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Keith Lee WWE NXT Takeover


What Is NXT Doing With Keith Lee?

One of the most anticipated debuts, Keith Lee seems to lack a direction from WWE NXT. Could his confrontation of Lars Sullivan be a step in the right direction?

This week’s episode of NXT featured matches pre taped before Takeover WarGames 2. Typical great wrestling very little story including Candice LeRae vs Nikki Cross and squash matches involving Lars Sullivan and Keith Lee.

The most interesting thing that happened was Lee coming out to confront Sullivan when he wouldn’t stop beating up his opponent after the match. Lee did a rare thing of rocking Sullivan sending him packing after hit a pounce. This seemingly sets up some sort of program between the two.

It’s about time because what has Lee really done since debuting in NXT? He appeared in the crowd at Takeover Chicago 2 and has just had a couple of enhancement matches but not much else. He hasn’t even been featured on a Takeover.

I feel like this is a real waste of Lee because he’s incredibly talented both as in ring and as a character. He’s clearly over with the fans given by how loudly people were chanting Bask in his glory during his match. I think one problem is that he debuted as a face by default because he was a popular name. He needs to be a tweener if not a complete heel.

The whole bask in my glory thing suits a arrogant heel which is what Lee was on the indies. He’s probably too popular to be a full blown heel, so having him as a tweener makes sense.

Something that frustrated me was when Kassius Ohno was talking about William Regal’s shiny new toys he didn’t even mention Lee. Instead of waiting for Matt Riddle to show up why didn’t he go after Lee as he was the newer toy. They could have had a TV match which would have been great and it wouldn’t hurt Lee to lose. Ohno could have attacked Lee after the match then Riddle could debut.

Something needs to change soon because Keith Lee could be a major player in NXT. Don’t think he will be challenging for the main title as the main event scene is quite crowded but I can defiantly see him as the North American Champion.

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Him vs Ricochet would be a show stealing match featuring the big man vs little man format with a twist as Lee is also athletic for his size. Ricochet would help him look great through his selling alone. I’ve seen this match before so I know for a fact they’ve got chemistry. Lee vs Sullivan will likely be a TV feud and from there Lee could be Ricochet’s next challenger now that he’s done with Cole.

Hopefully a program with Sullivan will lead to him challenging for championships. There have been complaints about Sullivan’s limitations in ring and I think Lee’s experience could be a benefit. Regal has said you only get better when you step in the ring with people who are better than you. Also it would be a new challenge for Lars as he’s not use to people who could possibly overpower him.

With vignettes already hyping Lars move to the main roster I can see Lee picking up the win and taking the title of NXT’s big man. Kind of like when Lars beat Killian Dain before he went up.

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