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Chairshot Classics: WCW Bash At The Beach 1994 – Hulk’s WCW Debut!



Bash At The Beach 1994
Our weekly Chairshot Classics WCW PPV series continues with Bash At The Beach ’94!

Open: World’s collide as an unimaginable match will take place between Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan!

Match #1 for the WCW World Television Championship: Johnny B. Badd vs. WCW World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal w/Sir William
The crowd is on Regal immediately. Badd reaches in and Regal backs off. Collar and elbow, Badd with position in the corner and he’s backed off by the referee. Another tie up, Regal grabs the wrist, Badd rolls out and counters with a wristlock of his own. Regal rolls and monkeyflips the challenger. Side headlock by Regal, position in the corner and it’s broken up. Badd takes control as USA chants ring from the crowd. Regal counters with a single leg trip and grabs some time in the corner.

A determined Badd grabs a side headlock, but it’s quickly countered with a single leg by Regal. He tries to hold the Badd man on the mat, but Johnny won’t give. Regal with a monkey flip into a pin, but Badd uses the momentum to roll him up instead, the champ kicking at 2. Collar and elbow tie up, side headlock by Regal, they hit the ropes, Badd leap frogs and hits a Mexican arm drag takeover. Regal with a single leg pick up but Badd flips him across the ring. Collar and elbow, they jockey and Regal hangs on to a side headlock. To the ropes they go, shoulder block by Regal. On the comeback, Badd hits an armdrag. He grabs the wrist but Regal scores some forearms.

Badd hits the ropes, Regal grabs his boot but Badd hammerlocks him down to the mat. The champ rolls to the floor and the fans hate it. He feigns to the back, prompting more booing. Back in the ring, Regal takes control with European uppercuts and a snapmare takedown. Badd counters into a hammerlock, but Regal is able to break it in the corner. They tease position, and it’s Regal with more uppercuts. Badd blocks a vertical suplex into a wristlock but he’s rocked with forearms and a headbutt. Knees to face from Regal followed by a dropkick. Badd fights back with a fireman’s carry takeover and grabs the arm on the mat.

Regal gets to his feet, but Badd cranks the wrist hard. Regal fights away with forearms but he won’t give up the wrist. He lifts Regal for leverage, but Lord Steven is able to score a big right kick. Irish whip, Regal stops short of the turnbuckle but Badd is on target with a dropkick. Into the ropes and it’s a flying head scissor by Badd, following with a huge hip toss. He sends Regal for a high elevation back drop. Badd calls for the Kiss That Don’t Miss and he clocks Regal with it, the champ smartly rolls out, Badd isn’t letting up and comes over the top rope with a crossbody. He rolls Regal back in and focuses on Sir William.

He is back to the apron, flies in with a sunset flip, William offers Regal his cane to hang on to, Nick Patrick notices it and kicks it away, Regal tumbles over but kicks out at 2. Regal somersaults out of the position and rolls Badd up with plenty of leverage, he gets 3 and retains the title.
Winner and STILL WCW World Television Champion: Lord Steven Regal (Roll-Up)

  • After The Bell: Badd is frustrated, he flings Sir William into the ring and offers him a back body drop.
  • EA’s TakeI’m not crazy about the finish, seeing as Badd was in control at the time. I can’t imagine how annoying it is to wrestle amid all of the glitter from Johnny’s pop guns, but there’s no denying the man is really hitting his strides in terms of character and in the ring, although the in-ring part you’d never know it by this match since he was across the squared circle from one of the best to ever do it.

In The Ring: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund introduces Japan’s premiere superstar, Antonio Inoki. On behalf of WCW, for his contributions to professional wrestling, Inoki is presented with a plaque of recognition. Lord Steven Regal returns to the ring, offended that this man from overseas receives respect, but he doesn’t get any. Inoki is lucky he’s retired or he’d have to teach him a lesson. Antonio takes his jacket off and Regal and Sir William retreat.

Match #2: Vader w/Harley Race vs. The Guardian Angel
Jesse Ventura has joined commentary in place of Bobby Heenan for this bout. Angel throws Race out of the ring and Vader blindsides him. He throws Angel to the ropes and hits a spin kick. He approaches with a clothesline, Angel counters into a belly to back suplex. He throws some rights and removes Vader’s head gear. Powerful body slam by Angel. He rushes the former World Champion with a clothesline and Vader rolls to the floor. Angel gives chase and throws some forearms. Race gets involved and he’s clocked, but it gives Vader an opportunity to make a comeback. Angel is prone on the outside, Race teases a boot to the head but the ref catches him.

He crawls back in and is immediately assaulted in the corner. Angel fights back toe to tie and finally gets the upperhand. Vader reverses an Irish whip and knocks him down with a body shot. Vader from the second rope, he tries a sunset flip but Angel sits down on his chest. Standing clothesline rocks Angel, Vader from behind locks in a calf crusher submission. He maneuvers into a crossface submission, he rolls Angel over and only gets two. Angel fights back from his knees but Vader returns the favor of the bodyslam. From the 2nd rope he scores with a Vader Bomb. Race asks for one more, this time he goes all the way up top for a moonsault, but he hurts himself on the landing. Both men are down, Race climbs up to the top rope but Angel presses him down.

He clotheslines Vader over the top rope and dumps Race out through the middle. He slides to the floor and tags both men. Vader climbs to the apron and Angel hits a vertical suplex. To the ropes, Angel hits a shoulder block that backs Vader into the referee, knocking him out for a short time. Race hands Vader Angel’s old nightstick, but The Guardian pounds him down with right forearms. He grabs the nightstick away just in time for the referee to see it. The official assumes Angel used the foreign object and calls for the bell.
Winner: Vader (Disqualification)

  • EA’s TakeThe Boss is no more. As you remember, at Spring Stampede, he was stripped of his Boss gimmick (due to a lawsuit by the WWF because of it’s striking similarities to his Big Boss Man gimmick), hence the finish with the nightstick. Harley Race’s partnership with Vader is among my favorite manager/wrestler combinations. I often wonder had Harley not taken a fall in the coming year and been at his side when he made the jump to the WWF, maybe things could have gone differently there. Probably not, but maybe.

Match #3: ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes & ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson vs. Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck w/Col. Robert Parker & Meng
Buck will start things out with Anderson. They lock up and quickly release, Funk taunts Double A from the corner. Buck wants a piece of Rhodes, he gets his wish and The Natural pummels him. Rhodes wastes no time to knock an interfering Funk to the floor. He nails him with rights on the apron and Funk falls to the floor. In the ring, Funk and Rhodes tie up, Funk takes control with some chops and a forearm. Scoop slam from Funk, to the ropes and Funk hits a shoulder block. On the comeback, it’s Rhodes with a scoop slam.

Buck rushes in and he gets the same treatment. Without the referee’s attention, Dustin tosses both men over the top rope and Parker is incensed. Funk is slow to return, they tie up, Funk with a waistlock and Rhodes reverses into an atomic drop. He gives one to Buck while he’s at it. Funk takes some rights in the corner, a snapmare and a big elbow. Funk catches him with a belly to back suplex but can’t find his partner. He manages to tag in Buck who puts the boot to Rhodes’ head. They hit the ropes and Rhodes misses a crossbody, rolls out of the ring and takes a nasty spill on the steps. Funk gives him some abuse on the outside and The Enforcer checks in.

The ref’s attention is tied and Funk does some more dirty work before rolling him in to Buck. Knees to the small of the back by Bunkhouse Buck and he sits down with a front facelock. Terry Funk grabs a chair and sits it at ringside. Buck plants Rhodes with a scoop slam, puts the boot to his head and locks in an abdominal stretch. Funk is tagged in and he sits down with a reverse neck breaker. Terry lifts Rhodes and sits down with a piledriver, Anderson makes the save. Dustin goes down with a shoulder block, Funk staggers to his corner to make the tag. Big boot to the jaw by Buck and he sends Rhodes into the buckle. He applies a front facelock and holds him on the mat.

Anderson asks for some crowd help as a tag is made to Funk. They double team Rhodes with forearms, Rhodes fights his way out of the corner hitting a few bionic elbows. He whips Buck into Funk and elevates Funk for a back body drop. He gives another one to Buck and bashes both men’s heads together. Buck is clotheslined over the top rope, he sends Funk for a big clothesline. He attempts a pin but Buck has climbed to the top rope, Rhodes sits him down for a low blow.  Rhodes throws Buck on top of Funk and then gives a distracting Parker a big right. A tag is finally made to Anderson, he’s fired up but immediately turns to plant Rhodes with a DDT. The ref was distracted by Meng on the apron, but turns to see Funk covering Rhodes after Anderson pulled him on top.
Winners: Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck (Anderson DDT)

  • After The Bell: All 3 men assault The Natural, Anderson putting the knee to Rhodes’ forearm. Security finally breaks it up. ‘Mean’ Gene tries to get a word with Arn Anderson to figure out what just happened, but The Enforcer says they’re going to party. Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan grab a quick word with Hank Aaron. They ask ‘The Home Run King’ for his thoughts about the main event, he’s unsure who will win but he’s rooting for both Flair and Hogan.
  • EA’s TakeWe’ve got a heel heavy show so far in terms of winners. Kind of funny that the most bad ass guy out there was ringside instead of competing, but hello Meng! Very interesting turn of events here. I was thinking to myself: “Why hasn’t Anderson been tagged in at all? Rhodes has worked the entire match”. Oh, THAT’S why!

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene is joined by WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair & Sensuous Sherri. The champ laughs about what just happened to Dustin Rhodes. What’s he gonna do when Double A runs wild on him? Gene discusses the biggest match of his life tonight, Flair knows that it’s standing room only with a lot of big shots, and that’s just the way they like it. Sherri reminds Hogan that he’s the challenger with a failing career, Flair has nothing to prove. To be the man, you have to beat the man.

Match #4 for the WCW United States Championship: Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat vs. WCW United States Champion ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin
Austin blindsides Steamboat with forearms and some knee to knee contact. The Dragon fights back with some chops. They exchange strikes but Austin really works on the knee, he tries a submission but Steamboat kicks him into the ring post. From the top rope, Steamboat walks across and chops the arm. Hammerlock scoop slam by Steamboat. Austin takes position in the corner, Steamboat with some chops but Austin gets the big boot up. He heads for the top but Steamboat dropkicks him, tying him up on the top rope.

Steamboat heads to the floor to pound on the vulnerable Austin. Stunning Steve bounces back into the ring, Steamboat scores with a spin kick and an arm drag. Steamboat with an armbar, they spin for position and Steamboat chops him down. He hangs onto the wrist and puts his knee to Austin’s ribs. They run the ropes, Austin leapfrogs twice but tries baiting Steamboat by saying his knee gave out. The Dragon isn’t buying it and mauls him with kicks. Austin is drop kicked out of the ring, still playing possum about his knee as he calls timeout. He pulls Steamboat out to the floor and delivers chops and rights. Steamboat fights back and chases him all the way around the ring. They roll in and hit the ropes hard, Steamboat leaps on Austin’s back for a sleeper.

He pushes Austin into the turnbuckle and can’t pin him with a schoolboy. Steamboat moves into an armbar and cranks away at it. Austin kicks back with a low blow to break it up. Stunning Steve with a standing clothesline but is still reeling about his arm. Belly to back suplex by Austin, he sends Steamboat with a back elbow but The Dragon won’t stay down. It takes two more shots before Steamboat stumbles out of the ring. From the apron, the champ lifts Steamboat for a vertical suplex but he’s slow to cover. Steve hooks him, Steamboat backflips out of a suplex, grabs hold of Austin’s neck and throws him down for a 2 count. Austin is sent for the ride and receives an armdrag, hanging on with an armbar.

Steamboat drives his knee into Austin’s shoulder. To the ropes, Austin is caught out of the air from an attempted Thesz Press and Steamboat bridges for another 2 count. Scoop slam by Steamboat and he still can’t get him. From the ropes, Austin picks Steamboat up for a big slam and both men are slow to get up. Austin rubs Steamboat’s face into the mat and heads to the middle turnbuckle. A big knee rocks the back of Steamboat’s head. He measures Steamboat for a big elbow and lays in some shots in the corner. Steamboat pushes him away and dares him to do it again. Austin wears down the dazed challenger, Steamboat finally able to land a shot back. He takes Austin down with a double leg pick up and catapults him into the turnbuckle.

Austin staggers back and Steamboat flips him over for a pin, the champ able to just kick out. Austin is up quick and takes Steamboat down with a clothesline. They stagger to their feet and Austin buries a shoulder into Steamboat’s midsection. To the ropes, Austin lifts him for a back drop and follows it with a swinging neck breaker. He’s slow to cover and Steamboat kicks out. Reverse chin lock from a standing position by Austin, Steamboat doesn’t have enough to make it to his feet and Austin drives him head first into the mat. He tries multiple pins but Steamboat keeps getting his shoulder up. The Dragon bridges, Austin tries driving him down but Steamboat gets his knees up. He pursues Austin but is kicked away.

Stunning Steve chokes him on the middle rope and hits a bronco buster. He taunts the lifeless Steamboat to the camera. Austin charges him, but the tables are turned when Steamboat hits the Stun Gun. They roll to the apron and exchange fire until Steamboat is tossed into the railing. Ricky strikes back by throwing Austin into the railing, the champ rolls into the ring and Steamboat lands a chop from the top rope. He lays in 10 rights as the fans count. Austin is sent for a back body drop, Steamboat follows it with a clothesline and a chop, Austin kicks out at two. Stunning Steve changes momentum by going to the eyes, he tries to dump Steamboat over the top rope but The Dragon hangs on.

He flips back in, Austin charges with a clothesline, Steamboat ducks and fights back with chops. Austin tries a desperation back drop but Steamboat hangs on again. Steamboat tries a variety of pinning combination but Austin stays alive. Multiple reversals for a piledriver, Steamboat wins the battle. Steamboat heads for the top rope, Austin attempts to throw the referee in front of him. Steamboat begs Randy Anderson not to call for a disqualification and he tackles Austin to the mat. To the ropes, Steamboat ducks clotheslines and lands a crossbody. Stunning Steve uses the momentum to roll all the way over. Steamboat kicks out at two, so Austin puts his legs on the ropes for leverage and scores the cheap win on the second attempt.
Winner and STILL WCW United States Champion: ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin (Crossbody Reversal)

  • EA’s TakeJust a solid, back-and-forth match between two guys who know what they’re doing here. The theme of the heels winning continues. Also, that Thesz Press reversal did not look comfortable in the least.

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