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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (11/13/18)



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Survivor Series is on the horizon, and again SmackDown laid siege to Raw! Will the Lass Kicker and her Women’s Division be ready for retaliation?



  • Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Jeff Hardy; Hardy wins.
  • Rey Mysterio VS The Miz; Mysterio wins and stays on SmackDown’s 5-Man team.
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Big Show & The Bar; Big Show & The Bar win.
  • WWE Championship: AJ Styles VS Daniel Bryan; Bryan wins and becomes the new WWE Champion.


SmackDown got the jump on Raw!

Just as The Goddess thought she had created the superior team, just as Raw thought it’d prove it was the superior show, BECKY LYNCH got the jump on Ronda Rousey! Then Becky would lead an assault on Team Raw! A brawl would break out, but Ronda would come back for more! The Baddest Woman would wreck everyone with one arm, but a bloodied Becky would turn the tide back with a chair! The Man showed the world who was the baddest, but will SmackDown have to watch their backs?

However, Becky Lynch cannot compete at Survivor Series. That bloody face was accompanied by a broken cheek bone and a severe concussion. The exact moment was when Nia Jax hit her across the face with that right hand. Even so, someone must face the wrath of Ronda, who will be chosen to take the place of the SmackDown Women’s Champion?


AJ Styles heads to the ring!

The Phenomenal One has a battle of his own coming up with The Beast, Brock Lesnar! This will be the second time these two have faced, so Styles is here in St. Louis to speak his mind. “This Sunday at Survivor Series, for the second year in a row, I step foot in the ring with Brock Lesnar.” For 371 days to this very moment, Styles has been champion after facing the very best in the WWE. Every PPV, every live event, Styles has been a workhorse since his first day in WWE. He’s faced dream opponents, nightmare opponents, and he’s defeated them all. All but Brock Lesnar. But Styles gets his second chance. Most don’t survive the first, but Styles will plan on doing more than surviving.

However, Paul Heyman appears from the crowd? Styles says it’s okay to give The Advocate a mic. Heyman gives his usual introduction as the Advocate for the “champion of champions,” Brock Lesnar. And Heyman is here with all due respect because on last night’s Raw, Heyman told the world that there’s no one Lesnar wants to face more than Styles. And the reason why is because when you think of the best in-ring performers in WWE, that’s Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and AJ Styles! But Styles was this close to being the number one, Daniel Bryan. But we know we’ll never get Lesnar VS Bryan, Heyman will not at all imply that Styles is a consolation prize. This is an honor, a privilege and a pleasure for Heyman to be ringside to watch Lesnar be the second greatest performer today.

Styles sees what’s going on. Heyman’s trying to get under Styles’ skin, that’s fine. But Styles has nothing but respect for Daniel Bryan. Always have, always will, but Styles didn’t just beat Bryan, he made Bryan tap out. And Styles didn’t forget last year’s Survivor Series when Lesnar won. But Styles walked up with his head held high on his own two feet. Lesnar limped out. Therefore, Lesnar is vulnerable. For 371 days, Styles has only gotten better. And for 371 days, Lesnar’s just become more vulnerable. Therefore Styles has two ways of winning: pinning, or tapping him out. Sunday won’t be about Lesnar, Bryan but “The Face that Runs the Place, the Champ that Runs the Camp”, AJ Styles! But speaking of Bryan, here he comes! Bryan gets in the ring and gets himself a mic to respond.

“I’m not quite sure why you guys are even talking about me.” Yes, Styles and Bryan had their match, and yes Styles made Bryan tap out. No excuses here. But Bryan told Styles that he does respect him, and he meant it. But Bryan also said he was looking for a reason to punch him, and he meant that, too. So how about this? If Styles brings Bryan up again for no reason, Bryan will punch Styles in the face. Thank you and good night. Styles wants Bryan to wait. Heyman brought Bryan up. And if Bryan’s still upset, what happened to hugging it out? So if someone asked Styles about the best wrestlers he was ever in the ring with, he’s not allowed to say “Daniel Bryan”? Bryan fires off on Styles!

They brawl back and forth, but Shane hurries out to stop them! Referees and security back him up, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Shane shouts for Styles and Bryan to calm down, but Bryan lunges at Styles! The refs keep them apart again and Shane shouts at Bryan to calm down. Bryan glares at Styles from the ropes, but this fight seems to only go on pause. When and where will Bryan get another shot at Styles?


Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan argue backstage!

SmackDown GM Paige does her best to keep the peace, but then Styles barges in! The fight almost erupts again, but Shane keeps the two fired up superstars apart. Things finally cool off long enough for Shane to say that if these two want at each other so bad, they can do it tonight! For the title!! Will Bryan go from being SmackDown co-captain to the man facing Brock Lesnar?!


Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Jeff Hardy!

El Idolo lost last week, but to the King of Lucha Libre, so he really shouldn’t feel too bad about that. Can he spring back and defeat the Charismatic Enigma? Or will El Idolo already be rendered OBSOLETE?

The bell rings and Almas goes right at Hardy with kicks! Almas has Hardy on the ropes, then he throws him into a corner for more stomps. Vega likes what she sees but wants Almas to keep on him. Almas gives more stomps to Hardy and Hardy flounders. Almas stands him up for a CHOP, then knees. Hardy hits back and gives a chop of his own, then the jawbreaker. Hardy thrwos Almas to ropes but Almas and Vega just double Tranquilo. Almas taunts Hardy so Hardy kicks Almas out! Vega checks on her client as we go picture in picture.

Vega coaches Almas back up but Hardy is waiting for him with an ax handle. Hardy throws Almas into barriers, then into more barriers. Almas writhes but Hardy puts him back in the ring. Vega distracts Hardy with trash talk, but Hardy says she’s OBSOLETE! Hardy rushes past Vega but into Almas’ ax handles. Almas stomps away on Hardy, then brings him up by his hair for a knee. Almas runs to dropkick Hardy down, covers, TWO! Vega is frustrated for Almas but she tells him to keep focus. Almas grabs a leg and goes to turn Hardy. Hardy stands and throws hands to then hit the back kick!

Almas ends up in a corner, but boots away the Hardyac arrest! Cover, TWO! Almas has Hardy’s arm and wrenches, putting a knee into Hardy’s side. Hardy endures and gets back up. Almas pulls his hair and brings Hardy back down. Hardy continues to endure and fights back with haymakers. Almas wrenches more, and brings Hardy back to his knees. Hardy gets back up and fights back again. Almas knees low, then runs, but into a slingblade! Both Hardy and Almas are down as Vega shouts. Hardy and Almas slowly stir and stand. Almas swings but Hardy counter punches, and counter punches, and counter punches.

Hardy gets an edge with haymaker after haymaker, but Almas reverses the whip. Hardy comes back with forearms! Then the takedown to leg splitting leg drop! Dropkick added, cover, TWO! Vega is relieved, but she still worries for Almas. Hardy says “DELETE! DELETE!” and fans join in. Hardy kicks low but Almas denies the Twist. Almas runs into an elbow, Hardy climbs, but Almas sweeps the legs! Hardy is stuck in the Tree of Woe, so Almas goes up and hits the woe stomps! He drags Hardy out for a cover, TWO!! Hardy survives and Vega is shocked. She shouts “How is that possible?!” but she still coaches Almas.

Almas sits Hardy in the corner, runs corner to corner, and hits CIEN KNEES! But he doesn’t stop there, he drags Hardy out and up, but Hardy small packages! TWO, and Almas kicks low! Almas drags Hardy up again, but Hardy kicks. Almas slips out of the Twist, then gets Hardy with the boot feint to back elbow! Then a shove for a cover, TWO! Vega is furious, but Almas drags Hardy up again. He gets the facelock and hammerlock, but Hardy back drops him off. Twist of Fate! Hardy heads up top, Swanton Bomb! Cover, Hardy wins!

Winner: Jeff Hardy, by pinfall

The Enigma survives El Idolo, but neither man is headed to Survivor Series. Will Hardy have a title match waiting for him on the other side of Sunday?


Paige and The Miz watch backstage.

The SmackDown co-captain realizes he’s THE captain since Daniel Bryan is no longer on the team. Yes, and therefore he gets to choose Bryan’s replacement. This day keeps getting better. First The Marine 6 is out on digital, DVD and Blu-ray, and now Miz is the only captain. Hardy looked great against Almas, so Bryan’s replacement is… Jeff Hardy!

As for the rest of Team SmackDown, Mysterio is OFF the team. Paige speaks up, but Miz says that Bryan is gone and so is his pick. The stench of Bryan is all over this team, and it smells like… Coconut oil? That’s Samoa Joe. Paige points out that she is SmackDown GM. If Miz wants Mysterio off the team, he has to beat him in a match. And that match, is next. Really? Really. Can THE Captain get his way with a win?


Backstage interview with Shinsuke Nakamura!

The United States Champion faces the Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins, at Survivor Series. But Nakamura couldn’t hear the introduction, he was listening to his music. How does Nakamura plan on beating a man he’s never faced before? Well last night Rollins said he wasn’t worried about Nakamura. That breaks Nakamura’s heart. All Nakamura could think about is Rollins, he’s “Obsessed with Seth”, he dreams of Seth. And yet, Seth isn’t thinking about Shin? That breaks his heart. So now at Survivor Series, Nakamura breaks Seth’s face!


Rey Mysterio VS The Miz!

Whether Daniel Bryan becomes WWE Champion tonight or not, The Hollywood A-Lister now has full control of his team! Well, not exactly, as the Glampire in Chief won’t let him just kick someone off the team. Can The Miz beat the King of Lucha Libre to kick him out? Or will Mysterio dial up the 619 in the 314?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Miz gets a waistlock then a roll up, ONE, so he kicks Mysterio low. Miz snapmares and rolls Mysterio again, ONE. He tries a sunset flip now but Mysterio rolls through to kick! Miz ducks it to roll Rey up again, but Rey rolls through. The two stand off and fans applaud. Even Miz applauds Mysterio, but then tries a sucker punch. Mysterio dodges and elbows, but Miz reverses the whip. Mysterio goes up and over to wheelbarrow, then bulldog! Cover, TWO! Mysterio kicks Miz now, but Miz shoves him back. Mysterio slides under and kicks Miz, but MIz comes back with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Miz wraps on a chinlock and keeps Mysterio grounded.

Mysterio endures, stands up and fights out. Miz knees low, then shoves Mysterio, but Mysterio comes back with a kick. Mysterio tilt-o-whirl headscissors Miz out then wrecks him with a dropkick. Mysterio builds speed, sliding splash, onto knees! Miz has Mysterio in a vulnerable state while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Miz has Mysterio on the top rope. Mysterio fights Miz off and sends him down. Mysterio then adjusts and leaps, seated senton! He keeps moving, pushing Miz but Miz sunset flips. Mysterio rolls through and hits the buzzsaw! Cover, TWO! Mysterio keeps on Miz with a whip, but Miz reverses again. Miz misses his clothesline but ducks the crossbody to hit a DDT! Cover, TWO! Miz grows frustrated but fans rally up for Mysterio. Miz drags Mysterio up for a powerbomb, and uses the ropes to rebound for the sit-out! Cover, TWO!! Mysterio survives and Miz grows further frustrated. Fans rally up with “6 1 9! 6 1 9!” Miz runs but Mysterio ducks the boot to kick back. Mysterio runs, wheelbarrow, but Miz gest the full nelson! Mysterio pops out and puts Miz on the ropes! Then, 619!!

Mysterio heads to a corner, frog splash onto knees! Cover, TWO!! Miz can’t believe he didn’t get Mysterio. Mysterio surprises Miz with a crucifix cover, Mysterio wins!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, by pinfall; remains on Team SmackDown

The King of Lucha proves he’s worthy, and continues towards Survivor Series! Can The Miz put this loss aside so that the team wins against Raw?

But wait, Randy Orton rushes the ring! Mysterio is ready this time and dodges the RKO! Enziguri rocks Orton, and Orton bumps into Miz. So RKO for Miz! Mysterio gets away from The Viper, and it seems very clear who Orton’s new target is. Will Orton patiently wait for Survivor Series to be over? Or will his hunt ruin SmackDown’s chances of defeating Raw?


Security stands on high alert.

Given what SmackDown did to Raw, Paige and Shane expect retaliation. Will Team Red return the favor for the Relent-Lass attack?


Paige is in the ring!

The SmackDown GM wishes to bring out her Women’s Division. First, The Queen, Charlotte Flair! Charlotte was offered the position of team captain, but she has yet to officially accept. Second, the Ravishing Russian, Lana! Third, the FABULOUS Princess, Carmella! Fourth, the IIconics, Billie Kay & Peyton Royce! Fifth, the Gladiator, Sonya Deville! Sixth, the Golden Mandy Rose! Seventh, the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka! Eighth, the Glow incarnate, Naomi!

The entire locker room is now present, but why? Last night, Becky sustained a severe concussion in that fight. She cannot compete this Sunday, and Becky will choose for herself the replacement to face Ronda. So please welcome SmackDown Women’s Champion and “The Man”, Becky Lynch! The Straight Fire heads to the ring, proudly holding up her title and showing off that shiner from Nia Jax. Becky joins everyone in the ring, picks up a mic, and hears out the fans chanting her name.

Becky thanks St. Louis for the praise, but she is angry as hell right now. She took a good beating, but that’s never stopped her before. However, the medical team won’t clear Becky for Survivor Series. So Becky angrily knocked on doors for anyone to say “yes”, but there’s just not time. Last night, that invasion gave Becky a taste of blood when she beat the hell out of half that Raw locker room, and had Ronda screaming in pain. Make no doubts about it, that was just a taste of what we would’ve gotten. And take her word, that even with a broken face and a severe concussion, Becky would kick Ronda’s ass. Fans definitely don’t doubt it.

Becky does apologize that she can’t finish this what she started, yet. Because Ronda isn’t the Baddest Bitch, she’s the luckiest. But all that said, Becky must choose a replacement. Someone we all know can get the job done. Everyone expects it to be “WOO~”, Charlotte Flair. But Becky looks at Sonya, at Naomi, Lana, and Asuka. She also looks at Mandy, at Carmella, but then goes all the way back to Charlotte. “Go beat Ronda the way I was gonna beat Ronda. Go make her tap out the way I was gonna make her tap out.” They then shake hands, and even hug! Becky and Charlotte may be on tense terms, but they both understand what it takes to be the best. Will Charlotte finish what Becky started? And who replaces Charlotte on the Women’s Team?


Backstage interview with Charlotte.

An emotional moment with her biggest frenemy, how does it feel to be her replacement against Ronda? Charlotte has spent half her career fighting against Becky, then she fought alongside Becky, and now she’ll fight for Becky! It will be Charlotte’s honor when The Queen beats Ronda to prove SmackDown is THE superior brand!


Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Big Show & The Bar!

Awww~ St. Louie! Don’t you dare be sour, clap for this truly colossal clash and feel~ the power~! Ya bois may be joining The Usos in that 10v10 Tag Team Division Elimination match, but they still want to get even with The Swiss Cyborg and The Celtic Gladiator and the World’s Largest Athlete! Can Kofi, Xavier & Big E bring massive momentum with them to take on Team Raw? Or will the SmackDown Tag Team Champions be ready for the Authors of Pain?

The bell rings and Sheamus starts with Kofi. Sheamus gets a headlock but Kofi powers out, only for Sheamus to run him over. Sheamus gets moving, and he catches Kofi. Kofi sunset flips, ONE! Kofi kicks low then tags in Woods, the hit the kick, the sliding lariat, the elbow drop and elbow drop! Big E tags in, and he adds the Big Splash with Woods’ leg drop. Cover, TWO! Big E brings Sheamus up but Woods tags. Woods throws hands, but Sheamus kicks low. Tag to Cesaro, Woods kicks low. Woods whips but Cesaro reverses. Cesaro runs into a boot, but catches the Honor Roll. He brings Woods over, and Big Show tags in! The Big Show CHOPS Woods, then again. Show throws in his big backside to squish Woods, then drags him up to CHOP him down! We go picture in picture as Show brings Woods over.

Tag to Sheamus, and Sheamus clubs away. Tag to Cesaro, and The Bar mugs Woods. Cesaro puts Woods in a grounded keylock, and wrenches the arm again and again. Woods endures, gets to his feet as fans rally up, but Cesaro tags Sheamus. Sheamus kicks Woods, and they whip Woods for The Bar Lariat. Cover, TWO! Sheamus keeps on Woods with a half nelson and shifts to a keylock. Fans rally again as Woods endures. Sheamus wrenches more, and even stands over Woods. Woods feeds off the fan energy and gets up. We return to single picture as Woods fights back and uses a jawbreaker! Sheamus tags Cesaro and anchors Woods, as Cesaro boots Kofi! The Bar double whip and double backbreaker! Cover, but Big E breaks it! Sheamus knees Big E out, then Big Show goes around to throw Big E into barriers!

The Bar soak up the heat as fans boo and jeer. Cesaro brings Woods up and trash talks. He puts Woods in the corner but Woods hits Sheamus! Woods fights back but Cesaro tags Sheamus. Sheamus suplexes but Woods slips out, only to get a knee trigger! Sheamus puts Woods on the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Woods holds on and fights back. He shoves Sheamus down, then leaps for a missile dropkick! Both men are down and fans rally. Tag to Cesaro, tag to Kofi! Kofi springboards and rallies on The Bar! He dropkicks Cesaro then leaps, but Cesaro puts him in a corner. Cesaro hits a European Uppercut and whips corner to corner, but runs into Kofi’s swinging kick! Kofi climbs up quick, and leaps for a crossbody! Cover, but Sheamus breaks it.

Big E goes to throw Sheamus out but Sheamus puts him on the apron to then BROGUE him off! Woods dodges Sheamus but Show drags him out, to throw him into the desk! Trouble in Paradise for Sheamus! But Cesaro small packages, TWO! SOS!! TWO!! Kofi keeps on Cesaro, but the Trouble in Paradise gets caught. Tag to Show, Cesaro catapults Kofi but Kofi lands on the corner. Kofi springboards, but into the Knockout Punch! Show covers, his team wins!

Winners: The Big Show & The Bar, Big Show pinning

With The Giant on their side, The Bar put the New Day away. Will they also do the same to Akam & Rezar at Survivor Series?


The SmackDown Tag Team Division waits backstage.

The Usos being team captains, they come in and tell them all that this Sunday is about survival. The teams here all have beef, but that needs to be put aside for the brand. Jimmy & Jey know The Colons will do this for La Familia. They know The Club, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson will be too mean, too vicious and #TooSweet. That’s for life. And the Usos know SAnitY will bring the chaos. “United we’ll purge.” There’s one thing that every tag team can agree on, it’s unity. Sunday is Lockdown, as Raw gets put in the SmackDown Penitentiary!


WWE Championship: AJ Styles VS Daniel Bryan!

Call it The Advocate stirring things up, call it the last straw, call it long overdue, but the respect between these two is gone and now it’s a fight! Who will hold the title and go on to face The Beast at Survivor Series?!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin. The two go at each other and Styles puts Bryan in a corner for shoulder after shoulder to the stomach. Styles backs off but Bryan goes after him with kick after kick. Bryan whips but Styles reverses, but Bryan kicks him. Bryan runs but Styles throws him up and out! Styles aims, slingshots, and hits a forearm! The Phenomenal One has control while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Bryan has Styles in a corner. Bryan throws punch after punch, but backs off at 5. He comes back for kick after kick, but Styles catches one to elbow the knee and hamstring! Then Styles drops a knee on Bryan’s knee! Styles stalks Bryan and goes after the leg. He stomps away on the leg, then yanks it. Bryan slowly stands, Styles grabs the leg, but Bryan enziguris! Styles staggers, Bryan runs in but into boots. Styles springboards but Bryan trips him up! The Phenomenal One crashes and burns off the apron! But Bryan won’t let him rest, he goes after Styles to wrench the arm and throw the shoulder into a post! Bryan refreshes the count to do it all over again! He puts Styles in the ring and focuses on the arm with a shoulder breaker!

Styles writhes now, clutching his arm. Bryan grabs that arm again for more torture. Styles throws hands, but Bryan won’t let go. Bryan drags Styles into a drop toehold, then kicks out the arm! Bryan covers, TWO, but he’s right on that arm. He wrenches the arm into a hammerlock, for a stomp! Styles writhes but Bryan shows no mercy as he gives a kick tot he back! Cover, TWO! Bryan keeps his cool as he drags Styles back up. Styles hits with forearms and gets free, but Bryan comes back with his own forearms. They brawl now back and forth as fans duel. Styles hits the Phenomenal Blitz, then runs in at the corner for a clothesline! He whips corner to corner but Bryan goes up and over. Bryan hobbles but gets speed, double crossbodies collide! Both men are down and we go to another break!

SmackDown returns again, Styles is again in a corner. Bryan runs in corner to corner, and hits the dropkick! Bryan puts Styles on the top rope, then climbs up, for a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO! Bryan keeps moving, and heads up top again. Styles is far away but Bryan still takes aim. Styles gets up and over to trip Bryan up! Now Styles climbs, but they brawl. Bryan sends Styles down, but a BIG Pele just gets Bryan! Styles climbs up again, but Bryan slips under to shove him forward! Bryan climbs up behind Styles to bring him into the Tree of Woe. Bryan fires off Yes Kicks! Fans duel as Bryan goes corner to corner, for a basement dropkick! Then he sits Styles up and climbs up, Bryan gives Styles a SUPER BACK SUPLEX! The two crash down, and Bryan crawls to a cover, TWO!!

Bryan stands up as fans duel. He waits for Styles, and he gives more Yes Kicks. Styles ducks the buzzsaw, roll up, TWO! He has the Clash ready! But Bryan fights out with his good leg! Bryan gives Styles EuroUppers, but Styles hits back. Styles hops up but those legs almost give out. Bryan gets Styles on his shoulders in the Electric Chair, but Styles fights back. Styles victory rolls, cover, TWO! Bryan swings but misses, and gets a PELE! Styles hurries to the apron while Bryan is down. Styles springboards, for a 450! Onto knees! Bryan gets the Yes Lock!! Styles reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Bryan lets Styles go, but he’s up and ready. Fans chant “YES! YES!” with Bryan, and Bryan runs at Styles, but into a dropkick to the legs! Styles grabs the leg, for the Calf Crusher!

Bryan moves around but rolls it over to an armbar! Styles keeps his hands together, but ends up in the Yes Lock! Styles shifts around, gets the legs, and catapults Bryan into buckles! Bryan stands up, Styles runs in, but Bryan puts him on the apron. Styles hits Bryan away, then springboards, Phenomenal Forearm hits the ref! Bryan dodged, then low blows Styles?! The ref didn’t’ see it, so Bryan gets away with it! Fans boo but Bryan doesn’t care. He glares at Styles as Styles gasps for air. Styles stands, Knee Plus!! Cover, BRYAN WINS!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by pinfall; NEW WWE Champion

The Goat is again champion, but why this way?! He may not respect Styles anymore, but where did his honor go?! He even kicks and stomps Styles more!! Bryan keeps going after Styles, but why?! Fans are torn, but Bryan sure seems certain of one thing: He’s finally champion again. Will this shocking change be the key to SmackDown taking the Survivor Series score?



My Thoughts:

What a wild SmackDown for the go-home! Some of it was disappointing, but much of this was unexpected. I thought SmackDown was going to open with the Women’s Division story, but as we know, Becky Lynch did get legitimately hurt so there won’t be anything we had hoped for tonight or at Survivor Series. I am impressed by Becky for still fighting in that brawl after getting busted open and concussed. However, bad luck and timing means we’ll have to wait. But it was an interesting choice to go through with Ronda VS Charlotte now, that will perhaps be our glimpse forward to the heavily speculated and rumored Wrestlemania match. Who knows if we’ll ever get Becky VS Ronda, but maybe that moderate turn on Becky’s part gets us back towards Horsewomen VS Horsewomen.

While The New Day VS The Bar + Big Show was a great match, this and how the SmackDown Tag Team Division team was literally just the SmackDown Tag Team Division shows how useless that 10v10 match is now. Raw’s battle royal was almost useless, as almost everyone in it goes to the PPV. Making the 10v10 match matter means making the qualifiers matter. Throw in the champions as captains, then make the other four spots up for grab. Then we’d have a great situation where The Authors of Pain are leading, say, The Revival, The Ascension, Roode & Gable and even Lucha House Party while The Bar, The Usos, The New Day and then two other teams decided in some sort of Triple Threat Tag. But given all that, I expect SmackDown’s 10-Man team to win.

Mysterio VS Miz was great, I liked the story excuse that Miz was trying to kick Mysterio out. Naturally Mysterio stays because he needs to stay strong, and it’s great for Hardy to get his second chance to go. Orton obviously wants after Mysterio, I think this will lead to TLC. Then story of the night, Styles VS Bryan as provoked by Heyman, was incredible. Kayfabe Heyman said all that to make things easier for Brock Lesnar. Either Styles retains but is banged up, or Bryan wins and he’s actually easier for Lesnar to beat, in Lesnar’s mind. And it was definitely shocking to see Bryan win, as a Heel! It’s been a long time since Bryan’s been the bad guy, but maybe such an edge will be needed to beat The Beast. Then win or lose, Bryan and Styles can have a violent TLC match at the TLC PPV.

My Score: 8.5/10

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