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CMLL Arena Puebla Show

Meyer and Astro vs Espiritu Maligno and Joker

Astro and Maligno start off in the ring and do some grappling. They engage in a few grappling exchanges until Astro arm drags him to the outside and poses. Meyer and Joker are in next and they grapple as well to set the tone. They don’t do that for much though and chaos breaks out. Maligno hits a power bomb on Astro and Joker hits a splash off the top and Maligno submits him with a camel clutch. Joker submits Meyer with an abdominal stretch. First Fall: Joker submits Meyer with an abdominal stretch.

Joker and Astro start out in the second round with Astro hitting a hurricanrana and arm drag on him to the outside. Meyer throws Maligno to the outside and goes for a pose but Joker attacks him. Meyer hits a face buster on Maligno for the pin and Star submits Joker with a stretch. Second Fall: Star submits Joker with a stretch.

Star gets doubled teamed to start. They take out Meyer on the ramp. Star makes a comeback on Maligno and then Meyer continues the momentum but they get caught and Maligno submits Meyer with some kind of stretch and Joker submits Astro with a torture rack. Third Fall: Joker submits Astro with a torture rack.

Winners: Espiritu Maligno and Joker

Robin and Millenium vs Espanto Jr and Fuerza Chicana

Espanto and Millenium start out and they do some grappling. It’s pretty uneventful and Robin and Chicana get in. They continue the trend of doing some grappling to get the upper hand. Espanto and Milenium get back in but it turns into a double team. Robin breaks it up with a double drop kick. Mellenium hits a lionsault on Espanto for the pin, and Robin hits a swanton on Chicana for the fall. First Fall: Robin pins Chicana with a swanton for the fall.

Second round starts an Millenium is going wild on Espanto and Chicana. He takes out both guys and tags in Robin. Robin arm drags Espanto out and then head scissors Chicana to the outside and poses. They double team Robin after taking out Millenium. Once they take care of him it’s back to Millenium. Espanto hits Robin with a backstabber and Chicana launches Millenium into the ropes clotheslining his neck. Second Fall: Chicana launches Millenium into the ropes clotheslining the neck.

Third round doesn’t last long at all as Robin starts getting doubled but makes a come back. Millenium hits a fireman’s carry on Chicana then a splash off the top for the pin. Robin hits a tiger driver on Espanto for the win. Third Fall: Robin hits a Tiger Driver on Espanto for the win.

Winners: Robin and Millenium

Kraneo, Esfinge, and Stigma vs Hechicero, Templario, and El Malayo

Templario and Stigma start off in this match. In the initial grappling exchange Templario hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. They go back to grappling after that. They pick up the pace but tag in their teammates. Esfinge and Hechicero come in and stare down. Esfinge hits a spinebuster and gets him in a weird submission but it gets countered and they go back to grappling. They slap each other on the chest while in some position. Esfinge hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to bring in the next set of teammates. Kraneo and Malayo come in next and it doesn’t last long and it breaks down into a brawl. Hechicero hits a death valley driver on Stigma and then holds him for Templario to hit a drop kick off the top. Hechicero hits Kraneo in the corner with knees then Malayo hits a splash off the top for the fall. First Fall: El Malayo pins Kraneo with a splash off the top.

Hechicero, Templario, and Malayo start triple teaming to start off the round. They beat on Kraneo real bad then Hechicero grabs Mije and presses him and runs around the ring with him. A come back gets made and Esfinge and Stigma hit a double suplex on Hechicero. Kraneo hits a running splash on him for the fall. Second Fall: Kraneo pins Hechicero with a running splash for the fall.

Kraneo and Malayo start out in the final round and they try to triple team Kraneo but he works against them. Mije gets a come back on Hechicero hitting a splash from the top on his groin. Stigma and Templario go at it and Stigma gets him to the outside and hits a pose instead of diving. Esfinge and Hechicero are in next and they chop each other. Hechicero starts to work over Esfinge. Esfinge makes a come back and drop kicks him to the outside. He goes for a dive but Templario interferes but Esfinge hits a head scissors to the outside.

Kraneo and Malayo are in next and stare down and run into each other. Hechicero comes in to beat on Kraneo though. He goes to the top but Kraneo knocks him down then splashes him in the corner. Then hits him with a hip attack in the corner. Stigma hits a jack breaker on Malayo for the pin and Esfinge hits a Canadian destroyer on Templario for the win. Third Round: Esfinge pins Templario with a Canadian destroyer.

Winners: Kraneo, Esfinge, and Stigma

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