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A Heel DIY?

DIY are back on the same side of the heel/face dynamic and recent events beg the question. Will we see a DIY reunion? Scott gives us his take on the possible future.


This week’s NXT saw Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black look to finally settle their issues in a steel cage match. Gargano had the match won climbing down the cage but climbed back in when Ciampa attacked Black. Instead of helping Aleister, he and Ciampa hit Black with their old DIY finisher right in the middle. Gargano picked up the win, as Ciampa left applauding. It was implied but never fully answered if DIY is officially back together.

Ciampa and Gargano teased as much on twitter with Ciampa tweeting a GIF of them hugging after the Cruiserweight Classic saying simply saying “Welcome Home.”

Gargano looked almost confused when he and Ciampa hit the move on Black. It was like he didn’t want to but couldn’t help himself.

If this is a reunion, I don’t think they will make it official just yet. They’ll likely have a few weeks of teasing whether or not they’re back together. Ciampa is scheduled to defend the NXT title against Black at NXT Takeover Phoenix, Royal Rumble weekend. I see Gargano being a major factor in that match. 

While it might seem odd for DIY to reform after spending much of the year in such a personal feud, Ciampa explained it perfectly on Twitter when Gargano turned heel. He said he never hated Gargano, he hated what he represented because, Gargano still chose to. Now he’s more welcoming since Gargano seems has seen the light.

A lot of parallels, accidentally or otherwise, to the story of Owens and Zayn getting back together in 2017. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and have DIY reek the kind of havoc that Owens and Zayn should have done. Owens and Zayn had a lot of promise when they reformed, but were used as pawns in Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan story which completely derailed their momentum. Moving to RAW only made things worse as they were jobbed out to Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman before getting injured.

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They’re both scheduled to come back soon so hopefully things get better for them. I’d like to see them turn face and feud with DIY when they come up to the main roster.

As I’ve said before, Undisputed Era will likely be going up soon so DIY can spend a few months as the dominant heel team. I’d like to see them win the tag titles while Ciampa is still the NXT champ. Gargano could also go for the North American title making them NXT’s answer to the two man power trip.

As much as I like the idea of a heel DIY, another interesting way this could go is that Gargano only reforms DIY to lure Ciampa into a false sense of security. Gargano is booked into a multi man for the title which Ciampa assumes he will help him retain only for Gargano to take the title.

That way, he makes good on what he said about him being the only one who can beat Ciampa for the NXT title. 


How do you see the NXT story panning out?? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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