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WWE Reportedly Preventing Jim Ross From Calling NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom



Jim Ross

There’s no question that the professional wrestling business has been seeing some big changes in recent years when it comes to talents performing for multiple companies, a concept that had been lost when the territories fizzled out in the 1980’s.

One man who has had a unique situation is WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross, having a contract with AXS TV to provide commentary for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Despite having this deal, Ross was able to sign with WWE as well in 2017 for two years, presenting him the opportunity to appear for both promotions on a regular basis (or at least when WWE decides to use him). In the meantime, JR’s contract with AXS expired at the end of 2017, but WWE allowed him to continue for another year.

It looks like that unique situation is about to be no more however, at least for a little while. According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Ross’ contract with AXS TV will expire on December 31st while his WWE contract runs until March 31st. Therefore, WWE is able to control his bookings from January until their deal expires. The first such instance of this as reported by Meltzer is NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4th, which WWE is not allowing JR to work. Due to all of this, it’s being said speculated that Ross re-signing with WWE is unlikely.


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