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Chasing Glory


Press Release: Mojo Rawley Talks His Spot In WWE & More On Chasing Glory

Mojo Rawley guests on an all new Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia!

The following press release was sent along to The Chairshot today for this week’s newest episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, featuring special guest Mojo Rawley discussing his current spot in WWE and more:

Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia
Special Guest:
Mojo Rawley

This week on “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia,” Lilian sits down with WWE Superstar, Mojo Rawley. In this episode, Mojo talks about growing up in Virginia with his siblings and find out how he was able to intern at Morgan Stanley at only 11 years old. Mojo shares why it was so important for him to focus on academics but also developing his athletic career in high school and college. He talks all about her struggles and challenges playing football for the University of Maryland and why he learned to take matters into his own hands which included getting a contract from two different NFL teams after going undrafted. Learn about Mojo’s transition from football to the WWE and why he felt like an outside during his first days at NXT. Mojo also gives you an in-depth exclusive behind the scenes look of his time with Zack Ryder as the Hype Bros as he tells the listeners why it worked and why it didn’t work. Hear why it’s pivotal to be confident and unique to succeed in the WWE and how he’s preparing for his life after pro wrestling. All this and so much more. It’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Mojo Rawley.

Listen to the full episode on and on YouTube.

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