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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (11/5/18)



WWE Raw Cover image

The Raw After Crown Jewel is also in the UK! Will the NEW reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, BROCK LESNAR, grace us with his presence?



  • Six Woman Tag: The Riott Squad VS Natalya, Bayley & Sasha Banks; No Contest.
  • Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh VS Apollo Crews; Crews wins.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose(?) VS The Authors of Pain w/ Drake Maverick; The Authors of Pain win and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
  • Dolph Ziggler VS Elias; Elias wins.
  • Nia Jax VS Ember Moon; Jax wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush; Lashley wins.
  • Kurt Angle VS Baron Corbin Drew McIntyre; McIntyre wins, Baron Corbin remains Raw Team Captain for Survivor Series.


Manchester is Raw!

And everyone on the Raw roster is on the stage. Security lines the way between ramp and ring as Acting General Manager, Baron Corbin, makes his way out. The Constable is very proud of himself, and it more than likely has to do with the events of Crown Jewel. Specifically, it has to do with the WWE Universal Championship match to crown a new champion in Roman Reigns’ absence. Corbin screwed Strowman by attacking him just before the bell rang, and then Lesnar went to town. It still took an insane FIVE F5’s in a row, but The Beast got The Monster Among Men to stay down, and once again, Brock Lesnar has the Red Brand’s red belt.

Corbin welcomes the UK fans to the show, and wants them to not be worried by security ringside. Having this many is normal for someone as important as him. This season is an important one, not because of holidays where you hang out with annoying family members, but because of Survivor Series! Survivor Series pits Raw VS Smackdown, so the new Universal Champion will once again the WWE Champion, AJ Styles! Ronda Rousey will go against Becky Lynch! And of course, both the men’s and women’s 5v5 Tag Team Elimination Matches! “Every match is a chance for Raw to show it is the dominant brand.”

But there is a score to settle this year, because Shane McMahon stole the World Cup and title of “Best in the World” from Dolph Ziggler! Stephanie McMahon will address this next week, but Corbin promises dominance. And when that happens, Corbin might go from interim to permanent GM. But to ensure such dominance, Raw needs a great leader. Therefore, Corbin makes himself team captain of the men’s 5v5 squad. Of course, he can’t compete in the match as GM, so he’ll make sure Raw has the most dominant team possible. The first two men put on that team will be Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre!

And there is a third person already in mind, Braun Strowman. Now, Braun might be upset, but he’ll understand that Corbin gave him a teaching moment: you need to respect authority. And once Braun understands that, he’ll know he’s the man they need on that team.

Moving on to the women’s team, choosing the other four members will be… Captain Alexa Bliss! The Goddess heads to the ring, and thanks “Future permanent General Manager” Corbin for this position. She will follow his lead and be more of a manager than a competitor. But given her unprecedented success as a five-time women’s champion, the other women could learn a lot from her. She’s also a natural born leader, so she’s naturally the best choice for this role. Alexa says she will watch the women’s matches tonight very closely, because she wants to see some killer instinct. Raw will not lose to “The B Show” this year! The auditions start tonight with our Evolution rematch, The Riott Squad going against Natalya, Sasha Banks & Bayley!

Corbin likes the way Alexa thinks. She could get used to being in charge. Watch this. That tag team match starts– Wait, Kurt Angle is here! The actual Raw GM, though on “vacation”, has a mic of his own, and after thinking the UK fans for the praise, he says that “competing in the WWE World Cup lit a fire in me.” Angle led Team Raw to victory last year, so he wants in this year. Corbin says that was last year, and this year he makes the decisions. And he’s decided: Angle takes a permanent vacation! Angle says that when he was in charge, Raw settled things in the ring. How about Angle and Corbin have a match, and if Angle wins, he’s part of Team Raw AND is team captain! Fans want to see that! But Corbin refuses to answer.

What kind of leader is that? He wants everyone else to step up but he won’t? “You are an embarrassment to Monday Night Raw!” That gets to Corbin, and he gives Angle his match. Angle can be team captain, sure. But the only way Angle is going to Survivor Series is with a ticket. And the only way Corbin goes to Survivor Series is with crutches! Actual GM VS Interim GM, winner leads team Raw! But Corbin shouts down the match and the fans because this is still his show. But now Alexa can continue where she left off. That women’s tag match starts– BRAUN!! The Monster is here, and he heads right for the ring! The security stands no chance of stopping him! Alexa stands back as Strowman chases Corbin out and around the ring, then up the ramp!

Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and more move to block Strowman’s path, but he goes through them, too! Other brawls break out as rivals go after each other, and Strowman gets through! It’s chaos in Manchester! Strowman goes backstage, and hunts for Corbin. He tells a staffer, that when he finds Corbin, he’s gonna #GetTheseHands! Will the Monster make the Lone Wolf pay for the Crown Jewel screw job?


Backstage interview with Natalya, Bayley & Sasha!

Up next is the 3v3 rematch from Evolution, do they think this outcome will be different? No, not all. Natalya is one of the strongest women on this roster, and Natty wears her father’s glasses to the ring. Tonight is for The Anvil! Will tonight also lead to spots on the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team?

Six Woman Tag: The Riott Squad VS Natalya, Bayley & Sasha Banks!

Ruby, Sarah & Liv look to even the score from the All Women’s PPV while showing The Goddess they deserve to go to Survivor Series. Will the #StartARiott in Manchester? Or will The Queen of Harts and her #LegitHuggable friends sweep the Squad?

The bell rings, and the Squad jumps all three opponents at once! Down go Bayley & Banks but Natty fires off. Natty kicks Liv and Sarah down but Ruby gets her arm. Ruby wrenches into the Riott Kick! But Natty blocks! Sharpshooter! The ref stops Liv from breaking it up, but Sarah is wide open to boot Natty down! Ruby covers Natty, TWO! Ruby drags Natty up and throws her out of the ring. Tag to Sarah, and the Kentucky Viking bounces Natty off the apron. She throws heavy rights, then throws Natty into barriers. Sarah puts Natty in at 6, covers, TWO! She keeps on Natty with a chinlock, but Natty powers her to the Squad corner. Natty throws elbows then crawls for her corner, but Sarah stomps her down.

Tag to Liv, and Sarah snapmares Natty for the Juvenile Delinquent to kick in the back. Cover, TWO! Liv puts Natty out again, and the Squad has control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Liv has Natty in a chinlock. Fans rally up and Natty gets to her feet to throw Liv off. Liv dropkicks Natty down to deny the tag. She puts Natty in a corner for furious stomps. She shrieks at the ref over the count, then stomps more. Liv backs off at 4, but misses the clothesline. Natty crawls but Liv clobbers her down. Natty slips free, hot tag to Sasha! The Boss rallies on the Squad, dropkick to Liv. She blocks a kick to give a knee, and Liv gets to a corner. She puts Sasha on the corner but Sasha gives another knee. Meteora for Sarah! Sasha climbs up, leaps at Liv, Meteora again! Backstabber and flip, Bank Statement crossface! Ruby mule kicks Sasha, then intercepts Bayley to throw her back out. She drags Liv to the Squad corner, and tags in.

Ruby goes after Sasha but runs into a backslide. She rolls through but gets a knee! Sasha bumps Ruby off buckles, tag to Bayley! Bayley goes side to side for a knee, then whips Sasha in for double knees. Sasha feeds Ruby to another of Bayley’s knee strikes, then Bayley throws hands in a corner. Ruby yanks her into buckles and gets running, but Bayley puts her on the apron for the hotshot. Ruby tumbles down and regroups with the Squad, Bayley DIVES! She hits Liv & Sarah as Ruby gets away, and Ruby comes back for an STO! Ruby catches her breath before she puts Bayley in the ring. Cover, TWO, but Ruby keeps her cool. Fans rally up for Bayley as Ruby brings her up. Bayley denies the suplex to roll her up! TWO, and Ruby knocks Bayley down. Ruby covers, TWO!

Fans continue to rally as Ruby wraps on a chinlock. Bayley endures the squeeze and fights her way up. Bayley jawbreakers free! But Ruby throws her back into the Squad corner. Sarah tags and she stomps away while Liv taunts Bayley. Fans continue to rally as Sarah brings Bayley around in a seated cobra clutch. Bayley endures the thrashing and fights her way up. Sarah reels her out and then whips her right into ropes! Cover, TWO! Sarah grows frustrated, but she tags to Liv. Liv climbs up and Sarah feeds Bayley to Liv’s knees. Liv then leaps for the facebuster. Cover, TWO! Liv throws Bayley back out, and we go back to break.

Raw returns and Bayley arm-drags Sarah off. Sarah dropkicks Bayley down, cover, TWO! Sarah and the Squad grow frustrated but the fans continue to rally. Bayley crawls to ropes but Sarah toys with her. Sarah pulls her against the ropes, lets up at 4, then drags her around by her ponytail. She taunts Bayley with tags to her team, but then Bayley blocks a kick to throw Sarah down! Both crawl, but Sarah blasts Sasha the corner first. Bayley slips out of teh scoop to tag Natty! Natty rallies on The Squad, discus for Sarah! German Suplex! Then a whip to ropes. Sarah elbows back, but her wheelbarrow ends up a facebuster! Cover, Ruby breaks just in time! Sasha throws Ruby out, but Liv enziguris Sasha down. Natty clotheslines Liv, then gets Sarah in the Sharpshooter!

Wait, Ruby has the Anvil’s sunglasses?! AND BREAKS THEM!? Natty’s heart is broken, and the Squad goes into retreat. The action stops, but Natty is still in pain. Will there Natty get vengeance for such disgusting disrespect? Or will The Goddess reward the Riott Squad for such evil actions?

No Contest


Braun Strowman continues the hunt for Baron Corbin.

The Monster bursts into the locker room, then the bathroom. He searches the stalls, but doesn’t find Corbin. He does scare one poor fellow who just finished up. The hunt continues, will Strowman get to Corbin before Angle gets him in the ring?


Crown Jewel saw a #FirstTimeEver of epic proportions!

Degeneration-X and the Brothers of Destruction met in a match for the first time, in Shawn Michaels’ first match since retiring. The four WWE legends went toe to toe, and Triple H even went through a table! HBK looked as good as he ever was, and that was the key factor in DX’s victory! HHH & HBK stood tall over The Undertaker & Kane, when and where will we see them again?


Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh VS Apollo Crews!

The Modern Day Maharaja has been working to climb his way back up the rankings, but so has the amazing athlete in AC. “Ever since I left Titus Worldwide,” he’s heard so much about his potential. Potential is a nice way of saying he’s lost more than he won. But Crews will give it everything he’s got to show he is Raw’s new #HumanHighlightReel. Will that be the case? Or will Apollo simply be left with his potential?

The bell rings and the two circle. Mahal kicks low then throws hands. He has Apollo in a corner and whips corner to corner, but Apollo goes up and over to show that agility. Things speed up and Apollo dropkicks Mahal down! Cover, ONE, and Mahal throws Apollo to the apron. Apollo shoulders in, slingshots over, but Sunil distracts. Mahal hits a knee strike, covers, TWO! Mahal drives in knees and then puts Apollo in a keylock. Apollo gets up but Mahal wrangles him back down for a chinlock. Mahal puts on a half nelson chinbar, but Apollo endures. Apollo powers his way up, throws body shots, then counter punches. He mule kicks then runs to boot Mahal. He whips and leaps, but Mahal rolls him up! TWO, enziguri from Apollo!

Apollo trophy lifts Mahal, and that’s no easy thing! He drops Mahal down, then standing moonsault! Cover, Apollo wins!!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall

The man with all the potential gets a win over a former WWE World Champion! Can Apollo show he’s had what it takes all along and finally get himself some gold?


Seth Rollins heads to the ring!

The Architect carries three belts with him, but don’t be confused. He has three because he’s holding both Raw Tag Team Championships. The reason for that is because Dean Ambrose abandoned his belt after attacking Rollins just after winning them back! The Lunatic Fringe has yet to explain why, even after Rollins verbally confronted him last week. Rollins stands in the ring this week and feels a bit ridiculous, but he actually hoped to have a trophy with him, too. The World Cup didn’t go his way, but also Baron Corbin helped Brock Lesnar win that Universal Championship. Considering everything Roman Reigns worked for, is fighting for now, THAT is a slap in the face. It’s a slap in the face to everyone from locker room to WWE Universe! Rollins would get in Lesnar’s face about it, but Lesnar is not here. “Shocker, I know.”

But someone who is here tonight is Dean Ambrose. Rollins still can’t believe how The Shield went from top of the world to broken apart. Ambrose wouldn’t even stand in the same ring with Rollins. Rollins could try again, but he won’t waste anyone’s time. As Manchester says, Ambrose “doesn’t have the bullocks.” So moving on, Rollins moves on to the two Raw Tag Team Championship belts. It’s not possible to defend two titles at once, but then Baron Corbin speaks to him from the titantron. Corbin, in his supposedly secure location, tells Rollins he can totally defend those titles. So Rollins and his “partner” should defend right now, against… The Authors of Pain!!

Raw Tag Team Championships: Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose(?) VS The Authors of Pain w/ Drake Maverick!

Corbin has shown favoritism to Akam & Rezar before, and now is the time for it all to matter. Will Maverick’s machines of war capitalize on a broken Shield?

The introductions, at least for those present, are made and the tag belts are raised. Rollins obviously must start by default against Akam with the bell. He gets around Akam for a waistlock, but has to bail out when he’s in AoP territory. Rollins and Akam go again, but Akam gets Rollins into the corner. Rezar tags in, but Rollins fights them off! Rollins has the fans rallying as he rallies on AoP! But as he gets Akam in a facelock, Rezar runs him over with a lariat! Rezar trash talks Rollins as he puts him into the corner. The one tag team champion is in trouble while we go to break.

Raw returns and The AoP give Rollins a sidewalk slam stomp! Cover, TWO! Akam toys with Rollins as he bounces Rollins’ head off the mat. Akam wraps Rollins in a chinlock but Rollins endures the squeeze. Fans rally up and Rollins jawbreakers free. Rollins whips but Akam reverses, sending Rollins tumbling up the corner then down. Cover, TWO, Akam tags Rezar. The AoP mug Rollins and Rezar continues to trash talk. Rezar wrenches Rollins’ neck but Rollins still endures. Rollins gets up and fights back with body shots. He backs up but runs into a takedown and hammer fists! Fans boo and jeer as Rezar trash talks again. Rezar tags to Akam, and they prepare the end. Rollins fights out! He ducks Akam to clothesline Rezar out, then fires off on Akam!

Rollins chops Akam, whips but Akam reverses. Rollins dodges to then DIVE on Rezar! He dumps Akam out, then DIVES on Akam! Maverick freaks out for his pair of behemoths, but fans fire up with Rollins. Rollins puts Akam in as the fans chant “Burn It Down!” Springboard clothesline takes Akam down. Rezar returns but he gets a slingblade! Rollins boots Akam, hops up, blockbuster! Cover, TWO! Rollins catches his breath while Maverick coaches Akam back up. Fans rally and join Rollins as he stomps out “Burn It Down!” Mule kick, but Maverick distracts! Rezar trips Rollins up and Akam clobbers Rollins. Tag to Rezar, and they set up another sidewalk slam. Rollins heasdissors out, then SUPERKICKS Akam! SUPERKICK for Rezar! Rollins hurries up top, frog splash!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans continue to rally for Rollins as he stands up. He has to hit Akam first, but then runs into a powerbomb! Rezar tags Akam, and they set up, for the Powerbomb Neckbreaker! Cover, AoP wins!

Winners: The Authors of Pain, Akam pinning; NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

Akam & Rezar won tag titles in a handicap match since Ambrose never showed. There are new champions in charge, will anyone get those titles off them? Will The Bar be ready for them at Survivor Series?

But wait, only now does Ambrose appear. He saunters his way to the ring, and fans say “You Sold Out!” Ambrose grabs a mic and sits by Rollins to ask him, “You want to know why I did what I did?” He stands up as Rollins asks why. Ambrose answers with Dirty Deeds! The Lunatic refuses to properly explain his actions, will we ever get the reason for this betrayal? Rollins does manage to get back to his feet, how will he prepare for his brand warfare match with United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

He’s been running and hiding all night, is that because he’s afraid of what he did at Crown Jewel? Corbin denies being afraid. If Strowman wants a match, fine. But Strowman doesn’t want a match, he wants to destroy Corbin! Then if he’s not running, why is he in this makeshift studio in the storage room? Corbin is upset that she gave away his position. And here comes Strowmran! He barrels through more security, and keeps walking as one guy is on his leg. Strowman stomps that guy off and continues the hunt. How will Corbin possibly stay safe until his match with Angle tonight?


Dolph Ziggler VS Elias!

The Show-Off feels the most cheated out of the World Cup when Shane McMahon inserted himself into the match. But despite how that all happened, Shane O’Mac is NOT the Best in the World. You are looking at the real best in Dolph Ziggler. But typical WWE: he scratches and claws and outperforms everyone, but then “the conspiracy kicks in.” Drew McIntyre was ejected from ringside, that’s fishy. Then the favorite D-Lister attacks Ziggler from behind. Who would allow that? A SmackDown ref. Then Shane bullied his way when Miz went down. But wait, The Drifter interrupts someone else?!

Fans sing for Elias as Elias stares at Ziggler. Elias then plays his guitar to go along with Seven Nation Army. Elias introduces himself, and tells Manchester that that is the respect he deserves. But Ziggler is making excuses and coming up with conspiracy theories. To sum it up, Ziggler’s a loser. But more importantly, Elias got off the phone with Noel & Liam Gallagher, and they heard his song about Ziggler. If he plays it, Oasis will reunite. Elias has worked miracles, but Ziggler says it’ll be a miracle if anyone’s awake after the song. Wow, almost funny. But what Ziggler should’ve done by now is shut up so Elias can sing.

Elias begins and fans clap along. He’s a global phenomenon, Ziggler’s a fool. Ziggler thinks he’s funny, everyone else thinks he’s a tool. Pack your backs, Ziggler, this ain’t your show no more. Elias is about to show us what WWE really stands for. Yes, he’s gonna show us– “Why don’t you walk down here and show me face to face?!” Well all he had to do was ask. Elias heads down to the ring, and this match will happen after the break.


The Revival speak.

Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson say that tag team wrestling isn’t a joke, it isn’t a party, it’s something to respect. The #TopGuys brought their encyclopedic knowledge of wrestling maneuvers, all the Lucha House Party brings is flips and pinatas. There’s no room for the “Loser House Party”, they’re going back to 205 Live where they belong.


Back to the ring…

The bell rings and Ziggler circles with Elias. Fans sing for Elias as he ties up with Ziggler. Ziggler gets the wristlock then hammerlock, then a takedown. Cover, ONE, but Ziggler stays on Elias. He rolls Elias for another cover, ONE, but Ziggler stays locked on. Ziggler shifts to a headlock but Elias gets up and out, only for Ziggler to dropkicks him down! Ziggler grinds Elias’ face on the ropes, then whips him to the ropes. Elias reverses and runs him over with an elbow. Elias scoops and slams Ziggler, then covers, TWO! He brings Ziggler up, headlock takeover! Ziggler works against the hold but Elias grinds him down. They stand up, Ziggler pries his way out. Elias brings Ziggler back in, but Ziggler pushes them to the ropes. Elias lets go at 4, but Ziggler elbows him!

Ziggler throws hands then hits a neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! He keeps on Elias with body scissors and a wristlock. Ziggler pulls Elias to a cover, ONE but the hold stays on. Ziggler shifts to a sleeper, but Elias works his way out of the body scissors. Elias reaches for ropes as Ziggler wrenches back. Ziggler wrangles Elias down but Elias keeps moving. Ziggler wrenches and shifts to a facelock. Elias gets up and pries his way out, but Ziggler kicks low. Ziggler whips Elias corner to corner, but Elias goes up and kicks Ziggler down! Elias hurries up top, for a Macho Elbow! But it misses! Both men are down while we go to break.

Raw returns and Elias struggles against another sleeper hold. Ziggler shifts it to a camel clutch of sorts, and grinds in his forearm. Fans sing and rally for Elias, and Elias works his way up. Ziggler spins Elias but Elias back slides, TWO! ZIggler hits a big uppercut, then rolls to another cover, ONE! The Show-Off toys with Elias but Elias gets him down. Elias throws hammering fists, but Ziggler kicks Elias’ legs. Ziggler hears the fans jeer him in song and tells them to shut up. He grinds Elias’ face on ropes again, then gives him a kidney shot and buckle bump. Ziggler throws hands but Elias counter punches. Ziggler kicks low, then hits another neckbreaker. Fans keep singing for Elias, even as Ziggler swivels his hips. Ziggler drops the elbow, covers, TWO!

Ziggler gets the sleeper on again, with body scissors. He puts his weight on Elias but Elias keeps moving. Elias kicks and flails to reach for ropes, but Ziggler squeezes tighter. They stand up, and Elias fights with body shots. Ziggler kicks, Elias chops and now it’s a brawl. Ziggler whips but Elias reverses only for Ziggler to reverse back, Elias runs Ziggler over with a shoulder! Elias catches his breath, then stalks Ziggler to a corner. Elias throws hands and stomps, but backs off at 4. He goes back over and drags Ziggler back in. He throws hands as fans fire up. Elias lifts Ziggler into the electric chair, spins him around, but Ziggler slips out. Ziggler kicks, then dodges Elias’ knee to roll him up! TWO, knee from Elias! Cover, TWO!!

Elias keeps his cool as both he and Ziggler catch their breath. Elias drags Ziggler up, but Ziggler spins to kick again. Ziggler runs but misses Famouser, into the Electric Chair to powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler survives and Elias can’t believe it. Elias works on what else he can do, and brings Ziggler up for more fists. He chops Ziggler but Ziggler kicks low. Ziggler throws hands and headbutts, then rolls up, TWO! He jumps but Elias bucks off the ZigZag. Ziggler deflects the boot, ZIGZAG! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Elias survives and Ziggler is in shock. Fans continue to sing for Elias, and that only frustrates Ziggler more. Elias yanks Ziggler into ropes, then Drift Away! Cover, Elias wins!!

Winner: Elias, by pinfall

The Living Truth walks with a victory in a tough match. Ziggler is already on Corbin’s Raw 5-Man Team, but will Elias get himself a spot on it?


Backstage interview with Kurt Angle!

The Olympic Gold Medalist could win his way to being team captain. Is there any concern to not only facing Corbin but having his first match on television in years? Corbin is dangerous, and is a threat, but Angle knows his weakness and how to beat him. Angle has that fire inside him again, and he’s going to go to Survivor Series as Team Captain! “Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN true!”


Ronda Rousey is here!

The Baddest Woman on the Planet is still Raw Women’s Champion after Evolution. Nikki Bella got a lot of help from sister Brie in that match, but even so, Rowdy Ronda was too much for even them. Now Ronda looks to her first Survivor Series brand warfare and a match with SmackDown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch.

Manchester is happy to see Ronda and she’s happy to see them. But Becky says she’s going to rip Ronda’s arm off? “It’s cute, it’s adorable, actually.” It’s easy to see why fans love Becky. Manchester sure does. There’s no doubt that Becky worked hard to again become champion. She’s “The Man”, figuratively speaking. Becky put on the performance of a lifetime at Evolution, and she has Ronda’s respect. But don’t mistake that for weakness. Ronda is the last woman on Earth anyone wants to provoke.

Back when Becky’s alarm was waking her up for school, Ronda’s mom was waking her up by going after her arms. While Becky was at clown college, Ronda was an Olympian. And while Becky was a stewardess serving snacks, Ronda was having the most dominant reign MMA has ever seen. But yeah, Becky’s changed herself and Ronda loves it like everyone else. However, a new attitude isn’t going to beat Ronda. Ronda is “a natural born killer, beaten to a fine edge” after years waking up wanting to be the single greatest athlete ever. Two weeks until Survivor Series, so Ronda wants Becky to bring all the rage, angst, resenment and more because Ronda wants a challenge. Becky says she’s “The Man”, but Ronda IS the Baddest Bitch on the Planet! Ronda throws down her mic as she throws down the gauntlet. Will Becky survive Survivor Series?

But wait, here comes Nia Jax! The Irresistible Force is #1 Contender after winning the Evolution Battle Royal, and never did finish her fight with Ronda at Money in the Bank. Nia picks up the mic and likes seeing Ronda all fired up. It’s got Nia fired up, too. But Survivor Series and Evolution are similar: Ronda will be fighting for Raw, the most dominant brand in WWE, and Ronda won’t let them down. However, after Survivor Series and she makes Becky tap, Nia will be waiting, “champ”. Ronda likes the sound of that. When and where will this epic rematch happen?

Speaking of rematches, Ember Moon appears for hers with Nia!

Nia Jax VS Ember Moon!

Just as the new partnership WWE enters says, it’s time to #GirlUp! The Prophecy of Flame wants to show she can hang with the Game Changer, but will she be able to Eclipse Nia on the former champ’s road back to the title?

Raw returns as the bell rings. Ember and Nia approach and Ember gets a waistlock. Nia throws her off, but Ember’s back up. Ember runs but into a scoop. She slips out and kicks away, but her whip is blocked. Nia whips Ember right out of the ring and to the floor! Nia fetches and puts Ember back in the ring. Ember kicks Nia as she enters, then gets her in a corner. Ember runs in, handspring forearm smash! She keeps moving, but Nia pushes her off. Ember dodges, but bounces off of Nia! Nia squashes Ember with a corner splash then tosses her across the way. She squashes Ember again, then throws her again. Ember sits up but Nia stomps her back down. Nia covers, TWO! Ember crawls but Nia stalks her. Nia brings Ember up in a cobra clutch as fans rally.

Ember works against the hold, but Nia holds tight as she bends Ember. Fans sing for Ember, and Ember works her way out. She fights with elbows, then rolls, but Nia stays standing. Nia pulls Ember up with one hand, but Ember kicks with both legs. Nia headbutts Ember down! She drags Ember back up, scoops, snake eyes! Then she runs in to run Ember over! Nia runs, but Ember dodges the leg drop! Ember and Nia are slow to getting up, but Nia is on Ember first. Ember kicks Nia away, then runs in. She spin kicks, knee lifts and more kicks. She fires a forearm and Nia is dizzy. Ember springboards for the crossbody! TWO, but Ember roars! Spinning forearm! Cover, TWO!! The power shocks Ember, and then Nia shoves her to a corner.

Ember dodges, climbs, but Nia denies the tornado DDT. Enziguri! Ember runs, but into a pop-up Samoan Drop! Cover, Nia wins!

Winner: Nia Jax, by pinfall

Ember put up quite the fight, but Nia pulls it off. But wait, here comes Tamina again. The Daughter of Superfly again heads to the ring to stare Nia in the eyes. The cousins look down at Ember, then at each other, then back at Ember. Tamina drags Ember up, for her own Samoan Drop! Nia seems stunned but doesn’t go after Tamina herself. Nia nods?! Tamina turns Ember over for a Boston Crab, and Nia adds her leg drop! And an elbow, then another! The family is together, because blood is thicker than fire. Will the cousins combine forces to conquer all of the Raw Women’s Division?


Backstage interview with Finn Balor.

The Extraordinary Man won against Bobby Lashley last week, but by Disqualification. Will the mugging from last week happen again? Finn admits Lashley is probably the most powerful and explosive man he’s ever faced. And on top of that, he’s just getting more and more vicious. It didn’t feel good when little runt Lio Rush was slapping Finn around while Lashley had the full nelson on, but Finn knows walking out here in Manchester as a truly unified city, because Balor Club is for everyone.


Another backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

The Lone Wolf isn’t getting away from Strowman, but apparently he can’t get away from Charli Caruso, either. She keeps finding him! And that means Strowman keeps finding him! Tell Angle that he has an “emergency” and their match is off. Angle will be taking on Drew McIntyre instead. Strowman comes running in and Corbin hops in his car! The car gets away just in time, so Strowman is left with no satisfaction. Will someone else become Strowman’s target tonight?


Finn Balor VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush!

Balor Club comes to Manchester, but the Heavyweight came back to Dominate. These two go around one more time, will Finn get even? Or will he just get beaten down physically and verbally all over again?

Before the match, Lio says “The Big Man is here!” As is the Man of the Hour. Though, Lio wishes they were in Liverpool. But that’s okay, because look at Lashley. Michelangelo couldn’t sculpt a better piece of art. Lio has Lashley show “The Greatest Pose of All Time.” His butt? Lio laughs it up, but getting serious, it isn’t an insult. Lashley is just showing off the most developed gluteus maximus and leg muscles. Lashley respects Manchester, he loves Manchester! But it doesn’t seem they love him, and that upsets Lashley. Now he’ll beat up Balor even worse than last week. And it’ll be like he’s beating up Manchester in his mind. Finn makes his entrance, and we begin, after the break.

Raw returns as the bell rings, and Finn circles with Lashley. Fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” but Lashley kicks low. Lashley drags Finn up to put him in a corner with a buckle bump, then clubs him down. He stomps on Finn, then puts hima gainst the ropes to choke him. Lashley bakcs off at 4, but dumps Finn off the ropes. Fans boo but Lio cheers as Lashley stomps Finn. Lashley brings Finn up for a snap Fisherman suplex. Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Finn and Finn fights back. Lashley kicks low then runs, but Finn blows past him to blast him with a dropkick! Lashley bails out, so Finn builds speed. Lio trips Finn up behind the ref’s back! Lashley comes back to throw hands and cover, TWO! He wraps Finn up in a chinlock, but fans jeer in song.

Finn endures and gets his way up, but Lashley throws Finn down! Cover, ONE, so it’s back to the chinlock. Fans rally up and Finn gets up again. Lashley brings him down with a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Lashley grows frustrated with Finn as he throws hands in a corner. He grinds a boot into Finn, but backs off at 4. Lashley runs back in, but Finn boots him. Finn dodges Lashley and then hits a forearm smash. Lashley stays standing so Finn goes for the legs. Lashley lifts, Finn sunset flips, TWO! Finn goes for and gets the legs, then double stomps! Finn fires up, and runs in at Lashley for the chop! He whips but Lashley reverses. Finn goes up but gets caught, but he slips out to hit a slingblade! Fans fire up with Finn as he takes aim. But Lashley runs Finn over with a lariat!

Lashley runs in but Finn dodges. Lashley blocks the kick and rocks Finn with an elbow! He drags Finn up, for a deadlift into the Vertigo Suplex! Cover, TWO!! Finn is tougher than Lashley thinks, but Lashley drags Finn u p in a gut wrench. Finn rolls out, and rolls Lashley up, TWO! Lashley is getting mad as Finn gets to a corner. Lashley runs in but Finn slips out and kicks him down! Finn climbs up top, but Lio distracts. Lio runs away as Finn steps near, but Lashley is up. Finn leaps over him, tosses Lashley out, then builds speed. Lio is there, so Finn dropkicks him down! Fans fire up over that one, but Finn isn’t done. Finn runs at Lio, but into Lashley’s tackle! Lashley puts Finn into the barriers, then into the ring. Lashley drags Finn up, gut wrench, spinning dominator! Cover, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

Lashley finally gets on the board against Finn, but Lio has the assist. Will Finn be able to get back at him another day? Or will Lashley move on to a title?

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance now, but he does lock eyes with Lashley. The Scottish Terminator doesn’t back down from teh Rocky Mountain Machine, but neither does Lashley. Lio is the one who talks his big man down, and they leave. Surprisingly, McIntyre actually helps Finn up? But just as Finn thanks him, McIntyre gives Finn a Claymore kick!! McIntyre defends Corbin’s position as captain against Angle in our main event!


Kurt Angle VS Baron Corbin Drew McIntyre!

What was meant to be actual GM VS interim GM turned into the Lone Wolf hiding from The Monster all night. Corbin won’t risk being destroyed before Survivor Series, so he’s put it on someone else to take care of the Olympic Gold Medalist. Can McIntyre defeat the WWE Hall of Famer returning to action? Or will Angle win his way onto Team Raw as well as become it’s new captain?

Angle goes right at McIntyre! He stomps away in a corner, then throws hands. The ref backs Angle off and wants him to wait for the bell. The bell does ring, and the attack is back on! Angle still stomps and punches McIntyre in a corner, but gets a headbutt! McIntyre takes a moment to steady himself before giving back a rain of right hands. McIntyre stomps Angle in a corner now, then tears off Angle’s shirt for chops! He keeps on Angle with an armlock and chinbar, but fans rally up. Angle feeds off the energy but McIntyre wrangles him back down. McIntyre grinds his forearm in Angle’s face, then wrenches the neck with the chinbar.

Fans continue to rally and Angle wills his way back up. Angle throws hands then runs, but into a back elbow! Cover, ONE! McIntyre drags Angle up for a neckbreaker. Fans continue to cheer Angle on, but McIntyre keeps on him with another armlock. Angle gets up again, even as McIntyre pulls on the arm. Angle throws hands but McIntyre knees low. McIntyre CHOPS Angle, then whips him corner to corner. Angle dodges, Angle Slam!! But McIntyre slumps out of the ring. We go to one last break as Angle realizes his missed window.

Raw returns again as McIntyre hits another neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! McIntyre stomps Angle out of frustration, then deadlifts him for a suplex. Cover, TWO! McIntyre stalks Angle to ropes, then reels him in for a lariat. He wraps on another armlock and chinbar to pull and wrench Angle again. Fans again rally and Angle gets up. Angle throws hands, fakes out the back drop to kick McIntyre, but still runs into an overhead belly2belly! Cover, TWO! McIntyre keeps his cool, but then fires off punches and stomps on Angle in a corner. He backs off at 4, to snapmare Angle out and into the armlock chinbar.

Angle again endures and fans again rally up. Angle gets up once more, and throws more hands. He gives McIntyre a jawbreaker, but runs into a scoop. He slips out, and gets a German Suplex! And another! And then the hat trick! The straps come down as Angle fires up. Angle stalks McIntyre, but McIntyre escpaes the slam. Angle runs, but into the Claymore!! McIntyre doesn’t cover just yet, though, he watches Angle slowly stir. Angle sits up, but McIntyre grins. “is this it? This is the legendary Kurt Angle?” Fans rally for Angle, but McIntyre gives him a free shot at the leg. Angle gets it, but McIntyre clubs away. Angle falls and McIntyre stomps him. McIntyre taunts Angle as he gets low to stare him in the eyes.

Angle slowly stands and McIntyre again gives him a free shot at the leg. McIntyre grins and laughs, but Angle fires up and goes after him. They go around and McIntyre just clubs away on Angle’s back, almost endlessly. Angle is down but McIntyre grins. Fans rally as McIntyre dares Angle to look him in the eyes. “You’re an embarrassment to yourself! You’re an embarrassment to your bloody family!” McIntyre forces Angle to look him in the eyes, but that only angers Angle! Angle gets the leg, and the Ankle Lock!! McIntyre realizes his mistake, but he manages to push Angle off. His leg still hurts, but he manages to stand. McIntyre steals the Angle Slam!! But McIntyre still doesn’t end this. Because he steals the Ankle Lock! Angle endures the hold he made famous! McIntyre even grapevines! Angle taps, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by submission; Baron Corbin remains Raw Team Captain

The Olympic Gold Medalist fails to take back some semblance of control on Raw. McIntyre was perhaps just too big, too strong, and too sadistic for even a Hall of Fame icon like Angle. Will Angle ever regain former glory?



My Thoughts:

This Raw was quite the step up from last week’s, which was bogged down by trying to be an aftermath and go-home hybrid. This Raw is making the transition from Crown Jewel to Survivor Series somewhat smoothly at this point. I wish Strowman did more damage tonight in his hunt for Corbin, but the segments with Corbin hiding and Charli giving him away were pretty fun. Next week we’ll have Lesnar back on Raw, so maybe Strowman will just go after him to take out all his frustrations.

I know Alexa said she wanted to see killer instinct and ruthless aggression, but I feel like the idea of Ruby crushing Jim Neidhart’s glasses in front of Natty’s eyes was a step too far. She should’ve teased it so that Sarah or Liv could’ve gotten the better of Natty. Then with Nia, Ember and Tamina, I like the idea of teaming the Samoan cousins together, that just makes sense. Now, while there is no Women’s Tag Division right now, I hope a move like this motivates the main roster to figure that out. Honestly, it’s not like there are that many men in either show’s Men’s Tag Divisions, so why worry about how many women each show has? At the very least, having more titles will keep women’s stories from becoming superficial and repetitive.

It’s great Apollo wins, he needs to finally get some shine. Elias also has a great match with Ziggler, which helps Elias be more Face, and adds to Ziggler’s story of feeling cheated. Corbin essentially screwing Rollins over really adds to his own Heel Authority factor, but Rollins still looked great against the AoP. Naturally AoP win because Ambrose chose to stay out of the match, and I think that while Maverick is their manager, Akam & Rezar are actually the first “Corbin Guys”. Ambrose again refuses to give a reason for his attacks on Rollins, but I still think it’s about being called “Lunatic” and being underappreciated as a friend the way Strowman’s Pack said leading into Super Show-Down. It would mean a lot for Raw if these two had an Intercontinental Championship match for the Survivor Series go-home, so that no one knows who Nakamura faces that Sunday.

Rousey has a pretty good promo to respond to Becky’s. It was good for her to counter what Becky said on SmackDown, and this continues to establish that this Women’s Champion VS Champion is going to be great. Finn VS Lashley was pretty good this week, and may have been better than the others just on Lio not shouting “Lashley! Lashley!” as loud as he can. Lashley wins so that he doesn’t look weak always losing, but then there’s Mixed Match Challenge tomorrow to add to their story, so who knows who goes over in the end. I’m hoping Finn. Speaking of, I thought Angle was going over but McIntyre looked incredible. It raises McIntyre’s level and forwards a “crisis of confidence” for Angle. Angle might turn things around if he finally gets that match with Corbin, but Corbin might keep ducking him until a different Big Four.

My Score: 8/10

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