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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/28/18)



NXT UK Coverage

Episode 12

The NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament has reached its end.

What started as eight has been cut down to just two. The young Xia Brookside and Captain of Team Kick, Dakota Kai, were both dragged under the Riptide, while the Scottish Sorceress, Isla Dawn, and the Fierce Fashionista, Jinny, couldn’t weather The Storm. No matter how you look at it, the Finals are “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! OI OI OI!” Rhea Ripley reinvented herself to make a mosh pit out of the Women’s Division, and Toni Storm already has so many accomplishments under her belt, but which woman will be the one to wear the championship belt after tonight?


Joe Coffey VS Sid Scala!

While Joe usually rolls with his brother Mark and their new pal, Wolfgang, he is more than confident enough that he won’t need them. That’s because his opponent is the lovable loser who is without a win in NXT UK. Sid wants to show that he has heart far beyond his size, but has that heart written a check his body can’t cash?

But wait, Sid’s in a suit? “Mr. Coffey, I know you expected to face me in the ring tonight, but as you can see, I’ve not been medically cleared to compete.” Fans are disappointed, but Sid promises that there is a replacement. It’ll be Joe Coffey 1v1 with Tyler Bate!

Joe Coffey VS Tyler Bate!

The Scottish trio decimated Mustache Mountain both in the ring and backstage these last few weeks, and now Joe will face retribution for his actions! Can Bate beat Coffey before his back-up returns?

The bell rings and Bate fires off fast hands on Coffey! Coffey hits back and it’s a boxing match! Bate dodges to fire more hands as fans sing for him. Coffey throws body shots and a stiff chop! He wrenches the arm and whips Bate, but Bate boots and knees him back. Bate runs but Coffey shoves him away. Bate rolls and dropkicks back! Coffey rolls out while “Big Strong Boy” Bate builds speed. Bate DIVES and takes Coffey down! Fans fire up as Bate refreshes the count. Coffey hits back with body shots, then whips Bate at stairs. Bate stops himself and elbows Coffey away. Bate then uses the steps to hit a flying European Uppercut! Fans applaud but here come Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. They distract Bate long enough for Joe to attack Bate from behind. Joe puts Bate into the apron and then into barriers!

Fans chant for Mustache Mountain and British Strong Style but Joe stomps away on Bate. Joe puts Bate back in but Bate goes for a fireman’s carry. Bate gets Joe up but Joe slips out. Joe tackles Bate into a corner! Fans rally up for Bate but Joe punches and stomps away. Joe backs off at 4 to mock the mustache check. Fans taunt Joe with a song and Bate chops Joe back. Joe rocks Bate with a right, then brings him up for double underhooks. Joe swings Bate around, then throws him with a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Joe clamps onto Bate with a nerve hold on the shoulder, then he wraps Bate into a half straitjacket. He makes it a full straitjacket, but Bate endures. Fans rally up and Bate feeds off that energy.

Bate gets up and works against the jacket. Bate goes to put it on Joe but Joe puts it back on Bate. Fans still chant as Bate endures. Bate gets up again, and turns the hold around! Now Joe has to fight it off, but they go around and Bate gets the hold. Joe backs Bate into buckles then arm-drags out. Joe catches Bate for a belly2belly! Cover, TWO! Bate grits his teeth while Joe stalks him. Fans rally again as Joe goes to put the straitjacket back on Bate. Bate resists and gets up. Joe wrings him out for a shoulder, but Bate hits back with body shots. Bate throws more hands, backing Joe down. Joe shoves Bate, sees through the Bop ‘n’ Bang feint, but Bate still uses BOP to rock Joe!

Bate runs in for a back elbow, but Joe follows for a corner splash. Bate gets Joe again, then wants the exploder. His back won’t let him, so he uses a huricanrana! Standing shooting star, cover, TWO! Both men are down but fans rally up. Joe and Bate slowly stand as fans sing. Bate underhooks Joe but Mark distracts. Bate argues with Mark, but Joe uses that to get a forearm. Joe whips and pops Bate up for a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Bate lives and Joe is frustrated. And here comes Trent Seven to be ringside! Seven’s leg is still in bad shape but he can still cheer his friend on. Fans fire up with Seven and Bate feeds off the energy. Joe looks to end things with the waistlock but Bate fights out with elbows. Bate manages a fireman’s carry but Joe fights out with his own elbows.

Bate runs into a boot, then Joe hops up for a crossbody! He misses and flops no the mat! Fans rally up again as both men slowly stand. Joe calls for his lariat, but gets Bate’s rebound lariat instead! Bate drags Joe up in the fireman’s carry, and starts the airplane spin! He goes around about 10 times, and starts to fade, but he goes back around the other way! “Big Strong Boy” Bate gets a total of 15 spins, but now it’s a brawl again. Bate is rocked but returns with the rolling kick! Bate drags Joe back up, double underhooks, but Mark and Wolfgang rush the ring! Seven runs in so help Bate in the resulting brawl!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by disqualification

Wolfgang gets the better of Seven while Bate and Mark Coffey go back and forth. Fans chant for “Bruiserweight! Bruiserweight!” to even the numbers. Joe leaps onto Seven and then puts Bate in a corner. The Scottish trio are stomping Mustache Mountain down, but here comes Pete Dunne! British Strong Style is at full force as Dunne rocks Coffey with rights! Fans fire up as Dunne stands tall with his friends! The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang look to get in, but are run off again. Battle lines are drawn, will British Strong Style show the Last Kings of Scotlan whose kingdom this really is?


El Ligero VS Dan Moloney!

The Luchador of Leeds may not have done so well against Jordan Devlin, but he looks to get back on track soon enough. Meanwhile, Birmingham’s other bruiser looks to make a comeback of his own. Will hometown advantage help Moloney out? Or will he see The Light pass over him instead?

The bell rings and Moloney pie faces Ligero. Ligero kicks him back, then puts on a headlock. Moloney uses power to lift Ligero but Ligero holds on. Ligero tries a lift but Moloney powers him to the apron. Moloney lets go but misses his sucker punch. Ligero slingshots and dodges Moloney to hit him with a calf kick. Cover, ONE, but Ligero isn’t losing focus. Ligero whips but Moloney reverses. Ligero slides under and jawbreakers back. He tries a headscissor but Moloney blocks with power. Moloney runs into boots and another headscissor! Cover, TWO! Ligero keeps focus while the fans duel, “El Ligero!” “He’s from Leeds!”

Moloney gets up but runs into an uppercut. Ligero boots but Moloney blocks it into a spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Moloney drags Ligero up as fans sing his name like he’s Darth Vader. Moloney drags Ligero into a grounded abdominal stretch, and hammers away on the ribs. He lets go of Ligero to club him on the back. Ligero staggers to a corner but Moloney is on him with a blunt chop. Moloney stalks Ligero to another corner, for a sharper chop! Ligero staggers away while fans taunt with “You’re just the new Sin Cara!” Moloney CHOPS Ligero in another corner, then scoops him for a slam. Moloney climbs up top and leaps, but misses the leg drop! Fans mock him for busting his butt the wrong way, and Ligero boots Moloney away.

Ligero slips out to the apron and then baits Moloney into a corner. Ligero climbs and leaps, seated senton! Fans fire up as Ligero bobs ‘n’ weaves to enziguri Moloney! Ligero runs, rebound sliced bread! Cover, TWO! Moloney manages to survive, but Ligero keeps focus. Fans duel, “El Ligero!” “He’s, from Leeds! He’s he’s from Leeds!” Ligero brings Moloney up and then runs, but Moloney blocks the tilt-o-whirl. Ligero slips out and then tosses Moloney out. He builds speed, to FLY! He takes Moloney down with a graze, then puts Moloney in. Ligero drags Moloney back up, runs and springboards, tornado DDT! Cover, Ligero wins!

Winner: El Ligero, by pinfall

And he’s back on track! The WWE United Kingdom Championship is still on Pete Dunne’s waist, but will the Leeds Luchador find his way towards challenging The Bruiserweight?


Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams VS Zack Gibson & James Drake!

The Bhangra Bad Boy and the Luckyan worked together well but still lost their tag debut. Meanwhile, Liverpool’s Number One and Mr. Mayhem have torn it up for years together as the Grizzled Young Veterans. Will Jordan & Williams turn their luck around? Or will GYV soon run NXT UK’s Tag Team Division?

The teams sort out and Birmingham is clearly against Gibson & Drake. Williams starts with Gibson as fans say “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” Gibson tunes it out and ties up with Williams. Gibson gets the half nelson then the cravat. He shifts to a headlock but Williams pries out to a wristlock. Drake protests enough to distract Williams, Gibson grabs hair to wrangle Williams down into a chinlock. Gibson brings Williams up with a hammerlock and Drake tags in. GYV mug Williams then Drake suplexes. Williams slips out and rolls Drake up, ONE, springboard back elbow! Cover, ONE, but Williams keeps on Drake with body shots.

Tag to Amir, and they work together to double whip Drake. Amir hip tosses Drake and then calls him a loser with an L to the forehead. Amir runs and crossbodies and dropkicks Drake! Cover, TWO! Amir keeps on Drake but Drake gets the headlock. Gibson tags in as Amir powers out. Amir and Gibson both jump over Drake, and Gibson throat chops Amir! Gibson keeps on Amir with forearms, then snapmares him down. He stomps Amir and then puts on a cobra clutch. Fans say “If you hate Gibson, stand up!” and they do! Gibson tunes them out as he trash talks Amir. Drake tags in and the GYV work together to reel Amir out for a forearm smash! Drake covers, TWO! Fans sit down to fit the song now, but Drake keeps on Amir with EuroUppers.

Tag to Gibson and the mugging continues in the corner. The ref reprimands them so they back off, but then Gibson tags Drake back in. Gibson scoop slams Amir, then scoop tosses Drake for a splash. Cover, TWO! Drake rams his knee into Amir’s back and wraps on a chinlock. Fans taunt Gibson and Drake with song but Drake tunes it out just like Gibson. Amir endures even as Drake adds leverage. Fans rally and Amir feeds off the energy. Drake knees low and puts Amir in the corner. Tag to Gibson and the mugging continues. Gibson shoves Amir around while egging him on. Amir swipes at Gibson but gets a dropkick for it. Cover, TWO! Gibson brings Amir around for an armbar suplex! Cover, TWO! Gibson is back on Amir with the cobra clutch.

Fans still taunt Gibson but Gibson thrashes Amir around. Amir gets up but Gibson wrangles him back down. Amir fights his way up but Gibson rocks him with a right. Gibson goes for a tag but Amir stops him with a right! Amir goes up and over but Gibson tackles him down! Tag to Drake and Drake stomps away. Drake rocks Amir with forearms, then runs in corner to corner. Amir dodges and Drake hits buckles! Amir crawls but Gibson tags in first. Gibson lunges but misses, hot tag to Williams! The Luckyan rallies on the Grizzly Young Veterans! Gibson reverses a whip and denies a tilt-o-whirl but not the wheelbarrow facebuster! Cover, TWO!

Drake barks at Williams, so Williams rocks him with a right! Williams goes back to Gibso but Gibson backs him to the corner. Drake tags in and mugs Williams. GYV work together, but Amir comes in to save Williams! Amir and Williams dropkick both opponents out. Williams wrecks them both with a wrecking ball dropkick, then skins the cat to DIVE with Amir! Fans fire up for the high-flyers as they hurry to put Drake back in. Amir keeps on Gibson but Gibson pushes him to steel steps! Williams climbs up but Drake rocks him with a right. Williams slumps down and Drake tags in Gibson. GYV drags Williams up, gutwrench into Ticket to Ride! Cover, Grizzled Young Veterans win!

Winners: James Drake & Zack Gibson, Gibson pinning

The diabolical duo win their first NXT UK match together, much to the disappointment of the fans. The Tag Team Division is growing stronger, will the Grizzled Young Veterans be the team to come out the inaugural champions?


NXT UK GM Johnny Saint heads to the ring!

The British wrestling legend has the UK Women’s Championship in hand, because he wants to be present to present it to the winner of our main event!


NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Toni Storm VS Rhea Ripley!

The Storm and the Riptide collide in a historic match we’ve been waiting weeks for! Both Aussies love to hit hard and rock ‘n’ roll, but only one will get the gold! Who will go down in history as the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion?

“Tonight, we make history.” The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Fans are on Toni’s side as they sing for her already. Toni and Rhea stare down, and Rhea talks trash. Rhea shoves Toni then strikes her pose. Toni fires off forearms! Toni fires off palm strikes and kicks then a boot! Rhea ends up in a corner, Toni hits her hip attack! Rhea slumps out of the ring but Toni takes aim. Toni builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Toni fires up! Rhea is reeling but Toni runs at her. Rhea dodges and Toni collides with the barriers! The ref counts as Rhea stomps a mudhole into Toni against the barriers. Rhea drags Toni up at 5 to shove her into the apron. She refreshes the count at 6 to then swiftly kick Toni in the back.

Toni is wincing and clutching her back as Rhea keeps on her. Rhea puts Toni on the apron then joins her. Rhea refreshes the count again, but Toni fights back with knees. Toni throws forearms and prepares a bomb, but Rhea back drops out! Toni hits the apron edge back first! The referee checks Toni, but Rhea leaves her behind.  Toni refuses to quit, so she must beat the ring count now. The count climbs past 5, and Toni barely gets in at 9! Fans fire up for the heart of Toni, but Rhea keeps on her with a ground ‘n’ pound of forearms. Rhea stomps away, then drags Toni up by her hair. Rhea whips Toni hard into buckles, going after that bad back. She then rams her shoulder into Toni’s stomach, only stopping because of the count.

Rhea throws body shots and forearms, then puts Toni in a new corner. She throws forearms into Toni’s back, then gives another swift kick. Toni is barely able to stand, so Rhea throws her around again. Rhea keeps on Toni with a body scissor squeeze! Fans sing for Toni as she endures. Toni works against the scissors as fans rally up. Toni moves around and throws forearms over and over. Rhea shoves Toni away but Toni comes back with more forearms. But Rhea gets Toni with a shinbreaker! Then the inverted cloverleaf! Toni endures and fans rally up for her again. Rhea wrenches the legs while keeping Toni off the mat. Toni crawls her way and gets a ropebreak! Rhea drops Toni to then kick her in the back!

Rhea brings Toni up but Toni fires haymakers! Toni dodges and goes for a German Suplex, but her back won’t let her. Rhea breaks free to kick low. Rhea suplexes but Toni slips out, and manages a German! Toni holds on for another! Rhea fights out of the waistlock, but gets a headbutt, into the third! Bridging cover, TWO! Rhea survives but both women are down. Fans duel now as Toni stands. Toni runs at Rhea for the shining wizard! Rhea is in the corner again, Toni hits another hip attack! But she keeps going for meteora! Toni drags Rhea out for a cover, TWO! Toni keeps her cool while fans continue to sing. She kicks away on Rhea’s face, then runs, but into Rhea’s dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Rhea grows frustrated but the fans sing “Evolution!” in reference to both the Mae Young Classic Finals and the WWE Women’s (R)Evolution overall. Rhea drags Toni up and whips her into a corner. Toni goes up and over and sends Rhea into the post! Then Toni manages a rolling bodyscissor bridging cover, TWO! Toni’s back might have kept that from working out, but she won’t stop. She double underhooks but Rhea back drops her all the way out of the ring! Rhea sends Toni into the barriers again and again, then back into the ring. Cover, TWO! It was close and Rhea knows it. Rhea drags Toni up and wants the pumphandle, but Toni slips out! Toni manages the underhook, but her back gives out! Rhea gets her again, RIPTIDE! Cover, Rhea Ripley wins!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall; crowned the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion

What a shocker! The Mae Young Classic winner fails to win this UK Women’s Tournament! Instead, the Mosh Pit Kid establishes herself as the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion! Johnny Saint and WWE COO Triple H come in to congratulate Rhea and present her with the belt. The rest of the UK Division also stands on the stage to join the afns in the standing ovation. Rhea is very thankful to them for this opportunity and this honor, and now reigns supreme over the UK Women’s Division! Who will step up to challenge this inaugural reign? Will Toni Storm recover and fight for redemption?



My Thoughts:

Another great double dose right here. Most of Episode 11 was light on development, with a women’s tag match just for fun. Xia and Millie made a great team, it would be really weird if NXT UK was the first of anything in WWE to establish a Women’s Tag Division… Dennis VS Smith was solid, but of course Dennis wins because he needs to look strong if he’s going to use his past friendship with Mark Andrews and/or Pete Dunne for story. I love that the UK fans commit 150% to gags, such as “Jesus” Huxley and “Judas” Conners. Conners wins this first one, but I hope this becomes a feud and Huxley wins in the end as a British parallel to WOKEN Hardy or Bray Wyatt, what with how he talks in vague poetic metaphors and such.

The WWE United Kingdom Championship match was incredible. For just a few moments, I thought Jordan Devlin was going to win, but clearly Pete Dunne is on some kind of British Bruno Sammartino reign. Dunne keeps his title in such an incredible match, both men come out looking strong. If NXT UK ever gets a midcard title the same way NXT US has the North American Championship, Devlin is definitely a guy they can put that on to establish it. Then stories do a great job of blending into Episode 12 as we officially establish British Strong Style VS The Scottish Kingdom. A Six Man Tag between them will be amazing, tag team and singles matches will be amazing, and I expect The Coffey Brothers VS Mustache Mountain to be an NXT UK Tag Team title match while Joe Coffey might even get a shot at Dunne’s UK Championship.

The other parts of Episode 12 were pretty solid, too. El Ligero defeats Dan Moloney to stay strong as a midcard Face. Going back to my point about Devlin, Devlin and Ligero can make for a great UK micard title feud, as we got a sample of it not too long ago. The tag match of Jordan & Williams VS Grizzled Young Veterans was solid, and naturally GYV wins. Gibson & Drake can also establish themselves as a potential tag title contender while also pursuing the singles title. Though if they want to compete with British Strong Style and the Scottish Kingdom, they might need to enlist a third, and I’m not sure who that could be at this point in time.

The Women’s Championship match was incredible, and with a twist ending fans in attendance didn’t expect! It’s been known for weeks that Toni Storm was hurt as part of this match, and more than likely changed plans on the fly. Rhea Ripley gets a huge honor not only pinning this year’s Mae Young Classic winner (which of course wasn’t established until after this match was taped) but also being the inaugural champion. And now that we have a Women’s Champion established, I hope this means the backlog is done and we get back to just one hour of NXT UK and NXT US each.

My Scores – Episode 11: 8.7/10; Episode 12: 8.6/10

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