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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (11/3/18)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 372

ROH may not be in Vegas this week, but the stakes are still high in the ECW Arena! Will Bully’s Last Real Man or Flip’s mystery man win their brutal bet?



  • Pick Your Punishment Match: Bully’s Pick, Silas Young VS Flip Gordon’s Pick, ???; Silas wins, and Bully can do whatever he wants to Flip.
  • Six Woman Tag: Karen Q, Britt Baker & Kelly Klein VS Jenny Rose, Madison Rayne & Sumie Sakai; Rose, Rayne & Sakai win.
  • Kenny King VS Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes; Cody wins, by disqualification.


Last time on ROH TV…

The Hitman was going off on not only Eli Isom, but the heroic Cheeseburger. So out came Flip Gordon to save both of them! He ran off Shane Taylor with chair shots after chair shot, and asked “Is this what you wanted, Bully!?” Flip told Bully he’d be ready to go anywhere and anytime. Bully said that fight would have to wait. They’ll bring their best guys, and those two will fight. If Flip’s pick wins, then he can unload on Bully. But if Bully’s guy wins, that goes the same for Bully on Flip. That night has come, who does Flip have up his sleeve?


Pick Your Punishment Match: Bully’s Pick, Silas Young VS Flip Gordon’s Pick, ???

Bully walks out first, with an envelope labelled “Flip’s Punishment.” He’s already assuming The Last Real Man wins, but what could be in the envelope? Bully tells the ring announcer to stop there, and drop the mic. The announcer does, but then Bully tells him to pick it up. The announcer does, then Bully has him give the mic over. Bully gets the mic and says he’ll properly explain the match. Bully picked a guy, Flip picked a guy, and those guys fight. He went with Silas Young, and when Silas wins, Bully gets to do whatever he wants to Flip. But if “by the grace of God, Flip Gordon’s guy wins”, then Flip does what he wants to Bully. Bully can’t wait for this because his guy is the Last Real Man!

Silas makes his entrance, and he mocks all the fans who basically wear anything but Silas Young merch. Flip makes his entrance next, and he also has an envelope that’s labelled “Bully Ray Punishment.” Seems Flip’s just as prepared as Bully. Flip looks over at Colt Cabana on commentary, and Colt hops away from the announce desk? Is Colt Cabana the mystery man?! Flip and Colt shake hands and head down to the ring, but Colt isn’t dressed to compete. Fans are still fired up for Colt, but Bully asks, “You have to be kidding me. You could’ve chose anybody, and you chose a guy who was your partner, that we beat in Vegas in a Tables match?” Flip’s fate is in Colt’s hands. Guess he really is stupid, which is why he was in the Army and not the Marines.

Colt swipes the mic and says Bully’s got a real big mouth. Colt’s here for two reasons: to support Flip; and to be in the ring to tell Bully who Flip chose, and to see Bully’s reaction when it wasn’t Colt. And saw it was… ECW ORIGINAL, SANDMAN!! Yes, here in Philly, in the ECW Arena, the one and only Sandman is here! Fans chant “E C Dub! E C Dub!” as Sandman helps a fan chug down a cold beer. This match finally begins, after the break!

ROH returns and Sandman is in the ring with his kendo stick. He revels in the “E C Dub!” chants, then dodges Silas to SMACK away. The bell rings, and SMACK again. Cover, TWO! Sandman gives Silas kendo punches and fans already know “This is Awesome!” Silas crawls to a corner but Sandman is on him for more kendo punches. Colt tells Silas “That’s a REAL man!” Sandman throws Silas out, then throws haymakers on the outside. Silas kicks back, but Sandman elbows low. Sandman throws more haymakers, then stalks Silas around the corner. Fans hope they come “Over Here!” and Sandman does to clobber Silas! Sandman goes looking for something special, and brings out a ladder! Bully freaks out for Silas’ sake as Sandman brings the ladder into the ring.

Sandman fetches Silas for more haymakers, then he grinds Silas into the ground with more punches. Fans chant “ROH!” as Sandman suplexes the ladder onto Silas! Usually it’s the other way around. Silas writhes in pain as Sandman tosses the ladder into the ring. Fans know “You Still Got It!” as Sandman puts Silas in the ring. Sandman covers, TWO! Bully is relieved, and Silas gets to a corner. Sandman sets the ladder up in the opposite corner, then whips Silas corner to corner. Silas reverses, and Sandman takes a tumble into the ladder! The ladder falls with Sandman, but Silas is on him with stomps. Silas picks up the ladder and rams it in Sandman’s ribs. Silas mockingly cheers Sandman on, but fans genuinely cheer.

Bully wants Silas to finish Sandman, so Silas gives him a quick chin check. Silas positions the ladder but Sandman throws hands. Fans are thunderous but Silas hits back. Sandman rolls to ropes but Silas stays on him. Silas goes out and goes past Flip and Colt to bring out a table! He puts it in, but Sandman puts the ladder in a corner. Silas and Sandman brawl more, and Sandman takes control of the table, putting it in another corner. Sandman drags Silas over and sticks the ladder on top of him. Sandman climbs up, SWANTON LADDER SANDWICH! Cover, TWO!! Silas survives and Philly is shocked. But Sandman gets his kendo stick back, and swings. Silas ducks, kicks low, and picks Sandman up for Misery! Cover, Silas wins!

Winner: Silas Young, by pinfall; Bully can do anything to Flip

Sandman has failed?! This does not bode well for Flip… Bully takes his envelope and a mic as Sandman apologizes to Flip. We will learn Flip’s fate after the break.


ROH returns…

Bully tells Flip off for trying to “get one over” on him, bringing in Sandman. Flip lives and dies by his decision. Flip’s punishment is ten shots of the kendo stick. Bully picks up Sandman’s own stick. Flip takes his shirt off, and SMACK, the punishment begins.

ROH cuts to a few smacks later, per the graphic nature of this punishment as well as time constraints of television. However, all of it is available on Honor Club. At this time, Flip’s friends in Cheeseburger and Jonathan Gresham have appeared to support Flip. Flip still stands up, and it’s SMACK number 4. The stick broke, so Silas gets Bully another. Bully toys with Flip as we reach the halfway point, but Flip gets up and glares Bully in the eyes. Flip doesn’t speak, but his expression tells Bully to get through with the punishment. Bully winds up, SMACK number 5! Bully says that Flip can stop this, if he says “I Quit.” If Flip says it, Bully will stop and leave Flip alone. “Just say ‘I Quit’.” Flip says “Never.” Then Bully swings for SMACK number 6!

Now even SoCal Uncensored come out. They tell Bully HE doesn’t have to do this, he doesn’t need to keep hitting Flip. But Flip spits on Bully, so SMACK number 7! Here come Cody, Brandi & the Young Bucks! Oddly enough, the Bullet Club used to pick on Flip a lot, but ended up seeing him as an equal and even as a friend. Cody gets in the ring with Bully while Brandi checks on Flip. Flip grits his teeth as he forces himself off the mat. Fans chant “FLIP! FLIP!” and Cody even encourages Flip that he can do this. Bully sees Flip’s friends gather together, and says “Hey Brandi, this one’s for you.” SMACK number 8! Bully gives Flip the out again, but Flip takes the mic to say, “F*CK! YOU!” Flip has become Philly’s hero as Bully winds up.

But Bully drops the kendo stick to low blow Flip instead!! Bully runs away, with Silas by his side, as all of Flip’s friends rush the ring. Silas and Bully dare any one of them to start something, but we go to break in the stand off.


Six Woman Tag: Karen Q, Britt Baker & Kelly Klein VS Jenny Rose, Madison Rayne & Sumie Sakai!

The Queen of Queens joins up with The Dentist and The Gatekeeper to take on the American Joshi, the Queen Bee and the Ray of Sunshine. These six may be in teams, but everyone wants after Sumie’s WOH World Championship. Will the champ carry her team to victory? Or will a challenger rise up?

Rose and Klein want at each other already, given how Rose chipped one of Klein’s teeth. The teams keep them apart, and we start with Sumie and Baker. They uphold the Code of Honor, and we begin. They circle, tie up, and Baker pushes Sumie to a corner. Baker backs off but Sumie dodges to give Mongolian chops! Sumie fires up and runs corner to corner, but Baker follows. She redirects Sumie, but Sumie gets a waistlock. Baker bucks her off then spins her around for a big forearm. Sumie ends up in the corner, Baker runs in for the shining wizard, then fireman’s carry. Roll through to Rings of Saturn! Sumie makes it a cover, TWO! Shining wizard from Sumie! Cover, TWO! Sumie stomps Baker then brings her over to whip. Baker dodges, and then hits a slingblade! Cover, TWO!

Baker drags Sumie around, runs, but Karen tags in with authority. Karen runs into a drop toehold! Sumie stomps away on Karen’s back! Sumie drags Karen over, Rose tags in. Rose gets a headlock and Philly is on the side of their hometown favorite. Karen powers out of the headlock, but Rose runs her over. Rose goes again and runs Karen over again. She keeps moving, Karen ducks down but Rose rolls over to get her with an arm-drag. Rose has Karen in an armlock, then tags to Madison. Madison wrenches Karen and gets the wristlock. Karen throws a forearm but Madison ducks. Madison runs and counters Karen’s hip toss into an arm-drag takedown and bridge! TWO but she rolls Karen for a cradle, TWO!

Karen kicks low, then says “Enough’s enough!” She suplexes but Madison resists, to Northern Lights! Bridge, but Kelly breaks it up. Rose rushes Kelly and a brawl breaks out with all six women as we go to break!

ROH returns and Karen has Sumie in a chinlock. Fans rally up and Sumie fights out. Karen clubs Sumie down, then whips. Sumie tilt-o-whirls for headscissors! Hot tag to Madison! Tag to Klein, but Madison dropkicks her legs out. Madison keeps going and dropkicks Klein in the face! Madison fires off chop after chop, then hits a roaring elbow! Karen runs in, but into Madison’s crucifix driver! Madison forgets Karen isn’t legal, so she has to let her go. Madison eggs Kelly on, while Sumie wipes Karen out with a missile dropkick! Kelly swings but misses and hits Baker! She turns around into an enziguri! Madison wrings Kelly out, for Rayne Check! Then tag to Rose!

Rose SPEARS Kelly and throws furious right hands! She and Kelly scrap as they get to their feet, Kelly puts Rose in a corner. Kelly hits a big back elbow, then runs out to run back in. Rose dodges that elbow to hit a code breaker! Rose then gets Kelly in the standing abdominal stretch! Kelly makes her way towards her corner, but Baker says no to the tag! She seems to take offense to that hit from earlier. Kelly gets free and throws Rose down, then shouts at Baker that she’s supposed to tag when Kelly calls for it. Baker shrugs that off, and Rose gets Kelly with Northern Lights to a sitting clutch! Cover, Rose’s team wins!

Winners: Madison Rayne, Sumie Sakai, and Jenny Rose, Rose pinning

Kelly Klein getting pinned is a rare sight! Baker leaves Kelly behind to celebrate with the winners, and Karen is mad that Kelly got caught like that. Will Rose and Kelly settle their score on their own? Will Rose use this to again challenge Sumie’s impressive inaugural reign?


The Kingdom speaks.

Next week, Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinnie Marseglia are set to face Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and a third mystery partner. But the Horror King asks if him lurking under the ring looks familiar to the Franchise. Taven tells Lethal that those red balloons were just a warning before he popped the bubble Lethal lives in, and shows him who the real ROH World Heavyweight Champion is. The Sassy Wild Horse sarcastically says they’re “so wicked scared” of the mystery partner. Go ahead, call Will Ospreay or whoever you want. Whoever that third man is, he better make sure to check under ring. Who will the real ROH WHC and The Octopus choose to go into battle against The Kingdom?


Kenny King VS Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes!

The #BulletClubSilencer continues working his way up their ranks as he now takes on the American Nightmare! Will the K I N G stoop to new lows to defeat one of The Elite? Or will the man of many belts show Kenny exactly why he has those titles?

And speaking of titles, Jay Lethal joins commentary with his real world title on his shoulder. Is The Franchise scouting out potential partners for his showdown with The Kingdom? Or is he keeping eyes on his future challengers?

ROH returns once more, and with the bell. Cody and King circle as fans rally up. They tie up and go around, King gets the waistlock. Cody gets the standing switch, but King gets a drop toehold to headlock. Cody works his way out, and bends King back. King bridges, and gets a ropebreak. Cody lets King go, to cartwheel and flex! Fans cheer the multi-promotion champion. King kips up and poses, but fans boo. Cody and King circle again, then tie up. Fans are behind Cody but King gets behind Cody with a waistlock. Cody standing switches to a headlock, but King gets one back. Cody powers out but King runs him over. King does his dance, but fans boo again. King does more dance moves, but fans tell him “Kenny Sucks!” Cody and King circle again and fans rally up.

Cody gets behind King and gets a hammerlock. King works his way around and arm-drags Cody to then kip up! King stomps Cody, then drops elbows. Cody gets to ropes, but King is on him with forearms. King whips but Cody slides under. Cody kicks and drops for the uppercut! Cody reels King in, suplexes King up, and holds him up. After a count of about 10, he drops King on his face! Cover, ONE, but Cody keeps his cool. Cody gets King’s arm and wrenches into a shoulder breaker. King kicks low, then whips, but Cody reverses. King “trips” and accuses Brandi of doing it? Brandi wasn’t even near him! The ref still questions her, but only King thinks she did anything. But this itself is a ploy, as King gets Cody with a sucker punch! Cody kicks King on the reentry, then clothesline to complete shot! Cover, TWO!

Cody keeps his cool as he brings King up. King spins out of the facelock to hit the Eddy Gordo kick, but then he runs into a drop toehold! The ref backs Cody off before he goes after Kenny again, but Kenny fakes a slap from Brandi! Fans boo as Brandi again has to defend herself to the ref. Cody defends his wife, but King grins as he gets more sucker punches! Cody bails out but King pursues. King bounces Cody off the barrier, then goes to take a kid’s American Nightmare shirt? The young fan won’t let King ruin their fun, so King goes after Cody. King puts Cody in, and drags him up for a snap suplex. Float over to some ground ‘n’ pound, then cover, TWO! King is in control with a chinlock as we go to one last break.

ROH returns once again as King lifts Cody. Cody fights out of the fireman’s carry, then shoves. King dodges the clothesline but Cody dodges the heel kick. They both run, and collide with double clotheslines! Both men are down and a ten count begins. Brandi and the fans rally for Cody, but both men stand at 5. King runs but Cody follows, and Cody hits King with forearms. King doesn’t fall so Cody gets to the corner, but Cody has to go up and over as King runs in. Cody gets King in the powerslam! Cover, TWO! Cody keeps his focus and fans rally up again. He runs, Beautiful Disaster Kick! Cover, TWO!! King survives, but Cody keeps his cool.

Cody drags King up but King gets the fireman’s carry. King hits the chin check, and Cody staggers. King climbs up top, but Cody rushes over. Cody hits King, then climbs up. Cody gets the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! King survives again, but fans rally up for Cody again. Cody stalks King as he stands. Dragon sleeper hold, but King snapmares Cody off. Cody runs in but misses in the corner. King roundhouses Cody in the back, then rolls him up. He uses the ropes! The ref sees that and calls the count off. Fans boo King for trying to cheat yet again, but Cody runs in for King to dump out. King slingshots for the corkscrew plancha! Both men go down but the fans fire up.

King is up first to brag and boast, then puts Cody in. King springboards but Cody gets under, only to run into a spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Brandi and fans cheer Cody but King takes off the elbow pad. And he throws it at Brandi!? Now he’s just asking for trouble. Brandi gets up on the apron but the ref keeps her back. King grabs Cody’s IWGP United States Championship belt, but instead of hitting Cody with it, he tosses the belt to Cody so that it looks like Cody hit him! The ref sees Cody holding the gold, but the fans vouch for Cody. Head ref Todd Sinclair comes in, and HE vouches for Cody! King’s cheating is undone, so he shoves Todd! AND kicks Cody in the balls!

Winner: Cody, by disqualification

Seems King doesn’t care about winning so long as he stands tall over Bullet Club. Brandi shields Cody but King snatches up Cody’s title. He tells Brandi to get out of the way, but she refuses. King puts his hands on Brandi, so here comes Lethal! Lethal defends Brandi & Cody from King, trying to talk sense into him. King doesn’t want to listen, even as Lethal says he’s better than this. So King hits Lethal! And then Cody! The K I N G gets a title shot on Veteran’s Day, November 11th. Will ROH Global Wars see a NEW (true) ROH World Champion? How will Lethal taking on The Kingdom and the self-proclaimed world champion affect that?



My Thoughts:

I feel that the choice to put the Pick Your Punishment match on first was in a similar fashion to putting Punishment Martinez VS Jeff Cobb for the ROH World Television Championship on before the main event. Putting something like that on early keeps fans guessing as to how long everything will take. In Cobb’s case, it added surprise to the squashing. In this week’s case, it added surprise to the disappointment that Flip’s guy didn’t win, while giving lots of time for the punishment to happen. And in the end, Flip taking such a beating really adds a lot of heat to Bully while making Flip look like the manliest man in all of ROH. Flip can still get the win in the end at perhaps another PPV in a direct fight with Bully, and that’ll skyrocket him to no less than the TV title.

The Women’s Tag match was pretty good, has good story tie-in for Kelly Klein and Jenny Rose. Commentary did a great job indirectly referencing both Karen Q’s and Madison Rayne’s part in WWE’s Mae Young Classic tournament this year, and that addition to each of their resumes should help them both get some major play in other Women’s Divisions. Depending on how Rose VS Klein turns out, the winner of that could move up to challenge Sumie. Sumie’s reign has been impressive on length alone, but I’m thinking if Kelly wins against Rose in their blow-off, Kelly gets the title off of Sumie. Finally adding a second name to the WOH World Championship lineage does great things for both title and that second champion.

The main event was pretty good, and the story elements were strong. King has clearly studied every trick in the book, some of those tricks looked like something Eddie Guerrero would use. In the end, Cody still wins, but only because King gave up and was blatant in his actions. This makes for some good story going into ROH Global Wars, but I’m thinking Lethal finds a way to win so that Lethal’s story with The Kingdom continues until we get our undisputed ROH World Champion. Plus, King specifically using Cody’s IWGP United States title, I wonder if King will challenge Cody for that belt given the close relationship of ROH and NJPW.

My Score: 8.5/10

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