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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF Survivor Series ’95 – Who’s Fit To Survive?

We’re getting closer to WWE’s annual November tradition the Survivor Series, so today we’re taking a look back at another previous event! The 1995 edition sees the company continuing their tweaks with the event, adding in a special Wild Card Elimination Match featuring heels and faces on the same team. To top it off, we’ve got a tremendous main event as Diesel will defend his WWF Title against Bret Hart!

Open: Mr. Perfect enters the arena and heads down to ringside, making his return to the WWF to join our announce team.

Video: “One man is the most honored athlete in Federation history. The other, the leader of the New Generation. Their previous encounters were marred by injustice, but this time the laws have changed. The champion, Diesel. The challenger, Bret Hart.” This is the Survivor Series.

Match #1 is a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Underdogs (Marty Jannetty, Barry Horowitz, Bob ‘Spark Plug’ Holly & Hakushi) vs. The BodyDonnas (Skip, Rad Radford, Dr. Tom Prichard & The 1-2-3 Kid) w/Sunny & ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase
Razor Ramon comes down to ringside trying to get a piece of The Kid, a group of referees holding him off and they are able to get him to the back. Prichard & Jannetty will get the action started, they lock-up and Dr. Tom backs Marty to his corner, Jannetty starts to battle his way out, but gets caught by a right hand. Skip & Radford step in, Prichard looks to shoot Marty at them, Jannetty takes them down with a double clothesline, swings and misses and The Kid and gets hooked by the arms. Dr. Tom hits the ropes for a high knee, Jannetty avoids it and Kid gets knocked to the floor, Marty whips Prichard to the ropes, then elevates him with a back body drop.

Dr. Tom rolls to the outside and The BodyDonnas regroup, he steps back in and tags out, Rad Radford taking the ring. They tie-up and Marty gains a wristlock, makes a tag and Holly steps inside, Radford escapes Jannetty and goes into a collar & elbow with Spark Plug. He gets caught in a side headlock, pushes Holly off to the ropes, Spark Plug scores with a shoulder blocked, goes back to the ropes, Radford leapfrogs over, but gets surprised by a hurricanrana. Holly fires away with fists, Radford slaps on a side headlock, gets shoved off to the ropes and this time hits a shoulder block of his own. He goes back to the ropes and now Spark Plug leapfrogs over, Rad attempts his own hurricanrana, but gets planted into the mat by a powerslam.

Holly scoops him up for a body slam follows with an arm drag into an armbar, switches to a wristlock and drops a leg across the left arm. He makes a tag to Hakushi and The Modern-Day Kamikaze maintains the hold, Radford whips him off to the ropes for a body slam, but The White Angel slips out and connects with an uppercut. Irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Radford misses with a clothesline, catches Hakushi with a spinebuster and tags out, 1-2-3 climbs up top, connects with a splash, but only gets a count of 2. He corners The Modern-Day Kamikaze and unloads with kicks, Skip tags in, props him on the top turnbuckle for a super back suplex, but The White Angel switches his weight and falls on top. Tag to Holly, Spark Plug hammers Skip with rights, sends him to the ropes and leapfrogs over, Skip slides through between the legs, Holly with a leapfrog now and catches him with a back body drop.

He levels Skip with multiple clotheslines, follows up with an arm drag to an armbar, Skip rakes the eyes to escape, then makes a tag. Prichard pummels Spark Plug in the corner, delivers a gutwrench sit-out powerbomb for 2, plants him with a body slam, then goes upstairs for a moonsault. Holly rolls out of harm’s way and ascends the corner, connects with a crossbody, hooks the leg and pins Dr. Tom. Dr. Tom Prichard has been eliminated. Spark Plug celebrates and Skip hooks him with a schoolboy from behind, stacks Holly up and gets the pinfall. Bob ‘Spark Plug’ Holly has been eliminated. Skip starts to celebrate now and Hakushi spins him around for uppercuts to the jaw, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Skip looks to score with a kick, The White Angel blocks it and sweeps the leg.

He goes for another kick and Skip catches his foot, The Modern-Day Kamikaze brings his other leg around with a spinning heel kick, positions him near the corner with a body slam, slingshots off the 2nd rope with a splash, but Skip gets the knees up. He peppers Hakushi with punches in the corner, props him on the top turnbuckle, delivers a super hurricanrana, but hurts himself in the process and collapses to the canvas. Skip crawls to a tag and The Kid puts the boots to The Modern-Day Kamikaze, Hakushi stagger to his feet, fires back with uppercuts, whips Kid into the corner and follows in with a back handspring back elbow. He hits the ropes and connects with a flying forearm, climbs to the high-rent district for a flying shoulder block, lateral press and a near fall.

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The White Angel scoops 1-2-3 Kid up for a body slam, steps out to the apron, looks to springboard back in with a splash, but nobody’s home as Razor Ramon watches from backstage. The Kid tags out and Radford steps in, distracts Hakushi, Kid drills him with a spinning back kick to the head, Radford makes the cover and picks up the elimination. Hakushi has been eliminated. Horowitz comes in to check on The White Angel, Radford blasts him from behind with clubbing blows, Kid re-enters the ring for a double whip to the ropes, they hit a double back elbow and 1-2-3 Kid follows with a vertical suplex for a 2 count.

He puts Barry in the corner for a series of kicks, whips him to the ropes for a back body drop, Horowitz avoids it with a kick, unleashes a flurry of punches, Kid staggers back to the corner and catches him coming in with more kicks. He drives Barry head-first into the top turnbuckle, Radford comes in off the tag with boots in the corner, executes a gutwrench suplex and covers, but picks Horowitz up at 2. Barry surprises him with a jawbreaker, sends him to the ropes for a back body drop, Radford connects with a kick, flattens him with a clothesline, covers and again picks Horowitz up at 2. Rad drops a headbutt to the lower abdomen, snapmares him over for a rolling neck snap, then chokes him using the bottom of his boot.

He delivers a bridging northern lights suplex for a near fall, does some jumping jacks and push-ups to impress The BodyDonnas, Horowitz grabs him from behind with a roll-up and steals a 3 count. Rad Radford has been eliminated. Skip steps inside and is incensed, turns around and comes face-to-face with Horowitz, Barry batters him with forearms, launches him out of the corner with a hip toss, then follows with a jumping back elbow. He hits the ropes for a high knee, whips Skip in for a clothesline, Skip ducks under it, makes a blind tag, slides under Barry’s legs and The Kid steps in from behind with a spinning heel kick. He hits the ropes, follows with a short leg drop, makes the cover and ends Barry’s evening. Barry Horowitz has been eliminated.

Jannetty is the lone man left and corners 1-2-3 Kid, Skip ends up taking the ring, they lock-up and Marty gets backed to the corner. Skip doesn’t break clean and buries a shoulder to the breadbasket, shoots Jannetty across, charges in for a dropkick, but Jannetty side-steps and Skip gets crotched on the 2nd turnbuckle. Marty snapmares him over, picks Skip up and sends him to the ropes, ducks his head down for a back body drop, but eats a kick instead. He gets rocked by rights in the corner, Skip shoots him across and follows in, Jannetty looks to hop up-and-over, but gets caught on Skip’s shoulder. He slips off for a german suplex, Skip blocks it, hooks him for a powerbomb, Marty counters to a roll-up and Skip barely kicks out at 2.

He quickly whips Jannetty to the ropes for a back body drop, Marty puts on the brakes, plants him with a Rocker Dropper, then climbs up top. Sunny climbs on the apron and shakes the ropes, Jannetty falls and gets crotched on the top turnbuckle, Skip heads up to meet him for a back body drop, but Marty counters with a super powerbomb for the 1-2-3. Skip has been eliminated. We’re down to one-on-one, The Kid charges in with a flying clothesline, sends Marty to the ropes for a spinning wheel kick, goes upstairs for a leg drop and scores, but only gets a count of 2. He whips Jannetty into the corner and rushes in with a dropkick, plants him with a body slam, 1-2-3 Kid looks to head back up top for a somersault senton, but Marty rolls away to avoid it.

Both guys stagger to their feet, Jannetty blocks punches and returns fire, backs Kid to the corner, the ref creates separation, Marty whips The Kid to the ropes and connects with a dropkick for 2. He unleashes a barrage of fists and Sycho Sid saunters down to ringside, Marty shots Kid to the ropes for a jumping back elbow, drives 1-2-3 Kid face-first into the mat, but keeps a watch on Sid on the outside. He looks to send Kid to the ropes and it’s reversed, The Kid looks for a back body drop, Jannetty comes to a stop, delivers the Rocker Dropper, but Kid gets the ropes at a 2 count. DiBiase climbs up on the apron to get the ref’s attention, Sid steps up and drops Marty on the ropes with a hot shot, 1-2-3 Kid drapes an arm over to cover and finishes it off.
Winner & Sole Survivor: The 1-2-3 Kid

  • After The Bell: Razor Ramon is losing his cool in the locker room watching how this one played out, trashing the place as other Superstars try to calm him down.
  • EA’s TakeEven though this match was filled with Superstars from the bottom of the card, it was actually fairly entertaining as nearly every participant was a young, up-and-comer outside of Prichard and Horowitz. Hakushi really got the crowd going with his aerial offense and despite having no success at all in the WWF, Rad Radford impressed me with some of his offense (which is likely how he ended up in ECW and then later on, WCW under his real name, Louie Spiccoli). In the bigger picture, there was really no need for this match as it was clearly just serving as a tool to help get The Kid over as a heel, since he completed his turn on Razor just a week prior. It also solidified his alliance with DiBiase as this was the first time the two were together.

Backstage: Todd Pettengill is backstage with Razor Ramon’s teammates tonight, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Dean Douglas, James E. Cornette & Mr. Fuji. Cornette says The Bad Guy can beat a TV up just fine, but that won’t work tonight trying to win a wrestling match and he needs to figure out where his head is at. Owen thinks Ramon better stop fooling around and get The 1-2-3 Kid off his mind, stating that Razor has a responsibility to be at the top of his game for them. Douglas believes that his team is united minus The Bad Guy, informing him they have business to take care of tonight.

Match #2 is a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe & Lioness Asuka w/Harvey Wippleman vs. WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze, Kyoko Inoue, Sakie Hasegawa & Chaparita Asari
Asuka & Asari will kickoff the action, Asari sends Asuka off to the ropes for a crossbody that misses, Lioness Asuka drills her with a spinning wheel kick, hooks her by the legs and goes into a giant swing for a count of 2. She lifts Asari for a back suplex and Chaparita flips out to her feet, falls into a cover and Alundra steps in, ducks under a right hand and connects with a savate kick. She looks to shoot Lioness Asuka to the ropes, Asuka falls to her backside, Blayze lifts her back up for a body slam, makes a tag and Asari comes in off the top with the Sky Twister Press, then tags back out.

Aludra drags Asuka back up to send her to the ropes, Lioness reverses, scores with a double chop to the chest, shoots Blayze to the ropes now for another, Alundra ducks under it, delivers a Bridging German Suplex and picks up a 3 count. Lioness Asuka has been eliminated. Watanabe quickly steps in and puts the boots to Alundra, hops to the 2nd rope to celebrate, looks to come off the top with a moonsault, but nobody’s home. She rolls to the floor and the champion goes upstairs, flies off with a crossbody, drags Watanabe back into the ring, snapmares her over by the hair and tags out. Hasegawa takes the ring and hits a double underhook suplex, hangs on and rolls into four more of them, drags Watanabe up and sends her to the ropes, Tomoko surprising her with a seated senton.

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She ascends the corner for another seated senton and gets a 2 count, Kong tags in, whips Hasegawa to the ropes and flattens her with a clothesline, then begins to celebrate. Hasegawa catches her with a savate kick, delivers multiple uranage suplexes, lateral press and a near fall. She looks to head to the high-rent district now, gets caught in mid-air with a roundhouse kick to the midsection, Kong plants her with a saito suplex and that’s it for Hasegawa. Sakie Hasegawa has been eliminated. Asari comes in right after the fall and sends Aja to the ropes for a crossbody, hits a brick wall and Kong doesn’t budge, scoops Chaparita up for a body slam, then goes to the 2nd rope for a splash and that’s all she wrote. Chaparita Asari has been eliminated.

Alundra takes the ring and walks into kicks to the leg, looks to return the favor, Kong blocks it, but doesn’t see the other foot coming around for an enzuigiri. She rolls to her corner and tags Inoue, Kyoko floors Aja with multiple clotheslines, looks to send her to the ropes, Kong reverses, ducks down for a back body drop, but Inoue counters with a sunset flip. She can’t bring Aja down and Kong drops down on top of her, sits on Kyoko’s chest and gets the pin. Kyoko Inoue has been eliminated. The champion is left all by herself now, all three of her opponents step into the ring to corner her, Alundra kicks Kong away, but the numbers are too much.

Bertha pummels her with clubbing shots in the corner, the official restores some order Alundra drags Watanabe into the squared circle, snapmares her to the mat by the hair, then follows with a snap suplex for what appears to be a count of 2. She hauls Watanabe up and sets for a powerbomb, it looks as if there’s a miscommunication, Blayze spikes her with a piledriver and covers for the 3 count. Tomoko Watanabe has been eliminated. Bertha comes in from behind and puts the boots to Alundra, shoots her into the corner and charges in with a splash, whips her to the ropes and they both a spot. They go back into it again and Bertha ducks under a spinning heel kick, Kong steps in and hits the ropes behind her, looks for a double splash with Faye, but Alundra avoids it.

Bertha accidentally drills Aja, Blayze surprises Faye her from behind with a Bridging German Suplex and puts an end to her night. Bertha Faye has been eliminated. It’s 1-1 now and Kong ambushes the champion from behind, cracks her with a barrage of headbutts, sends Blayze to the ropes and Alundra flips herself to the apron, then climbs to the top rope. Kong heads up to meet her, plants her with a superplex for a count of 2, pulls her up for a spinning back fist, Alundra avoids it, then hooks her for the Bridging German Suplex. Kong drives the champion backwards into the corner to get out of it, uses her backside into the breabasket, gets caught walking back in with double boots and Alundra hits the ropes for a hurricanrana, nearly finishing it.

She quickly goes to the 2nd rope for a missile dropkick, follows with a standing moosault for a near fall, the champion looks to go back to the top rope, Kong pulls her back down to the mat, then hops to the 2nd rope, Blayze cuts her off with a roundhouse kick and climbs up after her, Aja knocks her to the bat with a headbutt, shoots her to the ropes and flattens Alundra with a clothesline multiple times. She waits for the champion to stagger back up, drills her with a Spinning Back Fist and covers to put it away.
Winner and Sole Survivor: Aja Kong

  • EA’s TakeOutside of that beautiful looking Sky Twister Press from Asari, this was absolutely brutal to watch. There were multiple botches, seemingly no chemistry between the women, very little selling and no psychology whatsoever. This was the proverbial nail in the coffin for women’s wrestling in the WWF as there was little-to-no interest anymore and the last time we’d seen Alundra Blayze or the Women’s Title (at least for another couple of years). Kong picks up the win here as she was being built to face the champion, however the company would decide by the end of the year to drop the division altogether and Alundra would infamously return to WCW as Madusa, dropping the title into the garbage live on Monday Nitro. The Women’s Championship would remain dormant until 1998.

In The Arena: Todd Pettengill is sitting in the crowd with ‘President Bill Clinton’, Bill stating he’s enjoying himself as the participants in our next match head to the ring. Clinton says he’s a big fan of Bam Bam and has watched him every Saturday with Fred, Barney and Wilma, Pettingill informing him that he’s referring to The Flintstones. Bigelow’s pyro goes off and Bill hits the floor, his security team yelling at him to get down.

Match #3: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Goldust
Bigelow looks puzzles at Goldust’s antics, The Bizarre One surprises him with right hands, chokes Bam Bam on the top rope, then looks to whip him to the ropes. The Beast from the East reverses for a big haymaker, Goldust hangs on, slides to the outside and takes a walk. He steps back into the squared circle and they lock-up, Goldust hooks on a hammerlock, pesters Bigelow with a chop, Bam Bam retaliates with a big fist, then shoots him to the corner. He charges in and The Bizarre One gets the boot up, The Beast from the East comes right back with a dropkick, Goldust rolling to the outside. Bigelow shouts down at him from the ring, Goldust reaches in and drags him to the floor, clobbers him across the back, then measures him against the ring post for a clothesline.

Bam Bam ducks under it and throws him inside, gets caught coming in with a barrage of boots, The Bizarre One builds a head of steam, clotheslines him over the top and Bigelow falls to the floor. The Beast from the East rolls into the ring at a count of 6, Goldust is there waiting to unload with more boots, Bam Bam starts to battle back with headbutts, gets caught by a knee to the midsection and The Bizarre One covers for 2. He looks to wear Bigelow down some more with a front facelock, rips at Bam Bam’s face, tosses him over the top to the outside, then steps out in pursuit. Goldust rams him face-first off the steel steps, sends him into the squared circle, buries kicks to the midsection, goes for another and it’s blocked.

The Beast from the East plants him with a back suplex, hits the ropes for a falling headbutt that’s off-target, The Bizarre One covers for another 2 count, then grounds him with an armbar. He switches to a chinlock and Bigelow works to a standing position, powers Goldust up onto his shoulders, drives him down with an electric chair, but can’t capitalize. The Bizarre One peppers him with punches, Bam Bam returns fire, gets caught getting back up with more right hands, Goldust shoots him off the ropes and connects with a flying clothesline. He follows up with a knee drop, hooks the leg and Bam Bam kicks out at 2, The Bizarre One looking to grind him down some more now with a rear chinlock.

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The Beast from the East finds his footing, escapes after dropping Goldust with a back suplex, starts to build momentum with multiple clotheslines and gains a near fall. He sends The Bizarre One for the ride hard into the turnbuckles, measures him for a corner splash, Goldust side-steps it, hits the ropes for a Running Bulldog and that finishes it.
Winner: Goldust (Running Bulldog)

  • EA’s TakeThis one wasn’t as good as I thought it could have been between two good workers, a couple of spots looked a little sloppy, but it had its moments. Goldust’s push continues as this is really a glorified squash match, he controlled the entirety of it. He hasn’t quite hit his stride yet, but will do so in the coming months as he steps into his first big feud in early 1996. For Bam Bam, his time with the WWF would come to an end following this show, as he reportedly left due to ongoing problems with The Kliq. The should-be Hall Of Famer would resurface again in early ’96 with Extreme Championship Wrestling, then later with WCW before his death in 2007 due to drug and heart related issues.

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