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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (11/24/18)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 375

There are NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions, and it’s SoCal Uncensored! But they need challengers, so The Young Bucks and the Briscoes battle for that right!



  • The Kingdom VS The Boys; turned into…
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: The Boys VS Matt Taven; Taven wins.
  • WOH World Championship Fatal 4 Way qualifier: Jenny Rose VS Kelly Klein; Klein wins and joins the WOH World Championship match at Final Battle.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders match: The Young Bucks VS The Briscoes; Double Disqualification, both teams will compete in a ROH World Tag Team Championship Ladder War.


Last time on ROH…

It was the epic Triple Threat Tag match for the World Tag Team Championships. The Briscoes knew they were up against two great teams in The Young Bucks and The Addiction, so it was two weeks ago on Episode 373 that Jay & Mark made sure to remove Christopher Daniels from the equation. A Jay Driller to the stage made it so that The Fallen Angel couldn’t compete, but luckily SoCal Uncensored had a Closer. Scorpio Sky stood beside Frankie Kazarian in that match of tag team titans, and they WON! SCU ends the reign of terror, but have they stopped the Final Battle countdown?


The Kingdom VS The Boys!

The “real” ROH World Champion and his crew did not take a loss to the returning Peacock well. So last week, as Dalton Castle staked a claim to Jay Lethal’s world title, The Kingdom attacked and gave him a TRIPLE con-chair-to! Now Castle’s Boys want payback, but will they get it? Because conspicuous by his absence is the Horror King, Vinnie Marseglia…

Before the match, Taven speaks. “Is this a joke?” The Boys against The Kingdom? Taven knows both of them are sticking up for Castle, but he assures them they’ll get hurt just like Castle. Because it won’t even take both of them to do this. Taven says TK O’Ryan can join commentary to help them hype Taven up. He can do this on his own. He’ll teach The Boys a lesson their daddy should’ve taught them a long time ago: “You never mess with the leader of the pride. Especially when he’s the REAL ROH World Champion.” Why? “Because IIIII’M Matt Taven!” And then he sucker punches Boy 2 with the belt! Boy 1 is shocked, but then he focuses as the bell rings.

2v1 Handicap Match: The Boys VS Matt Taven!

Taven corners Boy 1 but Boy 1 gets away. TK says that belt shot was completely fair because the match hadn’t started. Taven circles with Boy 1 and corners him again. Boy 1 gets away but not for long as Taven catches him in another corner. Taven whips Boy 1 corner to corner, but BOy 1 goes up and over. Boy 1 runs and slides and chops! He throws haymakers but Taven shoves him down. Taven kicks and punches and DDT’s Boy 1 down! Fans boo while Taven mockingly fans Boy 1 off. TK laughs, but he’s the only one. Taven taunts Boy 1 before standing him up to punch him down. He then puts Boy 1 in a corner to stomp a mudhole into him. The referee pulls Taven off but Taven is smug and egging Boy 1 on while we go to break.

ROH returns and Taven circles Boy 1 like a shark with blood in the water. Taven snapmares Boy 1 and uses Just the Tip of the knee. Taven brags but Boy 2 returns. He baits Taven in and rolls him to then boot him. Boy 2 runs and spikes Taven with a huricanrana! Boy 2 then whips Taven and gets a waistlock. He feeds Taven to Boy 1’s huricanrana! Taven ends up on the apron and Boy 1 knocks him down. Taven gets back up but Boy 2 knocks him down. Boy 2 slingshots but Taven catches him! Boy 1 slingshots and takes Taven out! Fans fire up with The Boys as they put Taven back in. Fans rally but the red balloons appear! Vinnie drags Boy 2 under the ring! Boy 1 is in fear for his brother, but Taven gets him with the Climax! Cover, Taven wins!

Winner: Matt Taven, by pinfall

TK is so proud of his fearless leader, and now it’s time to celebrate. The “real” world champion rolls on towards Final Battle, will The Peacock make a recovery in time to give Taven what he deserves?


Cody speaks on his actual ROH World Championship match.

Final Battle also marks the anniversary of The American Nightmare’s time in ROH, but also of losing the title. And it also comes full circle as Jay Lethal was Cody’s first opponent in ROH. Cody lost his title in a Triple Threat involving Dalton Castle and Marty Scurll, but he hasn’t had his 1v1 rematch for the title the entire year since. The math was always off, but this rematch is vindication for him. Can the American Nightmare make the best of this long-awaited moment?


Ian Riccaboni introduces The Octopus, Jonathan Gresham!

Perhaps the best technical wrestler in ROH today, Gresham joins Riccaboni in the ring, and reflects on his stellar 2018. He wants this time in the ring, and surely it has to do with Final Battle. Obviously his new friend, Jay Lethal, has a title match at Final Battle, but Gresham has nothing to do. Gresham came to ROH to prove he IS the best pure wrestler in the world today. Therefore, Gresham feels Final Battle is the perfect place to issue an Open Challenge! He welcomes any and all of the great technical wrestlers to come to “my company”, so that Gresham can prove he’s still the best.

But almost immediately on the titantron, someone accepts Gresham’s challenge. It’s Zack Sabre Jr!! The Submission Master of NJPW knows Gresham thinks he’s the best and wants to prove it, so Gresham’s in luck. Because ZSJ knows he’s the best, and will visit ROH to prove it. Gresham VS ZSJ, Final Battle, it’s perfect. Fans love it and chant “Sabre Jr!” Gresham doesn’t need to say anything more than “Who’s ready to know who the best technical wrestler in the world is?” Get ready to watch Gresham make ZSJ #JustTapOut!


Christopher Daniels makes a phone call.

“Joe, I will have the signed copies scanned and sent to you first thing in the morning. And listen, I just want to say again, I appreciate this. You have my word.” Daniels finishes his call with Joe Koff, and tells SCU that the contracts are in! Well, not for all of them. Scorpio and Kaz have contracts, because they’re the champions. But that’s not good enough. Well it’s the best Daniels could get out of Koff. Then what is Daniels going to do for himself? There’s still time, he’ll figure it out. But that’s not much of a plan. What can the Fallen Angel possibly do to keep himself in ROH past Final Battle?


WOH World Championship Fatal 4 Way qualifier: Jenny Rose VS Kelly Klein!

It seems one challenger is no longer enough for the Ray of Sunshine, Sumie Sakai. She wants to raise the difficulty on her inaugural reign, so she’s willing to take on three opponents. At the same time, the American Joshi and the Pretty Badass have history and they plan on settling it on the way to the title. Will Kelly get back at Jenny for that chipped tooth? Or will she end up with more missing teeth after Jenny gets through with her?

Jenny shoves Kelly the moment she hits the ring, so Kelly shoves back. The bad blood is boiling over and the slaps begin! The ref rings the bell and the two women tie up. Kelly puts Jenny in a corner but backs off. Jenny comes back but Kelly kicks and fireman’s carry. Jenny sunset flips, ONE! Kelly rushes Jenny but Jenny kicks her back. Jenny wants the urenage but Kelly elbows out of it. Kelly gets a waistlock and rolls back to a cover, TWO! Jenny gets up but Kelly is on her with forearms. Jenny hits back and now they brawl. Fans get on Jenny’s side while she gets a waistlock. Kelly grabs ropes in the corner and turns things around. She drives elbows into Jenny from both sides and picks up speed, but stops at 4.

Jenny gets to ropes but Kelly brings her out for cravat and knees! Kelly stops at 2, then knee lifts Jenny back into the ring. Fans cheer the aggression but Jenny trips Kelly! Kelly falls on the apron, but gets up only for Jenny to dropkick her down. Jenny pursues Kelly and kicks her more. Fans fire up as she runs in, but Kelly sends her into barriers! Kelly gets some space while Jenny sits in a chair. Kelly rains rights on her, then puts Jenny back in the ring. Jenny hits back while we go to break.

ROH returns as Kelly whips Jenny to a corner. Kelly runs in for forearms and elbows. But Jenny chops back! Sumie Sakai appears with her own chair to have a seat nearby. She wants to watch her friendly rival and not-so-friendly rival battle for that final spot at Final Battle. Jenny runs back in at Kelly but Kelly elbows her back. Kelly brings Jenny over for a hangman’s sleeper hold! The ref counts and Kelly lets Jenny go. Jenny comes back with a haymaker, then climbs up to join her. They battle it out as Jenny wants a superplex. Kelly shoves Jenny away but Jenny’s right back with a chop! Jenny throws Kelly down hard! Fans rally up while Jenny catches her breath.

Jenny stalks Kelly to ropes for more kicks. She throws more forearms, then whips, but Kelly holds ropes. Jenny tries again but Kelly reverses. Jenny breaks free and hits a code breaker! Kelly staggers while Jenny runs, SPEAR! Cover, TWO! Kelly survives but Jenny is on her with more right hands! Jenny chases Kelly to ropes but the ref counts. She fires off all the way to 4, then brings Kelly up by her hair. Kelly resists and grabs more ropes. Jenny lets go and runs back in, but into the fireman’s carry! K Power Driver! Cover, Kelly wins!

Winner: Kelly Klein, by pinfall; qualifies for the WOH World Championship Fatal 4 Way

The Gatekeeper joins Karen Q and Madison Rayne in challenging Sumie Sakai at Final Battle! Kelly has been chasing after the title since before it was made, will her time finally come? Will the Queen of Queens or the Queen Bee stand in her way? Or will the Ray of Sunshine retain and maintain her inaugural run?


ROH takes a look towards the World Television Championship match at Final Battle!

Hangman Adam Page has established himself strongly in the heavyweight division, and he’s hungry for gold. But the Hawaiian Hulk, Mr. Athletic himself, finally arrived and he’s already cleared out the Top Prospect Tournament, dethroned Punishment Martinez, and dominated Shane Taylor. Page may be jaded, but Cobb is actually a disappointment. What will Cobb do when he faces someone just as strong as him? Someone who hits even harder than him? Someone who is actually a challenge for him? The Problem Solver is confident in himself, but can even he solve a problem like Jeff Cobb?


Do you feel your heart beating?

Badum, badum, badumbadumbadum. The heartbeat is coming for ROH. Who will it leave flat lining in the ring?


ROH World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders match: The Young Bucks VS The Briscoes!

Brothers will battle brothers once more as Matt & Nick Jackson take on Mark & Jay Briscoe. Who will win to then face Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian at Final Battle?

Fans fire up just for the Young Bucks’ entrance, so clearly they’re ready for a Superkick Party. The teams sort out while fans chant “The! Elite! The the Elite!” Jay tells fans to “Shut the hell up! Y’all sound like idiots!” Mark also throws some insults their way, but the fans just boo and jeer back. Mark and Nick start with the bell and fans rally up as they circle. Nick and Mark tie up but Mark kicks low. Mark goes to chop but Nick dodges to kick and forearm. Nick whips but Mark goes up and over. Nick counter punches and chops, to then “Lucha libre~” arm-drag! Mark runs and slides under Nick to then chop him at the ropes. Mark runs but into a heel kick! Both of them are ready to punch but they stop short.

Mark shoves Nick then calls for a test of strength, but it’s a distraction so that Jay can clobber him! Matt gets in to save his brother, and he rallies with haymakers on #DemBoys. The Brisoces hit Matt back and double whip. Matt kicks their back drops away, and then gives Nick the boost for a double missile dropkick! Fans fire up for The Bucks while the Briscoes are reeling. Nick whips Matt at Mark but Mark puts him on the apron. Nick runs in and sings Mark sideways for a draping neckbreaker! He keeps Mark up while he tags to Matt, Matt slingshots for a senton onto Mark! Matt dropkicks Jay away then skins the cat. The Bucks control the ring while we go to break.

ROH returns again as Matt whips Mark corner to corner. Mark reverses and Jay comes in for a big corner clothesline. Jay then feeds Matt right to Mark’s shotgun dropkick! Jay hits Nick down for good measure while Mark brings Matt to the Briscoes corner. Mark tags Jay and now Jay legally mugs Matt. Jay puts Matt in a corner and stomps a mudhole into him. He grinds his boot in but backs off at 4. Fans boo and jeer but Jay ignores them. He brings Matt back and tags in Mark. Now Mark stomps a mudhole, then he gives a CHOP. Mark back suplexes Matt down then covers, TWO! Fans rally up for The Bucks but Mark pushes Matt on the ropes. Mark chokes Matt on the ropes, then backs off, but Jay gets a choke in! Nick protests but The Briscoes get away with it.

Mark gives Matt an uppercut, then a headbutt. Matt staggers while Mark tags in Jay. Mark holds Matt for Jay to boot on the run. Fans boo and jeer but The Briscoes don’t care. Jay gives Matt a European Uppercut, then Mark holds Matt so Jay can stomp another mudhole into him. Tag to Mark, and they double whip Matt. Matt dodges and hits them both with clotheslines! Fans fire up as Matt crawls for his corner. Mark goes after Nick to deny the tag. He then throws hands and whips Matt corner to corner. Mark runs in but Matt dodges! Matt puts Mark on the ropes, then dodges Jay. Tag to Nick! Nick kicks Jay! Nick springboards to dumdum stomp Jay, then rolls to hit a draping backstabber on Mark!

Fans fire up again as The Bucks coordinate. They whip The Briscoes at each other but The Briscoes reverse. The Bucks swing their partners and get double takedowns to double Sharpshooters! Fans are thunderous for the Double Ceases, but both Briscoes get ropebreaks. The Bucks let them go, but Nick tags in Matt. Matt hoists Mark up but Mark fights out. Nick jumps over Matt but into Mark’s urenage exploder! Mark runs at Matt but gets a back elbow. Matt hops up but Mark clubs his bad back. Mark has a crucifix, Jay comes in, Redneck Boogie bomb! Cover, TWO!! Matt lives and The Briscoes are furious. Mark drags Matt over and tags in Jay. Jay stomps Matt and then copies the Sharpshooter! Fans boo but Jay bends Matt’s bad back back. Matt crawls, ropebreak! Jay lets Matt go, we go to one last commercial break.

ROH returns once more, and Jay has Matt reeling. Jay gives more EuroUppers, and Mark holds Matt for more mugging. Tag to Mark and Mark climbs. Jay hoists Matt up in the Electric Chair, but Matt fights his way out. Jay runs at Matt but Matt dumps him out! Nick kicks Jay from the apron while Matt boots Mark! Tag to Nick, Matt feeds Mark to Nick’s shoulder. Nick slingshots for the X-factor! Then Nick cartwheels for the tornado DDT! Matt gets Mark again, catapult into Nick’s kick! Nick climbs and gives Mark a blockbuster across Matt’s knees! Cover, TWO!! Mark survives and The Bucks are stunned. Fans thought that was it, but they do know “This is Awesome!” Jay returns but Nick is on him.

They all brawl back and forth, Bucks hitting and Briscoes responding. They pick up speed, and then the Bucks kick. The Bucks run but into Briscoe SUPERKICKS! The Briscoes run but into Young Buck SUPERKICKS! Jay falls so Mark gets double SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO!! The Superkick Party hasn’t ended this match, but The Bucks have plenty left to try. Matt scoops Mark, but Jay throws a chair in! Matt lets Mark go as Jay runs in with another chair. Jay swings but Matt dodges while picking up that first chair. Neither man swings again, because a disqualification ruins their championship chances. Nick enters while Mark stands, Jay and Matt throw the chairs at their opponent’s brother!

Double Disqualification

Yes, throwing a chair at someone’s face in full view of the referee is grounds for disqualification, even though Matt and Jay don’t get it. Fans boo and jeer, but then fire up as Matt and Jay pick the chairs back up! It’s a chair fight as they clash steel! Matt lets go of his chair, but blocks Jay’s next attack! And he deflects it into the referee! If they weren’t disqualified, they are now… But the fans are thunderous, and a brawl breaks out again!

Matt puts Jay in a corner while Nick denies Mark a chair shot. Nick SUPERKICKS Mark! Jay powers Matt to a different corner while Nick throws the chair at Mark’s head! Nick SUPERKICKS Jay! Mark throws the chair back at Nick! Matt picks up the chair to throw at Mark! Jay clobbers Matt from behind, then picks up the chair to throw at Matt. The Briscoes have The Bucks on the defensive, but Matt and Nick still fight back. Mark saves Jay from Matt’s sleeper hold, but here comes ROH security. Fans boo and jeer more, they wan to “Let Them Fight!” Matt, Nick, Jay and Mark have one security guard each but they still want to fight. But here comes SCU!

The World Tag Team Champions, who are set to defend against Guerrero Maya Jr. and Stuka Jr. next week in episode 376, tell Briscoes and Bucks that “This match was supposed to determine who’s the #1 contenders for our world tag team championships.” Unfortunately, they both lost. But that doesn’t work for the fans and that doesn’t work for SCU. Ironically, the last time Kaz had these titles, The Bucks took it from him and Daniels in no ordinary match. It was the most brutal match in Kaz’s career, a match that sent him and Daniels to the hospital. These last two years, not a day goes by without thinking about that match.

The Bucks and Briscoes just went through a war, and fans anticipate what that means. This war has been well-documented, SCU is still at war with The Briscoes “chicken-farming asses”. Therefore, SCU is prepared to defend their titles against both teams. And not just in an ordinary match, Final Battle will see Briscoes VS Bucks VS SCU, in a LADDER WAR!! “Do we have an accord?” Fans say “YES!” and it seems so do The Briscoes and Young Bucks! Well then, SCU will see you at Final Battle. There will be no question as to who wins such a match, are Kaz and Scorpio throwing away the belts they only just won? And what of their match with Team CMLL next week?



My Thoughts:

A really good episode, but I feel like wires got crossed for ROH’s booking again. It was like they were treating this as a go-home when it’s clearly not the Final Battle go-home. Though, given ROH only runs an hour, I suppose much of tonight was the go-home segment for certain stories. For example, Matt Taven smugly taking on both Boys yet still needing Vinnie to interfere is perfect Heel tactics for The Kingdom, and it all felt like the go-home towards his grudge match with Dalton Castle. I’m sure Castle will be just fine for Final Battle, though he’ll be selling everything to make his victory even sweeter. Then we get a great interview promo from Cody to hype up his match with Jay Lethal, and I feel Castle moving on to face the winner of that world title match is the planned outcome.

I don’t know what it was about Kelly Klein VS Jenny Rose, but while I’m sure it is considered the blow-off for them, it just didn’t feel as good as it could be. The story was there, the motivation was there, just not the quality of action. Jenny Rose just didn’t seem as smooth as she should be given all the time she’s spent in the ring and with Kelly Klein. Kelly naturally wins to keep the Face-Heel balance of the Fatal 4 Way, but it also felt like the way this story was going to go. I’m pretty sure if Sumie doesn’t retain, Kelly finally becomes the second-ever champion. Sumie already set a high mark and has faced just about everyone she could, so it’s time to pass the belt on to Kelly for fresh feuds.

I correctly predicted that winning the tag titles only secures Kaz and Scorpio still have contracts with ROH, and going with that is a great twist to the story. Final Battle already has a match for the World Television Championship and World Heavyweight Championship, but those titles make a lot of sense for Daniels to go after to keep his ROH contract. Hangman’s promo seems a bit too confident to me, but I would hope he backs up his words against Jeff Cobb. And even if he does, I still don’t see Cobb losing that belt so soon. Then Gresham VS ZSJ is going to be a true technical masterpiece. The only thing that would make it better is if it were for a title of its own. I was hoping Gresham would revive the ROH Pure Wrestling Championship, and this could’ve been the perfect match to do it with.

Then the tag team main event was amazing, as we’ve seen this for the tag titles many times before. Not even the double disqualification finish ruins it, it just makes it better because we’re getting a Ladder War match now! Scorpio & Kaz take on two CMLL talents, and while I’m sure they’ll play up the drama of not making it to their own match idea, they’ll still retain. The Ladder War itself could go any which way, but I would hope the SCU retain so that their triumphant win last week wasn’t just to make them transitional champions for a Young Bucks reign or The Briscoes’ historic 10th reign. Again, they can play up the drama, but still let Kaz & Scorpio win.

My Score: 8.4/10

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