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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (ending 11/11/2018)



AAA on Twitch 11/10

Dragon Bane, Arkangel Divino, and Dinastia vs Aramis (La Parka Negra), Toxin, and Lanzelot

They played Aramis’s music and graphic and the announcers said his name and he didn’t come out. Lanzelot and Dinastia start with some fast paced wrestling. Toxin and Divino are in next and Divino hits a hurricanrana. Negra and Bane are in next and Bane uses his speed to his advantage. Parka stops it with a big side walk slam. They start to triple Divino and move on to Dragon Bane soon after. Lanzelot hits a leaping spanish fly from the top on Divino but the pin gets broken up.

Momentum changes when Divion and Bane hit hurricanranas then all three of them hit dives to the outside. Dinastia and Lanzelot are in the ring and they both move fast with Dinastia winning that battle. Divino hits a spanish fly on Toxin, then runs up on him and hits a hurricanrana. Bane and Negra are in next and after some quick exchanges Parka hits a dive on him to the outside. Divino hits a tornado dive to the outside on Negra. Dinsatia is next with an asai moonsault. Lanczelot is next with a flip over the top. Toxin then spanish flies Dragon Bane onto the crowd of wrestlers on the outside. Lanzelot hits a mitchinoku driver off the top and Negra hits a splash on Dinastia for the win. La Parka Negra pins Dinastia with a top rope splash.

They unmask Dinastia after the match and the cameras got all his face. Bad job.

Winners: La Parka Negra, Toxin, and Lanzelot

Aerostar, Super Fly, and Nino Hamburguesa vs Taurus, Kahos (Ultimo Maldito, and Espectro (Black Danger)

Aerostar and Black Danger start out doing some wrestling and Aerostar gets him out with an arm drag. Hamburger boy quickly takes out Maldito and Taurus comes in to relieve him. Super Fly is in next to take him on. He takes out Taurus with a hurricanrana. Black Danger comes and takes care of him. But Aerostar comes in to hit a rolling cutter to take him out. It’s rotation based here. Now it breaks down into chaos, they place Hamburger boy on a chair and Maldito dives onto it. They take out Aerostar and start to triple team Hamburger Boy. Okay now they’re just trading crazy spots and dives. Hamburger boy does a dive through the middle rope. Aerostar hits a Canadian destroyer off the top rope on Maldito for the win. Aerostar pins Ultimo Maldito with a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope.

Monster Clown comes out to attack Aerostar but his teammates try to help fight him off. Averno of the OGTz comes to help him. Monster Clown.

Winners: Aerostar, Super Fly, and Nino Hamburguesa

El Hijo Del Fantasma and cuts a promo. I believe he has the Latin American title on. Drago comes out as well to confront him. There’s an echo in the building so it’s hard for me to understand with my limited Spanish. Pretty sure Drago wants to face him for it. They start to brawl and Fantasma rips his mask off, then Psycho Clown comes to make the save. The rest of the Mercenaries come out to put a stop to that. They then remove Psycho Clown’s mask and continue to stomp both of them.

Pagano and Joe Lider vs Miedo Extremo and Ciclope

If you’re shocked at what I’m going to write but they’re beating the hell out of each other. Ciclope did a dive to start. Pagano does a dive with a light tube. Nobody has bladed yet, that’s a surprise. Pagano does a block buster while Lider held Coclope up. Miedo back elbows a light tube Pagano ran at him with. Lider tries to place a light tube along the ropes but Miedo just holds it for him for a basement drop kick. Ciclope obliterates Lider with a chair. After some jockying for position, Lider staples Ciclope’s head. Ciclope curb stomps Lider into a light tube. Yeah, way to make ECW look tame.

Pagano ties barbed wire around his legs. He does a back breaker on Ciclope with the barbed wire. Miedo and Pagano climb a structure and both jump onto a barbed wire table. Ciclope hits a death valley driver, then a splash with a light tube for a two. He then beats him with a shining wizard. Yeah. Ciclope defeats Joe Lider with a simple shining wizard.

Winners: Miedo Extremo and Ciclope

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