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AJPW Real World Tag League 2018 Results & Review Part 5



The Real World Tag League rolls on, as Parrow and Odinson look to stay at the top of the rankings. Mathew let’s us know how the next batch of shows shakes out.

Welcome back to the AJPW Real World Tag League as we’re gonna be covering three more shows in this batch and we’ll have about five shows left after this one, so this is sure to be exciting.

Our last set of shows were a bit disappointing but I’m excited for the next batch of shows to hopefully make a comeback to make up for the previous ones. Who will move on and who will get eliminated?

We’ll find out more as we…dive right in.


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Odinson & Parrow vs. Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai

Review: Our first match of this show is The End taking on The Sweeper. The End has been stacking up on some wins lately and this could be their chance for a comeback if they keep on winning matches from here on out. The Sweeper also had some big wins under their belt and lost their previous one, but they’re not out of the race just yet. Will The Sweeper get another victory or will it be The End for them?

The End would start to attack The Sweeper before the bell would ring and start fighting around the ring briefly before they get brought back inside. Once in the ring, The End started to have the advantage in the match with Parrow mostly dominating Jake Lee during the heat and even gave him a vicious Splash for a two count. The match was decent with an odd slow pacing during the first half of the match and The End have good and awkward moments, and this was definitely one of them since they could’ve done better while Jake did his best to make Odinson and Parrow look strong too. Odinson went to go for an Airplane Spin until Jake got off of him and did a kick to the face before he tagged in Ryouji for the hot tag and starts kicking them, even when he kinda missed on Parrow but sold it anyway. The Sweeper does their STO and DDT combo onto Odinson for a two count and Ryouji would get Parrow into the corner while Odinson hits his Airplane Spin and slammed Jake down onto the mat before hitting Ryouji. Parrow would have Ryouji up for a Powerbomb as Odinson hits a Backstabber to pin Ryouji and gets another win for The End.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a half


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Daisuke Sekimoto & Jun Akiyama vs. TAJIRI & Gianni Valletta

Review: Our next match of the night is Daisuke Sekimoto and Jun Akiyama getting ready to throw down against their opponents, Gianni Valletta and TAJIRI. TAJIRI and Gianni have been having a losing streak lately with them only winning their last two matches while losing the rest, so things don’t look too good for them right now. A win for Jun and Daisuke would help them get close while TAJIRI and Gianni could just ruin their chances of winning. Which one of these outcomes will happen first?

The match wouldn’t start until TAJIRI and Gianni left their weapons on the outside of the ring which they would move them out eventually as our match begins now. Definitely, one of Gianni and TAJIRI’s better matches in this tournament here and then again, they’re working with Uncle Jun and Daisuke here in this match. Jun in the ring with Gianni to get some control of the match but Gianni would take a bite out of Jun’s shiny bald head to get the crowd to boo him and I’m sure he’s going to regret that later. TAJIRI would try to go for a tag when he was in the ring but he went the wrong way and met a fist from Daisuke. Daisuke would get into the match for the hot tag once Jun hits Gianni with the knee and Daisuke starts going wild with his Lariats onto TAJIRI and even applies the Torture Rack onto him before throwing him at Gianni. Jun would go for the Exploder Suplex and Daisuke pins him for Gianni to break the hold. TAJIRI would kick Jun out of the ring and attempts the Crucifix onto Daisuke which he holds his ground until TAJIRI would spray green mist onto his eyes and Gianni would hit Daisuke to make him go down for the Crucifix to happen as TAJIRI gets the upset victory.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama vs. Zeus & The Bodyguard

Review: Our main event for this show is between our World Tag Team Champions, Violent Giants taking on The Big Guns, Zeus and The Bodyguard. The Big Guns were only able to get one win and suffer one loss when they came back into the tournament but they’re in a good spot still if they still keep on winning from here on out, otherwise, they’ll be in a rocky position. Shuji Ishikawa and Suwama are still in a great position and on top of the rankings despite suffering one loss to The Sweeper, but they would need to win so they could solidify to their spot on the top. Will Violent Giants get a win or will they suffer the Big Guns?

These are the matches that make me love tag team wrestling right here where you got the companies top teams fighting off against each other and they deliver us a great match at the main event. We had Shuji and Zeus starting it off and seeing the two going at it for a brief moment was enough to get you invested into the match. It’s good to see Zeus and Bodyguard perform here on such a high level again since they both needed this after Zeus lost the title and he can definitely bounce back from this. Violent Giants are still a great team and recently won the Tokyo Sports Award for Tag Team of the Year two years in a row now and it’s no doubt that they’ve earned this award from being consistent each time they team up in the ring together.

We get Zeus delivering a Spinebuster onto Suwama and then picks him up for a Lariat while Bodyguard chops his leg down to go for a pin but Shuji would break the count. Suwama would attempt to do the Last Ride onto Zeus but Bodyguard would hit Suwama with a Lariat, and then the two would hit him with a Double Chokeslam for a two count. Zeus and Suwama are in the ring alone as they fight back and forth with the crowd getting into it as Suwama hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and Zeus gets up right away to eat a Lariat before delivering one of his own for another two count. Zeus attempts a Jackhammer but Suwama gives him a German Suplex and Shuji hits a Dragon Suplex, then Suwama delivers a Dropkick. Suwama would deliver his Last Ride and gets the pin to secure a victory for Violent Giants.

Rating: Bruce Prichard


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
KAI & Kengo Mashimo vs. Odinson & Parrow

Review: Our first match for this show is The End taking on KAI and Kengo Mashimo. The End is still on a roll with the stack of wins they’ve been getting recently and if they get another one here then they’ll be tied for first place next to Violent Giants and The Bomber. KAI and Kengo would also tie for first place if they win as well, so it’ll be an interesting outcome to see how it’ll turn out. Which one will top the ranks?

The End performed much better here than their last two previous matches and their progressions from these matches. The first couple of minutes was them fighting on the outside until they went back in the ring and The End would control most of the match and Kengo would try his best to fight them off while The End gets the heat. KAI would eventually get tagged in for the hot tag and he tries to get Odinson up for a Death Valley Driver but Odinson hits a Dropkick to end his momentum. Kengo goes in to help out as the two would kick Parrow after he got tagged in as Parrow just shouts at them to hit him harder and well..wish granted. The End would hit a Double Powerbomb onto their opponents as Kengo goes down and they do the Powerbomb/Backstabber combo onto KAI for the victory.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Zeus & The Bodyguard vs. Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai

Review: Our next match is The Big Guns taking on The Sweeper. Zeus and Bodyguard had a great match at the last show but were unable to get the victory, leaving them with three losses and only one win under their belt still. The Sweeper is technically eliminated since they have one more match after this one and only have three wins and five losses, so they could at least ruin Big Guns chances. Which of these two will win?

Another solid match delivered by The Sweeper as they take The Big Guns to their limits here. Bodyguard of all people really did well in this match too and showed intensity, I just wish he showed more of this agility all year around and then he would be a lot more likable. There was one big highlight of this match and that was when it would involve between Jake and Zeus as they would give us beautiful chemistry together in the ring and I just want to see these two have a singles match right now.

The Big Guns would get to team up on Jake as they would hit the Double Chokeslam onto him but Jake would kick out of it. Ryouji would try his best to help out his partner as Zeus and Bodyguard would team up on him as Bodyguard would take Ryouji out of the ring to leave Zeus and Jake Lee in the ring alone once again. Zeus would go for his Jackhammer but Jake jumps out of it to knee him in the gut a couple of times and gets him down on his knees to hit him in the face for a two count. Jake would try to go for it again to try and finish him off but Zeus moved out of the way and Bodyguard with the save to give Jake a Lariat and then Zeus delivers one to Jake for a two count. Zeus would pick Jake up as he finally hits the Jackhammer for a three count as they get the win. I need to see Zeus versus Jake Lee immediately now.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu vs. Manabu Soya & Takao Omori

Review: Yoshiken has returned for the main event as they take on Get Wild. Yoshiken is in the middle with their chances of making it if they win their remaining matches while The Bomber and Violent Giants lose their remaining as well. Get Wild is still in a good position with only having two losses and four wins, so they can stack up on some wins here to be in a better position. Can Yoshiken score some points or will it Get Wild?

Kento and Manabu would start the match off and I don’t believe that these two have had a one on one match before and if they haven’t, I think it would be a great match to see and it would give Manabu something to do since he lost the Wrestle-1 Championship along with his rematch, could be a breath of fresh air for him. The time they did share in the ring though was solid and it just solidified my explanation as to why a match between them could do the both of them wonders. Yoshi and Takao have also worked well together and probably one of Yoshi’s better performances in this matchup here and just the match was very well executed from top to bottom with the involvement of all four of these men. While it was nothing groundbreaking, it was still enough to keep you interested in the match and the tag team division keeps on getting stronger here in AJPW, unlike some other companies.

Takao would deliver mean Lariats onto Kento and would give him one to the back of his head on the turnbuckle before picking him up for a Superplex, which Kento would fight him off and then Manabu rushes up there to deliver the moves and Kento quickly gets up to only eat a Spear from Manabu for a two count. Takao would deliver Superkicks to both Kento and Yoshi for Manabu to hold Kento in place until Takao would accidentally hit Manabu to lose their momentum for a short period. Yoshi would quickly get back up to hit the Codebreaker of Jericho on Takao and Kento would quickly catch him for the German Suplex Hold as Manabu breaks the hold just in time and now Yoshi would fight him off to the outside so Kento and Takao would be in the ring alone. Takao starts fighting back with his Lariats to take the champion down and then Kento would eventually start hitting his Blackout for a two could and he would quickly pick Takao back up to finish him off. Kento would set up his Shutdown German Suplex hold and try as Takao might, he would be unable to break the hold as he would take the move and Yoshiken wins another match!

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Zeus & The Bodyguard vs. TAJIRI & Gianni Valletta

Review: Our first match in this show is TAJIRI and Gianni Valletta teaming up to take on The Big Guns. Zeus and The Bodyguard were able to win their previous match against The Sweeper and now hope to keep on going with much-needed momentum, but they would need to defeat the cunning tag team here if they wanna do that. Will TAJIRI and Gianni ruin it for them or will they get The Big Guns?

Zeus going at it with Gianni at the beginning of the match was a decent little encounter and the crowd claps for them. TAJIRI was trying to do his old tricks onto Bodyguard but Bodyguard would not let it get to him. I thought the match was oddly paced around there but it was still a decent match to get through with TAJIRI and Gianni being good together and Zeus just being great in the ring in general, Bodyguard did do okay though in this match. Zeus and Bodyguard would accidentally hit the referee, leading to TAJIRI grabbing the kendo stick to hit Zeus with it and it doesn’t even phase him, so TAJIRI runs away for now as Gianni grabs Zeus from behind to hold him still until TAJIRI sprays green mist to accidentally hit Gianni in his eyes. The Bodyguard would get into the ring and hits a Lariat on Gianni to get a second win for The Big Guns.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and three quarters


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Manabu Soya & Takao Omori vs. Odinson & Parrow

Review: Our next match is The End taking on Get Wild. The End has still been on a winning streak so far and if they do win this match, they’ll be in first place and quite the unexpected turn of events since I didn’t expect them to make it this far. If The End does lose to Get Wild here though, they’ll technically be eliminated since they only got one match left after this one. Can The End do it or will Get Wild steal their thunder?

Look at Parrow here showing some intensity in the match when he paired off with Takao, it’s about time I see him progress a bit more in this tournament here and it was a nice little brawl they had to start the match off. The End looked like they found good opponents to work with since Takao knows how to work a match while Manabu is still showing how great he is in the ring. Manabu and Odinson started going at it and the two test their strengths together and it looks like Manabu was having it with his shoulder tackles but Odinson would cut it off to attack him bt Manabu would Suplex him to get a double down. Takao would get the hot tag and goes for a Lariat but Parrow would hold him still but Odinson hits him by accident. Get Wild do a Double Lariat onto Odinson and Parrow breaks the count as they now have control of the match, they would pick up Get Wild for their Double Powerbomb and do their combo onto Takao to get the pin and The End is now in first place!

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama vs. KAI & Kengo Mashimo

Review: Our main event for this show and this article is Violent Giants taking on KAI and Kengo Mashimo. Violent Giants were able to get a win over Zeus and The Bodyguard to get themselves back on track after suffering their first loss, so now they would need to win this one to take the first place spot over The End. KAI and Kengo are still in a good spot as they only have three wins and three losses under their belt with three more matches to go after this one, so a win here can keep them in the race a bit longer despite the recent loss to The End. Can they do it or will Violent Giants take back the top spot?

KAI and Shuji would start our match off here as the two lock-up and do a normal sequence together to get the crowd into it. Kengo would get into the ring and have both Violent Giants outside while KAI hits a Suicide Dive and they get that momentum to get them back into the ring as Kengo accidentally kicks KAI as the momentum is gone and now Violent Giants take control. I love how they worked on Kengo’s injured arm during the match since you wanna work on an opponents injury and that’s what they’ll do. I really enjoyed this match and while Violent Giants have been the highlight of this tournament as well, KAI and Kengo are up there in the ranks and I really wanna see them team up more often since they got great chemistry.

Shuji would have KAI in a Sleeper Hold before he gets him in a Tombstone Piledriver to go for the pin but Kengo breaks the count before three. The match starts getting more interesting with both Shuji and Suwama looking to go for a Powerbomb onto them but they would flip the Giants over as KAI and Kengo would kick Shuji in the face for a two count. KAI would go to the top rope before he hits the Frog Splash for another two count and he tried to pick Shuji up, but Shuji would flip him over and hits him with a knee to the face and hits the Fire Thunder Driver for KAI to kick out at two. Shuji and KAI would trade blows back and forth as KAI hits the Michinoku Driver and gets the pinfall! Beautiful match, great wrestling, and storytelling between both of these teams.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a quarter


Overall: Quite a few solid matches here and much better than the previous set of matches from the last article. We now have twelve matches to go after this one and two more articles to write for it to be complete. The next three shows should be great to see and looking forward to seeing who wins it all.

Favorite Match: Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama vs. KAI & Kengo Mashimo

Least Favorite Match: Odinson & Parrow vs. Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai

Score: 7.5/10

Current Standings
The End: (6-3) (12 Points)
The Bomber: (5-2) (10 Points)
Violent Giants: (5-2) (10 Points)
Get Wild: (4-4) (8 Points)
Yoshiken: (4-4) (8 Points)
KAI/Kengo: (4-3) (8 Points)
Jun/Daisuke: (3-3) (6 Points)
Sweeper: (3-6) (6 Points)
Gianni/TAJIRI: (3-5) (6 Points)
The Big Guns: (3-3) (6 Points)
NEXTREAM: (1-6) (2 Points)

How do you like the AJPW Real World Tag League so far? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (7/20/19)

Stand back! There’s a Comic-Con coming through!



WWE 24/7 Championship

The WWE 24/7 Championship makes an SDCC debut!

As superheroes, super villains and super fans all converge in San Diego, watch as WWE icons collide! Who gets out of the convention with the title?



  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS The Hurricane VS Drake Maverick; Truth wins and retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.


WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth, appears for an interview!

What’s up, San Diego and IGN!? Truth sits with hosts Max Scoville and Sydnee Goodman and has been having a blast. he’s seen everything and everybody, but he just hopes no one recognized him. Truth being the 24/7 Champion, he had to stay incognito. Someone, anyone, everyone, they could take this title because it is defended at all times of the day. That is why it is the “48/7 7-11 TV” Championship. How has Truth been holding up? Well he can’t sleep, not even for a nap. He’s fought over this belt on a golf course, a tarmac, in a plane, and ruined one man’s wedding AND honeymoon. But don’t worry, Drake Maverick’s not constipated.

And now at SDCC, Truth has been able to slip through as a penguin! Pengi the penguin, noot noot! He got to shake hands and hang out with Darth Vader. Truth loves SDCC, it’s the bomb. But what else has Truth done while here? Chewbacca stared him down, but then Pikachu came along. The weather’s been a bit iffy, though. But wait! Is that…?! Yes! It is THE Hurricane!! Truth mentioned weather, so stand back, because there’s a hurricane coming through! Truth thinks this is a really great cosplay, but he’s a bit thick around the waist. Oh wow, what a great referee cosplay! He looks just like John Combs! But he’s blonde. No, wait, that’s… Nevermind. ROLL UP! TWO, but Hurricane runs away before Truth can retaliate. Because here comes Rockstar Banana, Drake Maverick! Roll up, TWO!!

Truth bails out before Maverick can attack again. Maverick vents! Truth has ruined Maverick’s life! His wedding, his honey moon, and he’s yet to consummate the marriage! Maverick is getting sick and tired of this! And then he realizes he’s on camera. Maverick gets up and runs off, but into the cameras! The signal goes down, but is Maverick too down in the dumps to get back up?



My Thoughts:

This title continues to be amazing! I was actually shocked Truth didn’t lose the title here, but him retaining is actually even more surprising. Great to see Hurricane again, even if it’s just for the gag of, “Oh, it’s Comic-Con, cosplay is everywhere.” Maverick is slowly breaking, and I love that he tied in the banana costume from when he showed up at the WWE Mattel panel during SDCC. Can’t wait to see reference to this on Raw.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Andrew’s G1 Climax 29 Ratings & Analysis: Night 6 B Block

Juice Robinson, Tomohiro Ishii and Jon Moxley come in at the top of the standings. How do we see B Block take shape?



Juice Robinson, Tomohiro Ishii and Jon Moxley come in at the top of the standings. How do we see B Block take shape?

This whole day is based around two major things:

Will Jay White or Tetsuya Naito get a win?

Will Moxley or Ishii kill one another?

Let’s find out!


  • Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens vs Zack Sabre Jr & Yoshinobu Kanemaru: Fale wins via Grenade @4:50 – **
  • Tomoaki Honma & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer: Archer wins via EBD Claw Hold @9:50 – **
  • SANADA, EVIL & BUSHI vs KENTA, Kota Ibushi & Clark Connors: BUSHI wins via MX @9:02 – ** 1/2
  • YOSHI-HASHI & Kazuchika Okada vs Will Ospreay & Toa Henare: YOSHI wins via Fisherman Buster @8:45 – ** 1/4
  • B Block: Shingo Takagi vs Taichi: Takagi wins via Last of the Dragon @14:40 – ****
  • B Block: Jeff Cobb vs Juice Robinson: Cobb wins via Tour of the Islands @13:20 – *** 1/2
  • B Block: Toru Yano vs Jay White: Yano wins via Brass Knuckle Low Blow/Roll-Up @3:05 – ** 1/2
  • B Block: Tetsuya Naito vs Hirooki Goto: Naito wins via Destino @16:00 – *** 3/4
  • B Block: Jon Moxley vs Tomohiro Ishii: Moxley wins via Deathrider @20:35 – **** 1/2



Well Fale tried to outsmart the Rainmaker in his last G1 match, and that didn’t go too well. So Sabre is being a whiny child, tried to step to Fale and for the most part, got brushed off. Fale isn’t really in a position to eat another loss, but it’s unusual for Sabre to be doing so poorly. I’m curious if Sabre continues this slide until maybe TAKA Michinoku returns to be his hype man, or Sabre gets off the schneid.

People, everybody dies. You know that, Lance knows that, Honma knows that…Kairi Sane knows that. This didn’t really add much to things except the undercurrent of a quiet Minoru Suzuki is scary for the whole world. Also – Everybody Dies!

Now that SANADA and EVIL have had their match, there is some symbiosis back on the LIJ undercards. KENTA and Kota teaming together was a cute call back, but nothing of heavy merit came from this match. BUSHI continues to rack up positive momentum during these tags, Clark Connors is impressive for an LA Dojo Young Lion. So decent match, but aside from EVIL and KENTA brawling after the match and SANADA and Ibushi having a rather civil fan support battle, nothing too important for the impending matches.

Okada and Ospreay did have the crowd hot, but aside from a small flourish, this was mostly YOSHI and Henare. Surprisingly, YOSHI-HASHI has put together a few pinfalls in the tag matches, so that tends to actually play a role in the second half story telling. Ospreay may be on his way to a big upset since even if Okada seems to be positioned to win A Block, he won’t make it through unscathed.

Now this was a fun match. It was a continuation of the Suzuki-Gun/LIJ drama, but Taichi has his own issues. Shingo is fighting as a Junior Heavyweight and Taichi moved up to Heavyweight last year, but was overlooked for the G1. So the fact that Shingo asks and gets in, yet Taichi moves up and was ignored has to bother him. With all of these little things eating through, Taichi brought out the Dangerous T that many of us have grown to love. Sure there was a brief moment of shenanigans with lovely Miho and the microphone stand, but 90% of the match was on the up and up. Pumping Bomber versus Axe Bomber was great, the callbacks to both of their mentors was wonderful and just generally speaking, when the Holy Emperor tries, those are great matches. Shingo getting the win won’t sit well with Taichi, but we’ve got plenty more time to see how this all falls.

Juice starts off the match in a 3 way tie for first, but Cobb really needs a win to legitimize his tournament. Being undefeated in ROH for about a year, as well as all his other accolades, he needs to stop losing. Cobb showed a little more fire than usual in this match and took it to Juice. Juice has been in hard hitting affairs all tournament and it looks like Juice might’ve finally hit the wall. Should be interesting to see if Juice flounders from here or if he recovers.

Well the Chaos revenge tour has another stop with Toru Yano and Jay White. Jay has not gotten off to a good start and it’s all his past decisions coming to bite him. This match…would be no different. Yano takes advantage of Gedo getting involved. Between Barbara Jean the turnbuckle pad and the brass knuckles from Gedo, Jay White’s nuts didn’t stand a chance. So Yano runs away with 2 more points and Jay’s pride…and other things…are a bit sore.

Goto started off the tournament looking like a new man, Naito has also looked different, but for different reasons. Naito sitting in the basement with zero points and Goto with the renewed sense of purpose makes for an odd dynamic. This match is one of their usual ones, where it’s quick bursts, hard hitting and a few solid false finishes. However, at multiple points Naito’s usual tranquilo is shaken and you can see him show levels of concern. Goto being the one with the power in the match, makes for some unique interactions. Naito does pull off the win, but it’s not for Goto’s lack of trying and kicking out of one running Destino. Naito finally gets some points, but it’s nothing near dominant enough to breathe a sigh of relief.

Moxley versus Ishii was the insane hard hitting match we expected. Ishii even flew. He hit a splash on Moxley through a table. The Stone Pitbull flew. Yes I realize there is a callback to Masato Tanaka in that move, but you don’t understand, Ishii flew. Anyway, the beauty of Red Shoes as a referee is he understands each wrestlers personality, so he gives them a little more leash to do what they like to do. Moxley used weapons, Ishii egged it on, there were huge strikes, Ishii’s torpedo style rising headbutts and just good violence. This was a bar fight and no one was upset. Moxley getting the win was a little surprising since most of us assume he won’t be available for many if any later dates once AEW TV starts up. This was just a nice change of pace for the usual New Japan and/or Strong Style match.


Overall Score: 7.75/10

With a great Taichi match and Moxley changing the pace, this show was definitely something to behold. Jay White’s continued spiral is more amusing than Sabre’s since this seems like retribution where Sabre is just a punk bitch when he loses. Even with an uneventful undercard, the main Block matches kept everything moving upward and onward.

With Moxley as the sole 3-0, who unseats the Death Rider?


B Block Standings:

  • Jon Moxley – 3-0 (6 Points)
  • Toru Yano – 2-1 (4 Points)
  • Tomohiro Ishii – 2-1 (4 Points)
  • Juice Robinson – 2-1 (4 Points)
  • Shingo Takagi – 2-1 (4 Points)
  • Jeff Cobb – 1-2 (2 Points)
  • Tetsuya Naito – 1-2 (2 Points)
  • Hirooki Goto – 1-2 (2 Points)
  • Taichi – 1-2 (2 Points)
  • Jay White – 0-3 (0 Points)

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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