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The Good, Bad and Ugly: WWE Raw 11/19/2018



Bayley Tamina WWE Raw

The Chairshot’s resident post-show review is expanding as WWE Raw gets the Good/Bad/Ugly assessment!

Well it was bound to happen, let’s start giving the Good, Bad and Ugly treatment to Monday Night Raw!  Honestly, my cynical side may be prevalent tonight, if it is anything like the usual post PPV Raw!  But things happen sometimes, let’s see if tonight’s the night.

First off, I hate the opening promo 90% of the time.  So I never look forward to it, even though it technically sets the pace for the night.  Baron Corbin doesn’t help this matter what so ever, and as much as I love Stephanie McMahon, promos are not her strong suit.  Apparently Braun Strowman agreed and came down to settle the score with Baron Corbin.    Braun has some good stuff ahead, after he kills Baron Corbin in a TLC Match he gets Lesnar at the Rumble.  Wow!  “Welcome to Monday Night Braun!”


Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin vs. Braun Strowman, Elias, and Finn Balor (Elimination Match)

Bobby Lashley is impressive as a heel.  It suits him well.  I also have become a big Drew McIntyre fan.  There are some top caliber talent opening up the action tonight.  Hell we even got to walk with Elias!  Our broadcast had an insane amount of commercials which really killed the vibe.  I wasn’t hating what I saw of the action early on.  McIntyre continues to impress me, Balor worked very well with him.  Bobby Lashley’s new found aggression is refreshing.  This was a Good showcase of some of the Top Prospects to make a title run.  I like the moxie.

Elias really came out hot, and people just love him.  McIntyre Claymores Balor out of the match!  Elias then took a ton of punishment by his opponents.  Great action, Elias really works hard out there, it’s no wonder he is popular.  Also have to love the heel move of isolating and beating down Strowman outside the ring keeping him out of action.  Lio Rush added some flash to the pan as well.  Elias was counted out by a Bobby Lashley Spear.  3 on 1 Braun Strowman vs Everyone Else, and would we have it any other way.

Strowman really got pounded and just when he gained he was beaten by McIntyre with a chair.  Braun was helplessly beaten.  No one saw that coming.  He was a bloody mess.  The beating was overkill but overall I liked it.  It was almost an hour long, but overall Good Opening.  No winner really.  But Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley raised their arms in victory.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax

This match is exactly what the Good, Bad and Ugly are all about.  It’s always good to see Bayley, Nia Jax is such a bad guy (girl) right now, and anytime Tamina wrestles, it is just Ugly in there.  She is just not WWE caliber talent.  I respect her background and family but for real, she is tough to watch wrestle.  The match itself was good.  Alexa Bliss is always a great addition, on broadcast or otherwise.

Sasha and Bayley were sharp tonight.  I also will never get sick of the crowd booing Nia Jax.  It seems that she is loving it also.  Even after putting up a good fight, Nia Jax ended up being to much picking up the win.  This match didn’t blow anyone away but it was enjoyable.  In this age, enjoyable is Good.

Lucha House Party vs. The Revival (Lucha House Rules 3 vs. 2)

We have some major talent on here.  Fast high flying lucha antics versus pure grit and hammering power of the Revival.  The Revival is very entertaining and I hope to see a push coming up.  They would be great Tag Team Champions.  It was a quick match, but did the job. It wasn’t perfect but Good enough, and certainly not bad.  Lucha House Party Wins.

Natalya vs. Ruby Riott w The Riott Squad

Natalya had some swagger tonight and it was noticed.  Ruby Riott is immensely talented, and I would love to see her have more and more air time. They told a decent story, and it was pretty textbook overall.  Not bad.  Except for the excessively long ridiculous amounts of commercials now and throughout the night.  The match had it’s moments and again overall it was not Bad.  Ruby Riott did some unique moves that got my attention.  Natalya wins with a reverse roll up!


Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose Promos

Seth Rollins vs Ambrose is fantastic for business and of course you have to hype it on Raw.  Both guys are extremely over.  Overall this promo was predictable and nothing spectacular.  Some plugs, some heat. The crowd was pretty much over it with “What” Chants.  And after a lot of talking and a typical Let’s Go Right Now deal, we got nothing.  Just a pre-taped video and a flat disappointment.

Rollins put on the chase to bring up a to be continued type of feeling and some fake-o tough guy fighting with Rollins.  Man these promos can be Bad.  This continued on throughout the night not impressing anyone no matter how “funny” the Lunatic is.  We finally at the end of the night had Ambrose in the ring.  Nothing unexpected came of this as we thought Seth Rollins left, said no one ever.  Of course he didn’t leave.  They fought, Ambrose Wins! The End, fade to Black.   I enjoyed the Piss jokes a lot more.  What is that smell? It’s this promo.

Rowdy Ronda Rousey Promo

I am enjoying the mixed reaction to her.  She isn’t as over as she once was but that makes me like her more.  She got killed yesterday, and came out tonight shows some guts.  You know she is hurt.  Becky Lynch is so over that Ronda Rousey is getting hated on!  I liked the Fire behind her words.  She had a lot of heart and feeling.  It was one of her better promos.  Then, it just went to far to long.

We had some awkwardness.  Some weird stuff about sickness and in health.  This lead to an open challenge which Baron Corbin ruined because that is what he does.  This somewhat waste of time was Bad.  I will not “in good conscience” sit here and tell you otherwise.  This will lead to a match tonight with Rousey, which is interesting depending on who gets the shot.

Non Title Match:  Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs. Raw Tag Team Champions AOP w Drake Maverick

Bobby Roode is so freaking talented.  I am not happy with his current situation.  Taking nothing away from Gable, Roode shouldn’t be in a tag team currently and should be a more serious singles contender.  AOP is really tough to watch.  They are pure brutes and I respect that, but they are sloppy sometimes in there.  “AOPeePee” is pretty good, for a cheesy chant.  The high spots were Roode’s involvement which lead to a genuine upset Gable picks up the roll up Win!  The ramifications of winning against the champs mean something great is to come for them.  However the match was Bad no matter the outcome.


Raw Women’s Championship Match Rowdy Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Mickie James

Although Mickie James has a long impressive history she doesn’t always do very well out there.  We have seen some pretty awkward situations with her work.  Rousey has her fair share of botches as well.  The striking in this match were horrendous.  They just kept on going, miscues, more horrible striking.  This was a train-wreck.  Ugly waste of a time, Ronda Rousey Wins!  Anyone surprised?  Then to make matters worse a worthless standoff leading to nowhere to finish this piece of work between Tamina, Nia and Rousey.

To be honest, and I always am, it wasn’t all bad, in fact it was a better Raw than there has been in recent memory.  I will be for the foreseeable future telling you my Good, Bad and Ugly for both Raw and Smackdown so come back tomorrow and see how Smackdown fairs.  Thank you for reading, please comment, like, and share!

Final Tally

  • Good – 4
  • Bad – 3
  • Ugly – 1

What did you think of this week’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 4/19/2019

Impact Wrestling’s penultimate show leading toward Rebellion! Andrew goes through the show and lends his analysis! How was the show?



Impact Wrestling’s penultimate show leading toward Rebellion! Andrew goes through the show and lends his analysis!

Scarlett and Fallah debut as a tag team today! Tessa and Gail’s story continues to bubble up and Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake get their shots at the Tag Team titles!

The whole oVe story and Rich Swann continues as Tommy Dreamer apparently is getting sacrificed to Madman Fulton. Are we about to watch a murder?



  • Scarlett Bordeaux & Fallah Bahh vs Desi Hit Squad: Scarlett wins via Tandem Banzai Drop – * 1/2
  • Moose vs Dez: Dez wins via Body Scissors Cradle – ** 1/4
  • Madman Fulton vs Tommy Dreamer: Fulton wins via Lifting Reverse STO – ** 1/2
  • Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie: Rayne wins via Roll-Up – N/A
  • IMPACT Tag Team Titles: Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake vs Lucha Bros (c): Lucha Bros retain via Spike Fear Factor – ***



Okay let’s be serious for a minute. This wasn’t a great match, but it was entertaining. The crowd enjoyed singing along to Scarlett’s music, Fallah did most of the work since the Hit Squad didn’t want to interact with Scarlett at first. Amusing spot was after Raj got hit with a Stink Face from Scarlett, Rohit pulled him out and sat in the corner asking for the Scarlett Stink Face. They pulled the bait and switch since she told him to close his eyes. Scarlett jumps on Fallah’s back and Tandem Banzai drop with Scarlett pinning Raj was the finish. It was amusing, not a great match, but told a story and was entertaining.

A couple backstage segments with Lucha Bros and Eli & Eddie hyping the tag match. Eddie is still imbalanced singing “We are the three best friends” song, of course referencing Kenny the kendo stick as the third.

The final leg of Moose’s revenge against the Rascalz. Moose took the match lightly, and controlled the majority of the match. Lawn Darting Dez into the corner was cool. Hell Dez tried to do a Dragonrana on the outside, Moose caught him smooth as butter and then smashed his head into the steps, before throwing him into the other Rascalz. After rolling him back in, the other Rascalz get involved for the first time and allow Dez to roll through with a Body Scissors into a Cradle.

After the match we see Rosemary and Kiera Hogan arguing. Kiera says as long as there’s two of them, two of them will fight Su Yung. So Rosemary proceeds to beat the crap out of Kiera and choke her with the chain leash that held the Bunny before she was killed in the Undead Realm. Yes, I know what I just wrote.

GWN Flashback Match: Tag Team Title 5150 Street Fight: LAX vs OGz, Slammiversary 7/22/2018

After the flashback we get a decent length segment of Tessa going to one of Robert Irvine’s restaurants where she runs down Gail, says she’s most famous for screwing a famous chef. Then she proceeds to terrorize different people all while looking for Robert Irvine. She doesn’t find him, has some interesting lines, and she sells things well. Not everyone acts well in the segment, but it wasn’t completely awful. A few amusing moments.

Not really sure why Madman and Dreamer are in a non-Hardcore match. It’s an alright match. Dreamer gets most of his offense in when Fulton takes too long to go to his next move. After hitting the DDT, Dreamer goes out to get a kendo stick…in a normal match, misses and Fulton hits a Reverse Lifting STO (think Corbin’s End of Days). Not sure what Fulton is calling it, but that was the end. Then a brawl between oVe and the rest of Dreamer’s little rag tag team of Willie Mack and Rich Swann.

Taya ran down Canada, said she wasn’t gonna do the match, but Madison jumped her before she could leave. Then after surviving the initial flurry, Taya tries to powder out, but Jordynne Grace throws her back in. Taya is mad and distracted, School Girl Roll-Up. So nothing to rate, but I guess this is comeuppance for one half of the douchey championship couple.

Interesting match even though it felt to be less than 10 minutes long. Lucha Bros start fast and spotty, but eventually Eddie and Eli slow it down. LAX tries to cost Lucha Bros the match, but they fail. Eddie tries to throw Kenny to Eli, but Eli misses. Eddie gets wiped out and they pin Eli with the Spike Fear Factor. Afterwards Eli turns on Eddie and beats him with Kenny.


Overall Score: 6/10

Above average. Not a bad show, but it definitely felt like an episode to try and put more focus on the smaller stories. Lance Storm getting involved in the main event story does add a little more star power. Given that D’Amore insulted Cage before the confrontation, it makes me wonder where management’s feelings lie.

So again, the show wasn’t exactly a blow away, but there were plenty of entertaining moments. Ideally next week should finish the hype for Rebellion, and I’m really hoping Rebellion returns to the good wrestling form that Redemption and Slammiversary had last year.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Carol: Is Lacey Evans The Right Opponent For Becky Lynch?

Lacey may have The Woman’s Right, but is she the right opponent for Becky? Carol explores the question.



Lacey may have The Woman’s Right, but is she the right opponent for Becky? Carol explores the question.

It’s been one week since Becky Lynch won both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships at WrestleMania. But Lynch doesn’t have time to rest because she’s getting ready to defend her titles against Lacey Evans.

Evans being the championship contender has caused mixed reactions with fans.

So I have to wonder, is Lacey the right contender for Becky Lynch?

I can see why fans are upset with Evans being Becky’s first opponent. Since Becky is the top star of the women’s division and fans would expect her first title defense to be with another big star such as Sasha Banks or Bayley.

I can see Becky feuding with someone like Sasha or Bayley, but their match would be saved for a bigger PPV such as SummerSlam. In the meantime, Becky will have to be put in a filler feud and Lacey Evans is her first opponent.

I don’t watch NXT so I’m not familiar with Lacey’s in-ring work, although I do know about her gimmick. Since arriving on the main roster, Lacey hasn’t competed much in the ring. The only thing she does is walk down the ramp like a runway model in the middle of a match.

This past Monday on RAW, Lacey competed in her first match on the main roster when she fought Natalya.  While the match was short, it did give the WWE Universe a chance to see Lacey’s wrestling ability. Lacey showed that she has a lot of strength when it comes to wrestling, but is that enough to make her a worthy championship contender.

Reports say that WWE views her as a future star in the women’s division. She fits the mold of WWE’s women wrestlers, so it’s not surprising they want to push her. But are they pushing her too fast by having her challenge Becky Lynch for the Women’s Championships?

It would be best to slowly build up Lacey’s character until she’s able to prove why she’s championship caliber. But at the same time, a Becky Lynch feud could be just the thing to get the WWE Universe interested in the wrestler.

Becky’s the biggest star of the women’s division and anyone who has a feud with her is sure to gain a lot of attention. If WWE is adamant about making Lacey a star, a championship match with Lynch could be thing to get her push started.

While some fans are hesitant about Lacey Evans and Becky Lynch’s feud, this is a big opportunity for both ladies.

For Evans, she’ll have to prove to fans and WWE officials that she has what it takes to be a big star in the women’s division. As for Lynch, she’s worked hard to earn her spot as the top star in WWE. After a successful win at WrestleMania, she’s going to have to continue her momentum going to keep her spot as champion and leader of the women’s division.

Of course, WWE’s booking will play an important role in this feud. But if booked right, Lacey and Becky could both come out of this feud looking strong.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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