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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (ending 11/11/18)



CMLL Coverage
Another busy week for CMLL! Joe Dinan gets you caught up for the week ending November 11 as the promotion heads into yet another busy seven days!

This week’s events were, of course, influenced by that happened last week. Take a look here!

CMLL Arena Puebla Monday

Astral, Lestat, and Pantera Blanca vs Police Man and Los Gemelos Pantera 1 and 2

Pantera 1 and 2 are dressed in the same exact ring gear. Astral and Police Man start out with some basic grappling. They go to the mat and continue grappling after a few moments. Lestat comes in next with Pantera 1 I believe. Announcer said 1. They engage in a grappling exchange as well. Chaos soon breaks out. The Pantera’s try to catch Astral. Lestat goes back and forth with Police Man and hits a death valley driver while Astral hits a splash after for the pin. First Fall: Astral pins Police Man with a springboard splash.

Astral starts with one of the Pantera’s and hits an arm drag then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Police Man and Lestat are up next. They trade spots back and forth till Lestat hits a hurricanrana to the outside on him. Blanca comes in with the other Pantera, but both work on him. Blanca makes a come back hitting a head scissor and arm drag on both. He goes for another attack but they counter him with a double team attack. Now Astral is getting teamed on. Blanca gets held and hit with a double drop kick and pinned. Police Man hits Astral with a fireman’s carry then a senton off the top for the fall. Second Fall: Police Man pins Astral with a senton off the top.

Astral gets beat on to start round three. They beat on him for a while and he keeps coming back for more. Blanca reverses a double team attack which gives them momentum, and he lauches Astral into Pantera’s for a double drop kick. They chase them to the outside. Inside the ring Leslat hits a spine buster on Police Man, then a swanton bomb for the win. Third Fall: Lestat pins Police Man with a swanton bomb.

Winners: Astral, Lestat, and Pantera Blanca

Marcela, Lluvia, and Skadi vs Dayls, La Comandante, and Tiffany

Comandante starts with Lluvia beating on her. Lluvia stops her and takes her shirt off then hits a head scissors. Tiffany comes in to work on her after. Tiffany gets the upper hand and drop kicks her bringing in Skadi. Skadi soon gets the advantage hitting a basement drop kick to the outside. Dalys comes in to try her hand and is met with a neck breaker which she kicks out of. Marcela comes in to combat Dalys after she threw Skadi over the top. Marcela starts hot but Dayls is too much. Marcela counters her into a victory roll but the teammates come in to stop the count. Chaos breaks out and Skadi and Lluvia hit drop kicks to the corner on Tiffany and Comandante for the fall. First Fall: Lluvia pins Comandante with a drop kick in the corner.

Marcela and Dayls start the second round off going back and forth until they come in and team on Marcela. This leads to them teaming up on everyone. Dayls hits Marcela with a spine buster then a sharpshooter for the submission. Second Fall: Dayls submits Marcela with a sharpshooter.

The third round starts with the rudos teaming up on them again. A small come back is made and Dalys and Marcela are left in the ring, and Marcela hits a mitchinoku driver for the win. Third Fall: Marcela pins Dayls with a Mitchinoku driver.

Winners: Marcela, Lluvia, and Skadi

Kraneo, Drone, and Stigma vs Dragon Rojo, Polvora, and Tyson la Bestia

Polvora and Drone start out in the ring to begin this match and he tags in Stigma immediately. They start to exchange holds and quick transition moves. Bestia comes in and the match breaks down into a brawl all over the arena. In the ring Rojo and Bestia hit Stigma with dives in the corner, then Rojo submits him with a gory Guerrero special then Bestia hits Drone with a tilt-a-whirl slam for the fall. First Fall: Tyson la Bestia pins Drone with a tilt-a-whirl slam.

The second round starts with Rojo, Polvora, and Bestia beating on the other team. Kraneo makes a come back knocking Rojo out of the ring. Drone tries to hit some moves but it’s very sloppy, looks like no cooperation. Drone hit knees to the corner on Polvora for a pin. Stigma hits a dive on Bestia then a victory roll for the fall. Second Fall: Stigma pins Bestia with a victory roll.

Bestia and Stigma start out this round and it’s just very sloppy. Bestia hits a sloppy neck breaker. Stigma hits a hurricanrana on Rojo then welcomes the others in the ring with a pose. There’s some posturing on the outside. Kraneo and Rojo are in the ring now posing then they trade blows. He knocks him down and goes to leg drop him but the others intercept him. Drone and Stigma come in to help. Drone launches Stigma for a double drop kick. Then they both do middle rope dives to the outside. Rojo and Kraneo are left in the ring and Rojo actually slams him and hits an elbow drop for a two count. He argues with the ref for a second, then tries to hit a sunset flip on Kraneo, but Kraneo just sits on him for the pin. Third Fall: Kraneo sits on Dragon Rojo for the pin.

Winners: Kraneo, Drone, and Stigma

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