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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2 Results & Report! (11/13/18)



WWE Mixed Match Challenge
Four undefeated teams battle to find the very best in both the Raw and SmackDown blocks! Which teams will take the lead in Mixed Match Challenge Season 2?



  • Braun Strowman & Ember Moon VS Bobby Lashley & Mickie James w/ Lio Rush; Strowman & Moon win.
  • AJ Styles ??? & Charlotte Flair VS The Miz & Asuka; Flair & Jeff Hardy win.


It’s Mixed Match Challenge Episode 9!

While Survivor Series is on the horizon, there is now a prize on top of pride on the line in this special tournament! The finals at TLC will now be for the 30th and final spots in both the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches! Therefore, these undefeated streaks mean more now than ever! The #MonsterEclipse clashes with #CountryDominance for Raw while the #FenomenalFlair try to stop the Mixed Match Challenge champions, #AWESKA! Will the Rocky Mountain Machine and Kickie James #GetTheseHands? Or will The Monster Among Men & War Goddess be dominated? Will The Miz & Asuka stay undefeated? Or will they not be ready for The Phenomenal One & The Queen?


Backstage interview with The Miz & Asuka!

The Mixed Match Challenge champions look to continue their roll against the other undefeated team on the SmackDown Block. At this moment in time, AJ Styles was busy with his WWE Championship match. Miz says it doesn’t matter if Styles wins or loses to Daniel Bryan, he’s not getting past The Miz. AWESKA has “humiliated team after team after team.” In some cases, it was so bad, superstars passed up the chance to be part of this second season because they knew the champs were returning. Miz and Asuka have laid the very foundation that no one can duplicate, and that includes Charlotte & Styles! Miz & Asuka will win MMC again, they will be the 30th entrants and both of them will main event Wrestlemania!

Speaking of ‘Mania, Asuka lost her streak to Charlotte at Wrestlemania 34. How will Asuka look to settle the score? Asuka admits Charlotte is good, but the Empress will do her best to end the Queen. And together with The Miz, “We Will Win! We Will Win!” Because they are AWESKA!


Backstage interview with #CountryDominance!

Mickie James, Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush walk in, and they’re enjoying their roll into tonight’s match. Strowman is bigger than Lashley, is he worried about that? No, because the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And both Strowman & Ember will fall at these hands here. Ember has been impressive, and Mickie respects Ember, but Ember doesn’t have the body of work Mickie has. Ember doesn’t even know what it’s like to have gold on the main roster yet. Mickie reminds us she’s the six-time Women’s Champion, and she has blazed a trail unlike any other.

The now 24 year old piece of gold speaks up, saying that’ it’s very simple. Just look at Mickie, one of the greatest. Then look at Lashley, looking like Schwarzenegger in his prime. “Michaelangelo couldn’t have thought to sculpt a better work of art.” Lashley hits us with the flexing. Lashley respects the WWE Universe, he loves the WWE Universe, but will he love getting in the ring with the Monster Among Men?


Braun Strowman & Ember Moon VS Bobby Lashley & Mickie James w/ Lio Rush!

Just because The Monster and The Dominator are on the same team at Survivor Series doesn’t mean these two will just give up on that Mixed Match Challenge prize. At the same time, Stephanie McMahon may have promised Strowman a second chance at The Beast and his Universal Championship, but you can’t always trust a McMahon. Will Strowman ensure himself and Ember a path to the top? Or will they feel the veteran impact and lose their win streak?

The teams sort out, and it will be ladies first. Ember and Mickie circle, and fans duel. Mickie and Ember tie up and go around, and Mickie arm-drags Ember to the mat. They still grapple and Ember arm-drags Mickie now. They both dropkick, but those cancel out. Mickie kips up, so Ember handsprings. Mickie rushes but Ember trips her up for a cover. ONE as Mickie slips out, Mickie Oklahoma Rolls Ember! ONE as Ember gets out, and Ember rolls Mickie. TWO but Ember stays on Mickie and goes for a backslide. Mickie resists, but Ember still brings Mickie over. Mickie lands on her feet but Ember swings on her, only to get caught into an abdominal stretch! Ember endures as Mickie bends and stretches her. Fans duel while we look backstage.

Paige is telling Charlotte that as crazy as things have been, Styles cannot compete tonight! But that’s okay, Paige has a last-minute replacement so that Charlotte can still face Team AWESKA! We’ll all learn who it is when the SmackDown match happens, who will it be?

We return to the ring as Ember feeds off the fan rally. Ember pops free and arm-drags Mickie again. Mickie comes back but gets a kick, a knee, but then ducks. Mickie kicks back but Ember dodges to run, double clotheslines! Both women sit up quick, and Ember has fire in her eyes. They stare down, but tag to their men! Fans fire up as Strowman and Lashley step into the ring. Survivor Series and Team Raw doesn’t matter when it’s about proving who the alpha male is. Strowman shouts, “You want some of this? Come in here and get it!” And they tie up fast and furious! Strowman pushes Lashley back and flexes! Lashley looks surprised, but not intimidated. They tie up and Lashley baits Strowman into the corner. Strowman shrugs it off and they go again. Lashley gets a headlock but Strowman powers out.

They bump shoulders but Lashley is the one who bounces off. Strowman brushes off his shoulder, then counters the punch to whip and bump Lashley again. Lashley manages to stay standing and runs at Strowman. Strowman barely budges from the attack! Lashley mule kicks then runs, but into a boot! Strowman roars and fans love it. But Lio swipes at The Monster. This is of course a distraction so that Lashley can tackle Strowman into the corner! Lashley then goes to suplex Strowman, but Strowman is too big. Strowman instead suplexes and throws Lashley! Lashley rolls away, and Strowman sicks Ember after Lio! The War Goddess chases the Man of the Hour, but gets a missile dropkick from Mickie!

Mickie puts her in, having tagged Lashley when we weren’t looking. Lio thinks that’s clever, but then he realizes Strowman is free to chase him! Run, Lio, run! He does, but Lashley ends up getting run over for him! As for Mickie, she’s climbed up top, and leaps into a SUPERKICK! Ember climbs up and shows her how it’s done, with an ECLIPSE! Cover, #MonsterEclipse wins!

Winners: Braun Strowman & Ember Moon, Ember by pinfall; improve to 4-0, #CountryDominance is 3-1

The undefeated team of Raw is #MonsterEclipse! There are still many weeks left, but they’re shoe-ins for the MMC Playoffs. Will Strowman & Moon be able to make it all the way to the end and TLC?


??? & Charlotte Flair VS The Miz & Asuka!

After what happened on tonight’s SmackDown, The Phenomenal One is no longer the Champ that Runs the Camp. Styles no longer has a title, he no longer faces The Beast at Survivor Series, and now he isn’t even able to compete for Team #FenomenalFlair! However, The Queen will have a new partner courtesy of the Glampire. Who did Paige find to fight beside Charlotte? It’s Jeff Hardy! We go from Phenomenal to the Enigmatic Flair! Can Hardy help Charlotte render Team AWESKA OBSOLETE?

As usual, only The Miz gets booed. Charlotte says “DELETE! DELETE!” along with Hardy, this Carolina Connection has already meshed. Miz mocks the hand motion claiming he’ll DELETE Hardy. It’ll be WONDERFUL~! He and Hardy circle, but the “WOO~” and “Obsolete!” chants get on Miz’s nerves. Miz knees Hardy low then steals the “DELETE!” chants as he goes for buckle bumps. Hardy counters and gives Miz the buckle bumps corner to corner! They go back again and now Miz gets “DELETE! DELETE!” buckle bumps. Fans fire up as Hardy stalks Miz. He kicks but Miz narrowly escapes the Twist. The fans then notice Asuka and Charlotte, and the men tag out. We have a Wrestlemania rematch as well as another MMC rematch as these two circle.

They shake hands out of respect, but then tie up fast and furious. Asuka gets the arm but Charlotte reverses and wrenches. Fans duel as Asuka reverses back but Charlotte breaks free. Charlotte goes for a leg but Asuka counters with a headlock. Asuka wrenches the arm again but Charlotte gets the leg takedown. Charlotte rolls but Asuka reverses. Asuka wants her lock but Charlotte fights it off. Fans continue to duel, Asuka gets a headlock but Charlotte powers out. Things speed up but Asuka misses her attack. Charlotte kips up then dodges Asuka to arm-drag her. Asuka arm-drags back and the two double dropkick. The fans applaud as the two stand off. Charlotte and Asuka circle, Asuka kicks and whips. Charlotte tumbles to the apron to shoulder back in. She has to boot Miz down as he runs over, but then Asuka hip attacks Charlotte down!

Asuka goes out to fetch Charlotte while Miz takes pride in his distraction. She puts Charlotte in and covers, TWO! Asuka keeps on Charlotte with an armlock, but Charlotte moves around. Charlotte gets up as fans duel. We check on the social media lounge to see the Fabulous Truth discuss their plans if they won. Carmella would love to go to Paris. But they’ve been to Texas. Not that Paris, Truth…

Back in the ring, Asuka has Charlotte in an Octopus Stretch! Charlotte endures but fans rally up. Charlotte feeds off the energy but Asuka sunset flips! TWO, and Charlotte chops! Charlotte chops again, and again. Asuka catches one of those Flair chops to fireman’s carry and kick Charlotte! Asuka runs, but Charlotte ducks the kick to roll Asuka up! TWO and Charlotte boots her down! Asuka ends up by her corner so Charlotte hurries to hers, hot tag to Hardy! Miz comes in but Hardy rallies with haymakers. Hardy whips but Miz reverses, only for Hardy to come back with forearms. Hardy hits the Russian leg sweep, then the leg-trapping clutch cover! TWO, but Hardy is ready to “DELETE!” He kicks low, but Miz denies the Twist. Hardy elbows Miz away, and hits Whisper in the Wind! Cover, TWO! Miz survives and the streak still lives.

Fans rally behind Hardy as he brings Miz up. Miz has the ropes, but then cheap shots Hardy away. Miz grabs a leg but Hardy hits the spinning back kick! Hardy goes after Miz in the corner, Hardyac Arrest intercepted! Miz runs but into the Twist! Miz gets the full nelson, but Hardy drops down, victory roll! TWO!! Miz kicks low, basement DDT! Cover, but Charlotte breaks it! Asuka attacks and throws Charlotte out. Miz stalks Hardy, but his clothesline misses, and almost hits Asuka! Miz stops himself just in time, but Hardy rolls him up! Cover, Asuka back hands Hardy! Miz rolls Hardy, TWO! Miz gets up and stalks Hardy with his flappy hands. Hardy slowly stands, Miz goes for the full nelson, but Hardy arm-drags him off. Hardy runs into Miz’s elbow and Asuka tags in.

Charlotte returns to get a back kick. Then Miz & Asuka give them their AWESKA Kicks! Miz then Asuka, Miz then Asuka, and fans are divided. Miz winds it up, but misses! Hardy hits a Twist of Fate! Charlotte gets up to SPEAR Asuka! Then, Figure Eight! Deja vu to Wrestlemania, Asuka TAPS!! #EnigmaticFlair wins!

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Charlotte Flair, Flair by submission; improve to 4-0, #AWESKA is 3-1

The Mixed Match Challenge champions are no longer undefeated!! Their streak ends, but Charlotte’s continues with her new tag partner! Will Jeff Hardy help Charlotte take over the SmackDown Block? Can Charlotte use this momentum to get the better of Ronda Rousey? Or will AWESKA be back thanks to the MMC Playoffs?



My Thoughts:

I again felt compelled to share my opinions now that there’s something at stake. With the winners getting the guaranteed final spots in the respective Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches, the finals at TLC finally mean something. And with there now being playoffs, the round robin records only mean you qualify and go in as either the first, second, third or fourth seeds. Now things really get interesting, but it’s interesting to think that only now are we hearing anything about this. This obviously means Vince needed the first eight weeks to decide what any of this second season meant in the grander scheme of WWE. But hey, at least he found a way to make this second season matter.

Speaking of, current events make this point in the MMC really interesting. For Raw, Strowman & Moon winning makes them the top seed on Raw and Lashley & Mickie are now second seed. If it’s anything like other sports, it’ll be the 1st VS the 4th, the 2nd VS the 3rd. Therefore, Strowman & Moon face the winner of next week, #Mahalicia VS #TeamPawz. Then I would love if in the rematch of #CountryDominance VS #B’n’B, Finn & Bayley pull of an amazing upset to then get to the Raw Block finals! It may not result in Finn VS Styles at TLC like I wanted, but Finn & Bayley getting a shot at #30 is great for both of them. Plus, Strowman doesn’t need to be #30 if he’s getting that rematch with Lesnar from Stephanie.

As for SmackDown, I’m not sure if this is a permanent replacement. I suppose Hardy stepping it would have to be permanent, it’s how things went for Mickie James stepping in for Sasha Banks. Sasha is back but Mickie stayed, so perhaps Hardy stays despite Styles only needing one week off. And while Styles lost his title, he’ll likely get his rematch at TLC. SmackDown is still a toss-up between Hardy-Flair and AWESKA, as I doubt these teams lose to #DayOneGlow or the winner between #FabulousTruth VS #RavishingRusevDay. Though, I’d still love for Charlotte to make it to the finals to face Bayley for a revisit of that old rivalry, and then we’d get some great Finn VS Hardy, Demon paint VS Brother Nero paint.

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