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AJPW Real World Tag League 2018 Results & Review Part 7



The final installation of the AJPW Real World Tag League! How do our friends in The End fair, when they go against All Japan’s Ace…and…Yoshitatsu? Mathew let’s us know how this tournament shapes up!

Before I talk about the article, I do wanna address something from one of the other shows that I’ve covered. I covered SEAdLINNNG a couple of months ago to talk about the first round of their tournament and I regret to say that I’ll be unable to finish the tournament due to not having time with work and the holiday season, plus focusing on this tournament. But I will address the winner of the tournament at least and say congratulations to Nanae Takahashi for being the first SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Champion and I wish her luck in her reign.

Now, let’s get to the final chapter of All Japan’s Real World Tag League with the final two shows of the tournament.

We got half the teams that could possibly win it all and we’re gonna see everyone have their final set of matches aside from one team. Who will win the Real World Tag League 2018?

I still got Violent Giants and we’ll find out as we…dive right in.


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Naoya Nomura & Yumi Aoyagi vs. TAJIRI & Gianni Valletta

Review: Our first match for this show is NEXTREAM taking on TAJIRI and Gianni Valletta. This is their final matches for the show and right now NEXTREAM is in last place but they could at least win this match to make TAJIRI and Gianni be in last place with them. Can NEXTREAM win their last match or will TAJIRI and Gianni get it?

TAJIRI and Gianni working on Nomura at the beginning of the match as they started the match up and of course playing the heels. I thought the match was decent and definitely not their best outings in this tournament which was a shame to close it out for the both of them. It looked like Yuma was tagged in but the referee didn’t see it so he was unable to come in while the heel team drags Nomura to their corner to beat him up some more. Yuma makes the hot tag in as he started to clean house until his momentum stopped when Gianni hits him with an Underhook Powerbomb for a two count. Yuma would almost hit his partner until he stopped himself and TAJIRI would spray mist into Nomura’s eyes to get him out of the ring. Gianni would attempt to hit Yuma with his chain as Yuma reversed it to catch him with the European Clutch for the pinfall victory as they get the final win!

Rating: Tony Schiavone and three quarters


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Zeus & The Bodyguard vs. Dylan James & Joe Doering

Review: Our main event for the final show is The Big Guns taking on The Bomber. The Bomber is the only team to have two matches left in the tournament and if they can win this one, they’ll still be in the race and would knock The End off of their chances to win since both Bomber and Violent Giants defeated The End and would lose even if they did defeat Yoshiken. Can The Bomber be one step closer or will The Big Guns spoil it for their final match?

This tag match was more of a match of power as all four of these guys are powerhouses and heavy hitters they whoever was in the ring, you know it was going to be a bit of a stiff fest. Zeus and Dylan started the match off and they were just testing their strength for the most part and Zeus did have the advantage for the time being until The Bomber ruined his momentum and they just started working on him. Dylan and Zeus would have a chop battle on the turnbuckle going back and forth with the chops, which Dylan still does really well with but Zeus is the stronger one here and ended it with a Flying Clothesline before he tagged in Bodyguard.

The Bodyguard started wailing on Dylan for a brief moment until Joe got into the ring and Bodyguard would just hit him with a Spear to knock the big man down. The Big Guns would attempt a Double Chokeslam as Joe broke out of it to hit both men with a Diving Body Press to knock them down. Zeus and Dylan would exchange chops once again as Zeus attempts a Chokeslam but Dylan fights it off until Bodyguard came in to help as they hit the move on Dylan finally to get him out of the way while Zeus fights Joe in the ring. Joe hits Zeus with a Diving Body Press and gets only a two count as Joe picked him up for a Suplex but Zeus countered it into a Brainbuster to get momentum until Dylan hits him with a Lariat for Joe to cover him for a two count. The Bomber would pick Zeus up to hit their Double Piledriver and they get the win to stay in the race. The End is technically out but the only way they could possibly win is if they beat Yoshiken and both The Bomber and Violent Giants end in a no contest, but that’ll be hard for them.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a half


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
KAI & Kengo Mashimo vs. Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai

Review: Our first match of the final show is KAI and Kengo Mashimo taking on The Sweeper. The Sweeper is technically out of the tournament but KAI and Kengo could have a chance to win if they can win this match here tonight, but they shouldn’t count The Sweeper out since they do have some big wins under their belt despite only being able to win three of them so far. Can KAI and Kengo lock themselves up for a win or will they be swept?

Solid and basic match between the two teams here with Sweeper playing it technical for the most along with strikes in the match while KAI and Kengo would try to match it for the most part. Ryouji and Jake would play it smart by going after Kengo’s injured shoulder which is still taped up and makes it an easy target for both of them to utilize to their advantage. Do my eyes deceive me, did KAI and Kengo finally shake hands here!? It looks like they did and the crowd started going crazy for the both of them, but they need to not lose their focus or they could lose. KAI and Kengo almost had the win when they kicked Jake to knock him out but Ryouji would make the save. KAI and Kengo would both hit each other by accident on two different occasions which made Ryouji get KAI out of the ring as Jake hits the Ko-Oh on Kengo to the victory and now KAI and Kengo are now eliminated.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu vs. Odinson & Parrow

Review: Our next match-up is Yoshiken taking on The End. The End is in quite a difficult spot that they might not have a chance to win even if they somehow beat Yoshiken due to the fact that both The Bomber and Violent Giants defeated them that they wouldn’t win while being tied to them unless it’s a time limit draw and they would win by one, but they need to beat Yoshiken first before worrying about that. Can The End do it or does Yoshiken spoil it?

The End started the attack on Yoshiken soon as the bell rang and they would take it to the outside, they would even go on the crowd up on top of the bleacher to attempt a Double Powerbomb but Kento and Yoshi got off in time to make sure that didn’t happen as the teams go into the ring for the match to get started. I think this is definitely The End’s best match in the tournament for sure since both Odinson and Parrow were on fire during the whole match with staying on their opponents while being crisp with their moves, I need more of this version of The End. Kento’s selling was also on point during the match since he made them look really powerful whenever he took a move from them, gotta love Kento.

Kento had a small little comeback on The End that didn’t last too long even when Yoshi was trying to help out his partner as Parrow gave him a Fallaway Slam before tagging in Odinson. The End started attacking them with elbows on the turnbuckles and they would pick them up for the Double Powerbomb as they connect and get the momentum to try and finish them off. Parrow gets Kento up on his shoulders to try and go for the Doomsday Device and Kento ducks before Odinson can connect as Yoshi hits Parrow with a Springboard Dropkick to get him out of the ring. Yoshi now hits Odinson with the Codebreaker of Jericho and Kento catches him for the German Suplex Hold as Yoshiken gets the win and eliminates The End. We also have word that Kento’s first Triple Crown Championship defense will indeed be against KAI on January 2nd, two days before New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom and it’s sure to be a great bout that you don’t wanna miss.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a half


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Daisuke Sekimoto & Jun Akiyama vs. Manabu Soya & Takao Omori

Review: Our next match is Daisuke Sekimoto and Jun Akiyama taking on Get Wild. Now that we had two teams being eliminated, Daisuke and Jun have a chance to advance if they win this one and The Bomber loses in the main event but they would have to defeat Get Wild before anything. Will we have a third team get eliminated or will they actually advance?

This match had a very old school type of feeling when the two teams were fighting each other and I’m perfectly fine with that since they didn’t need to do anything big or flashy to make the match standout as they just gave us great wrestling with a story to go with it. Takao really impressed me in this match and loved how he stepped up in this whole tournament when he paired with Manabu and showed why they won the tournament in 2016. Jun and Daisuke also made a great team during the tournament to give us old school wrestling and just stiff action against their opponents with their impact.

The better encounters were between Jun and Takao when they gave us back and forth action with knees and Lariats to try and get a win on each other but were unable to do so. Manabu charges in towards Daisuke into the turnbuckle before topping it off with a Bulldog for a two count. Jun has Takao in the Guillotine while Daisuke has Manabu in the Torture Rack to wear down their opponents but Jun attempts a pin and Takao kicks out. Jun would then go for the Exploder Suplex on Manabu as Daisuke does the German Suplex combo to give him the boost as Jun is unable to get up as Takao hits Daisuke with a Lariat to keep him down. Takao attempts another Lariat to Jun as he gets caught into an Exploder Suplex, but Takao gets up right away to hit him with two Lariats and he pins Jun to get the victory as Jun and Daisuke are now also eliminated!

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters


Real World Tag League 2018 Match
Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama vs. Dylan James & Joe Doering

Review: We’re now down to our main event and final match for the tournament as our reigning Tag Team Champions, Violent Giants are set to take on The Bomber. Anyone who has had twelve points has lost their last matches and were unable to possibly win, leaving only these two teams left to take the whole thing. I’m one step closer to getting my prediction right and they’re up against my dark horse of all people. Will Violent Giants win the tournament back to back or will The Bomber win it?

This type of match is like how The Bomber and The Big Guns were but better developed. The match had a little bit of a slow start but this was in a good way since there was a story being built into this match, so they did enough, in the beginning, to keep you invested to see what they’re gonna do near the end which is when you know where they’ll pull off the better stuff in the match to give us something special. This is why Tokyo Sports Awards named Violent Giants the best tag team of the year two years in a row since they really are the best tag team in Japan currently since they’re just magic in the ring together and give us some of the best wrestling in any tag tea division. The Bomber also came a long way when they teamed up a couple months ago and this is great for Dylan James who has had a rather off year until he fought Kento five months ago where he started to learn his groove, so I hope him with Joe will help him greatly to do better.

When I said there was a slow build-up, in the beginning, they definitely had a great payoff for the second half of the match. Dylan and Shuji are alone in the ring now as the two trade off stiff hits with chops, Lariats, and knees until Joe helped Dylan get the jump on Shuji as Dylan hits a Lariat for a two count and they now go for the Double Piledriver where Suwama breaks it up and hits a Brainbuster off the second rope on Dylan to give his partner a chance to regroup. Shuji hits the knees for a two count and he would have him up for the Fire Thunder Driver but Joe would break the count before three. The Bomber would once again try to go for the Double Piledriver onto Shuji but Suwama breaks the hold again until he gets knocked out by Joe with the Revolution Bomb to keep him out of the ring. Shuji would knee him in the gut and hits the Dragon Suplex and once he got up, Dylan would hit another Lariat onto Shuji as he did it twice for Shuji to kick out of it. Dylan called for the Chokeslam as Shuji broke out of it and runs into Joe who does his Diving Body Press which gives Dylan time for one more Lariat but Shuji kicked out once again until Dylan quickly got him up to hit the Chokeslam and The Bomber wins the tournament!

The Bomber has won the Real World Tag League and I shouldn’t be surprised, but part of me is. Dylan James and Joe Doering have randomly paired off a few months ago and they were able to hit it off very well while having solid work together once they teamed up and is now paid off as they won the tournament. I’m sure they’ll have the match on January 2nd to give us a stacked show for that week and wonder if they’ll beat the Violent Giants twice in a row or will get revenge. Either way, looking forward to it and congratulations to The Bomber on the victory.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a quarter


Overall: I thought the last two shows were great to give us all a proper ending to the tournament. The right team won the whole thing as I’m now excited to see how The Bomber will do going forward. I wanna thank you all for following me during this whole tournament even with the random delays in getting them out at an organized time as this will be my last coverage of 2018 so I can focus on my Top 25 Matches of 2018 which will be out starting December 26 with the honorable mentions. Will I cover Real World Tag League next year? Well, it all depends on how things go and if I don’t take in too much beforehand.

Favorite Match: Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama vs. Dylan James & Joe Doering

Least Favorite Match: Naoya Nomura & Yumi Aoyagi vs. TAJIRI & Gianni Valletta

Score: 8/10

Final Standings
The Bomber: (7-3) (14 Points) (Winner)
KAI/Kengo: (6-4) (12 Points)
Jun/Daisuke: (6-4) (12 Points)
The End: (6-4) (12 Points)
Violent Giants: (6-4) (12 Points)
Get Wild: (5-5) (10 Points)
Yoshiken: (5-5) (10 Points)
The Big Guns: (4-6) (8 Points)
Sweeper: (4-6) (8 Points)
Gianni/TAJIRI: (3-7) (6 Points)
NEXTREAM: (3-7) (6 Points)

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