it coming and rolls outside, the challenger rolling out the other side and building a head of steam for the Drive-By. He tosses the champion into the ring and KO rolls right back out, the challenger goes for another Drive-By, misses this time around, Owens clocks him with a superkick, then another and lays Reigns out on the German announce table. The Prize Fighter climbs on top of the barricade and scores with a Bullfrog Splash, the table doesn’t break, KO delivers another one and this time the table breaks, Owens rolling back into the squared circle. The challenger barely beats the referee’s count at 9, the champion goes to the top turnbuckle and connects with a third Bullfrog Splash, lateral press, but he still can’t finish it.

Owens is stunned, sends Roman to the ropes for a Pop-Up Powerbomb, The Big Dog hangs on, surprises KO with a back elbow, blocks a superkick and plants the champion with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. The challenger drags himself to his feet and measures for a Spear, runs into a knee, the champion with a schoolboy for 2, follows with the Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Roman gets his foot on the bottom rope at 2. The Prize Fighter rolls to the outside and grabs his title, heads back inside, gets caught by a Spear, but Reigns can’t capitalize with a cover. Chris Jericho runs down to the ring and stands over both guys, KO pulls himself to his feet, Y2J looks to Roman, then drills Owens with a Codebreaker and the ref calls for the bell.
Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Kevin Owens (Disqualification)

  • After The Bell: Jericho grabs the title, smiles at Owens and hands it over to him, the champion looking shocked. Y2J raises KO’s hand in victory and they hug as Roman looks on from the outside. They start to head to the back to escape and Seth Rollins comes down the ramp to send them back towards ringside. Roman splits Owens with a Spear on the floor, The Architect chases Jericho into the ring, then plants him with a Pedigree and tosses him outside. Rollins clears off the Spanish announce table, they deliver a double powerbomb and Y2J crashes through it. The Prize Fighter sneaks his way back up the ramp, Seth sprints up to catch him, Reigns clocks him with an uppercut and they get the final announce table ready, and drive the champion through with a double powerbomb.
  • EA’s TakeGreat main event with a pretty predictable finish of Jericho getting involved. I knew there was a chance that Y2J and Owens were working together this whole time, but I guess I was just hoping it would go the other way. I still think there’s money to be made in a Y2J/KO feud, so perhaps that will happen down the road. Hell, I even think that would make for a great WrestleMania match. I just wonder what you do from here, are we really going to get 6 weeks of…what? Tag matches between these 4? I guess we will have to see how things play out on RAW tomorrow night.

EA’s FinisherWhile this was a solid show overall, I don’t think there was a lot to write home about. Personally, I find it aggravating that Owens is constantly booked as a cowardly heel when we all know what he can do and have seen him get clean wins over the likes of John Cena, so I was hoping he may finally get one, but knew it was a long-shot. The New Day’s title reign finally ending was a big moment and Neville’s surprise return and subsequent heel turn were really the only “shocking” moments. The action all around was good, but this just felt like a longer episode of RAW. The Women really did bust their asses, but I feel like a different kind of stipulation match would have been more exciting for the overall duration of the contest (Yes, I understand it was the type of match that had a slow build, but I was looking for something far more impactful to blow the feud off). They at least should have gotten the main event since their rivalry is the whole reason for the “End Of The Line” tagline. I’d certainly recommend watching this event because it had its moments, however I think more could have been done.

Top Three To Watch
1 – The New Day vs. Cesaro & Sheamus
2 – Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks
3 – Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Which match was your favorite? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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