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WWE News: Details On Shane McMahon’s World Cup Win



Shane McMahon

In addition to Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship win yesterday at WWE’s Crown Jewel, another outcome that left the WWE Universe quite displeased was SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon inserting himself into the Finals of the World Cup tournament, becoming the winner after defeating Dolph Ziggler.

Of course as we saw, Ziggler’s original opponent, The Miz, was “injured” and could not compete, leading to Shane putting himself in so that SmackDown Live would not lose by forfeit. On the most recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has revealed that Shane’s victory in the World Cup was always the plan as the company looked to have a surprise ending, but also to begin turning ‘Shane-O-Mac’ heel.

Additionally, Meltzer notes that the reason The Miz was pegged as the SmackDown Live Superstar to use for the angle is due to the company not wanting to make Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy look weak. It should also be noted that there’s some speculation that WWE might be looking to turn The Miz babyface, however there’s been no word on that either way and it’s just rumor.

EA’s Take: This was actually the other story that made me walk away from social media for a while yesterday. People get SO MAD without letting storylines play out, especially this one, since everyone just assumed Shane winning was done randomly or because John Cena was supposed to win before he pulled out of the event. Wrong and wrong. As far as Shane turning heel, I’m not sold on that happening right off. However, it appeared to be pretty obvious to me that Shane putting himself into the match was just a chapter in the build to Survivor Series, where I’d venture to guess he will be involved against Baron Corbin in some fashion after how yesterday played out.


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