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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (ending 11/11/18)



CMLL Coverage

(Match Relampago) Soberano vs Forastero

The gosh darn match Relampago graphic, I will never get over it. Wait, just as I’m typing this they get rid of the match relampago graphic and just leaves up the timer. Did they finally figure it out? We can only hope. They start the match out doing some fast paced grappling. Soberano hits a hurricanrana to the outside then hits a middle rope dive. Soberano goes for a dive but gets interrupted by a spear from Forastero. He brings Soberano to the outside, then hits a middle rope dive of his own.

Back in the ring Forastero hits a big power bomb on Soberano for a close two count. They are on the ramp fighting now and Forastero wants to go for a dive off the stage but Soberano stops him. He brings him back in the ring and hits a hurricanrana to the outside, then hits a flip dive over the top to the outside. Soberano goes for a 619 but gets caught and slammed on the apron. Back in the ring Forastero gets Soberano in a triangle arm bar for the win. Forastero submits Soberano with a triangle arm bar for the win.

Winner: Forastero

Mistico, Diamante Azul, and El Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

There’s some posturing at the start of this match. Finally after a lot of posturing Valiente and Gran Guerrero start the match. They do some ground grappling but more posturing happens. Euforia gets in there with Mistico next. Euforia uses his strength to work over Mistico. Mistico counters with technique to regain momentum. Diamante Azul wants Ultimo Guerrero but Guerrero isn’t with it, so Valiente comes in. Guerrero gets him in a surfboard submission, and Valiente tries to do the same after but botches. Crowd boos. Afterwards chaos breaks out and Valiente hits a middle rope dive, then Azul launches Mistico to the outside and he hits a hurricanrana. Diamante Azul removes his own mask for the DQ, indicting Ultimo Guerrero. Ref believes him. First Fall: Ultimo Guerrero gets DQ’d via trickery by Diamante Azul removing his own mask.

Second round starts by Azul getting beat on. Valiente gets in the ring and starts to run wild on everyone. After all of that Mistico gets in the ring with Euforia. They trade poses to the crowd to see who gets cheered more. Mistico starts to run wild hitting hurricanranas on Gran and Euforia. Ultimo knocks him out in the back and finally Azul and Ultimo are in the ring. Well not really, Ultimo retreats. Instead Azul works with Gran Guerrero and hits him with a clothesline then two monkey flip. Euforia comes in to try his hand and Azul press slams him. He puts him down then hits a big hip toss. Now this time Ultimo Guerrero comes in and takes Azul’s mask off. So they’re building this match again. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero takes off Diamante Azul’s mask for the DQ.

Winners: Mistico, Diamante Azul, and El Valiente

Caristico, Volador Jr, and Angel de Oro vs Rush, El Terrible, and Cavernario

Rush was just in Chicago yesterday for MLW in which I heard he was very over and worked like he wanted more US bookings is what I heard. Match starts in a standard brawl that you usually see in a Los Ingobernables match. Rush beats on Caristico and off the bat Angel de Oro gets double teamed. Rush gets Volador in the corner and fakes drop kicking him for a weak kick. It’s the taunt that gets them. He rips at Caristico’s mask next. El Terrible gets Oro in a big swing and Rush hits him with a drop kick for the pin. Cavernario hits Volador with a snap suplex for the fall. First Fall: Barbaro Cavernario pins Volador Jr with a snap suplex.

Not shown on camera but you can hear it, Rush is throwing Caristico into the barricade. Ingobernables beats on the technicos early in this round. Caristico gets hit with a double basement drop kick. Rush unbuttons his jersey and the women cheer. While they’re posing Volador hits a come back with a hurricanrana then an over the top rope dive, followed by Oro hitting a flip dive over the top to the outside. In the ring, Caristico rolls up Rush for the fall. Second Fall: Caristico pins Rush with a roll up.

Cavernario and Oro stand chest to chest then Cavernario starts to play with his spit, freaking Oro out. Oro hits a lionsault on Cavernario which Rush and Terrible break up the pin. Oro make a come back on them hurricanranaing Rush and Terrible to the outside, then feigning a dive. After everything settles Volador and Rush stare down and begin to work fast. Terrible misses a double team attack, hitting Rush. Volador gets Cavernario to the outside, then hits an over the top hurricanrana to the outside on him.

Caristico starts a puto chant at El Terrible but Cavernario kicks him from behind and then Rush and Terrible put the boots to him. After some moves were traded Caristico hits a big hurricanrana on Cavernario bringing him to the outside. Caristico hits Rush with a super kick bringing him to the outside then hits a middle rope dive. Oro gets El Terrible in a submission and Volador hits Cavernario with a Canadian destroyer for the win. Third Fall: Volador Jr pins Cavernario with a Canadian destroyer.

Winners: Caristico, Volador Jr, and Angel de Oro

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