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Chairshot Classics: WWF Survivor Series ’93 – The Tradition All Americans Wait For!



Video: Todd Pettengill narrates some highlights to show how the teams in our main event were formed, beginning with Ludvig Borga ending Tatanka’s undefeated streak with help from Mr. Fuji & WWF Champion Yokozuna. The Native American suffered injured ribs, leading Lex Luger & The Steiners to introduce their new teammate two weeks ago, The Undertaker. Luger would knock out Pierre of The Quebecers during a match with his loaded forearm, leaving an open spot for the Foreign Fanatics being filled by Crush.

Match #3 for the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Championships: The Heavenly Bodies (Dr. Tom Prichard & ‘Gigolo’ Jimmy Del Ray) w/Jim Cornette vs. SMW Tag Team Champions The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)
Jim Ross & Gorilla Monsoon swap over from Radio WWF to do the commentary for this match. The Heavenly Bodies ambush the champions and clear them out of the ring. Gibson pulls himself back to the apron and the challengers flip him back in, they attempt to do the same to Morton, he turns the tables and sends both Bodies flying over the top rope. Gibson holds the ropes apart, Morton takes flight with a suicide dive to take out The Heavenly Bodies, order is finally restored, The Gigolo and Gibson keeping the squared circle.

Collar & elbow tie-up sees Gibson gain a side headlock, he gets pushed away to the ropes and scores with a shoulder knockdown, goes back to the ropes, hops up and over a back body drop attempt and goes right back to the side headlock. Del Ray tries to drive him into the turnbuckles to escape, Gibson walks up the ropes, flips over The Gigolo and catches him with a hip toss, following with a flying headscissors. Tag to Morton, Del Ray whipped to the ropes for a double back elbow, The Gigolo is able to roll to his corner and tag out, Dr. Tom locking up with Morton and backs him to the corner, doesn’t break clean and hammers away with fists. Irish whip across is reversed, Morton’s hip toss attempt is blocked, he sends Prichard to the ropes instead, leapfrogs over and hits the hip toss.

The Gigolo hits the ring to help out and gets tossed with one, Morton dishing out more hip tosses, ducks under a Del Ray superkick and Dr. Tom gets plastered instead. Gibson steps in, the champions whips The Gigolo into the corner, send Prichard in to squash him, Morton tosses Dr. Tom with a monkey flip, Gibson delivering one to Del Ray. The Express with synchronized atomic drops, the challengers collide with one another, Morton & Gibson using a double wishbone on The Bodies and order is restored again.

Gibson tags in and targets the left knee with a heel hold, Morton back off the tag and a double leg whip, Rock & Roll Express rolling towards the challengers corner to drop Del Ray off the apron with a double fist. Morton goes back to Dr. Tom’s knee, Gibson re-enters, the champions go into the same double leg whip and roll-through spot, The Gigolo is wise to it this time and ducks, the champions with a double clothesline to Prichard, then drop Del Ray again. Wishbone on Dr. Tom by the champs, Gibson keeps on the left leg, Morton back in to maintain the punishment, Prichard goes to the eyes and is finally able to tag out.

The Gigolo comes in and instantly gets caught in an arm drag, Morton utilizing an armbar, Del Ray backs him to the corner, doesn’t break clean and whips him across. Gibson sacrifices himself to prevent Morton from hitting the turnbuckles, Ricky explodes back out with right hands, looks to shoot The Gigolo back across, Prichard looks to sacrifice himself now, but Morton doubles Del Ray back. Gibson pulls Dr. Tom into the ring, The Express send the challengers at each other to collide, The Bodies put on the brakes, but can’t avoid a double noggin knocker. The champions hold the ring as Cornette calls a conference with his guys on the outside, Del Ray slides back in to make a tag, Morton backing Prichard to the corner off the tie-up.

Irish whip across is reversed, Morton doubles him back, ducks for a back body drop off the rebound, Dr. Tom putting on the brakes and plants him with a sit-out powerbomb. Prichard takes control and puts the boots to him, The Gigolo re-enters, Dr. Tom with a body slam to Morton, elevates Del Ray into a moonsault and he hooks the leg for a count of 2. Gigolo whips Ricky to the ropes for a back elbow, he baits Gibson into the ring, The Bodies switching out with no tag behind the ref’s back and Dr. Tom tosses Morton to the outside. He taunts Gibson back into the squared circle to distract the official, The Gigolo springs off the 2nd rope onto Morton with an asai moonsault, then rolls him back in for Dr. Tom to cover for another 2.

Prichard measuring Morton for right hands, Ricky fires back with punches of his own, irish whip to the corner is reversed, Dr. Tom planting him with a powerslam off the rebound and another near fall. Del Ray re-enters and hits a snap suplex, drops knees to the forehead, delivers a cheap shot to Gibson on the apron, Robert hits the ring and holds the referee, allowing The Bodies to hit a combination clothesline/side slam for another 2. Dr. Tom slaps on a rear chinlock in an effort to wear Morton down more, picks him up for a delayed vertical suplex, tag to The Gigolo and he goes up top. Prichard elevates Morton as Del Ray drops a leg off the top, Gigolo covers, still can’t get a 3 count, then sets Ricky up for a powerbomb.

Morton counters with a hurricanrana for a quick 2 count, Del Ray with a swift punch to stop any momentum, makes a tag to Prichard, he shoots Morton to the ropes for a back body drop, Ricky countering with a small package for another near fall. Dr. Tom brings Del Ray back in, he heads upstairs and connects with a moonsault, Gibson breaks up the nonchalant cover at 2, the ref works him back to the apron and the challengers whip Morton to the ropes for a double back body drop. Ricky sees it coming, spikes them both with a double DDT, Gibson finally getting the hot tag and he unloads on The Bodies with heavy right hands, sends The Gigolo to the ropes for a back body drop, gets a kick blocked by Prichard, but brings the other leg around with an enzuigiri.

Del Ray clobbers Gibson from behind, Morton cuts him off with rights, takes a shot to the eye, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Ricky pushing The Gigolo to the ropes for a roll-up, Dr. Tom grabs him by the hair and throws him over the top. Gibson thinks it’s over by a disqualification, Prichard clocks him from behind, deposits him to the outside, the official tries to restore order as Morton goes upstairs and scores with a crossbody to Del Ray. Prichard breaks the count before 2, whips Ricky to the ropes for a back body drop, Morton hops over it, Gibson slides back in and they connect with a double dropkick, but still can’t put the match away.

Cornette’s up on the apron and pays for it via a Morton right hand, the referee works to get Ricky back to the apron, Gibson goes back to a cover and The Gigolo comes off the top to deliver a shot to the back using Cornette’s tennis racket. Dr. Tom rolls into a cover, the official turns around and we have new champions.
Winners and NEW SMW Tag Team Champions: The Heavenly Bodies (Prichard/Foreign Object)

  • EA’s TakeAnother very entertaining match on WWF programming for SMW’s Heavenly Bodies. The Rock & Roll Express are also still no slouches even though their best days are behind them, however the fact that neither of these teams were actual WWF talents and having gimmicks that just screamed of the 80s seemed to hurt any fan interest in these pairings. It’s unfortunate because this is by-far the best match of the night and will be hard to top as my #1 for ‘3 On Top’. ‘Gigolo’ Jimmy Del Ray continues to impress me the most, the high flyer pulling off maneuvers that have never been or rarely been seen in the WWF up until this point. I can’t ever remember seeing an Asai moonsault in the WWF before Del Ray hit one here.

Video: This past weekend on Superstars, Doink The Clown had some words for Bam Bam Bigelow following The Beast from the East’s match. Doink would state he knows who Bam Bam’s partners at Survivor Series, then introduces who his partners will be…three more Doinks.

Backstage: Todd Pettengill is standing by with Bam Bam Bigelow and his squad, The Beast from the East stating it doesn’t matter how many Doinks there are because his team is hungry. The Headshrinkers & Bastion Booger are ready to complete the task at hand, all of them mowing down on turkey parts.

Match #4 – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger & The Headshrinkers (Samu & Fatu) w/Luna Vachon & Afa vs. The Four Doinks (Luke Doink, Butch Doink, Mo Doink & Mabel Doink) w/Oscar Doink
McMahon & Heenan rejoin the announce position for this match. The Bushwhackers & Men On A Mission are the opponents, but wearing Doink The Clown make-up and hair. Luke & Booger to begin, Bastion with clubbing shots to the back, hits the ropes for a splash, connects with a big right hand, then gets offered some banana from Fatu on the apron. Luke takes the opening to bite him on the backside, Butch with a poke to the eyes from the apron, Luke stamps on his toes and Booger looks to tag out.

Samu hits the ring and clobbers Luke from behind, drops an elbow, steals a balloon from Butch’s hands and pops it with his teeth. He turns back to Luke and drops a headbutt, takes a balloon from Mabel now and pops it, then takes one from Mo, but it’s filled with water. Luke uses the surprise to go to a schoolboy, grabs a handful of tights, the referee drops down and that’s a 3 count. Samu has been eliminated. Fatu steps in and clocks Luke completely out of the ring, Butch steps in and unleashes rights and lefts to the abdomen, delivers a headbutt and only ends up hurting himself. Fatu hits him with a vertical suplex, drops a headbutt and continues to put a number on Butch before tagging out.

Bastion enters and drops a leg across the chest, tag to Bigelow and he pummels Butch some more, calling out for the real Doink. He chokes Butch on the top rope, baits Luke into the ring to distract the ref, Fatu with a cheap shot from the apron, Booger switching in without a tag. He plants Butch with a body slam, squashes him with the Trip To The Batcave, but doesn’t make a cover and instead goes for some bananas in the corner. He hovers over Butch for another Trip To The Batcave, doesn’t notice Butch has moved out of the way, Luke steps in and The Bushwhackers take him down with a Battering Ram, Mabel follows with a massive leg drop and ends Booger’s evening. Bastion Booger has been eliminated.

Fatu takes the ring and offers Butch some turkey, Butch accepts and pays for it, getting the turkey smashed into his face. Oscar hands Mo a scooter and he comes into the ring to ride it around, The Beast from the East has had enough of the antics and he dropkicks Mo from behind, then slams the scooter on the floor. Fatu cracks Mo with a backbreaker, heads up top, connects with a Headshrinker Splash, but doesn’t make a cover and gets distracted by a banana. Mo rolls out of the ring, Butch steps in with a bucket, feigns throwing what’s in it at him, Fatu slips on the banana peel even though the buckeet is empty, Butch stacks him up and gets the 1-2-3. Fatu has been eliminated.

Bigelow’s stuck on his own, not wasting any time in attacking Butch after the pinfall, hurls him to the outside, then clobbers Luke coming in with more heavy shots. He dispose the Luke, Mo comes in and gets leveled with a clothesline, The Beast from the East clears him out of the ring, turns around and comes face-to-face with Mabel. Bigelow hits the ropes for a shoulder block and Mabel doesn’t budge, tries it again to no avail, hits the ropes a third time, ducks a clothesline and Mabel flattens him with a shoulder. He delivers clubbing shots to the back, sends Bam Bam to the corner, charges in for  a splash, but misses, The Beast from the East hitting the ropes and drops him with a shoulder tackle.

Luke rushes in and gets slammed, Bigelow makes a cover, Butch is at ringside and he throws something in Luna’s face, Bam Bam is distracted and he gets squashed in the corner by Men On A Mission. Mabel scores with a splash, Mo & The Bushwhackers pile on and that’s all she wrote.
Winners & Sole Survivors: Luke Doink, Butch Doink, Mabel Doink & Mo Doink

  • After The Bell: The Beast from the East struggles to his feet and starts to make his exit alongside Luna, Doink The Clown appears on the video screen and wonders how Bam Bam liked his team. He doesn’t want Bigelow to get mad at him clowning around, but on a serious note he did send him a Mabel & Mo sandwich. Doink blows Luna a kiss, coughs and weezes, then barks like a dog at her.
  • EA’s TakeI mean, the actual wrestling was awful, but in-all this was actually pretty entertaining I must admit. The Brain’s commentary is has been hilarious through the whole event too, which really makes anything at least bearable. Doink had turned face back in October by pouring a bucket of water over Bobby Heenan, but Matt Osborne who portrayed the character would be fired from the company shortly after due to reoccurring substance issues. The gimmick would be taken over by Ray Apollo, who was really much better at being a babyface than Osborne.

Backstage: Todd Pettengill is joined by The Foreign Fanatics, Jim Cornette stating they are a winning team that will carve up their opponents like turkeys, how fitting. He claims The All-Americans are a unit that thinks as one, calling The Steiners the heart, Undertaker the mind and Lex Luger the soul. All of these traits are commendable, but have their weaknesses that will be exploited tonight.

Match #5 – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Foreign Fanatics (Ludvig Borga, WWF Tag Team Champion Quebecer Jacques, Crush & WWF Champion Yokozuna) w/Johnny Polo, Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette vs. The All-Americans (The Undertaker, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner & Lex Luger) w/Paul Bearer
Scott & Jacques to get us going, Jacques offers a handshake that Scotty wisely doesn’t accept, gives a less generous hand gesture to Jacques, goes to the stomach and whips him to the ropes. Jacques reverses for a back body drop, Scott hops up and over it, hooks Jacques for a belly-to-belly suplex and gets a quick near fall. Tag to Rick and he circles Jacques who swiftly tags out, the WWF Champion stepping in, the “U-S-A!” chants break out, they lock-up and Yoko rakes Rick’s face, then clubs away at the back.

He shoots him to the ropes, The Dog-Faced Gremlin ducks a clothesline and staggers Yokozuna with one of his own, hits another and the champion spills through the ropes to the floor. Yoko recovers quickly and climbs back into the squared circle, powers Rick into his corner off another collar & elbow, Borga tagging in and he buries fists into the ribs. Ludvig deposits Rick to the outside where he takes out a cameraman, The Helsinki Hellraiser celebrating a little prematurely, The Dog-Faced Gremlin climbing to the apron and then up top for a double axe that gets a 1 count. He slaps on an armbar, Ludvig goes back to the midsection with uppercuts, delivers a body slam and hits the ropes for an elbow drop, Rick rolls out of the way, heads back upstairs for a crossbody, but Borga switches the momentum and gets a count of 3. Rick Steiner has been eliminated.

Scott steps back in as Jacques tags, gains a side headlock off of a tie-up, Scotty sends him away to the rope, powers him up with a military press, sees Crush stepping in and tosses Jacques at him, but the big Hawaiian catches him. Crush stays in and wants a test of strength, Scott obliges and gets cheap-shotted in the throat, Crush sending him to the ropes for a clothesline, Scotty ducking it, then counters a back body drop attempt with a double underhook powerbomb. He levels Crush with a clothesline for a count of 2, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Crush leapfrogs over, Scott puts the brakes on and gets clocked by a superkick.

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage battles a group of WWF officials trying to get to the ring at Crush, the big Hawaiian presses Scott over his head, dumps him all the way to the floor and calls for Savage to come to the ring, but Macho is forced to the back. Scotty drags himself back in the ring, Crush with a series of kicks to the breadbasket, drops him with another to the back of the head, then scores with a leg drop. He cracks Scotty with a headbutt and locks in a step-over toe hold, drops another leg across the knee, then connects with kicks to the back of the leg.

Macho Man again comes back out to the arena and Crush is distracted, Scott hits him with a dropkick from behind to send the big Hawaiian over the top, Crush looks back at the ring and then decides to go get a piece of Savage. He ambushes Macho from behind, lifts him up with a military press, Savage fights out of it with stinging right hands, drives him head-first off the barricade and Crush gets counted out. Crush has been eliminated. The group of officials is finally able to pull Macho Man off and drag him to the back again, meanwhile Scott is getting a beating put on him in the wrong corner as Jacques baits Luger into the ring to distract the referee.

Crush comes back to the ring to get the news he’s gone, Jacques applies a camel clutch on Scotty back in the ring, releases the hold, sends him to the ropes for a jumping back elbow and gets 2. He spikes Scott with a piledriver for another near fall, irish whip back to the ropes is reversed, Scotty turns Jacques inside-out with a fist to the breadbasket, sends him back in in again and plants him with a military press slam. He crawls to the corner and tags out, Lex steps in and delivers a body slam, comes off the 2nd rope with a forearm across Jacques chest, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall. Quebecer Jacques has been eliminated.

The Helsinki Hellraiser takes the ring, Scotty wants a piece of him and steps in, Borga locks up with Scott and fires heavy punches to the ribs, shoots him to the ropes for a clothesline and misses, but levels Scott with another coming back through. Ludvig with more big shots in the corner, whips Scotty across and charges in with a splash, decapitates him with a clothesline and then goes to the top turnbuckle. Scott meets him with right hands, climbs up for a superplex, makes the cover, but Yoko is there to break it up at 2. Luger comes in and takes the official’s attention, the champion stays in without legally making a tag, body slam to Scott, follows with an elbow drop, but doesn’t find the mark.

Scotty calls for the Frankensteiner and sends him to the ropes, Yokozuna hangs on to the ropes to avoid it, drops a massive leg across the chest and Scott is finished. Scott Steiner has been eliminated. We’re 2-2 now, Luger coming in as Yoko talks strategy with Ludvig, the champion slaps Lex in the face and strikes with kicks and chops. He chokes Lex on the middle rope, delivers a body slam, hits the ropes for a splash, Luger just rolling out of the way. He connects with a flurry of fists, hits the ropes and staggers Yoko with a clothesline, goes back to the ropes and the champion flattens him with a clothesline of his own.

Borga re-enters the match, shoots him to the ropes and goes to the abdomen with a right, buries kicks into the ribs, brings Yokozuna back in and he keeps the punishment going with headbutts. The champion choking Lex with the bottom of his foot, whips him into the corner, measures him for a splash and misses, Luger crawling to make a tag. Undertaker steps in for the first time and the champion looks fearful, The Deadman with right hands, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Yoko sets for a back body drop, but gets spiked by a DDT instead. Taker picks him back up and rocks Yokozuna with a clothesline, hits the ropes for another, Ludvig gets in a cheap shot, but pays for it and gets knocked off the apron, Yoko seizing the opening and hitting him with a belly-to-belly suplex.

The Deadman sits up and gets back to his feet, the champion with a big clothesline, stops him from sitting up again with a massive leg drop, then positions him for a Banzai Drop. He squashes Undertaker, goes back to the well for another, Taker sits up to avoid it, shoots the champion to the ropes, scores with a flying clothesline and Yoko rolls to the outside to escape. He grabs The Deadman by the hair and rams him head-first into the steel steps, it has zero affect on Taker and he returns the favor, the referee’s count reaching 10. Yokozuna & The Undertaker have been eliminated.

It’s down to the last two men, Paul Bearer having to drag Undertaker off of Yokozuna, meanwhile Borga has Luger laid out in the middle of the ring. He drops a leg and makes a cover, only gets a count of 2, sends Luger to the ropes for a side slam, another 2 count and Ludvig looks surprised. The Helsinki Hellraiser plants him with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall, irish whip to the ropes for a powerslam, but still Luger kicks out of it. Ludvig flattens him with multiple clotheslines, doesn’t hook a leg and can’t get a 3 count, sets him for another vertical suplex, Lex blocking it and counters into one of his own.

He can’t capitalize and gets shot into the ropes, Borga swings wildly with a right and misses, both guys thinking clothesline and connecting, then doubling down. Cornette hops onto the apron as Luger drapes an arm over Borga, Fuji climbs into the ring, hands Ludvig the salt bucket and he decks Lex with it. The referee turns back to the action, Ludvig crawls to a cover, but it’s not enough and Luger starts getting a boost of adrenaline. He absorbs shots to the back and returns fire with right hands, shoots him to the ropes for a fists to the breadbasket, spikes Borga with a DDT, then sends him back to the ropes for a back elbow that gains a near fall.

Luger whips him back in for a powerslam and another 2, Ludvig goes to the ribs again, sends him to the ropes for a back body drop, Lex hops over it, connects with the Running Forearm Smash and finishes it.
Winner & Sole Survivor: Lex Luger

  • After The Bell: Snow falls in the arena as Luger waves the American flag, Santa Claus comes down to the ring and celebrates with Lex to close the show.
  • EA’s TakeWhile I definitely could have lived without the silly Santa Claus routine to finish the show, an enjoyable main event that was really only average in terms of the in-ring stuff at best. Rick Steiner was eliminated very abruptly, at least it seemed that way because Borga seemingly botched the spot. The crowd was still into the ‘USA vs. the World’ stuff at this point in time, but it is definitely a little bit played-out with them trying to make Luger ‘Hogan 2.0’. Not giving him the title at SummerSlam was likely a big mistake and led to him losing steam as well, so they really shot themselves in the foot. Undertaker is still red-hot and was transitioning into a feud with Yokozuna, using ‘The Darkside’ to get inside the mammoth champion’s head. Also, it’s funny to see the man who would become Raven anytime he portrayed Johnny Polo at this stage of his career.

EA’s FinisherThe one constant through out the evening besides the company’s continued reliance on cartoony gimmicks and 1980’s era booking was Bobby Heenan. If nothing else, he was on fire from the start of the show to the finish and this event is worth watching solely on that fact alone. I’d argue it may be the best work he’s done from start-to-finish in his career on commentary. The matches were all entertaining in some form, even the ridiculous stuff from The Four Doinks got a slight chuckle out of me. I do not understand the return to the elimination team format as it was already stale and the roster at this time couldn’t really support it. They just didn’t have the depth of years past and that was evidenced by the match of the night being a Smoky Mountain Wrestling match, plus it was only a 5-match card. The WWF definitely did the best they could with what they had to work with and as far as Survivor Series goes or even PPVs of this era, they don’t come much better than this from top to bottom in terms of entertainment value.

Top Three To Watch
1 – The Heavenly Bodies vs. The Rock & Roll Express
2 – Razor Ramon’s Team vs. IRS’s Team
3 – The All-Americans vs. The Foreign Fanatics

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