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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/31/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Halloween gives the Cruiserweight Division tricks AND treats! The Beacon of Light and the Premier Athlete fight to be #1 contender to Buddy Murphy’s reign!



  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Jack Gallagher w/ Drew Gulak; Kendrick wins.
  • Gran Metalik w/ Lucha House Party VS ???; Metalik wins.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Mustafa Ali VS Tony Nese; Ali wins and will challenge Buddy Murphy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.


Drake Maverick recaps the 100th episode of 205 Live!

He applauds the “fantastic Falls Count Anywhere” between Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami. Their rivalry was put to rest with the insane 450 splash from the Heart of the Cruiserweight Division. However, Maverick hopes episode 101 surpasses even that.

The Man with a Plan and Extraordinary Gentlemen used to be friends and tag team partners, but after a brutal betrayal, neither man will show the other mercy. The bad blood is undeniable, and these two might do anything and everything possible to win. Then in the main event, both Mustafa Ali and Tony Nese will be rewarded for their recently impressive victories. The winner moves on to face the Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, for the title! The Premier Athlete looks to prove himself worthy at Ali’s expense, but the Beacon of Light wants one more shot at the title. However, is Ali in any shape to go the distance? Or is there more to being the Heart of the Division than just the body?


THE Brian Kendrick VS Jack Gallagher w/ Drew Gulak!

The Man with a Plan founded the Ungentle Men’s Club along side Gallagher months ago, and they both decided to join the Philly Fury in his campaign for a #Better205Live. However, it would seem Gulak made himself the leader of their alliance, and says Kendrick has grown too soft in his old age to hang with them anymore. They brutally beat down Kendrick as they kicked him out of the club, and he made them pay for it when he helped Akira Tozawa of all people. Can Kendrick continue to get even with Gallagher? Or is Gulak being ringside going to be an x-factor?

The bell rings and Kendrick keeps his cool as he stares down Gallagher. Gulak joins commentary to wish them a Happy Halloween. Gallagher points a finger at Kendrick, so Kendrick slaps it away. Gallagher then slaps Kendrick, so Kendrick fires off forearms! The brawl is on and Kendrick puts Gallagher on the ropes. The referee counts and Kendrick backs off, but then Gallagher deflects his boot and bails out. Fans boo, but Kendrick rocks Gallagher with a baseball slide! Kendrick goes out and fetches Gallagher, but Gulak distracts him by saying “You lost your edge!” Speaking of edge, Gallagher drives Kendrick into the apron edge! Gallagher puts Kendrick in, snap suplexes and covers, TWO! Gallagher keeps on Kendrick with European Uppercuts.

Kendrick shoves him away but Gallagher comes back with body shots. Gallagher whips Kendrick corner to corner hard! Gallagher toys with Kendrick, then snapmares him into the arm surfboard. Fans rally and Kendrick gets up. Gallagher throws him down by his hair, then basement dropkicks Kendrick. He drags Kendrick up for a backbreaker, covers, TWO! Fans rally for Kendrick but Gallagher drags him up. Gulak claims that he and Gallagher have an unbreakable bond over technical mat wrestling, and beating people up. But Kendrick does the beating as he forearms Gallagher back. Gallagher knees low, then knees Kendrick down. He drops an elbow, covers, TWO! Gallagher keeps his cool as he drags Kendrick up for haymakers. Gallagher throws more hands but fans boo and jeer.

Kendrick eggs Gallagher on. This is about no mercy, so he wants Gallagher to show no mercy! Gallagher kicks Kendrick again, then again! Kendrick still drags himself up, and fans are on his side. Gallagher scowls, but runs into a back elbow! Kendrick boots Gallagher, then dodges him to rock him with a right! And toss him with a back drop! Kendrick gets to ropes while Gallagher scowls more. Gallagher staggers over but Kendrick counter forearms him. Kendrick gets him again, then again, then again! Gallagher headbutts low, runs, but into the calf kick! Cover, TWO! Kendrick keeps his cool as he stalks Gallagher. He goes for the takedown but Gallagher holds ropes. Kendrick lets off, to Tiger Suplex! TWO, into the Captain’s Hook!

Gallagher flails and reaches, and his leg gets the ropebreak. Gulak is stone silent as Gallagher gets to the apron. Gallagher shoulders in then hotshots Kendrick. Gallagher slingshots for the capture and sleeper hold! He has body scissors, but Kendrick gets a ropebreak now. Kendrick rolls away but Gallagher runs in. Gallagher misses the dropkick, but denies Sliced Bread. SUPERKICK from Kendrick! Gulak starts to approach the ring, but Akira Tozawa takes him out with a spin kick! Kendrick hits Sliced Bread! Cover, Kendrick wins!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by pinfall

The Stamina Monster returns the favor and the Man with a Plan scores a victory! Will this new alliance of strange bedfellows be enough to stop the cruel winter? Or will G&G still bring about their vision for Cruiserweight wrestling?


Drake Maverick meets with Cedric Alexander.

The 205 Live GM appreciates the Soul of 205 Live appearing, as Maverick realizes he owes him an explanation. Alexander would like one, as to why his 181-day championship reign doesn’t get him an automatic rematch. Maverick promises that contractual rematch will happen, when Maverick feels Alexander is ready. As GM, Maverick wants to prepare the best matches. But including that first loss to Murphy, Alexander is suddenly on a three-match losing streak. Alexander is not at the same level he once was, so it’d be unfair to the rest of the roster for Alexander to automatically get his rematch. It’d be unfair to Alexander, too, in a way. Maverick has faith Alexander will snap his streak and start winning again. And he knows Alexander is disappointed, but he hopes he also understands.

Alexander admits he’s fallen off and promises to get back on track. And the moment he does, he wants his title rematch. Maverick shakes his hand to make the deal. How long will it take the Age of Alexander to rise from the ashes? Who will be champion when he comes back for his throne?


Gran Metalik w/ Lucha House Party VS ??

The King of the Ropes was ringside to support his amigos in their Monday Night Raw debut, but now it’s his turn on Halloween Wednesday to keep the trio rolling. Metalik calls TJP out as a coward, TJP talks week in and week out about LHP but he’s not man enough to fight them. TJP replied on social media that he doesn’t need to beat Metalik again, because he did that back in the Cruiserweight Classic a couple years ago. That’s why Metalik instead faces ?? tonight. Will Metalik stay focused when his mind is on the FilAm Flash?

Metalik and ?? circle, and ?? kicks low. ?? forearms Metalik then whips, but Metalik handsprings. ?? dodges but Metalik starts up the “Lucha! Lucha!” chants. Metalik dodges then chops ??, then whips. ?? reverses but runs into Metalik’s boot. Metalik runs, Sling-Dog! He keeps moving, climbing up top and walking the tightrope, for the springboard elbow! Cover, Metalik wins!

Winner: Gran Metalik, by pinfall

Metalik makes quick work of his opponent tonight, but he doesn’t get to celebrate long as TJP attacks from behind! TJP knocks Metalik down and YANKS OFF THE MASK! Lince and Kalisto are too slow, TJP gets away with his third trophy! Fans boot while Kalisto and Lince are livid. Will Lucha House Party ever get proper payback for such despicably disrespectful behavior?


Backstage interview with Buddy Murphy.

The Cruiserweight Juggernaut had a meeting with Drake Maverick just now, and it pertains to next week’s WWE UK appearances. 205 Live will be in Manchester, and Murphy had an idea. He is the best in the Cruiserweight Division, so he wanted a match with one of the UK Division’s best, “to show the world what happens when you come face to face the Juggernaut.” Mark Andrews will be his opponent, and Murphy promises to annihilate him. But what are Murphy’s thoughts on Tony Nese winning a title match opportunity tonight? Murphy says that’s none of our business. Ali and Nese battle up next, will the results reveal his true feelings?


Backstage interview with Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis.

Mike was successful in defeating Lince Dorado in his 205 Live in-ring debut, it was with some controversy given Maria incited a fight. The First Lady wants Dasha Fuentes to be careful how she “spins” the story. Maria takes the mic and takes over the interview, because “I’m better at it anyways.” She asks her husband how it feels to be “the greatest Cruiserweight of all 205 Live.” Well he didn’t expect that question, but if he had to say-

Oh, TJP runs in, still on the run from the Lucha House Party. He’s glad to see Mike & Maria, but they’re not happy to see him. Well sorry, but as the first ever (New Era) Cruiserweight Champion, he just thought he’d give them a quick tour, right now. Maria tells TJP to shut up, because she knows what he’s doing. TJP pushed things too far and now he’s crawling to Mike for help. He admits that’s true. That’s fine, because when opportunity knocks, they answer. The three of them head out to talk business, is this a new alliance of egos?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Mustafa Ali VS Tony Nese!

With the Soul of 205 Live’s rematch being put on standby, the Heart and the Abs of 205 Live have a golden opportunity. Ali is no stranger to Murphy’s might, but Nese is Buddy’s fellow Body Guy. Will Murphy be happy when Ali loses? Or be upset that his friend won?

The bell rings and the two circle. Nese goes right at the taped ribs as he tackles Ali to a corner and rams his shoulder in. Fans boo as Nese flexes over Ali. Ali stands but Nese back kicks the ribs. Ali clutches his gut but Nese is on him with a toss into a corner. Nese soaks up the heat, then runs in, but Ali manages to go up and over. Ali keeps moving, dodges Nese and just manages to hurdle him to hit a huricanrana! Nese bails out but comes back, only for Ali to dropkick him down. Ali then slingshots out, but Nese catches him for a Fall Away Slam! Ali hits the ramp and those ribs hurt even more now. The referee checks on Ali while keeping Nese away. Nese flexes and soaks up the heat while Ali refuses to quit.

Nese brings Ali up and trophy lifts him, before tossing him at the barriers! The ref counts and it passes 5 before Nese puts Ali back in the ring. Nese covers, TWO! Nese kicks Ali in the ribs, then puts on the rear bearhug. Ali endures the squeeze as fans rally up. Ali feeds off the energy and throws punches. Nese shoves Ali and gives him a knee to the ribs. Ali chops Nese back, but Nese whips him for another knee. Then whips again for a big kitchen sink knee! Cover, TWO! Nese kicks Ali while he’s down again, and Ali goes to ropes. Nese stomps Ali, but fans continue to rally. The ref backs Nese off the stomps, but Nese whips Ali. Ali rolls Nese up, TWO!

Nese kicks low again, then back suplexes. Ali makes it a crossbody cover, TWO! Ali gets moving, springboard DDT but Nese catches it to make it a Northern Lights! Bridge cover, TWO! Nese keeps his cool as he looms over Ali. He sits Ali up for a swift kick to the back. Ali writhes but Nese sits him up for more kicks. Nese puts the body scissor squeeze on and Ali endures. Fans continue to rally, but Nese gives Ali a swift chop to the chest. Nese trash talks Ali, but Ali refuses to quit. Ali pries at the feet and makes it a cover, TWO! Ali is free but runs into a back kick. Nese drags Ali up, for another stiff back kick. Nese soaks up the heat then whips Ali for a flapjack toss! Cover, TWO!

Nese grows frustrated with Ali, but then taunts him. He shouts at Ali, “You want more?!” Nese brings Ali over to a corner, and drags him up by his hair. Ali trips Nese and Nese hits buckles! Both men are down but fans build to a rally. They both stand, and Ali throws body shots. Ali gets Nese in a corner with more body shots, then runs in. Nese back elbows, then running hotshots Ali! Nese hurries back up, triangle moonsault misses! Ali leaps for a sunset flip, roll through to a sit-out powerbomb! But he can’t make the cover from the pain in his ribs! Nese is spared while both men are down. Ali gets up first but flounders to a corner. Nese is up and runs in, but Ali dodges. Ali roundhouses Nese back, then slingshots in for the facebuster!

Nese flounders, Ali clotheslines him out! But Ali won’t stop, he builds speed to FLY! Direct hit as Ali throws caution and his body to the wind! A ring count begins but hits 5 before either man sits up. Ali stands at 7 and puts Nese in at 8. Ali climbs up top, and leaps for a crossbody! He bounces off the cover but comes back, TWO! Both men are down, catching their breath. Ali brings Nese up but Nese lifts in the fireman’s carry. Ali slips out but Nese goes Matrix to then back kick, knee lift and roundhouse, but Ali ducks to front kick and SUPERKICK, and then SUPERKICK to the back! Cover, TWO!! Nese lives but both men are exhausted. Fans declare “This is Awesome!” as Ali drags himself up. Ali then drags Nese to a drop zone, and climbs. Ali aims, but Nese trips him up!

Nese has Ali sideways for the top shelf knee into fireman’s carry. Ali escapes, rolls Nese, TWO! Springboard tornado DDT! Ali crawls to the cover, TWO!! Nese still lives, but Ali still wants it. Fans rally up for Ali as he gets himself to a corner. Ali climbs again, but Nese hits a SHORYUKEN! Nese hops up to join Ali, and has the fireman’s carry. SUPER GUTBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!! Ali still lives! Nese is furious, and argues with the ref, but two is two. Nese runs in at Ali for a mudhole stomp and clubbing forearms. The ref backs Nese off, but Ali throws a CHOP! Nese still gives Ali knees, then rips off the rib tape. The referee reprimands Nese but Nese doesn’t stop pulling the tape and kicking the ribs. Fans boo and jeer as Nese shows no mercy to Ali. Ali gets a jackknife cover, Ali wins!!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, by pinfall; new #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship

Nese let his anger boil over, and it cost him! Now the Beacon of Light will have another shot at the title while reviving his rivalry with Buddy Murphy. But with his body as beat up as it is, will he have a chance at sweeping the Body Guys?

Nese is furious, and he doesn’t look like he’ll leave Ali alone. So here comes Cedric Alexander! The Soul protects the Heart and runs Nese off. Alexander helps Ali up, but just when it looked like he was going to turn on him, he raises Ali’s hand. Ali and Alexander hug as Alexander encourages his good friend to go for the gold. And speaking of, the current champion in Buddy Murphy comes out to stare his new challenger down. Murphy holds his title up high, but will it be his title for much longer?



My Thoughts:

A great episode of 205 Live, though clearly they didn’t worry about making it Halloween themed despite being aired on Halloween. Kendrick VS Gallagher was pretty good, and I’m glad to see Tozawa understands Kendrick is on his side now. Tozawa watching out for Kendrick was a good move, and I’m pretty sure this blow-off will be a tag match. Hopefully it’ll be something No Disqualification based so that they all can show that “no mercy” aspect this story has become centered around. I’m glad to see that TJP and Kanellis are forming an alliance, too, even if it’s out of convenience. Plus, more teams means more of a reason to make a tag division official. I’m thinking that’s something that can keep 205 Live afloat since it just still isn’t gaining ground with general fans.

Ali VS Nese was another amazing main event. Ali really sold those bad ribs, and Nese did a great job focusing on them with his two squeeze submissions. As I said before, it makes more sense for Ali to win so that we don’t threaten a Body Guys break-up so soon. I liked the turn tease, Alexander could’ve easily gotten Ali in the Lumbar Check there. But Alexander stands by his friend the same as Murphy, and I hope we get a tag match of Body Guys VS Heart & Soul before what I assume is a Survivor Series Cruiserweight Championship match. Those two teams should also be part of the not yet official tag division, because both would make for some top contenders day one.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (3/25/19)

Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour leads him to who!?



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw grows wilder as Mania draws nearer! Will Ronda Rousey face any consequences? Will Roman Reigns accept Drew McIntyre’s challenge? Angle VS SAMOA JOE?!



  • Beat the Clock Challenge: Ronda Rousey VS Sarah Logan; Rousey wins in 1:25.
  • Beat the Clock Challenge: Charlotte Flair VS Ruby Riott; Flair fails the Beat the Clock Challenge.
  • Beat the Clock Challenge: Becky Lynch VS Liv Morgan; Lynch wins in 1:18, and wins the challenge.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush VS Finn Balor; changed to…
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush & Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers; Finn wins and will challenge Bobby Lashley for the title at Wrestlemania.
  • Aleister Black & Ricochet VS The Revival; Black & Ricochet win.
  • Kurt Angle VS Samoa Joe; wins.


Beat the Clock Challenge: Ronda Rousey VS Sarah Logan!

The Raw Women’s Champion and her two Wrestlemania opponents will main event Wrestlemania! But that’s in a couple weeks. Tonight, there’s a lot of pride on the line as the Baddest Woman on the Planet divides up the Riott Squad with The Queen and The Man! Who will be the fastest winner on Raw to have bragging rights going into New York?

Before the match, Ronda picks up the mic. Boston wants Becky but they’ll have to hear the champ out first. “For the first time ever, women are going to be the main event at Wrestlemania!” The Raw Women’s Championship, Rousey VS Flair VS Lynch! And Ronda only has one thing left to say: “You’re welcome.” She throws down the mic, but then picks it back up to say something else. Not that the fans appreciate any of her words. Ronda vows to make Charlotte and Becky tap out at the same time! But just as she drops the mic, she picks it up again. She has no idea what this Beat the Clock Challenge is, it sound stupid, so let’s just get this farce over with. Now she’s done talking. Sarah Logan makes her way out and the challenge truly begins!

But wait! The Man makes sure to come out and say something herself! “It’s good to be back in Boston!” And Ronnie, stop being so weird. Ronda came here with her big money contract and the whole world yawned. Every opportunity, every advantage, the best of the best, and yet no one gave a damn until The Man came around! The fans know that the best thing to happen to Ronda is Becky! That’s why they’re the main event of Mania! And one more thing, Ronda knows how this ends: Ronda’s title above Becky’s head, and her own head beneath Becky’s boot.

But here comes The Queen, too! Charlotte has her own mic and just hears “Blah blah blah”. Yes, the women are the main event! But not because of Becky nor because of Ronda. It’s all because of what Charlotte’s done! That’s why she was handpicked to be the main event! Charlotte and Becky stand-by ringside while Ronda finally gets to her Beat the Clock Challenge with Sarah.

The bell rings and the timer starts counting while Sarah bails out! Ronda gives chase and Sarah keeps away from Ronda. Ruby and Liv try to block Ronda’s path but Ronda blasts through them. Sarah turns around and dropkicks Ronda down! Then she whips Ronda hard into ropes! Ronda clutches her arm while Sarah stomps away. Sarah grabs the legs and ties them up for an inverted cloverleaf! Ronda endures the leg hold as Sarah drags her away from the ropes! Ronda grits her teeth and sees the clock climb as she claws her way back. She gets the ropes but then climbs up and around  to drag Sarah into a hanging armbar! She lets go at 4 but goes after Sarah with a SUPERWOMAN PUNCH! Ronda puts on the armbar and Sarah taps! Ronda wins!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission, and in 1:25

The time has been set, will either Queen or Man be able to do better than the Baddest Woman on the Planet?

Charlotte steps into the ring and takes her turn.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Charlotte Flair VS Ruby Riott!

The bell rings and the time ticks down. Charlotte goes fast but Ruby dodges and dumps her out! Charlotte hurries back in and boots Ruby down. She CHOPS and CHOPS on Ruby, then gets a takedown. Ruby pushes Charlotte away and we hit the minute warning. Ruby kicks Charlotte on her return, then wrenches. Charlotte decks Ruby with a right! Then hits the backbreaker to STO! Charlotte has to hurry, but Ruby dodges Natural Selection! Ruby gets a complete shot! Cover, TWO!! Ruby just has to play defense with 20 seconds left. She grabs Charlotte’s arm and toys with her. Riott Kick, CAUGHT! Figure Four on, Figure Eight! Ruby holds on, time runs out!!

Charlotte fails the Beat the Clock Challenge

Ronda knew Charlotte wouldn’t, but now Becky wants her shot.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Becky Lynch VS Liv Morgan!

The Man is ready but the Juvenile Delinquent distracts her, and Charlotte BOOTS Becky in that distraction! The Queen takes her frustrations out on her, and then lets Liv do what she wants. Liv shouts for the bell and it rings. Liv fires off a mudhole stomp on Becky but backs off at 4 with shrill shrikes. She stomps Becky right back down then drags her to a cover, TWO! The Squad keeps Liv focused as she thrashes Becky around in a chinlock. Becky endures as we reach less than a minute. Boston rallies and Becky fights her way up. Becky arm-drags out then throws haymakers and European Uppercuts! Things speed up as Becky rallies! Calf kick at 30 seconds but Becky keeps going.

Becky wants the arm but Liv school boys Becky into buckles! Liv gets away with 15 seconds, but her code breaker is blocked! Jackknife cover, Becky wins!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall

And with seven seconds to spare! Ronda doesn’t care, because what does this matter in a Triple Threat? But Becky still feels good that she did better than both Ronnie and Charlie. Will she feel great when she beats them both for the title?


WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush VS Finn Balor!

The Extraordinary Man managed to beat both the Almighty and the Man of the Hour in a situation like this before, but now he has to do it again to earn a title match at Wrestlemania. Lashley & Lio come out and Lio tells Finn’s Road to Wrestlemania goes through them. This is not a road Finn wants to be on. Finn could’ve quit while he’s ahead, but now he’ll be forced to leave the game as a hot piece of garbage, just like Gronkowski. Boston takes offense to that. But as much as Lio wants to be part of ending Finn’s dreams, it’s Braun Strowman’s fault that he’s not medically cleared to compete. But that’s okay, Lashley has a different tag team partner now: Jinder Mahal!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush & Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers!

The Modern Day Maharaja joins forces with the Rocky Mountain Machine! Will they leave Finn for dead on the side of the Road to Wrestlemania?

The bell rings and Lashley starts. Fans fire up for Finn as he ties up with Lashley. Lashley knees low then throws Finn to his corner. Lashley throws body shots then puts Finn in another corner for more body shots. He whips Finn corner to corner hard, but Finn dodges! Finn shoulders in but has to fight off Mahal and the Singh Brothers! Lio distracts and Lashley blasts Finn down! The deck is stacked for Finn as we go to break.

Raw returns and Finn fires forearms on Lashley. But Lashley shoves Finn back and tackles him into the corner! Lashley rams his shoulder in on Finn again and again but backs off at 4. Lashley goes corner to corner but Finn Slingblades him down! Mahal tags in and whips Finn. Finn reverses, Mahal sunset flips but Finn rolls through to dropkick Mahal down! Finn dodges Mahal and forearms Mahal into Lashley! Then he gets Mahal with the elbow drop DDT! Lashley returns but gets a takedown and double stomps! Finn clotheslines Mahal out! Finn builds speed but the Singhs swipe his feet! Mahal returns but Finn sends him out, to FLY! He hits EVERYONE! Finn puts Mahal in fast, then climbs up top! COUP DE GRACE!! Cover, Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Intercontinental Championship

He’s going to Wrestlemania! Lashley again loses because of who he teams with, but now it’ll be Finn and Lashley 1v1.  Lashley takes his anger out on the Singhs, then SPEARS Mahal! Will Finn finally get the better of Bobby directly? Or will he get dominated by the Dominator on the Grandest Stage of Them All?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is already in New York, Times Square even. There have been many iconic stars performing on Broadway, but Elias will be bigger than them all! Times Square is buzzing to walk with Elias. Elias has gotten used to this, so he’ll play something for us. Wait, this other bearded guitarist wants in. Elias is a solo act. But typical New Yorkers: big ego, little talent. Go sell out a subway station, Elias has Mania to focus on. Will Elias really be the hit he thinks he is?


Aleister Black & Ricochet VS The Revival!

The Embodiment of the End and the King of Flight look to take over Tag Team wrestling in the WWE from NXT to the main roster. The Dusty Rhodes Classic isn’t quite over, but can this unexpected duo stake a claim for the Raw Tag Team Championships in time for Wrestlemania?

Forget the bell, it’s time to brawl! The moment Dash & Dawson hit the ring, Aleister & Ricochet start hitting them! Dash & Dawson turn things around and whip Aleister and Ricochet at each other, but Aleister gives Ricochet a boost to missile dropkick Dawson down! Aleister then throws forearms and kicks on Dash. Ricochet adds an enziguri and Dash cowers in his corner. Fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” as Aleister dares Dash to bring the fight. The bell rings and Dawson anchors Aleister’s feet! Dash fires off then tags in Dawson. The Revival mug Aleister then put him in an open corner. Dawson throws uppercuts then drags Aleister out for a hammerlock. Dawson brings Aleister to the mat but Aleister endures.

Fans rally as Aleister works his way up. Aleister powers his way towards his corner but Dawson throws body shots and forearms. Aleister roundhouses Dawson down then tags in Ricochet! The unexpected duo double whip then leap frog with Dawson, before Aleister sweeps the legs and Ricochet adds a basement dropkick! Dash runs in but is sent right back out! Aleister fakes The Revival out, but Ricochet gets them around the corner! Dash goes down but Dawson gets a Meteora! The #TopGuys are down on the ground while we go to break.

Raw returns and Dawson grinds his forearm in Ricochet’s face. Fans rally as Ricochet endures the seated abdominal stretch, then stands up and heads for his corner. Aleister reaches out to him but Dawson scoop slams Ricochet down. Dawson drops but misses the elbow, and again! Dash tags in as Ricochet rolls to the apron. Ricochet shoulders in then slingshots, but into Dash’s arms! Dash and Dawson combine for an assisted brain buster! Cover, TWO! Ricochet survives and The Revival grows frustrated. Dash drags Ricochet over but Ricochet throws forearms. Dash knees low then Dawson tags back in. Dawson stomps and toys with Ricochet, then whips. Ricochet kicks Dawson down, but Dash tags in. Dash runs over but Ricochet dodges to get him with a neckbreaker!

Ricochet and Dash are down but crawling for their corners. Dash tags Dawson, Ricochet tags Aleister! Aleister rallies on The Revival! Aleister sweeps the legs to drive in the knee! Dash returns, but The Revival get a double quebrada! Aleister throws Dash out then goes after Dawson. Dawson punches but gets a strike fest! Another swift knee, cover, TWO! Aleister keeps his focus as he stalks Dawson. He lifts Dawson with his foot but Dash drags Ricochet off the apron! Aleister goes after Dash but Dawson sunset flips! TWO, and both men dodge. Dawson fakes Aleister out for a DDT! Cover, but Ricochet breaks it! Dash shoves Aleister out and The Revival double whips. Ricochet tags in and Aleister goes up and over. Aleister hits a DOUBLE Black Mass?! Ricochet hits his 630! Cover, Ricochet & Aleister win!

Winners: Aleister Black & Ricochet, Ricochet pinning

The Revival miscalculate and now NXT’s air strike has another victory! But The Revival are quick to point out they’re still the champions. Will the #TopGuys have to put those titles on the line at Wrestlemania against the Dutch Destroyer and the One and Only?


Drew McIntyre is here!

The Scottish Terminator vows to destroy The Shield one by one! He made his challenge to Roman Reigns last week, will he get his answer? We find out, after the break.


Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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More From Japan


Hopefully the live stream peaked some extra interest in NOAH! So for everyone new or old that needs to catch up, Hisame’s Newsletters are the perfect one stop shop!




Hopefully the live stream peaked some extra interest in NOAH! So for everyone new or old that needs to catch up, Hisame’s Newsletters are the perfect one stop shop!


After the excitement of Hakata Stalene, NOAH headed back out to Osaka, and then further into the provinces.

At Osaka World Pavilion, Hi69 finished the match by doing the Stuka Splash on Yoshinari Ogawa, after it Ogawa seemed to be struggling a bit and had to be helped up and out of the ring, although eventually he was well enough to walk unaided.

But when Hi69 & Quiet Storm had their first singles match ever on the 20th March at Toyonaka, after the match the ring was stormed by Stinger members Yoshinari Ogawa and Kotaro Suzuki, who beat down Hi69 in revenge. It is unusual to see this happen in NOAH, although Kotaro Suzuki is capable of it (and people getting jumped does happen), it is very rare to see Yoshinari Ogawa do it. Minoru Tanaka came to the rescue.

Hi69 says he will make weight for the tag challenge (“I will get on the scales any time. However, please tell me the day before“), and has started a weight loss diary on his

Twitter, although he did admit to eating lots of meat and going up to 105.

Minoru Tanaka and Hi69 had their own post match beat down on Stinger on the 21st in Kanazawa.

KAZMA SAKAMOTO and Takashi Sugiura teamed together for the first time before they enter Global Tag League together, they seemed to get on pretty well, with KAZMA later paying tribute to Sugiura as “a symbol of NOAH’s strength”.

Naomichi Marufuji, who says he is searching for a purpose, had somewhat of a comedy match in Toyonaka with disco poses being pulled and kicking Masao Inoue in the face for messing around, but a new threat appears to be emerging from the next generation of Junior wrestlers regarding their own status being less than the heavyweights, although he didn’t make too much of a comment about it at the time, it does look like Daisuke Harada took on board Minoru Tanaka’s comments about the GHC Junior being the main event. Marufuji in a post match interview said he could see their hostility building to something, but he didn’t know yet.

A huge rivalry is brewing for Global Tag League 2019 between Kenoh & Kaito Kiyomiya and AXIZ (Katsuhiko Nakajima & Go Shiozaki), which started in Toyonaka and was heralded by a vicious kick battle between Kenoh and Nakajima. After the match, the two teams faced off, with Nakajima grinning evilly. Earlier on the tour, Marufuji (a veteran) was put in the unenviable position of teaming with them (the younger generation who are opposed to him), and at the end of a match which according to one attendee had a “sense of distance between them”, got kicked in the head by Nakajima after shaking hands with him.

Then Shiozaki lariated him. 

In Kanazawa after the match (whereby Nakajima grinned in Kenoh’s face), Kiyomiya and Kenoh declared AXIZ to be a “wanted” tag-team.

Yoshiki Inamura won his second victory over Kinya Okada, whom he now refers to as “my rival”. He had teamed with his teacher, Masa Kitamiya, who had a big smile on his face and did genuinely seem pleased with his trainees progress. After three days of being chopped and kicked his chest was….

Maybach Taniguchi is still continuing in his monster mode, and refuses to change. His Sasumata is still being bought to the ring and used as a weapon, he is still attacking the ref after matches, speaking in grunts, and even Akitoshi Saito who seemed to be attempting to rehabilitate him, has given up. In Kanazawa they tagged together, but it all fell apart when they accidentally knocked each other down, got into an argument and then Taniguchi was defeated by the Funky Buster Bomb. Taniguchi stood in the ring as he and Saito pointed at each other threateningly as Saito left the ring. 

Takashi Sugiura said that this would do no him no good in the end.

NOAH will celebrate the final night of “Spring Navigation 2019” at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on Friday March 29th.

Event recaps
March 19th: Osaka World Pavilion (post match promos)
March 20th: Toyonaka City Rose Culture Hall (post match promos)
March 21st: Kanazawa Distribution Agency (post match promos)


Global Tag League 2019

Global Tag League will return on the 6th April 2019, with the first night being held at Edion Arena Osaka on Saturday 6th April and finishing on 4th May at Korakuen Hall.
This years teams are as follows:

Katsuhiko Nakajima & Go Shiozaki (GHC Heavyweight Tag champions)
Kaito Kiyomiya & Kenoh
Mohammed Yone & Quiet Storm
Maybach Taniguchi & Yuji Hino
Takashi Sugiura & KAZMA SAKAMOTO
Atsushi Kotoge & Mitsuya Nagai
Akitoshi Saito & Masao Inoue
Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura.

Due to being defeated by Kaito Kiyomiya for the GHC Heavyweight title, Naomichi Marufuji has said that he will not enter the league this year. However, there is a possibility that he may enter in the end, and probably with a surprise partner. Unspoken speculation has it that since KENTA’s 90 day release clause is up round about the time Global Tag League starts, it may well be KENTA who he enters with.

Personally, I think it is far more likely that Marufuji will enter with Masaaki Mochizuki.

KAZMA says he fears the team of Yuji Hino and Maybach Taniguchi, as Hino knows how to work Taniguchi, however “that dick is a one-man show.”

Atsushi Kotoge has named the team of himself and Mitsuya Nagai “The Revolutionary Cloak Army”

Akitoshi Saito and Masao Inoue were a comedy team last year, with Saito screwing over Inoue, and Inoue not really realizing as Saito kept denying it.

The big rivalry for Global Tag League 2019 this year is Kenoh & Kiyomiya vs AXIZ.

Atsushi Kotoge returns
Atsushi Kotoge will make his return in his hometown of Osaka on the 6th April. Katsuhiko Nakajima took the opportunity to take a shot at Kenoh by looking at the match (“The Revolutionary Cloak Army” vs Kenoh and Kiyomiya) to say, “you are in the opening match” (full card hasn’t been announced yet).

NOAH The Album
Track listing has been confirmed as:

Katsuhiko Nakajima: Genius of The Kick
Daisuke Harada: KTYM
Quiet Storm: MAD
Pro Wrestling NOAH theme: Brave
GHC Jnr Theme
GHC Tag theme
Kaito Kiyomiya: Explosion Soul
Atsushi Kotoge: Switch On
Masa Kitamiya: Go For Broke
Go Shiozaki: Enforcer
Naomichi Marufuji: Hysteric
Theme of Global League
RAN: SAKURETSU (Pro Wrestling NOAH’s official song)

You can pre-order your copy here

Masaaki Mochizuki
Following his highly praised tag against Naomichi Marufuji at the Giant Baba memorial show, Masaaki Mochizuki will be making his first appearance in Pro-Wrestling NOAH on the 29th March at Korakuen Hall, he will team with Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura against Naomichi Marufuji and 50 Funky Powers.


~ Hitoshi Kumano says he wants to challenge for the singles belt
~ Daisuke Harada was cheered on by his nephew in Osaka
~ Kenoh has been noted to be smiling a lot more now he is teaming with Kiyomiya; but don’t let this fool you. Kenoh is still after the GHC Heavyweight, Kiyomiya knows this and has said that they will never properly be friends. Despite the brotherly feeling between them, there is still a sense of rivalry underneath.
~ Katsuhiko Nakajima’ reaction to Yoshiki Inamura teaming with Masa Kitamiya was, “what’s his name? I don’t remember, he didn’t leave much of an impression
~ Kaito Kiyomiya was again on the cover of “Weekly Pro”, he’s only twenty-two, but has already been on the cover about three or four times.
~ Takashi Sugiura imitated KAZMA SAKAMOTO’S scream
~ Katsuhiko Nakajima told a bald reporter that his head was “twinkling”.
~ After the three day in a row tour (and a week away from home), Hitoshi Kumano returned to his “children” (his French Bulldogs), and Takashi Sugiura returned home to his own dog, who wanted to immediately go outside, despite the fact it was 1.30am. He took it for a walk the next day.
~ Despite saying that he didn’t have to call Kenoh “Kenoh-san” anymore, this momentary lapse in manners is over, and Kiyomiya has gone back to calling him just that.

G+ will broadcast the 17th April show on April 20th
They will also show the 28th May Korakuen Hall show live

Naomichi Marufuji reviews “Bomb Gum”

Osaka World Pavilion
Toyonaka City Rose Cultural Hall
Kanazawa Distribution Centre
Picture credits: Noah GHC, PKDX, Yoshiki Inamura

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