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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2 Results & Report! (11/6/18)



WWE Mixed Match Challenge

The Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 begins its second half! Can Bobby Lashley & Mickie James stay undefeated? Or will their first loss be #TooSweet?



  • Bobby Lashley & Mickie James w/ Lio Rush VS Finn Balor & Bayley; Lashley & James win.
  • Jimmy Uso & Naomi VS R-Truth & Carmella; Uso & Naomi win.


Mixed Match Challenge reaches week 8!

#CountryDominance is on a win streak at 2-0 but they don’t look to stop now. Finn Balor has been a target of Bobby Lashley, along with his Hype Man of the Hour, Lio Rush, even before the Mixed Match Challenge returned, but now they look to use it to help settle some scores. How will having the Huggable Bayley and the six-time Women’s Champion, Mickie James, by their sides tip the scales?

Meanwhile, two SmackDown Block teams look to finally gain some ground before the end. Jimmy Uso & Naomi are 1-2 and don’t want to drop off any further, but the FABULOUS Truth just wants their first win! Can Carmella & R-Truth show the UK fans what’s up? Or will they feel Uce-GLOW?


Backstage interview with The FABULOUS Truth.

Truth & Carmella walk in unexpected, but “What’s up?” Truth and Carmella like Kayla Braxston’s cleverness, but Vic Joseph doesn’t get it. Well moving on, Carmella & Truth issue a challenge for a Mixed Match Rap Battle! Jimmy & Naomi have skills, but do they have the skills to pay the bills? Vic gets that one. No time for a sample, it’s time for a DANCE BREAK~! Who will drop the mic and who will drop the ball in tonight’s SmackDown match-up?


Bobby Lashley & Mickie James w/ Lio Rush VS Finn Balor & Bayley!

The Rocky Mountain Machine and the country queen are undefeated in the MMC, but they’ve only had two matches. Meanwhile, Team B’n’B look to spoil their opponents’ chances of going to TLC while staying above 500! Can The Extraordinary & The Huggable be #TooSweet in Manchester? Or will Mickie-Bobby keep pace with the #MonsterEclipse?

The fans already sing for Bayley as she and Finn get in the ring. The teams sort out, and the ladies start. Bayley takes a moment to hear the fans sing, but Mickie gets annoyed. They tie up and Mickie gets the wristlock. The singing helps Bayley get the reversal, then a yank of the arm. She whips but Mickie reverses. Bayley dodges but runs into an elbow, then a Mick-canrana! Mickie goes to dropkick but Bayley deflects to roll Mickie up, TWO! Another roll up, TWO! Mickie bucks Bayley off the waistlock, then tags in Lashley. Finn comes in but fans love him just as much. Lashley and Finn circle, but Lashley flexes. Fans boo and jeer, but Lashley flexes on Finn. Lashley gives everyone a look on the corner, and Lio hypes up the biceps and abs.

Fans say “Finn looks better!” Finn gets up on the corner, and fans cheer! But then Lashley throws Finn down! Fans boo as Lashley brings Finn up for clubbing forearms to the back. Lashley soaks up the heat as he flexes more, then throws big forearms on Finn. He chokes Finn on the ropes, but backs off at 4. Lashley stands Finn up to push him against the ropes. He lets off, but then Finn dropkicks him down! Finn flexes and fans fire up! Lashley runs at Finn but Finn sends him out. Lio runs in but he’s also sent out! Finn builds speed, but Mickie swipes at him! Then Lashley clobbers Finn from behind! Lashley stomps while Bayley protests. Lashley keeps Finn down while we check on Jimmy & Naomi getting ready for that rap battle.

We return to the ring to see Lashley clamping a hand on Finn’s shoulder. Fans rally up and Finn gets up, only for Lashley to power him back down. Finn endures the grip as fans rally up. Lio taunts Finn as he asks about which pair of sunglasses looks better. Finn gets up but Lashley knees low. Lashley whips Finn then mocks Bayley’s hugs. Lashley runs but Finn boots him away. Finn runs but is caught! He reaches but can’t get to Bayley before Lashley puts him in a corner. Lashley takes a moment to brag, but then runs into buckles! Finn reaches, hot tag to Bayley! Mickie comes in to get lariats from Bayley. Mickie shoves her to a corner, but Bayley flapjacks Mickie off buckles. Bayley flexes now, and hits a big shoulder tackle. She wacky waving knee strikes! Then throws Mickie to the apron for the hotshot!

Mickie goes down, Lio panics, but Bayley builds speed. To run into a SUPERKICK! Mickie covers, but Finn drags her off! Lashley comes in, Finn forearms but it does nothing. Lashley scoops, Finn slips out, slingblade! Finn throws Lashley into a post. Lio comes in but Finn is ready. Lio wants to be reasonable, but the chase is on! Finn chases Lio around and around the ring, then back into the ring. Lio misses in the corner and flips down. Finn climbs up, but Lashley shoves him down! Finn crashes and burns, but Bayley gets mad. She sees Lio dust himself off, and gives him a Bayley2Belly! Bayley’s all fired up, but she runs into the Mick-DT! Cover, Country Dominance wins!

Winners: Bobby Lashley & Mickie James, Mickie pinning; improve to 3-0, Team B’n’B is 2-2

The undefeated streak continues, and now Raw has two 3-0 teams! It’s only a matter of time before #CountryDominance goes up against the #MonsterEclipse, who will be THE top team of the Red Block?

Backstage interview with Mickie & Lashley.

This team is undefeated and dominant, but they face the other undefeated and dominant team in Strowman & Moon. Mickie knows those two are great, but they’re not Country Dominance. Mickie & Lashley will show everyone why they are so dominant. Lio wants the WWE Universe to look at Bobby, and look at Mickie, and understand that they’re in their respective primes. This team comes to win and that won’t be any different next week. “Dominate, Win, Collect”, that is the secret formula of their success. But will the formula hold strong against such x-factors as The Monster & The Flame?

Jimmy Uso comes by and says “We about to get lit!” because the SmackDown match is next!

Jimmy Uso & Naomi VS R-Truth & Carmella!

While they’ve proven the better married couple of SmackDown, the #DayOneGlow wants to turn things around and be the best in the block. However, there could be a spoiler in their near future. Which team will get the win and which team will #GitGot as the second half of this season gets going?

Truth asks Manchester, “Make some noise! What’s up!?” The men start and circle, and then tie up. Truth gets a headlock but Jimmy powers out. Carmella tags in quick, so she and Naomi come in. As promised, we’re getting the rap battle! Jimmy says it was Truth’s idea, and shoves the mic at him. Truth didn’t realize Jimmy was so sensitive. A little. But Truth clears his throat, and it begins.

“To describe this rhyme, the verb is blended, the noun is MANCHESTER! The adjective is splended. The Fabulous Truth will leave you filled with hype, this money making duo is the intellectual type.” Carmella takes the mic and adds that “I respect the Glow but you know Mella is Money. Moonwalking, trash talking, but still sweet as honey.” Naomi takes the mic up and starts off. “So is your girl Naomi coming at you one time, I got me an Uce that’s always by my side. He had to wife me up because he knows I’m gone ride. I’m like Bonnie and he’s like Clyde.” Carmella can’t help but give props. Jimmy takes his turn, just so there’s no dance break.

“I found out I was having a rap off with R-Truth, I was like okay. Maybe I should wow the crowd like I did in the rap battle with the New Day. But I said, I like R-Truth so I’m No Way Jose, Glow Queen with the Uce in the building with Fabulous Truth, there’s only one thing left to say.” And that is…? Truth knows. DANCE BREAK! All four break it down with flossing and twerking. But then FABULOUS Kick from Carmella to Naomi! And another! Cover, but Jimmy drags her off. Truth throws Jimmy out and Naomi puts on a chinlock. It wasn’t personal, just business. Fans rally up and Naomi feeds off the energy. She gets up and fights out. She shoves Carmella but Carmella comes back with a tilt-o-tilt-o-tilt-o-tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Naomi and Carmella are both dizzy, but Naomi gets the enziguri. Cover, Day One Glow wins!

Winners: Jimmy Uso & Naomi, Naomi pinning; improves to 2-2, FABULOUS Truth is 0-3

The two teams had their fun, but in the end business is business. Jimmy & Naomi keep their chances alive, but the undefeated teams of AWESKA and Fenomenal Flair are still going strong. Will the Uce-GLOW be able to sneak past one of them into the finals at TLC?

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