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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (ending 11/11/2018)



Joe Dinan gets you caught up on all things AAA for the week ending November 11. See what happened as the promotion heads into another week!

This week’s events were, of course, influenced by that happened last week. Take a look here!

AAA Lucha Capital

Lady Shani vs Lady Maravilla

They start the match exchanging head locks and proceed to attempt running attacks at each other. A few pinning combinations are exchanged but kicked out of. Maravilla avoids Shani, landing her on the apron, then sweeps her leg, and then drop kicks her off the apron. They exchange strikes on the outside for a bit. Back in the ring Maravilla hits a sit out spine buster for a close two count. Shani gets some offense in, drop toe holding Maravilla in the corner then hitting a drop kick. Shani starts to mount more offense on Maravilla. Maravilla gets some momentum and gets Shani in a pinning combination but can’t pick up the win. She hits a big northern lights suplex but Shani kicks out as well. Shani hits a back stabber on her, which is also kicked out of. Maravilla gets to the top and hits a drop kick off the top for a two count. Shani then hits a dominator, then a fisherman’s suplex for the win. Lady Shani pins Lady Maravilla with a fisherman’s suplex.

Winner: Lady Shani

Maximo vs Aerostar

Maximo yells something to Vampiro who is on commentary to start. Didn’t quite catch it. Hijo Del Fantasma has joined them at the commentary table, reassuring them that he isn’t going anywhere, and when someone says that they’re only ever talking about WWE. Aerostar and Maximo start out with some fast paced offense, trading light moves back and forth trying to get a feel for each other. Aerostar gets Maximo to the outside and hits a springboard dive over the top rope to the outside. Back in the ring, Aerostar hits a springboard splash, which he springs up and runs the ropes for a hurricanrana. Two count. Maximo hits him with a spine buster, then applies a leg lock.

After some position jockying, Aerostar hits another springboard splash for a two count. We had a weird camera cut there so I wonder if something went wrong. Maximo and Aerostar meet on the top rope and Maximo head butts him a few times knocking him down, then walks the ropes and hits a dive for a two count. Maximo kisses him then rolls him up but it doesn’t work here. After some counters, Aerostar hits a springboard code breaker, then a splash from the top for the win. Aerostar pins Maximo with a splash off the top rope.

Winner: Aerostar

Killer Kross vs El Hijo del Vikingo

Before the match Kross says he knows a female luchador that is better than everyone here. He doesn’t reveal a name. Quite the contrasting styles in this match. In the beginning we see Vikingo using his speed to his advantage. Kross catches him in a knuckle lock and Vikingo kicks his hand away and escapes. Kross just throws Vikingo across the ring. Kross is now clubbing Vikingo in front of the fans. Vampiro is putting Kross over very huge on commentary. Kross brings Vikingo to the announce area and points at Vampiro and clubs Vikingo again. Vikingo starts to gain momentum using his speed and acrobatics again. He hits a few hurricanranas and then hits a big dive over the top rope and then tries another one which doesn’t go as well. Vikingo makes his way to the top but Kross choke slams him off the top. He gets a two count but he picks up Vikingo instead of winning. He hits a big Saito suplex. Vikingo hits a springboard DDT to fight back but cross hits a northern lights suplex, into another suplex, into a Saito suplex for the win. He pins him with one foot on the chest. Killer Kross pins Hijo del Vikingo with a Saito Suplex.

Post match the crowd chants for Vampiro. Vampiro tells Kross any time anywhere. Kross tells him time is running out. I think Kross will destroy him.

Winner: Killer Kross

Drago vs Laredo Kid

This should be a fast paced match. They start trading arm holds and doing quick transitions. They lock up again and quickly move to strikes as opposed to grappling. Drago hits a hurricanrana to the outside. He goes for a dive but Laredo Kid stops it with a kick. On the other end he gets Drago to the outside and hits an asai moonsault. Back in the ring Kid hits a springboard arm drag then a big super kick for a two count. Kid goes for an attack in the corner but Drago moves, bringing him to the outside, in which Drago follows up with a middle rope dive. Back in the ring after some positioning, Laredo Kid hits a body slam, then goes to the top for a 450 splash. Drago kicks out.

When they get back up, Drago hits a head scissors into a DDT and Kid grabs the ropes for a two count. Kid gets Drago in the ropes and hits a springboard cutter for a two count. Coming out of the corner, Drago hits a rolling code breaker for a two count. Afterwards they trade pinning combinations and counters. When they get back to their feet Drago hits a rolling neck breaker which looked to be painful for a two count. Drago goes to the top but very slowly, and Laredo Kid kicks him and hits a Spanish fly for the win. Laredo Kid pins Drago with a Laredo Fly.

Winner: Laredo Kid

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