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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (ending 11/11/18)



CMLL Coverage

Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero vs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Cuatrero and Gran Guerrero start out in the match and they do some grappling. Soon after Euforia and Forastero come in and they do some more acrobatic grappling. They trade pins and re-engage on the feet to start grappling again. Forastero gets him in a submission and chaos breaks out as everyone enters the ring. They start triple teaming Ultimo and he tries his best to fight back. Euforia comes in to try his hand but gets spine bustered then double super kicked. Gran Guerrero tries his luck now but he gets beat on in the corner. Cuatrero eventually submits Ultimo Guerrero with an inverted bear hug. First Fall: Cuatrero submits Ultimo Guerrero with an inverted bear hug.

Second round starts with Euforia getting triple teamed. Ultimo tries to fight back but he gets held on the ropes and double axed handle. They get all of Los Guerrero’s in the middle of the ring and stomp away on them. They make a come back by back dropping them on the apron then sweeping their feet, and then hitting a running drop kick off the apron. Ultimo launches Gran into Forastero who’s held up by Euforia. They then double press slam Cuatrero. Gran and Euforia double press slam Sanson off the top and then they all get all three in an elaborate submission for the fall. Second Fall: Los Guerrero’s submit Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero.

Gran Guerrero and Sanson posture to the crowd before they engage. They go back and forth for what seems like minutes chopping each other in the chest. Cuatrero grabs Gran but he dodges and Sanson chops him. It happens again with a front kick this time. Gran feigned a dive to the outside and hit a pose. Euforia came in and started running wild, he hits a hurricanrana on Sanson then feigns a dive. Ultimo Guerrero gets in there to face Cuatrero but gets triple teamed. Gran Guerrero and Euforia find themselves on the outside and Forastero and Cuatrero hit middle rope dive. Inside the ring, Ultimo Guerrero removes Sanson’s mask for the DQ. Third Fall: Ultimo Guerrero removes Sanson’s mask for the DQ.

Post match promos are cut and to sum it up they agree to a 6 man title match.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Caristico vs Rush

Rush interferes in Caristico’s entrance and beats him up in the crowd. They bring it in the ring and Rush eventually gets him in the corner and hits the corner basement drop kick for the first fall. First Fall: Rush pins Caristico with a drop kick in the corner for the fall.

Rush brings him on the ramp and beats on him on the ramp. Rush tries to expose his mask and takes it halfway off but stops. He gets him in the corner again and fakes out doing the drop kick and does a kick instead, then hits the famous pose. Rush is completely dominating this match. Rush poses, and then he irish whips Caristico, and Caristico drop kicks his leg out under him and gets him in a pinning combination. Second Fall: Caristico pins Rush with a pinning combination.

They brawl in the crowd during the middle of the round and to start the round. Caristico eventually hits a hurricanrana on Rush and does a middle rope dive afterwards. Caristico hits another middle rope dive. Caristico gets Rush in a pinning combination and the ref takes so long to count that you know he’s gonna kick out. Caristico argues with the ref for the slow counts. Caristico whipped Rush into the corner where the ref was. The ref protects himself but Rush plays like he got kicked in the balls. Caristico says he didn’t do it but the ref declares Rush the winner. Third Fall: Rush wins via trickery.

Winner: Rush

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