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Chairshot Classics: WWE TLC 2015 – Sheamus vs. Reigns



TLC 2015

Video: Naomi & Jimmy Uso hit Kay Jewelers to help out WWE fan Coleco choose a ring to propose to his girlfriend at Monday Night Raw. After being treated to a VIP tour prior to the show, Coleco would pop the question in the ring, getting a “Yes!” chant as a response.

Backstage: Charlotte & Ric Flair are walking down the hall following Charlotte’s successful title defense. They come across Becky Lynch, The Lass Kicker stating that she’s happy Charlotte won, but not about the way she’s been doing things lately. The Nature Boy & Charlotte head out, leaving Becky looking distraught.

Match #7 – Tables, Ladders & Chairs for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns
Tables, ladders and chairs are surrounding the ringside area, the bell rings and the champion runs into a big right hand. They exchange shots, The Celtic Warrior reversing a whip to the ropes, buries a knee to the midsection, then drives a shoulder in the corner, hitting the ropes for a kneelift. He goes back to the ropes, the challenger follows him in and scores with a clothesline, then unleashes a flurry more in the corner, hits the ropes and ducks one, then takes Sheamus down with a double leg and hammers him with fists. The champion escapes to the outside, Reigns following out and gets driven into the LED board on the apron, The Celtic Warrior grabs a ladder and throws it into Roman’s spine.

The champion clears a table out of the way, whips The Big Dog into the barricade and rushes in, Roman elevating him up and over into the timekeeper’s area. The challenger slides a ladder into the ring, Sheamus explodes out of nowhere with a forearm shot, takes the ladder out of the ring and attempts to shoot Reigns back to the barricade, The Big Dog reversing and flattens him with a clothesline. Roman planks a ladder between the announce table and the ring apron, The Celtic Warrior from behind with multiple chair shots, tosses the challenger back inside and follows him in with a table in-hand. The champion charges into a boot in the corner, Roman hits the ropes and gets planted with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam, Sheamus leaning the table up against the ropes.

He lifts Reigns over his shoulder to drive him through, The Big Dog slides out and delivers a heavy right, clotheslines The Celtic Warrior over the top and they both spill to the floor. Roman rams the champion face-first into a ladder, stalks him up the entrance way and throws him into multiple piles of tables and chairs. The Big Dog cracks Sheamus over the arm with a chair, drags him back towards the ring, then clears off a table, setting him up for a powerbomb. The Celtic Warrior counters, sends Reigns through the table with a back body drop, clears off another table and deposits him through it with a release vertical suplex. Sheamus crawls back to the ring and heads inside with a ladder, stands it up under the title and starts to climb, the challenger sliding in to knock it over.

This angers the champion, he throws The Big Dog back outside, tosses a ladder into him, then bounces his head off the steel steps. Sheamus tries to crack his skull with a chair shot on the steps, Roman avoids it and sends The Celtic Warrior into them, looks for the Drive-By and gets his clock cleaned by a clothesline. The champion with another chair shot to the back, places the steps next to a set-up table, lifts the challenger for White Noise, climbs the steps and drives Roman through the wood. The Celtic Warrior heads back in the squared circle, Reigns crawls over and grabs his foot, Sheamus rolls the challenger in and hammers him in the back with a ladder. He taunts The Big Dog, powers him to his shoulders, Sheamus tries a rolling fireman’s carry on the ladder, Roman slips out into a schoolboy powerbomb, planting the champion on it instead.

Both guys struggle to their feet, Reigns with stiff rights, The Celtic Warrior reverses a whip to the ropes and the challenger connects with a flying clothesline. The champion rolls to the outside, The Big Dog does the same on the other side, grabs a chair and launches himself off the steps, decking Sheamus. He sends The Celtic Warrior into the ring, sets up for the Superman Punch, Sheamus catches him in the air and splits him with an Irish Curse. The champion grabs Roman on the apron and clubs away at the chest, Reigns catches his arm and fights with back elbows, lifts Sheamus up for a Samoan Drop and they crash through the planked ladder, splitting it in half. The challenger pulls himself into the squared circle, stands the ladder up and starts to ascend towards the championship, Sheamus making it back in to pull him down and climb up himself.

Reigns pulls the champion back down, takes his turn heading up, The Celtic Warrior with shots to the back, puts The Big Dog on his shoulders for a powerbomb, Roman escaping and connecting with a Superman Punch. He goes back up the ladder, the champion gets to his feet, topples the ladder over and Reigns crashes down into the ropes. Sheamus heads up once again, gets his hands on the title, The Big Dog climbs up the other side, hits a big Superman Punch and The Celtic Warrior falls head-first through the propped table against the ropes. The challenger stands the ladder back up and seemingly climbs to victory, The League Of Nations hits the ring to yank him back down, Roman fights them off briefly, but catches a superkick from Del Rio.

Rusev tosses Reigns to the outside as Alberto helps Sheamus up in the ring, The Bulgarian Brute locking on The Accolade. The Big Dog powers his way out of it, lays Rusev out with a Superman Punch, Del Rio comes out and drives Roman into the ring apron, but the challenger springs right back with another Superman Punch. Back in the ring, Sheamus is at the top of the ladder, Roman is there to pull him down, but The Celtic Warrior sends him flying out to the floor with a Brogue Kick. The Celtic Warrior makes his way back up, Reigns pulls himself back into the ring, but it’s too little, too late and Sheamus unhooks the championship.
Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

  • After The Bell: Alberto & Rusev lift Sheamus up on their shoulders in celebration, Roman slides in from behind and topples them all down with a Spear, heads outside to get a chair and unloads on them back in the ring. Rusev & Alberto fall to the outside, Reigns pummels the champion over and over with the chair, The Authority running down to ringside with a group of referees to calm The Big Dog down. Triple H gets to the apron to coax Reigns to keep his cool, Roman dropping the chair and the COO steps in to check on Sheamus. The Big Dog surprises Triple H with a Superman Punch, picks the chair back up and unleashes with shots to the midsection and spine. The COO spills out to the floor, Roman heads out and clears off the spanish announce table, powerbombs Hunter on it and the table doesn’t give way. The Big Dog climbs onto the other announce table, leaps off with an elbow drop and crashes through Triple H and the announce table. Doctors tend to Hunter and help him to his feet as Reigns walks to the back, he looks back and charges, splitting Triple H with a Spear and leaving him laying to end the show.
  • EA’s TakeA great main event tonight that gave us the slow burn effect, building piece by piece to more brutal and vicious spots including all the weapons involved. I’m still fully expecting Reigns to gain back the title prior to WrestleMania, so this will likely be extended into Royal Rumble. I very highly doubt that the company wants to roll into WrestleMania with Sheamus as the champion. I still find all the “hatred” for Roman to be ridiculous, it seems like people really just jumped on the “Let’s Hate Roman” bandwagon. Funny thing is, after he took out Triple H nearly the entire arena was chanting “Thank You Roman”. That shows you how serious people’s convictions are I suppose. Everybody pisses and moans for years that they want someone different besides John Cena, finally gets it and still pisses and moans.

EA’s FinisherThis is exactly how a pay-per-view built around a gimmick should run. There were great, innovative spots in every gimmick match and they were placed perfectly, allowing other matches to shine in-between, but not take away from what the event is built around. Except Rusev/Ryback, I definitely could have lived without that. Moving forward I still firmly believe that Reigns will win back the championship and after the beatdown he gave Triple H tonight, I’m certain The Game will return to win the Royal Rumble and challenge going into Mania. The rest of the card is too difficult to predict right now, the only other thing I can foresee is Ambrose/Owens continuing with the high likelihood of a multi-man IC Title ladder match. Big names will be returning as we hit the new year and from a company standpoint, it can’t happen soon enough. We’ll have a much better idea of how WrestleMania is taking shape after the holidays.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus
2 – The New Day vs. The Usos vs. Lucha Dragons
3 – Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

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