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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (11/17/18)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 374

The ROH World Tag Team Championships are on the line, in a Triple Threat! Can The Briscoes hold onto the belts against The Addiction AND The Young Bucks?



  • No Disqualifications: Marty Scurll VS Shane “The Hurricane” Helms; Scurll wins.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships Triple Threat: The Briscoes VS The Addiction SoCal Uncensored VS The Young Bucks; SoCal Uncensored wins and become the new ROH World Tag Team Champions.


The Peacock has returned!

Dalton Castle, and his Boys, helped the Franchise and the Octopus battle The Kingdom in Six Man Tag action. Matt Taven continued to flaunt his would-be world championship, but we all know the REAL ROH World Champion is Jay Lethal. Taven dominated his familiar foes, but his ego got the best of him as he allowed Dalton to get Vinnie Marseglia with a Bangarang! Dalton felt great after his success, but he also felt ready to go for gold again. The Peacock puts his name on the list, will Jay Lethal be the champion when his turn comes?


Speaking of, Dalton Castle is here!

The Peacock and his Boys head to the ring, and Castle has his custom mic to “catch you up to speed.” He had a “bit of an injury” that kept him out for a quarter of a year. But he didn’t go home to sip mint julips. He sipped mint julips and put in work! Castle was doing two rounds of physical therapy a day, he trained hard and traveled the world. HE went to Australia and kissed a kangaroo! Whatever it took to get back in the ring, he did it! And now that he’s back, his mission is to reclaim the ROH World Championship! So he wants to make this clear: “Jay Lethal, I’m back! And I want the champ!” However, the champ he gets is Matt Taven.

And Taven tells Castle that he’s confused. It’s been awhile since Taven broke Castle’s hand, back and spirit, but to think he broke Castle’s brain, too. Or was Castle just not watching the show? Because there’s a new champ, and it’s Taven. There is only man who can call himself THE champion around here, “and he is I and I am him, because IIIIII’M Matt Taven!” Is that what Taven believes? Castle takes a seat with the help of his Boys. Taven sounds crazy. “Go home, Matt, you’re drunk. Like, Myrtle Beach drunk!” Taven says that’s Castle’s problem. Castle thinks he’s so funny, but the real laugh was that when Castle put ROH on his back, he couldn’t handle it. Castle had to go home, when he should’ve left for good!

Taven thinks Castle is being funny? Does Taven want Castle to be serious? Then how about this: “You are a delusional, narcissistic, tall, gangly, uncoordinated idiot!” And as long as there are wrestlers like Castle, Taven will NEVER be the real ROH WHC. Fans agree with that. Taven tells Castle that he has a special surprise for him. Red balloons! The Horror King is already here and he attacks The Boys! Then Taven runs in and clobbers Castle with the belt! And TK O’Ryan comes in to help finish off The Boys, brain buster for one and suplex to inverted DDT for the other! Taven rains down rights on Castle, then coordinates his team. Vinnie throws in a few chairs for Taven, and Taven positions them before putting Castle on them.

Castle is inside a chair sandwich, as each man of the Kingdom takes a chair for themselves. They raise their chairs up and shout, “THY KINGDOM COME!” TRIPLE Con-Chair-To!! The Peacock has been mauled as The Kingdom stands tall. Taven raises his championship belt, and makes Castle kiss it. Can Castle recover from this devastation? Or is he already back on the shelf?


No Disqualifications: Marty Scurll VS Shane “The Hurricane” Helms!

The Villain and the Superhero have already completed a trilogy, but nothing was settled at Glory By Honor! Now we move into the fourth edition to this epic series, with no limits on what Scurll and Hurricane can do to each other! Who will triumph in this battle of good and evil?

Scrull brandishes the mask he stole from The Hurricane, an insult to the hero’s pride. But wait, the man on stage has a mask. Because that’s Delirious! Shane Helms appears behind Scurll in the ring! And he gets Scurll with the Hurricane Choke Slam! The bell rings as Hurricane covers, TWO!! The Hero almost conquers The Villain with his own trickery, a reference to how Hangman Page helped Scurll trick Helms! Hurricane throws Scurll out of the ring and then pursues. Hurricane whips Scurll into barriers, then CHOPS him against said barriers! He uses Scurll’s own shirt to choke him, and then whip him into more barriers! Hurricane sets the chair up, then CHOPS Scurll before sitting him down. Hurricane throws hands, then runs to clothesline Scurll down! The fans are thunderous for the Hurricane while we go to break.

ROH returns and Scurll has control now. He leaves Hurricane in the ring while he goes looking underneat it. He brings out his umbrella! And then another! Scurll has three umbrellas now, then four, then five! He would put six in but he trolls the fans on their counting and flips them a dirty bird. Scurll still brings that sixth umbrella in with him, to SMACK Hurricane in the stomach! Scurll uses umbrella number 2 to say “I’m singing~ in the rain~” and SMACK Hurricane on the back! And then SMACK again! Scurll brings up umbrella number 3, and watches Hurricane crawl for his stolen mask. Hurricane reaches out a hand, but Scurll stomps it! Then SMACK across the stomach and SMACK on the back. Umbrella number 4, SMACK!

Fans fire up for the vicious Villain as he uses umbrella number 5 in a clutch! The umbrella is across Hurricane’s face and bent back as Scurll uses it to bend Hurricane back. Then Scurll stomps Hurricane’s hand again. Scurll clears out his umbrellas to give a European Uppercut. Hurricane hits back with a body shot, but Scurll gives him another EuroUpper. Hurricane punches again, so Scurll gives him another EuroUpper. They go back and forth, but Hurricane gets an edge. Hurricane whips and runs, but Scurll dodges. Scurll’s kick is blocked, into a neckbreaker! Hurricane crawls for his mask instead of the cover, and he has the mask back! The mask is on, and Hurricane powers up! He blocks Scurll’s umbrella shot, to break the umbrella! Then he throws haymakers on Scurll. He whips but Scurll reverses, only for Hurricane to run him over!

Hurricane wrenches and hammerlocks, for the Mortifier complete shot! Cover, TWO! Scurll survives and the battle continues. Hurricane goes out to fetch chairs from under the ring. He fetches more chairs from the corners, then stomps Scurll down. Hurricane sets chairs up, but Scurll gets him with another EuroUpper. Scurll completes the chair structure, and brings Hurricane over. Hurricane hits back, then sets Scurll on the top rope. Fans anticipate what’s coming, and Scurll fights back. Scurll forearms Hurricane away, but Hurricane gets Scurll by his bullocks! And he throws Scurll down on the chairs! Then Nightmare on Helms Street! Cover, TWO!! The Hurricane has yet to vanquish the Villain, so we go to break.

ROH returns and Scurll has a table set up. Scurll elbows Hurricane down on the apron, then positions the table. He climbs up to join Hurricane, and the two brawl with haymakers. They go back and forth, but Hurricane grabs Scurll with a choke grip! Scurll rakes the eyes to get free! Scurll lifts Hurricane in a fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver through the table!! Fans fire up with “ROH! ROH!” as Hurricane stirs amid the wreckage. Scurll gets up first and drags the wood off Hurricane. Scurll puts Hurricane in the ring and covers, TWO!? The Hero lives! Scurll grits his teeth and moves the chairs aside. Scurll goes back to his umbrellas, but decides they’re not enough. He goes back out and goes under the ring. He brings out a mystery bag, clears some space, and pours out the contents. The Villain presents the ECW Arena with thumbtacks!

Scurll stalks Hurricane as he slowly stands. Hurricane staggers over, Scurll grabs him, but Hurricane fights out. Hurricane runs into a boot, and he staggers again. He stays standing, and almost gets Scurll with a drop toehold! Scurll manages to stay standing, and gets Hurricane’s fingers to SNAP them! Hurricane is reeling, Scurll runs, but into a choke grip! Hurricane Choke Slam on the tacks!! They stick into Scurll’s skin, and fans scream when they get a glimpse of it. Hurricane covers, TWO!! The Villain survives and Hurricane can’t believe it. The fans rally up for Marty, but Hurricane pulls down a knee pad. Hurricane runs but Scurll ducks the Shining Wizard, to give him a low blow! No DQ means it’s perfectly legal!

Scurll stands despite the pain in his back, and he grabs a handful of tacks, to feed Hurricane! SUPERKICK, and Hurricane spits tacks! Then Scurll underhooks, Graduation on the tacks!! Cover, Scurll wins!!

Winner: Marty Scurll, by pinfall

Scurll may be a villain, but he was Philly’s hero tonight as he toughs out the smacks and tacks! This was the tiebreaker in their fourth battle, but is Scrull truly done with Hurricane Helms? Or will the Hero return to triumph in the end?


Brandi Rhodes speaks.

Three months ago, Mrs. American Nightmare suffered the worst injury of her entire life. She has always been an athlete, and never broke a single bone, let alone even sprained anything. But on excursion to Stardom, Brandi would break her clavicle in two places, and it wasn’t even clear until some time later. Brandi still wanted to finish what she started and competed with one good arm. When the doctor showed her the x-ray, it was very clear there was a separation of bone. This was the first time Brandi was glad to have surgery, and she felt so much better.

The journey back is going to be a hard one, especially given the titanium plate and nine screws holding the bone together. Monthly x-rays show there is bone growth, but her range of motion is limited. Brandi can still wrestle, and she has adjusted her style accordingly. Witness her return now on HonorClub!


ROH World Tag Team Championships Triple Threat: The Briscoes VS The Addiction SoCal Uncensored VS The Young Bucks!

Three of the best teams in the company, if not the world, but only one can reign supreme! However, to improve their odds of retaining, Jay & Mark Briscoe attacked the Fallen Angel and Heavy Metal Rebel! And specifically, they went after Christopher Daniels’ neck with a Jay Driller to the stage! Will removing Daniels from the match help #DemBoyz keep their reign of terror going? Can SoCal Uncensored still save themselves from the Final Battle countdown? Or will the SUPERKICK Party help Matt & Nick Jackson stand atop the ROH Tag Team Division once more?

ROH returns after another break as the teams sort out. The Briscoes trash talk fans but per triple threat tag rules, only two teams are active at once. Therefore, Scorpio Sky starts against Nick Jackson while Jay & Mark pace about. Nick gets Scorpio down, brings him up and whips, but Scorpio reverses. Nick dodges and hurdles, but Scorpio gets him with a headscissor! Scorpio wrenches the arm but Nick wrenches back. Scorpio rolls and kips up to arm-drag. Nick runs and springboards to arm-drag. Nick runs but Scorpio dodges, and Scorpio FLIES out onto The Briscoes! Fans fire up as Scorpio sets Mark Briscoe up, for Kaz’s slingshot headscissors! SCU has Philly fired up as Scorpio feeds Jay to The Bucks!

Nick whips and then runs in, but Jay puts him on the apron. Jay puts Matt on the apron, too, but gets double kicks from both Bucks! Scorpio adds a running kick, a sweep, and then Kaz hits the swinging dropkick! Kaz kips up and fans chant “SCU!” Scorpio tags in from Scorpio while Mark tags in from Nick. Mark hotshots Nick out of the ring, but runs into Scorpio’s kick. Kaz tags in, and SCU double whip. Scorpio kicks Mark low, then helps Kaz with a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Jay coaches his brother up but Kaz is on him with haymakers. Kaz whips Mark but Jay tags in. Mark kicks Kaz and feeds him to Jay’s clothesline! Mark hits Scorpio down for good measure, and #DemBoyz control the ring. Jay drags Kaz up, and gives him a big EuroUpper.

Kaz stumbles out of the ring but Mark fetches him to put him into barriers! Mark bangs Kaz’s head into the barrier again and again, then feeds Kaz to Jay’s boot! The Briscoes gloat as they put Kaz back in. Jay pulls Kaz back in a chinlock camel clutch. Kaz endures as fans rally up. Jay clubs Kaz down, then tags in Mark. The Briscoes mug Kaz, then Mark throws CHOPS. Mark keeps on Kaz with a facelock, and suplex! Fans boo as Mark mocks the others in this match. Fans rally and Kaz hits back with haymakers! Mark knees low, then whips. Kaz slides off Mark’s back to give him a back stabber! Both men are down, and fans rally. Jay just comes in to boot Scorpio down! The Briscoes are willing to do anything to retain the titles, and we go to one last break.

ROH returns again, and Mark chops Kaz. Mark whips Kaz at a corner, Kaz goes up and over, and Kaz gets Mark with a German Suplex into buckles! Kaz crawls for a corner, but Scorpio Sky is missing. Mark tags Jay, but Kaz dodges! Hot tag to Matt Jackson! Matt rallies on #DemBoyz, but his back gives him trouble. The Briscoes whip but Matt leaps for double lariats! Fans fire up as Matt wrecks Mark with a dropkick. Matt rocks Jay with a forearm, then wipes Mark out with a tornado cutter! Matt keeps going, shouldering in, and a slingshot sunset flip into the Sharpshooter! The Cease is in, but Scorpio breaks it! Scorpio bumps Matt off buckles then throws hands. Scorpio whips but Matt reverses, and Nick comes in to pop Scorpio up for Matt’s SPEAR!

Jay returns and Matt gets him back down. Matt catapults Jay into Nick’s SUPERKICK! Jay is stuck across Matt’s knees, Nick springboards in for double stomps! Cover, TWO!! Jay survives but the fans rally up behind the Bucks. Matt brings Jay up to whip corner to corner. Jay reverses but runs into Matt’s boot. Matt hops up but Jay trips him up. Mark tags in, and The Briscoes coordinate. But Nick hurries over to anchor Jay. They brawl, Scorpio Sky SUPER Steiners Mark! Kaz uses Mark to tag in, but Matt leaps to sunset flip Kaz! Matt wants the Sharpshooter, but Kaz small packages! TWO!! Matt runs into Scorpio’s knee, and Scorpio helps get Matt up on Kaz’s shoulders. Scorpio dropkicks Matt for Kaz’s sit-out bomb! Cover, but Nick breaks it!

Nick gets put on the apron and Kaz hits the springboard guillotine! Kaz sees Matt and slingshots him in for a cutter! Scorpio gives Mark a slingshot cutter! SCU gives them both dragon sleepers! Nick and Jay come in to save their brothers with SUPERKICKS! Nick  SUPERKICKS Jay! Fans rally up and Matt stirs. Matt tags Nick and Nick rallies with those kicks! Nick runs at Kaz in the corner, but Kaz dodges, sending the shining wizard into the ref!! Mark has a chair, and bounces it off Nick’s face! Then he tosses it at Scorpio, then at Matt! Jay has a chair, and then coordinates with Mark. Jay goes for a table, but Kaz gets Mark! Kaz wants a suplex but Jay saves Mark, then sets a chair up. Jay double underhooks, Jay Driller to Kaz! The ref comes to life, counts, but Matt breaks it outta nowhere!

Mark is on Matt and tosses him out. The Briscoes coordinate, sitting the chair up and stalking Kaz. Mark drags Kaz up, but Matt comes back to fight both Briscoes! Matt throws haymakers and chops, and fans fire up with him! Matt runs and SPEARS Mark! But Jay sidewalk slams Matt on the chair!! Nick helps his brother, but The Briscoes still have Kaz. They call for it, and Jay shovels Kaz onto his shoulders. Mark climbs up but Nick stops him! Mark bites Nick’s face, but Scorpio gives Kaz a title belt! Kaz uses the belt on Jay’s head! Mark climbs back up but Kaz catches the clothesline into a belly2belly! Cover, TWO!? Kaz cannot believe it and neither can Philly!

But fans rally up again for SCU as Kaz stands over Mark. Kaz drags Mark up, and we have a brawl of heavy haymakers. They go back and forth, then Kaz runs, but into a chair SMACK! Mark holds Kaz, Jay takes aim, but Kaz ducks and the chair goes into Mark’s face! Scorpio gives Jay a cutter on the apron! Then SCU combine, urenage backstabber! Cover, SOCAL UNCENSORED WINS!!

Winners: SoCalUncensored, Frankie Kazarian pinning; NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions

They’ve done it! Philly may now be the best town they’ve ever been in, because it’s where they take those titles off The Briscoes! Daniels, even with a neck brace, comes out to celebrate! Maybe now they can get Joe Koff to let go of the Final Battle countdown! Or will they still have to survive a rematch with The Briscoes to truly defuse that bomb?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode right here! Advertised as a “double main event”, those two matches were really the only two. Opening with Dalton Castle and The Kingdom was great, even if Castle looks in danger of kayfabe injury. This attack likely means we’re getting a rematch of Castle & The Boys VS The Kingdom while we all wait to see how Jay Lethal VS Cody turns out at Final Battle. I’m pretty sure Jay Lethal retains his title, and then the winner of Castle and Taven is the one to next challenge Lethal. I’d go with Taven winning so that we can settle the “Undisputed ROH World Heavyweight Championship” story.

The No Disqualification match, Scurll VS Hurricane 4 was great. It got extreme as things should be in the ECW Arena. I liked that Scurll prepared multiple umbrellas for himself, and I liked the story that Hurricane needed his mask to be at full strength. Like The Green Lantern and his ring. Of course, it was all for naught, as Scurll wins in the end thanks to the surprise of thumbtacks! Though, I’m still waiting for the Superhero Championship to be on the line, but perhaps that’ll be dangled in front of Scurll as a reason for a fifth match, in which Hurricane will win. That way Hurricane retains his title and has the last say on this feud.

The Triple Threat Tag was great, and when the referee went down, I feared The Briscoes would find a way to retain. But SCU overcomes, and they’ve done it! And as I put at the end, I bet the real end to the story is Final Battle, and a spectacular defense in some sort of insane match. Though, at this point, the SCU are beloved by fans, so I suppose Joe Koff would have to turn Heel for that to happen. A Heel authority figure is a tale as old as time in pro-wrestling, but I suppose it’d be easier to keep this story going if that happened.

My Score: 8.5/10

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