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WWE Survivor Series 2018: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Seth Rollins



WWE Survivor Series 2018 Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Results of the second match at WWE Survivor Series 2018 as Raw’s Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins battled Smackdown’s United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

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WWE Survivor Series 2018

The second match of WWE Survivor Series 2018 was a first time ever dream match between Smackdown’s United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Raw’s Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins.

  • After each man presented their storied entrance to the crowd, the action started with a feeling out process between the two champions.
  • It was a hard fought battle early on as neither man could maintain an advantage long enough to pick up the victory.
  • 15 minutes into the match, Rollins was nearly disqualified as he wouldn’t let up on his kicks on Nakamura who was in the ropes.
  • The match crossed 20 minutes as Rollins kicked out of a Kinshasa
  • Rollins  picked up the win at 21:29 following a Curb Stomp.
  • Raw is now up 2-0 early in the Survivor Series PPV.




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Let us know what you think on social media @ChairshotMedia and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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