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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (ending 11/11/18)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Arena Mexico Friday

Principe Diamante and Arkalis vs Grako and El Coyote

Principe and Coyote start out in the match with some mat wrestling. Principe arm drags Coyote to the outside bringing in Arkalis and Grako. They perform some mat wrestling too. They go back and forth for a bit and Principe and Coyote come back in for more. They work at a much faster rate than before. Arkalis gets hip tossed to the ramp by Coyote then Grako hits an elbow drop to the ramp on him. Coyote submits Principe with a submission and Grako brings Arkalis back in the ring for the pin. First Fall: Grako pins Arkalis with an elbow drop on the ramp.

Grako and Coyote beat up on Arkalis and Principe to start the round. Principe makes a come back trapping Grako in the ropes. Arkalis hits a leg drop on him for the pin. Principe submits Coyote with a neck crank. Second Fall: Principe Diamante submits Coyote with a neck crank.

To start the third round Principe hit a arm drag to start and then followed Grako outside. Arkalis and Coyote are in next and do some sloppy wrestling. Arkalis hits a hurricanrana on Coyote bringing him to the outside. In the ring Arkalis gets Grako in a submission but Coyote breaks it up. Coyote hits Principe with a power bomb then a sloppy lionsault for the pin. In the ropes Grako hits a pedigree on Akralis for the win. Third Fall: Grako pins Arkalis with a pedigree.

Winners: Grako and El Coyote

Titan, Triton, and Esfinge vs Dragon Rojo, Polvora, and Virus

Titan and Polvora start out to start the match and go back and forth for a bit. Triton is in next with Dragon Rojo and they do some fast work trading moves. Rojo hits three straight hip tosses then poses to the crowd. Triton hits a hurricanrana and then feigns a dive and hits a pose with Esfinge. Esfinge and Virus are in next and they do some mat grappling. Virus and Esfinge chase each other to the outside and then everyone starts to exchange moves. Titan gets Rojo in a pinning combination for the win. First Fall: Titan pins Dragon Rojo with a pinning combination.

Polvora and Titan start out in the second round and Polvora hits a pop up cutter. Virus launches Titan into the ring and he gets drop kicked. Triton gets hit with a back drop by Rojo then a senton by Virus. Esfinge and Titan are set up in the corner and get drop kicked. They then get double submitted by Dragon Rojo and Polvora. Second Fall: Titan and Esfinge get double submitted by Polvora and Dragon Rojo.

To start the third round, Rojo, Polvora, and Virus are beating up on the technicos. Titan makes a come back and hits a ddt on Polvora on the apron. Virus and Esfinge start to go back and forth and Virus wins that battle. Triton hits a hurricanrana on Virus then hits a pose with Esfinge. Esfinge and Triton hit double super kicks on Polvora. Titan and Rojo get in the ring and trade blow after blow briefly. Titan runs wild on everyone and hits an asai moonsault on Rojo to the outside. Esfinge hits a spin kick on Polvora for the pin. Triton hits a springboard leg drop on Virus for the win. Third Fall: Triton pins Virus with a springboard leg drop.

Winners: Triton, Esfinge, and Titan

Kraneo, Volcano, and Stuka vs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Hechicero

Cuatrero and Volcano start out the match and they do some mat wrestling. Next in is Hechicero and Stuka and they do some methodical wrestling. Afterwards they start to trade submission holds. Stuka hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and then hits a pose. Kraneo and Sanson get in the ring next and Kraneo gets the advantage on him which brings Cuatrero in to double, but Kraneo hits a splash on both. Hechicero is in and Stuka combats him and hits a hurricanrana and then a middle rope dive. Volcano and Kraneo hit hip attacks on Sanson and Cuatrero in the corners then they both hit big splashes off the top for the pin. First Fall: Volcano and Kraneo pin Cuatrero and Sanson with top rope splashes.

Hechicero and Stuka exchange chops in the ring to start this round. Stuka hits an acrobatic arm drag which brings in Cuatrero and Sanson. Stuka continues to run wild on everyone. Volcano then comes in to work some acrobatic spots on Sanson and Cuatrero. Volcano has improved a lot since his debut, I just don’t get the silly gimmick. Volcano hits a big elbow drop on Hechicero after picking up a lot of momentum by running the ropes.

Soon after on the outside they beat on Kraneo then drape Stuka on the barricade and Hechicero hits him with an ax handle. Now in the ring Volcano is getting triple teamed. Stuka comes in next and gets launched and kicked by Sanson and Cuatrero. A double team reverse side walk slam is hit on Stuka for the fall. Second Fall: Sanson and Cuatrero hit a reverse side walk slam on Stuka for the fall.

Hechicero starts the round picking up the midget Mije. Him Sanson and Cuatrero play catch with him, then kick him to end it. Kraneo gets triple teamed now. Hechicero holds Volcano for a hanging neck breaker on the ropes while Sanson and Cuatrero hit double ax handles for a triple team attack. Things move to the outside and Kraneo hits a middle rope dive, then Volcano hits a dive off the top rope to the outside. In the ring we have Stuka and Hechicero. He hits a running neck breaker for a two count. Hechicero hits knees to the corner, then a springboard attack, then gets Stuka in a leg lock. While he does this Kraneo hits him with a leg drop.

Sanson breaks up the pin and him and Cuatrero double team him. Hechicero gets Kraneo in a limb stretch submission and he submits. Volcano comes in and shoulder blocks Hechicero but he’s kicked out by Sanson and Cuatrero. Stuka hits spine busters on both of them, then goes to the top and hits his dive to the outside on Hechicero. Sanson and Cuatrero hit a double press slam on Volcano for the win. Third Fall: Sanson pins Volcano after him and Cuatrero perform a double press slam.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Hechicero

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