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Chairshot Staff Picks: Survivor Series/NXT Takeover War Games

Who you got?



WWE Survivor Series Becky Lynch

Ladies and gentlemen my name is PC Tunney and welcome back to The Chairshot staff picks! I am thrilled to be reincarnating our PPV prediction series and bringing them to our very astute audience right here on Survivor Series is a great place to kick things off again. The spirit of brand competition is back and with it comes the long running sibling rivalry between Stephanie and Shane. Not to mention we also have an excellent four match card for NXT Takeover War Games. So as we prepare for the final of the big four PPVs, I have only one question…  Are you ready?

WWE NXT Takeover War Games 2018

NXT TAKEOVER WAR GAMES – Staples Center Los Angeles, CA

Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano


  • Carter: Gargano
  • Cash: Black
  • Cassada: Gargano
  • Gunz: Black
  • Mcleod: Gargano
  • Sarpraicone: Black
  • Scopelliti: Gargano
  • Weigel: Gargano
  • Ames: Gargano
  • Cook: Gargano
  • Mitchell: Gargano
  • Platt: Gargano
  • DPP: Black
  • Balaz: Black
  • DeMarco: Gargano
  • Tunney: Black

10-6 JOHNNY GARGANO #UseYourHead

2 out of 3 Falls for the NXT Women’s Championship

Shana Baszler (c) vs Kairi Sane


  • Carter: Sane
  • Cash: Baszler
  • Cassada: Baszler
  • Gunz: Baszler
  • Mcleod: Sane
  • Sarpraicone: Sane
  • Scopelliti: Baszler
  • Weigel: Baszler
  • Ames: Baszler
  • Cook: Baszler
  • Mitchell: Sane
  • Platt: Sane
  • DPP: Sane
  • Balaz: Baszler
  • DeMarco: Baszler
  • Tunney: Baszler

10-6 Shana Baszler #UseYourHead

NXT Championship

Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs Velveteen Dream


  • Carter: Ciampa
  • Cash: Dream
  • Cassada: Ciampa
  • Gunz: Ciampa
  • Mcleod: Ciampa
  • Sarpraicone: Ciampa
  • Scopelliti: Ciampa
  • Weigel: Ciampa
  • Ames: Ciampa
  • Cook: Ciampa
  • Mitchell: Ciampa
  • Platt: Dream
  • DPP: Ciampa
  • Balaz: Ciampa
  • DeMarco: Ciampa
  • Tunney: Ciampa

14-2 Tommaso Ciampa #Use Your Head


The Undisputed Era vs War Raiders, Ricochet & Pete Dunne


  • Carter: War
  • Cash: War
  • Cassada: Era
  • Gunz: Era
  • Mcleod: War
  • Sarpraicone: Era
  • Scopelliti: War
  • Weigel: War
  • Ames: Era
  • Cook: War
  • Mitchell: Era
  • Platt: Era
  • DPP: Era
  • Balaz: War
  • DeMarco: Era
  • Tunney: Era


Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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Heel or Face? Make Up Your Mind WWE

Heel or face? WWE can’t make up their minds!



WWE Alexa Bliss Heel Face

WWE has shown little regard for heel and face alignment, and Carol Cassada wants the company to make up their minds!

Any wrestling fan knows that there are two types of wrestlers: the heels and the faces. Although, every once in a while you’ll have a tweener, someone who’s not a villain, but not a good guy. With WWE, they often switch a wrestler’s persona around to fit a storyline.

WWE has a history of flip flopping when it comes to a wrestler’s persona. One week they’re face, the next they’re heel, then all of a sudden they’re face again. Recently, WWE has been doing this with a bunch of their stars, which leads me confused on whether they’re heel or face.

First, let’s start with Dean Ambrose, who’s been portraying a heel the past four months. Yet, in recent weeks he’s shown signs of becoming a face again. After Monday night’s RAW in which he offered his former Shield brother Seth Rollins support in his match against Brock Lesnar, it’s safe to say that Ambrose is a babyface. Given the news that Ambrose is leaving due to creative differences with Vince McMahon, Dean would be seen as a face no matter what role he portrayed on television.

The next turn that had me questioning a wrestler’s persona is Alexa Bliss. The Goddess has been viewed as a heel as well as her partner Mickie James. But three weeks ago she and Mickie wrestled against the heel team of Nia Jax and Tamina. It’s very rare that WWE has two heels compete in a match, so it could mean that WWE is turning Alexa into a babyface like the reports suggest. Although, in a recent segments, she’s coming off as more of a tweener than babyface.

Another turn that had me confused is Nikki Cross. When the Sanity member made her debut on RAW a few weeks ago, she was a babyface teaming with Bayley and Natalya to take on The Riott Squad. But during the women’s tag team qualification tournament, she teamed with Alicia Fox to attack Bayley and Sasha backstage. But on the most recent episode of RAW, Cross appeared to be a face again as she faced Ruby Riott.

The last person who’s been flipping back and forth between his persona is Elias. Since his debut, he’s been more of a heel. But in October, WWE decided to switch things up and make Elias a face. Elias is a star who’s naturally over with the crowd, so it doesn’t matter what type of role he has. Yet, WWE must’ve felt the face turn wasn’t working because they’ve had Elias resort back to his devious behavior.

WWE likes to do spur of the moment stuff all the time, but having the wrestlers switch from heel to face one week from the next is becoming too much. It’s leaving fans confused on whether they should boo or cheer a wrestler. I know WWE likes to test the waters and see the audience’s reaction; however the constant changes to a wrestler’s role will not only baffle fans, but it may hurt the wrestler’s credibility.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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The Chairshot Staff Picks – Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber is upon tomorrow, so it’s time for picks! PC Tunney breaks down how the Staff picked. Who do you think will win?



WWE Elimination Chamber Picks
The Chairshot Staff Picks - Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber is upon us tomorrow, so it’s time for picks! PC Tunney breaks down how the Staff picked. Who do you think will win?

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to The Chairshot Staff Picks! My name is PC Tunney and I’m absolutely thrilled to be in the midst of the road to WrestleMania. This month’s WWE Network event (that’s what I’m calling them now lol) brings back one of the most impressive structures in wrestling history. Now speaking of history, we will be crowning the very first WWE women’s tag team champions. Twelve women will tell the first chapter for a new and long over due division. Let’s get to the picks which have been pretty darn good. The Chairshot staff as a whole is 28-9-1, that’s picking winners at a 75%+ rate over the last three network events.

2019 WWE Elimination Chamber

Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy(c) v Akira Tozowa

  • Abe Odeh – Murphy
  • Bradley Jay – Murphy
  • Carol Cassada – Murphy
  • David Levin – Murphy
  • Jason Schfletowski – Murphy
  • Mason Epeneter – Tozowa
  • Mathew Sarpraicone – Murphy
  • Rey Ca$h – Murphy
  • Robert Fernandes – Murphy
  • Sarah Hirsch – Murphy
  • Scott Mcleod – Murphy
  • Steve Cook – Murphy
  • Steven Mitchell – Tozowa
  • Tiffany Carter – Murphy
  • Miranda Morales – Murphy
  • DP – Murphy
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Murphy
  • Andrew Balaz – Murphy
  • Christopher Platt – Murphy
  • Greg DeMarco – Tozowa

Tunney’s Take: It wouldn’t make sense here to cut Buddy Murphy’s title run short of WrestleMania. My pick is Buddy Murphy.

The Chairshot: 18-3 Buddy Murphy  #UseYourHead

Braun Strowman v Baron Corbin

  • Abe Odeh – Braun
  • Bradley Jay – Braun
  • Carol Cassada – Corbin
  • David Levin – Braun
  • Jason Schfletowski – Braun
  • Mason Epeneter – Braun
  • Mathew Sarpraicone – Braun
  • Rey Ca$h – Corbin
  • Robert Fernandes – Braun
  • Sarah Hirsch – Corbin
  • Scott Mcleod – Braun
  • Steve Cook – Braun
  • Steven Mitchell – Braun
  • Tiffany Carter – Corbin
  • Miranda Morales – Braun
  • DP – Corbin
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Braun
  • Andrew Balaz – Braun
  • Christopher Platt – Braun
  • Greg DeMarco -Braun

Tunney’s Take: This is a tricky one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Corbin wins here. Neither of these two have real storyline momentum of any kind so far on the road to WrestleMania. Regardless, I’m sticking with Vince using this spot to re-strengthen the dominance of Braun’s character. My pick is Braun Strowman.

The Chairshot: 16-5 Braun Strowman  #UseYourHead

Intercontinental Championship: Bobby Lashley(c) & Lio Rush v Finn Balor

  • Abe Odeh – Finn
  • Bradley Jay – Finn
  • Carol Cassada – LL
  • David Levin – LL
  • Jason Schfletowski – Finn
  • Mason Epeneter – LL
  • Mathew Sarpraicone – LL
  • Rey Ca$h – LL
  • Robert Fernandes – Finn
  • Sarah Hirsch – Finn
  • Scott Mcleod – LL
  • Steve Cook – LL
  • Steven Mitchell – Finn
  • Tiffany Carter – Finn
  • Miranda Morales – LL
  • DP – LL
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Finn
  • Andrew Balaz – LL
  • Christopher Platt – LL
  • Greg DeMarco – Finn

Tunney’s Take: The Intercontinental belt seems a perfect way to use Finn Balor on the rest of the road to and at WrestleMania. My pick is Finn Balor.

The Chairshot: 11-10 Lio and Lashley #UseYourHead

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The MiZ & Shane McMahon(c) v The Usos

  • Abe Odeh – Usos
  • Bradley Jay – MM
  • Carol Cassada – MM
  • David Levin – MM
  • Jason Schfletowski – MM
  • Mason Epeneter – MM
  • Mathew Sarpraicone – MM
  • Rey Ca$h – Usos
  • Robert Fernandes – MM
  • Sarah Hirsch – MM
  • Scott Mcleod – Usos
  • Steve Cook – MM
  • Steven Mitchell – MM
  • Tiffany Carter – MM
  • Miranda Morales – MM
  • DP – Usos
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Usos
  • Andrew Balaz – MM
  • Christopher Platt – MM
  • Greg DeMarco – Usos

Tunney’s Take: I was positive that the Usos were taking the straps here, until the dust up with the law involving Jimmy and Naomi. I feel like original plans are still in place or the Usos would have already been removed from the match. My pick is the Usos.

The Chairshot: 14-7 MiZ & McMahon  #UseYourHead

RAW Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey(c) v Ruby Riott

  • Abe Odeh – Ronda
  • Bradley Jay – Ronda
  • Carol Cassada – Ronda
  • David Levin – Ronda
  • Jason Schfletowski – Ronda
  • Mason Epeneter – Ronda
  • Mathew Sarpraicone – Ronda
  • Rey Ca$h – Ronda
  • Robert Fernandes – Ronda
  • Sarah Hirsch – Ronda
  • Scott Mcleod – Ronda
  • Steve Cook – Ronda
  • Steven Mitchell – Ronda
  • Tiffany Carter – Ronda
  • Miranda Morales – Ronda
  • DP – Ronda
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Ronda
  • Andrew Balaz – Ronda
  • Christopher Platt – Ronda
  • Greg DeMarco – Ronda

Tunney’s Take: This seems to be an easy pick, and it is. Now before this becomes consensus, think about this… Do Ronda, Charlotte and Becky really need a title at this point? I know we are talking the main event(last match) at Mania, but the feud these three women have created feels like enough. The reason I won’t go against the grain here, and no offense to Ruby, it would be a disservice to the title at this point. My pick is Ronda Rousey.

The Chairshot: 21-0 Ronda Rousey  #USEYOURHEAD

Woman’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber: Sasha Banks & Bayley v Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville v Nia Jax & Tamina v Carmella & Naomi v Liv Morgan & Liv Tyler v The IIconics

  • Abe Odeh – Boss n Hug
  • Bradley Jay – Fire n Desire
  • Carol Cassada – Boss n Hug
  • David Levin – Fire n Desire
  • Jason Schfletowski – Riott Squad
  • Mason Epeneter – Nia n Tamina
  • Mathew Sarpraicone – Boss n Hug
  • Rey Ca$h – Nia n Tamina
  • Robert Fernandes – Fire n Desire
  • Sarah Hirsch -Boss n Hug
  • Scott Mcleod – IIconics
  • Steve Cook – Nia n Tamina
  • Steven Mitchell – Boss n Hug
  • Tiffany Carter – Nia n Tamina
  • Miranda Morales – Boss n Hug
  • DP – Boss n Hug
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Nia n Tamina
  • Andrew Balaz – IIconics
  • Christopher Platt – Boss n Hug
  • Greg DeMarco – Nia n Tamina

Tunney’s Take: The hardest decision of the show for me and the widely split picks from The Chairshot staff attest to just that. I’ve been shouting Boss n Hug for weeks now but my mind has been changed. My pick is the IIconics.

The Chairshot: 8 Boss n Hug, 6 Nia n Tamina, 3 Fire n Desire, 3 IIconics, 1 Riott Squad  #UseYourHead

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber: Daniel Bryan(c) v Kofi Kingston v Jeff Hardy v AJ Styles v Randy Orton v Samoa Joe

  • Abe Odeh – DB
  • Bradley Jay – DB
  • Carol Cassada – DB
  • David Levin – DB
  • Jason Schfletowski – DB
  • Mason Epeneter – Kofi
  • Mathew Sarpraicone – DB
  • Rey Ca$h – DB
  • Robert Fernandes – DB
  • Sarah Hirsch – DB
  • Scott Mcleod – DB
  • Steve Cook – DB
  • Steven Mitchell – DB
  • Tiffany Carter – DB
  • Miranda Morales – DB
  • DP – DB
  • Patrick O’Dowd – DB
  • Andrew Balaz – DB
  • Christopher Platt – DB
  • Greg DeMarco – DB

Tunney’s Take: More power(of positivity) to Mason if the pick of Kofi comes through! One thing my mind will not be changed on is that Daniel Bryan will be defending the WWE title at WrestleMania. My pick is Daniel Bryan.

The Chairshot: 20-1 Daniel Bryan  #UseYourHead

A big thank you once again to everyone from The Chairshot staff that participated!! Follow me @PCTunney on the twitter to find out who was this month’s most potent prognosticator and listen to the @podcastDWI only on to hear DP and myself review Elimination Chamber and the staff picks. Enjoy the ROAD to WrestleMania folks, because it’s not just about the destination.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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