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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (ending 11/11/18)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday

This is basically a day of the dead show for the folks who couldn’t make it on Friday

Magnus and Star Jr vs Nitro and Metalico

Magnus and Nitro start out to begin the show and exchange some moves and holds. Star Jr and Metalico make their ways in and there’s some posturing. Metalico gets him to the ground with a northern lights suplex. They trade chops then continue to dodge each others attacks. Magnus and Nitro are back in again and quickly Star does a tornado dive off the top, then gets Nitro in a victory roll. Magnus hits knees to the corner on Metalico for the fall. First Fall: Magnus pins Metalico with knees to the corner.

Star and Nitro start out and trade strikes to begin the round. Star hits a hurricanrana on Nitro to the outside, then one off the apron on the outside of the ring. Metalico and Nitro regroup on the outside. Magnus and Metalico meet in the ring now and Magnus gets the leg up on him and poses. Star is back in with Nitro but Metalico comes to beat on him. Magnus gets in next to get beat on. Metalico hits a death valley driver on him and Nitro hits a splash for the pin. Metalico hits a spine buster on Star Jr and then submits Star with leg lock. Second Fall: Metalico submits Star Jr with a leg lock.

Metalico takes out Star to begin the round. They beat on Magnus and when he gets thrown to the outside Metalico hits a pose. Star Jr gets brought back in and Nitro beats up him. Star gets disposed of and they double team Magnus. A come back gets hit and Star hits a few hurricanrana’s to get them back in. Metalico hits a snap suplex on Magnus for the pin. Nitro then hits a pile driver on Star for the win. Third Fall: Nitro pins Star Jr with a pile driver.

Winners: Nitro and Metalico

Princesa Sugehit, Avispa Dorada, and La Jarochita vs Amapola, Reyna Isis, and La Metalica

Dorada and Metalica start out in the match and they engage in some grappling. After they grapple for a while Isis comes in and they go back and forth. Jarochita comes in and they chop each other a lot. Isis has quite the revealing outfit on. Jarochita kicks her to the outside and goes for a dive but Amapola intercepts her dive. Amapola hits a big spear on her. Sugehit is finally in and she runs wild on Amapola. All three of the technicos women hit sunset flips for pins but it gets kicked out of. A elaborate triple submission is hit by them for the fall. First Fall: Sugehit, Jarochita, and Dorada submit them with an elaborate triple submission.

Sugehit and Metalica start but Metalica wants Dorada. Dorada hits a hurricanrana on Metalica to the outside. Isis comes in to beat on her along with Amapola. Dorada gets held up on the ropes and Amapola drop kicks her off. Sugehit tries to fight back against all of them but she fails and Isis pins her with a code breaker. Second Fall: Reyna Isis pins Sugehit with a code breaker.

Jarochita gets beat on to start round three. They all hit big moves on her. Dorada comes in but gets thrown around by Isis. They start tripling Sugehit but she makes a come back. Dorada hits a cross body off the top, then Jarochita hits a drop kick off the top. Sugehit takes Isis on the ramp and yanks at her mask. After the chaos settles down Metalica and Dorada get in the ring and she gets Metalica in elaborate pinning combination that she kicks out of. Metalica hits a tiger driver on Dorada for the pin. Amapola hits Jarochita with a tiger face buster for the win. Third Fall: Amapola pins Jarochita with a tiger face buster.

Winners: Amapola, Reyna Isis, and Metalica

Guerrero Maya, Rey Cometa, and Fuego vs Okumura, Kawato San, and Tiger

Okumura and Fuego start out pretty quick and it becomes them trading submissions on the ground. Cometa and Tiger are up next and they trade some moves and counters. After some quick exchanges they stare down and Kawato and Maya come in. Maya quickly gets him out and Okumura comes in and gets him out. Chaos breaks out and they all start to trade moves, and Kawato pins Rey Cometa with a slingblade. First Fall: Kawato pins Rey Cometa with a sling blade.

Second round starts with Fuego getting beat on. Kawato hits knees to his back in the corner, and Maya gets in to try his hand. Tiger hits a big move on Rey Cometa but he kicks out and falls out of the ring. They make a come back by Cometa hitting a hurricanrana off the apron. Fuego hits a big dive and Cometa hits a dive off the stage on Tiger, then Guerrero Maya neck breaker driver on Okumura for the fall. Second Fall: Guerrero Maya hits a neck breaker driver on Okumura for the fall.

Kawato and Cometa go back and forth really quick then Okumura and Tiger beat up on Cometa. Tiger and Okumura do the fusion pose from DBZ. Maybe a shot at Puma King. Okumura and Maya get in the ring and go at each other. Maya hits a springboard elbow on Okumura. Tiger and Kawato come in to combat him but he gets them out with a double arm drag. Fuego gets Tiger out with an arm drag, then does a double arm drag on Okumura and Kawato.

A double middle rope dive is done while Cometa does an asai moonsault. Fuego hits a splash on Okumura but Tiger breaks it up. Tiger hits a delay suplex on Fuego but Cometa breaks it up. Kawato gets Cometa to the outside and hits an over the top dive on him. Okumura hits a cutter on Maya off the top for the pin. Tiger hits a back stabber on Fuego for the win. Third Fall: Tiger pins Fuego with a back stabber.

Winners: Okumura, Kawato San, and Tiger

Now we are in the day of the dead portion of the show

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