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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWE Survivor Series 2016 – Fantasy Warfare Just Got Real

We’re getting closer to WWE’s annual November tradition the Survivor Series, so today we’re taking a look back at another previous event! The build to this show began with rumblings of Goldberg’s return due to his involvement with WWE 2K17, ultimately leading to this big rematch with Brock Lesnar twelve years later. Also, for the first time in a long time it will be brand warfare as RAW’s best takes on the best SmackDown Live has to offer! Let’s see how it played out!

Kickoff Match #1: Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak & Tony Nese vs. Noam Dar, Rich Swann & TJ Perkins
Nese & Swann will get us started, collar & elbow tie-up sees The Premier Athlete back Rich into the corner, doesn’t break clean, but swings wildly and misses. Swann scores with stinging chops, irish whip across is reversed, Tony charges into a boot to the jaw, powers Rich up to the top turnbuckle and blocks a tornado DDT for a vertical suplex. Swann slips out of it and hits the ropes, front-flips over a monkey flip attempt connects with a dropkick and tags out. The Fil-Am Flash slingshots in with a somersault senton, drives Nese head-first into the top turnbuckle, climbs to the 2nd rope and brings down a barrage of right hands.

He fires Tony across and follows in, runs into a boot to the chin, Perkins fires back with a spinning back kick, delivers a vertical suplex, hangs on for a back suplex and gets a count of 2. Irish whip to the ropes is reversed, TJP tilt-a-whirls into an octopus stretch, The Premier Athlete uses his strength to counter into an inverted slam, then crawls to his corner. Gulak gets the tag and steps right into an arm drag, counters out with a headscissors, TJ bridges over to escape and scores with a dropkick. Rich tags back in, double drop toe hold to Gulak, Perkins delivers a basement dropkick, Swann follows with one of his own, then brings in Dar. Noam stays on the limb with an arm wringer, TJP re-enters the match, rams Drew head-first into the top turnbuckle and hammers him with uppercuts.

Gulak returns fire with right hands, sends Perkins across and rushes in behind, The Fil-Am Flash hops up-and-over, hits the ropes and rolls him into the TJP Clutch. Daivari & Nese hit the ring to break it up, Swann & Dar meet them face-to-face and we head to commercial….Back from the break and Noam gets a tag, double whip of Daivari to the ropes, TJP & Dar with a series of kicks, Noam finishes it up with a dropkick and gets a 2 count. He measures Ariya in the corner and scores with a dropkick to the back, lines him up again, Nese creates a distraction from the apron and pays for it, Daivari plants Noam with a spinebuster and gets a near fall.

He shoots Dar hard into the corner and charges in, Noam gets the boot up and hops to the 2nd rope, Daivari takes him out at the knee with a kick, clocks him with a superkick and hooks the leg for another 2. Gulak gets the tag and puts the boots to Noam, brings in The Premier Athlete and he pummels Dar with crossface blows. He drops a leg across the chest, powers him up into a delayed vertical suplex, lateral press, but Noam kicks out at 2. Tag back to Drew, teams up with Nese for a rolling slam, Gulak hangs on and wrenches away with a heel hold, then switches to an inverted indian deathlock. Dar starts to work to a vertical base, Gulak cracks him with a headbutt, slaps on a front facelock, Noam escapes it and starts crawling to his corner.

Ariya tags in and cuts him off with an elbow drop, he whips Dar to the ropes, Noam hangs on, Daivari charges in, Dar side-stepping it and gets caught up by Gulak. He knocks Drew to the floor, levels Daivari, crawls across the ring and finally reaches a tag. Swann hits the ring and ducks under a clothesline, drops Nese to the floor with a forearm, delivers multiple clotheslines to Daivari, spinning back kick to the midsection and he follows with a standing double stomp. Ariya pulls himself up in the corner, Rich rushes in and eats a boot to the chin, Daivari goes to the 2nd rope, but Swann explodes back up with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Nese distracts the official and Swann hits the ropes, Gulak with a cheap shot to the back from the outside, Daivari follows it with a jumping neckbreaker, hooks the leg, but TJ & Dar break the count at 2.

Nese & Gulak hit the ring and try to toss them outside, Noam & Perkins turn the tables, Dar flies outside with a suicide dive to Gulak and TJP measures for an outside dive. The Premier Athlete slides back in behind him, charges TJ and jumps, misses Perkins and flies over the top onto Dar. The Fil-Am Flash hits the ropes to take flight, the referee stops him in his tracks, leans to the outside to instruct everyone else and TJ flies over the top of him with a somersault plancha. Back in the ring, Swann drills Daivari with a spinning back kick, squashes him with the Standing 450 Splash and covers for the win.
Winners: Noam Dar, Rich Swann & TJ Perkins (Swann/Standing 450 Splash)

  • EA’s TakePretty good for a virtually unadvertised match. The crowd is still filing in, but the ones that were there were pretty into it. This match to me just solidifies that WWE has really gotten behind Swann, he continues to look good week-in and week-out on RAW and if Kendrick retains tonight, which I think he will, I fully expect Swann to be the next challenger.

Kickoff Match #2: Kane vs. Luke Harper
Kane goes into a full nelson off the opening tie-up, snapmares Harper over and hooks on a rear chinlock, Luke works back to his feet and sends him away to the ropes. The Big Red Monster scores with a shoulder knockdown, Harper collects himself, they tie-up again and Luke works to a side headlock. The Devil’s Favorite Demon plants him with a back suplex to escape, Harper again regroups, obliges Kane in a test of strength, but strikes with kicks and right hands instead. Kane returns the favor, drives him shoulder-first into the turnbuckles, starts to target the left arm and grabs a wristlock. Harper sneaks in a forearm shot to break the grip, hits the ropes and runs into a back elbow, looks to roll outside, The Big Red Monster tries to stop him and gets pushed outside himself.

Harper hits the ropes and flies through the ropes with a suicide dive, rolls Kane back into the squared circle, climbs to the apron and slingshots in with a somersault senton for a count of 2. He measures The Devil’s Favorite Demon, lays him out with a running big boot, hooks the leg and gets another 2 as we hit a break….We return and Harper has Kane grounded with a rear chinlock, drives forearm shots to the back of the neck and re-employs the hold. The Big Red Monster starts to squirm and Harper with an assault of knee drops to the head, steps out to the apron and heads upstairs, Kane back to his feet and meets him with an uppercut. He climbs up and connects with a superplex, Harper staggers to his feet, Kane sits up and grabs him by the neck.

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Luke breaks the grip and hits the ropes, The Devil’s Favorite Demon flattens him with clotheslines, sends him to the corner and charges in with more clotheslines, delivers a side slam and gains a near fall. Kane hits the ropes to build a head of steam, Harper cracks him with a superkick that almost puts it away, whips The Big Red Monster into the corner and rushes in. Kane gets the boot up, hits the ropes to build momentum, Harper explodes up with a dropkick, hooks the leg, but still can’t finish it. The Devil’s Favorite Demon sits up and rises to his feet, Harper goes to the midsection with a kick, sets for a powerbomb, Kane reverses with a back body drop, but Luke hangs on for a sunset flip and a 2 count.

Harper goes to the ropes now to build a head of steam, The Big Red Monster drills him with a big boot, spikes him with a running DDT, lateral press, but only a 2 count. He measures for the Chokeslam, Harper kicks his way free, Kane returns fire, hits the ropes, Harper plants him with a sidewalk slam and gets a near fall. Harper wants to finish it and lines him up for the Discus Clothesline, The Devil’s Favorite Demon cuts him off by grabbing him by the neck, delivers a Chokeslam and that’s all she wrote.
Winner: Kane (Chokeslam)

  • EA’s TakeNothing overly exciting here, all I can think is, “Man, Luke Harper’s so good”. I really felt like Harper should have gotten the win here, it was the perfect spot for it and Kane didn’t need it. The only reason I can think of for a Kane victory is if this is supposed to be his measure of revenge on The Wyatts after being turned on by Orton. Still though, this should have been a solid win for Harper.

Open: “Where else can a dream become reality? Where enemies become allies? Where anything is possible, for one night only? Fantasy warfare just got real as The Beast, The Myth and the blurred lines of fantasy and reality come crashing into each other. Supremacy, turmoil, controversy all collide for a common cause. Tonight, it’s not a game anymore. It’s not a fantasy, it’s for real. It’s about survival. This is Survivor Series.”

Match #1 – 5-On-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team RAW (Bayley, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks & RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte) w/Dana Brooke vs. Team SmackDown Live (SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Carmella & Natalya)
Nikki Bella doesn’t show up for her entrance, cameras go to the back and she’s been laid out, stating someone hit her from behind. Doctors says they can’t clear her right now, Natalya wonders what they’re going to do and says she will have to jump in. Daniel Bryan says there’s no other option and sends her out. Alicia & Carmella will kickoff the action, collar & elbow tie-up to begin, they jostle for position and The Princess of Staten Island grabs a handful of hair to back Foxy to the ropes, then breaks clean.

She shoves Alicia, Foxy returns the favor, scores with a dropkick, hits a northern lights suplex and gains a 2 count. She hooks on a wristlock, Carmella strikes to escape it, hits the ropes for a headscissors takedown, Foxy crawls to the corner and gets hit with a bronco buster for a count of 2. The Princess of Staten Island shoots her to the ropes for a back body drop, Alicia counters with a kick, looks for the Scissors Kick, Carmella avoids it and makes a tag to Becky, Foxy does the same and Bayley steps in. Charlotte reaches over and tags herself in, Sasha does the same to The Queen, it leads to s ashoving match and Becky levels Charlotte with an uppercut.

Everything starts to break down now with everybody in the ring, Nia clears all of SmackDown Live down to the canvas and seemingly restores order by herself. The Lass Kicker avoids a tie-up and rolls Sasha up for a quick 2, Banks comes back with a backslide for a 2 count of her own, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Lynch ducks down for a back body drop, The Boss avoids it with a kick and Charlotte tags herself in again. She charges Becky and runs into multiple arm drags, The Lass Kicker hooks on an armbar, The Queen works to her feet, swings wildly with a right that misses and Lynch pushes her into the ropes for a roll-up. Charlotte hangs on to avoid it, Lynch brings her down with a roll-up anyways, The Queen rolls through it and buries a knee to the breadbasket.

She goes for a trademark chop and misses, Becky picks the arm and looks for the Dis-Arm-Her, The Queen reaches the ropes for some reprieve and tags out. Nia steps in, drives Becky backwards into the corner, rushes in with a splash, then throws her towards her teammates. Carmella tags in and gets leveled by a clothesline, tags right out to Bliss, Alexa steps inside and gets the same result, Naomi tags and comes off the 2nd rope with a crossbody, but gets caught. The Glow Queen slips free and hits the ropes, Jax flattens her with a clothesline, Natalya tags in, grabs a side headlock and gets pushed away to the ropes. Carmella makes a blind tag, double shoulder block to Nia, it barely budges her and she drops Nattie & Carmella with a double clothesline.

Alicia tags in, The Princess of Staten Island fires up with strikes, tosses her across the ring by the hair, moonwalks and lines Foxy up for a bronco buster. Alicia avoids it and starts to go crazy with vicious strikes, the official backs her away, Dana with a cheap shot behind the ref’s back, Foxy follows with the Scissors Kick and covers for a 3 count. Carmella has been eliminated. Alexa steps right in and attacks Alicia from behind, drives her head-first into the 2nd turnbuckle, goes to the top turnbuckle and connects with Twisted Bliss for the pinfall. Alicia Fox has been eliminated.

Charlotte sneaks in behind Bliss, misses with a clothesline, Alexa hops on her back for a sleeper and Naomi makes a blind tag. The Queen tosses Bliss away, Naomi surprises her with a sit-out jawbreaker, Charlotte crawls away and tags out, Nia tries to step in and Naomi knocks her to the floor. The Glow Queen sends all of Team RAW off the apron with forearm shots, climbs to the top rope and comes off on Nia with a crossbody to the floor. The official starts to count, Naomi pulls herself up to the apron, Nia hooks her by the foot, gets clocked by a roundhouse kick, sends The Glow Queen into the ring post, then dumps her to the floor and rolls back in as the count reaches 10. Naomi has been eliminated.

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Bliss takes the ring as Sasha gets a tag, Alexa rips her down to the mat by the hair, stands on her back and rams her face-first into the canvas. The Queen of Harts re-enters the match and puts the boots to Banks in the corner, the referee backs her off, The Boss seizes the opening to fight her way out and drags Alexa into the ring. She sends Bliss into Natalya, rams her face-first into the 2nd turnbuckle, Nattie tries to sneak in a kick, Banks blocks it and delivers one of her own. She planks Alexa across the 2nd rope in the corner, Natalya tries to intervene and gets rammed into Bliss’ midsection, Sasha sets her up below Alexa and comes down with the dropping double knees. Natalya is able to roll to the outside and avoid it, The Boss steps out to the apron, takes her out with double knees anyways, throws her into the squared circle and hooks her for a suplex.

Nattie counters into a small package for 2, powers Sasha up with a delayed vertical suplex, The Boss slides out of it, goes for a Back Stabber, but Bliss is there to intervene. Banks clocks her with a forearm shot, The Queen of Harts rolls up Sasha from behind, stacks her up and steals a pinfall. Sasha Banks has been eliminated. The Queen steps in behind Natalya and meets her with stinging chops, Nattie fires back with some her own, connects with Nattie By Nature, then tosses Charlotte with a german suplex. Charlotte battles back with a knee to the abdomen, slams Natalya to the mat by the hair, goes up top for a moonsault, but The Queen of Harts powers her out for a sit-out powerbomb.

Jax comes in and breaks the count at 2, Nattie instead slaps on the Sharpshooter, The Queen crawls towards the ropes, Dana giving an assist and she gains a break. Natalya argues with the official about Dana’s involvement, turns around, Charlotte floors her with a big boot, goes into a lateral press and gets the elimination. Natalya has been eliminated. The Lass Kicker comes in and levels Charlotte from behind, Alexa tags herself in, they start to argue, pushing and shoving as Charlotte tags in Nia. Jax looks for a double clothesline and they duck it, set for a double suplex, Nia blocks it and plants them both with a double suplex of her own. She measures Bliss in the corner for a splash, Alexa side-steps out of the way, hits the ropes, ducks under a clothesline, Lynch with a blind tag as Bliss gets caught going for a crossbody.

The Lass Kicker comes off the top and dropkicks Bliss on top of Jax, spike her with a double DDT and Lynch gets a near fall. She quickly picks the arm and slaps on the Dis-Arm-Her, wrenches back on the shoulder and Jax taps. Nia Jax has been eliminated. Nia drags Becky outside after the fall and deposits her into the barricade, throws her back in the ring and Alexa tags in. Charlotte takes her out immediately with a big boot, hooks the leg and ends Bliss’ night. Alexa Bliss has been eliminated. The Queen rolls outside and sends Becky back in, puts the boots to her in the corner, covers and only gets 2.

She grabs the leg and sets for a Figure Four, The Lass Kicker kicks her away, scores with multiple clotheslines, then clocks her with a heel kick. She crushes Charlotte in the corner with the Flying Firearm, throws her with a Becks-Plex, ascends the corner and drops a leg off the top, Bayley disrupting the count at 2. The Queen crawls over and tags out, Bayley & Becky go face-to-face, Bayley with a double leg takedown into a jackknife cover for a quick 2 count. The Lass Kicker with forearm shots, Bayley returns fire, hits the ropes, Lynch catches her with a pumphandle suplex, hooks the leg and only gets 2. She delivers multiple leg drops, Bayley rolls out of the way of one, hits her with a basement clothesline, follows with a basement back elbow to the spine, but still can’t put it away.

She grabs Becky to pick her up, Lynch picks the arm and tries for the Dis-Arm-Her, Bayley avoids it, plants her with an exploder suplex, but The Lass Kicker continues to try and hook on the Dis-Arm-Her. Bayley hangs onto the ropes to stave it off, surprises her with the Bayley-To-Belly and gets the 1-2-3.
Winners & Sole Survivors: Bayley & Charlotte

  • After The Bell: The referee raises their hands in victory, Charlotte ambushes Bayley, slams the back of her head off the mat and throws her to the outside. The Queen goes out in pursuit, tosses her into the barricade multiples times, then leaves her laying with a big boot on the floor.
  • EA’s TakePretty good opener aside from a couple of miscues, I figured either this or the 10-Tag Match would start the show and break-up some of the redundancy of these elimination matches throughout the night. I can’t say I expected much of anything because quite honestly, I feel like this is one of the hardest PPVs of the year to predict. I can at least say that the finish made sense with all signs being that Bayley would challenge Charlotte next. I also like how Nia looked completely dominant, but I don’t agree with having her tap-out the way that she did unless that comes into play in an upcoming angle.

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