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Chairshot Classics: WCW Halloween Havoc 1994 – Terrifying Rage In The Cage!



Halloween Havoc 1994
Our weekly Chairshot Classics WCW PPV series continues with Halloween Havoc ’94!

Open: Tonight is the night, Hulk Hogan is putting his career on the line in his title defense against Ric Flair. There’s a lot of history in Detroit, and this will add another chapter. Sting is not on the Halloween Havoc card, but he is the first guest on WCW Hotline if you want to find out why. T. Graham Brown performs the National Anthem, and we’re underway.

Match #1 for the WCW World Television Championship: The Honky Tonk Man vs. WCW World Television Champion Johnny B. Badd 
Badd immediately backs HTM into the corner swinging with lefts and rights. Collar and elbow, HTM grabs the wrist lock and pounds on the tricep. Badd counters and pulls him all the way down to the mat. HTM cowers to the ropes and buys some time. Collar and elbow, side headlock and a closed fist punch by HTM. Badd ducks a straight right and receives an atomic drop. Badd messes up HTM’s hair, blocks a right and throws one of his own. HTM bails out to the floor and slows it down. They lock up, HTM with a knee to the gut and he throws Badd into the turnbuckle. Snapmare by HTM and Nick Patrick warns him about closed fists.

Knees to the chest by HTM, Badd fights back with uppercuts. HTM lures him into the corners and throws a knee. He sends Badd for a back elbow and taunts for the crowd. Double ax handle to the gut and a reverse chin lock by HTM. Badd works up to his feet, breaks the hold, hits a shoulder block but runs into a big knee on the 2nd effort. HTM chokes Johnny on the bottom rope and the ref breaks it up. To the ropes, HTM tries a back body drop, Badd reverses into a sunset flip for two. Badd with some body shots, but HTM slows it with a knee. Snapmare and back to the reverse chin lock as we hit the half way point in the 10 minute time limit. Badd hulks up, throws some elbows and lifts him for a couple scoop slams, but HTM moves away from an elbow.

He tries a cover and the champ kicks out. Back to the chin lock for Honky Tonk Man. He tells the fans to shut up as they get behind Johnny. Badd throws elbows, but HTM sets up for the Shake Rattle & Roll. He wastes too much time and Badd back drops him. HTM is up first but Johnny fights from his knees, clubs him in the corner and sends him for an Irish whip. He charges but HTM moves and Badd tumbles to the mat. He tries a cover but Nick Patrick catches him using the ropes for leverage. Badd is dumped to the floor and he gives chase. From the apron, a double ax handle across the back. Badd is rolled back in, snapmare and a reverse chin lock by HTM.

Badd gets psyched and gets his feet but gets a knee across the kidneys. HTM moves in, but Badd is ready for him. He throws HTM’s head into the turnbuckle and climbs to the 2nd rope for a series of rights as there is only 1 minute left. Badd with a combo and a knee lift. To the ropes and Badd hits the big elbow. HTM ducks the Kiss That Don’t Miss and reverses with a belly to back suplex. Both men are slow to move, HTM finally chokes him. Tempers flare and they pummel one another as the ring announcer counts down the final seconds. We have a draw.
Winner: Time Limit Draw

  • After The Bell: Badd poses with his belt in the corner, HTM tries lifting him for an atomic drop but it does no damage. The TV champ pummels Honky Tonk Man some more until he bails out to the floor.
  • EA’s TakeThis one makes me chuckle a little only because it’s well documented that Honky Tonk Man had an infamously bad time getting along with Eric Bischoff. So if you don’t want to miss HTM in WCW, don’t blink. Pretty standard stuff until the aggression at the end. I could see a rematch, but I’m pretty sure the man most known for his long Intercontinental Title reign doesn’t make it to Starrcade. Bischoff has even called Honky his favorite firing during his time running WCW, to which Honky takes as an honor today.

Video: We relive the events at Clash of Champions when Hogan was attacked by a masked man, but still faced Ric Flair. The masked man returned during the main event, he and The Nature Boy took plenty of liberties with the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. On October 9th, we found out there was more than one masked man as Hogan tried to fend them all off. Flair took advantage and did more damage to the knee. Later in the month, Ric Flair was seen in Chicago with Mr. T, the man who will be the special guest referee tonight.

Match #2 for the WCW World Tag Team Championships: Pretty Wonderful (‘Pretty’ Paul Roma & ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff) vs. WCW World Tag Team Champions Stars & Stripes (The Patriot & Marcus Alexander Bagwell)
Patriot and Orndorff at the start, they lock up and jockey around the ring for position before a rough break up. Another lock up, double leg pick up by Orndorff, they roll around the mat and trade rights. Roma charges in and Bagwell responds, a bad-blood melee as all four men brawl. Orndorff and Patriot take it to the floor and Bagwell clotheslines Roma out to the other side. Patriot rolls Orndorff back in the ring, climbs to the top and comes off with a chop. Orndorff is dropped by a left but he hastily crawls over to tag in Roma.

He and Patriot lock it up, Patriot twists the wrist and tags in Bagwell. Marcus with a chop from the turn buckle and he stays on the wrist. He cranks away, Roma responds with a forearm and a scoop slam. Pretty Paul races to the top turnbuckle and dives with a closed fist. To the ropes, Bagwell ducks clotheslines and hits a crossbody for two. Arm drag and holding with an armbar is Bagwell. He makes the tag to Patriot and they score a double hip toss. Patriot cranks the arm as Roma reaches for his partner but he can’t get there. Quick tag to Bagwell who comes off the top rope with a sunset flip, Paul kicks him in the face. Roma takes control with knee to the gut and tags in Mr. Wonderful. Bagwell greets him with a drop toe hold and a wrist lock.

Orndorff drops to his knees. They hit the ropes, Orndorff leap frogs but runs into a scoop slam. He is quick up, but he gets another. Running clothesline by Bagwell and Wonderful rolls out to the floor. He slows it down and rolls back in. Side headlock takedown by Orndorff and he tags in Roma who drops some elbows. Roma sends Bagwell for the ride and catches him in the gut. He drives the knee into the chest of Bagwell and tries to bait Patriot. Pretty Wonderful take advantage with a double team, and Roma taunts Patriot. This gives Bagwell a chance to come back with some forearms and he tags Patriot. He clubs away and throws Roma into the turnbuckle. An Irish whip and a running charge, Patriot makes the cover and Roma kicks out.

Back to the wrist for Patriot and he works it into a hammerlock. He works him down to the mat and drives his knee into the arm. Tag is made to Bagwell and he continues abusing the arm. Roma grabs the trunks and drags him into the turnbuckle. He makes a tag to Orndorff as Pretty Wonderful shows good teamwork. Wonderful stomps the body and sends Bagwell to the ropes for another big kick to the gut. An elbow with theatrics by Orndorff and the crowd gets a small pop. Bagwell tries fighting from his knee, but Orndorff stays in control. Another tag Roma, Orndorff holds Bagwell in place so Pretty Paul can land a top rope chop. Roma cuts off the ring and clubs Bagwell’s neck. Kicks in the corner, Bagwell fights with forearms.

Into the ropes, Roma stops short and punts Bagwell in the face. High elevation elbow drop by Pretty Paul, Bagwell kicks out at two. Roma lifts Bagwell for a back breaker and poses. He’s slow to cover and Bagwell kicks out. To the ropes again and Roma leaps for a drop kick. Irish whip, Bagwell climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle and surprises Roma with a crossbody and a two count. He’s low on energy as he reaches for Patriot, Roma bearhugs him on their knees. Bagwell works to his feet but Roma brings him to Wonderful’s corner and makes the tag. Orndorff sends him for the ride and copies Roma’s drop kick. An elbow to the gut and he grabs a front facelock. Bagwell fades but the crowd gets behind him. He lifts Orndorff but can’t get anything out of it, knee lift by Wonderful.

To the ropes, Roma takes a cheap shot to the kidneys and Orndorff follows with a clothesline. Orndorff stomps away and drives Bagwell head first into the mat. Orndorff sets up, but Bagwell blocks the vertical suplex and counters. He tries a cover but Orndorff kicks out. Knee lifts by Orndorff, Bagwell counters a snapmare into a backslide and Roma makes the save. Irish whip by Orndorff and he runs into a boot, Bagwell leaps on his back with a sleeper hold. Roma runs in to make the save again, Patriot takes care of him. All four men brawl, Bagwell and Orndorff are legal. Scoop slam by Patriot on Roma and a knee lift on Orndorff from Bagwell. Stars and Stripes runs both men down with clotheslines.

The ref is concerned with Patriot and Roma on the apron as Bagwell hits a fisherman’s suplex in the middle of the ring. He corals Patriot as Roma heads to the top rope. He hit Bagwell with a top rope elbow and Orndorff turns the pin. The ref turns around and makes the count, Pretty Wonderful win back the belts.
Winners and NEW WCW World Tag Team Champions: Pretty Wonderful (Orndorff/Top Rope Elbow)

  • EA’s TakeThis is the 2nd time Bagwell has been in an up-and-coming tag team, losing back-to-back title matches on PPV, but actually entering this match as champion. I feel like the same thing happened to the American Males as well. You have to wonder what gives? He was over with the fans and plenty athletic during these years. Did they cap his ceiling too low for too long? Textbook tag team wrestling in this one, great pace, and although the babyfaces got screwed, Pretty Wonderful still looked plenty strong through much of the match.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is joined by ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair & Sensuous Sherri. Sherri looks excited, Flair is already planning the greatest celebration in wrestling history for when he puts away the so-called #1 wrestler of all time. He tells Hogan that it all comes to an end tonight, courtesy of him. Don’t look at old videos or anything other than what happens tonight. Sherri says the price is right, they have a gameplan and they’re ready to go.

Video: Dissent between brothers Kevin Sullivan & Dave Sullivan occurred over Dave’s buy-in of Hulkamania.

Match #3: Kevin Sullivan vs. Dave Sullivan
They waste no time, a back elbow knocks Kevin out of the ring. Dave gives chase but Kevin baits him. Chops in the corner by Kevin followed by a standing clothesline. Dropkick by Kevin, but Dave blocks the turnbuckle shot. Kevin eats the corner 10x. Running clothesline by Dave, he sends Kevin for a back body drop. He pursues and Kevin dumps him to the floor through the middle ropes. Kevin sends Dave into the ring post and returns to the ring. He crawls to the apron and Kevin gives him a hard time getting back into the ring. Dave fights from his knees, Irish whip but Dave runs into a boot. Bronco buster on the ropes by Kevin.

Snapmare by Kevin and a stomp across the head. Kevin bails out and grabs a Hogan bandana, he chokes his brother with it and gives a gut stomp. Another double stomp, he calls for the crowd and heads for the top. Dave catches him with a gorilla press and turns the tide, choking Kevin with the bandana. He whips Kevin for a lariat. He whips him again and hits a big boot. Kevin takes the bandana and kneels in the corner showing that he could put it on and make up, Dave doesn’t know whether to buy it and Kevin cheap shots him. Out to the floor, the brothers exchange shots. Dave hits the ring post and rolls back in the ring. Kevin doesn’t beat the ref’s count back into the ring, and we have a count out.
Winner: Dave Sullivan (Count-Out)

  • EA’s TakeI guess this is an early seed of what ultimately becomes The Dungeon of Doom and Sullivan’s ploy to end Hulkamania. For a five minute match between a 45-year old Kevin Sullivan and his 37-year old, kayfabe brother who honestly wasn’t much of a worker (he was also ‘The Equalizer’), it obviously didn’t steal the show, but it wasn’t a bad little storyline match.

Video: We revisit Arn Anderson’s turn on Dustin Rhodes in his match against Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck at Bash at the Beach.

Match #4: ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes vs. ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson w/Col. Robert Parker & Meng
They measure and lock up, Rhodes with position in the corner and we have a clean break. Collar and elbow, Double A with a side headlock, they hit the ropes, Anderson reverses a hip toss, Rhodes immediately scissors his head on the mat and they break it off for a restart. Anderson claims Rhodes pulled his hair. Collar and elbow, Anderson chains into a hammerlock, reversed by Rhodes with a snapmare. Anderson complains to the ref again. Collar and elbow, Rhodes with position on the ropes and Anderson cheapshots on the break. Rhodes responds with a right that knocks Double A to the mat.

Rhodes with an Irish whip, he catches Anderson’s boot, hits an atomic drop and a lariat from the back. The Natural heads for the top, Anderson trips him up and sets up for a superplex. Rhodes blocks with a headbutt and hits a top rope clothesline, Anderson kicks out. Irish whip from Rhodes, he measures but Anderson catches him with an elbow first. Anderson to the 2nd rope, Rhodes puts the boot up but Anderson stops short and drops an elbow. The Enforcer kicks away at the hamstring, looks for a figure four but Rhodes kicks him through the middle rope out to the floor. The Natural gives chase and rakes his back, Anderson tries turning the table but ends up punching the ring post.

Back to the ring, Rhodes drives him into the turnbuckle and gets two on a schoolboy. Rhodes on the attack with a modified wristlock, using his knee for extra leverage. Anderson tries using the hair but Rhodes hangs on, he drops Arn to the mat and drops a leg across the bicep. Rhodes moves into an arm breaker submission, using his boot on Anderson’s neck. He drives the knee into the elbow and sends Arn for an inverted atomic drop. He goes for a big lariat, but Anderson uses his momentum to send him over the top rope and to the floor. Back to the apron, Anderson drops a forearm across the check and puts a boot to him.

To the ropes, Anderson measures a gut shot and tries a couple covers, The Natural kicks out. Anderson tries dropping the knees, Rhodes body scissors him but Anderson walks him to the bottom rope and catapults Dustin. They exchange shots and Dustin rakes Anderson’s eyes across the top rope. They continue to go toe to toe, to the ropes they each hit a clothesline and both men are slow to get up. Back to their feet, both wobbly men exchange fire. To the ropes Dustin puts a boot to the gut and comes off the ropes with a big boot. He sends Anderson for a big lariat but Arn kicks out. He sends Anderson again, sets up for a back body drop, Anderson tries to counter with a DDT but Rhodes holds the top rope.

Dustin drops a quick elbow and Anderson kicks out at two. Rhodes hits a hot shot across the top rope, he drops his knee pad as he goes for a knee drop across the arm. Arn moves and Dustin is hurt. Arn tries a piledriver, Rhodes blocks, he reverses with a backbody drop but Anderson holds on for a sunset flip. He may have had three but the ref catches Anderson holding the ropes for leverage. The Enforcer argues and Dustin catches him in a roll up.
Winner: ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes (Roll-Up)

  • After The Bell: Anderson is enraged and ambushes Rhodes, including a DDT.
  • EA’s Take“This is wrestling *clap clap, clap-clap-clap*”. I knew we’d get a smart match between these two. Seriously though, if you want an example of how to put on a great 10-minute, one-on-one wrestling match despite it not being glittered with a belt on the line, a special gimmick or stipulation, high spots, hardcore shots, outside interference or over the top pomp and circumstance, this match should go on your ‘recommended’ list. Obviously all of that other stuff belongs on the card, I’m just saying it’s truly an art to put on such an engaging, straight-forward match without any added razzle-dazzle. Two absolute pros.

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF Royal Rumble ’90 – Every Man For Himself



Royal Rumble 1990
Our road to the 2019 Royal Rumble continues with a look back at one from the past!

It’s the third annual Royal Rumble, for the first time ever the January WWF tradition would play a major part in the buildup to WrestleMania. The concept of giving the Royal Rumble winner a title shot at WrestleMania hadn’t been introduced yet. However, this would mark the first time the Rumble match would be used to advance and begin feuds heading into the big event, thus you could call this show the inaugural Road To WrestleMania! It’s every man for himself in the Royal Rumble, so let’s head back to the Orlando Arena in 1990….

Open: Vince McMahon voices over a video running down tonight’s Royal Rumble participants, in addition to the great singles matches we have tonight.

Match #1: The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) w/’Mouth Of The South’ Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers (Luke & Butch)
Butch & Raymond will kick off the action, Raymond offers a handshake, then goes to the midsection with a boot and delivers right hands. Jimmy Hart jumps on the apron to distract the ref, Jacques hops in the ring for a double team, but Luke comes in to thwart the attempt. Butch shoots Raymond into the ropes, Raymond grabs a sleeper, Butch driving him into the turnbuckle to break it and biting him on the backside. Butch bites the ref now, Jacques comes in after him and Luke follows suit, delivering a double clothesline to Raymond. The Bushwhackers go for the Battering Ram on Jacques, he rolls outside to avoid it and The Rougeaus have a pow-wow with Jimmy on the outside.

Order is restored, Jacques takes the ring as Luke tags in, Jacques with right hands and some words for the crowd. Luke fires back with lefts and rights, biting Jacques on the bridge of the nose. Jacques reverses a whip into the ropes, leapfrogs over, Luke hangs on, Jacques taunting him and Luke charges, missing Jacques with a clothesline, but hitting Raymond on the apron. Butch comes in from behind Jacques, drops him with a clothesline and The Rougeaus convene with Jimmy on the floor again. Jacques taunts Butch on the apron, drawing the referee’s attention, Raymond clobbers Luke from behind and Jacques takes the advantage.

He drives Luke into the corner, goads Butch into the ring again, allowing Raymond to choke Luke with the tag rope. Jacques covers for a count of 2, tags in Raymond and he connects with a savat kick for another 2 count. Raymond unloads right hands to the breadbasket, sends Luke into the corner with a hard irish whip, then dumps him on the outside and distracts the ref. Jacques hops off the apron, sends Luke spine-first into the ring apron, prompting Butch to march after Jimmy on the outside. Luke rolls back inside, Raymond gets a 2 count, Luke with more biting of the leg and Jacques steps in to stop it. Raymond with a shot to Butch on the apron, preventing the tag, more double teaming from The Rougeaus and Raymond gets another count of 2.

Jacques back in, hits a jumping back elbow out of the ropes, then kips up to a chorus of boos. Quick tags from The Rougeaus, driving Luke back-first into the turnbuckles multiple times, again Butch steps in and distracts the ref, allowing The Rougeaus to press Luke and drop him throat-first across the top rope. Raymond snapmares Luke over, grabs a rear chinlock, Luke fights to his feet, biting the nose to break the hold. Jacques gets the tag and drops Butch off the apron again, puts Luke in the wrong part of town and locks in an abdominal stretch. Raymond offers a hand for leverage from the apron, tags in and fires a right hand to the breadbasket before going back to a chinlock.

Tag back to Jacques, Raymond slams Luke and Jacques looks to follow with a splash, but Luke gets the knees up. Butch gets the tag, unloads with lefts and rights, shoots Jacques into the ropes and buries a right hand to the midsection. Raymond steps in and immediately gets dropped, Butch with a knee lift for Jacques, covers, then bails out to go back after Raymond. Butch with a flurry of lefts and rights, all 4 men in the ring now, they pair off in opposite corners and The Bushwhackers whip The Rougeaus into one another. They set for the Battering Ram, Jimmy Hart grabs Luke’s leg, Butch lays Raymond out with a clothesline and Luke gets ahold of Jimmy.

They go for a wishbone split on the Mouth Of The South, The Rougeaus slide in with double dropkicks, Jacques with a schoolboy on Butch and he gets a 2 count. Raymond puts Butch in a Boston crab, Jacques hits the ropes and Luke trips him from the outside. Raymond breaks the hold, checks on Jacques and The Bushwhackers hit them from behind with the Battering Ram, Butch covering Jacques and getting the count of 3.
Winners: The Bushwhackers (Butch/Battering Ram)

  • EA’s TakeLots of sloppy shenanigans as is generally the case with The Bushwhackers, but a fairly entertaining match only because of the characters involved. The crowd was hot for The Bushwhackers, which I remember them being over when I was a kid, but not THAT over. This would mark the finale of their almost year-long feud with The Rougeaus, after defeating them now 4 consecutive times on PPV/TV. Raymond’s time was winding down quickly and would ultimately come to an end a little later in the year.

Backstage: Joining Gene Okerlund is ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase with his bodyguard, Virgil. DiBiase doesn’t look very happy, as there was added security this year when it came to drawing entry numbers in the Royal Rumble. Last year, DiBiase paid somebody off for a better number and that wasn’t going to be allowed this year. MDM shows Okerlund his number, which is #1. DiBiase just says that means he’ll be the first man in the ring and the last to leave.

Match #2: The Genius vs. Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake
Brutus stalks The Genius, backing him into the corner and Genius hops to the outside to get away. Back inside they lock-up, Beefcake backs Genius into the corner and we get a clean break. The Barber mocks The Genius, Genius with a front handspring and they taunt each other. They tie-up again, Brutus backs Genius into the corner and gets his eyes raked. The Genius takes control with heavy right hands, goes back to the eyes and chokes The Barber in the corner. Beefcake powers out and hits The Genius with an inverted atomic drop, Genius taking a time-out on the floor.

He regroups and flips back into the ring, they tie-up once again and Genius goes back to the eyes, delivering right hands and driving Beefcake into the top turnbuckle. He shoots Brutus into the corner, charges in for a dropkick and The Barber avoids it. They lock knuckles in a test of strength, Beefcake with the clear power edge brings The Genius to his knees and drops an elbow on his head. Genius tries to bail out over the top, Brutus stops him and he gets crotched on the top rope, jumping to the outside again to take a walk. He climbs back inside, they lock-up and Genius backs Beefcake into the corner, driving shoulders to the midsection and delivering a flurry of boots. He sends Brutus into the ropes, ducks his head and The Barber with a kick.

Genius fires out of the corner with a kick, shoots Beefcake back into the ropes and scores with a dropkick for a count of 2. Genius with more right hands and a rake of the eyes, gets a schoolboy for a 2 count, then slams Brutus and climbs to the 2nd rope. Beefcake buries a right hand to the breadbasket, catching The Genius coming down, sends him into the ropes for another right hand to the midsection. The Barber slams Genius, whip into the ropes and he locks in the Sleeper Hold. The Genius reverses, grabs a side headlock, Beefcake pushes him off and the referee gets knocked to the floor.

More stiff right hands from Genius, Brutus reverses an irish whip and gets him in the Sleeper Hold again, The Genius fades out. Brutus motions for his scissors, grabbing them at the timekeeper’s table and then cutting Genius’s hair. Mr. Perfect hits the ring and unloads on Beefcake, plants him with a PerfectPlex and the bell rings.
Winner: Double Disqualification

  • After The Bell: Perfect grabs a chair, The Genius holds Brutus up and Perfect drives the edge of the chair to the breadbasket, then delivers another shot before a bevy of refs get involved.
  • EA’s TakeI had completely forgotten just how flamboyant The Genius was, that character was very light in the feet. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Genius is the younger brother of Randy Savage, but was more known for his promos that were poems than his in-ring work. He wrestled sparingly and would gain his most notoriety after being paired with Mr. Perfect as his ‘executive consultant’ and occasional tag partner. Beefcake and Perfect’s rivalry would lead them into WrestleMania.

Backstage: Sean Mooney is standing by with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, Haku, ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude & Andre The Giant as they get ready for the Royal Rumble. Heenan tells Mooney it’s not every man for himself, but every family for themselves. Mooney wonders what happens if Rude & Haku are the last two left, Rude saying he’ll do what he has to do to win. The Brain tries to argue with them that they need to stick together, but they can’t seem to get on the same page.

Match #3 is a Submission Match: Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine w/’Mouth Of The South’ Jimmy Hart vs. ‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin
Valentine leaves the ring at the bell, complaining to the ref about Garvin’s shin guard, then having words with Jimmy Hart. Rugged Ronnie jumps him from behind, firing away with right hands and rolling The Hammer back inside. Valentine tries to beg off, but Garvin’s not having any of it, dropping The Hammer with chops. He drives Valentine’s head into the top turnbuckle, The Hammer turns the tables and serves a plate of chops of his own. They exchange shots, Garvin connects with a big right hand and Valentine slides to the outside to grab a breather.

Back in the ring now, Rugged Ronnie with more punches, tries to pick the leg and The Hammer prevents it, drops elbows until Garvin rolls away from one. Valentine drops a headbutt to the breadbasket, scores with left hand jabs, Rugged Ronnie fights his way out of the corner, hits a headbutt and both men drop to the canvas. Garvin recovers first, sets for a piledriver, Valentine flips him out of it, Rugged Ronnie hanging on for a sunset flip, but this is a submission match. Collar & elbow tie-up, The Hammer backs Garvin into the corner, unleashes a flurry of chops, Rugged Ronnie pushes Valentine into the ropes and collide heads. Valentine looks for the Figure Four, Garvin kicks him off into the turnbuckle and gets a schoolboy, but again there are no pinfalls.

The Hammer comes right back with a back elbow that drops Rugged Ronnie, locks in the Figure Four and it has no affect due to Garvin’s shinguard. Valentine immediately goes back to the chops, elevates Garvin in a modified torture rack, releases and attempts the Figure Four again, getting kicked off and going into a choke. Garvin gains his footing, connects with lefts and rights in the corner, takes Valentine down with a drop toehold and goes into an indian deathlock. The Hammer gets to the bottom rope to force the break, rolls out to the floor and regroups with Jimmy Hart. Valentine drags Rugged Ronnie to the outside, they exchange chops, Garvin sets for a piledriver and again The Hammer flips Garvin over.

Back inside, Valentine drives his shoulder into the midsection in the corner, Garvin reverses a whip across, follows in and gets caught up in the tree of woe. The Hammer delivers punishment as the ref untangles Rugged Ronnie, grabs a headlock, gets pushed into the ropes and they collide heads again. Jimmy Hart removes Garvin’s shinguard, Valentine with a backbreaker and goes back to the Figure Four. Rugged Ronnie battles through the pain, rolls over to counter and Valentine flips back over, grabbing the ropes for leverage. The ref forces him to break, The Hammer going right to work on the damaged knee. Valentine goes for the Figure Four again, Rugged Ronnie counters into a small package to avoid it, but immediately gets dropped by a Valentine right hand.

The Hammer heads to the top, Garvin sees it coming, hopping on one leg and slamming Valentine to the mat. Rugged Ronnie removes The Hammer’s shinguard now, Valentine with a schoolboy, but they didn’t get the memo that this is a submission match. The Hammer shoots Garvin into the ropes, Rugged Ronnie ducks a clothesline, lays in a right hand and ties Valentine up in the ropes. He gets The Hammer’s shinguard, Jimmy Hart to the apron to break Valentine loose, Rugged Ronnie grabs him and brings him into the ring the hard way. Garvin stalks Jimmy with the shinguard, The Hammer comes up from behind with Garvin’s shinguard, Rugged Ronnie turns around and decks Valentine with it, locking in a sharpshooter and Valentine submits.
Winner: ‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin (Sharpshooter)

  • EA’s TakeThe big blow-off to this long-running rivalry fell flat, in my opinion. This seemed like more of a boxing match with countless amounts of punches being thrown. The idea of guys going for numerous pin attempts in a submission match is a bit absurd in and of itself also. This would mark the end for Garvin’s WWF run and essentially his career, after setting up a feud with Rick Martel to follow, nothing ever came of it and Rugged Ronnie would only work indies on a semi-retired basis. The Hammer’s days of being a singles star were numbered as well, forming an alliance with another of Jimmy Hart’s clients The Honky Tonk Man.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Uncensored ’95 – Unsanctioned, Unauthorized, Unbelievable!



Uncensored 1995
Our weekly Chairshot Classics WCW PPV series continues with Uncensored ’95!

Open: As the commentators review the card, they’re told that there is live footage from the first contest, so we cut to that.

Match #1 is a King Of The Road Match: The Blacktop Bully vs. ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes
The winner of this match will be the first to blow the horn on the back of the 18 wheeler. Both men are caged in the back of the flatbed, which is filled with bails of hay and bars. Bully hits a low blow to stop Rhodes’ first attempt and he sends The Natural into the steel. Rhodes is dumped to the middle of the bed and he staggers around as we get helicopter footage of the truck. Lots of wide shots as the two brawl. Bully is close but here comes Rhodes with a fence post and he drives it into the mid section. Rhodes with some rights and stomps.

Rhodes delivers a piledriver and uses the car for a double leg kick. Rhodes dumps a bail of hay on the back of Bully’s head. Blacktop finds a rope and he uses it to choke Rhodes. Dustin comes back with a bucket of an unidentified liquid. He tries to make a climb, but the momentum of the truck takes him down. Belly to back suplex by Bully, the truck’s momentum sends both men into the side. Rhodes has a foreign object and he pounds on Bully. Rhodes can’t pull off a scoop slam due to the truck’s momentum. Bully makes a climb and he’s cut off. Many wide shots make it difficult to call the action. Rhodes has an animal trough and he nails Bully with it.

The truck comes to a complete stop, halted by a church bus. Microwave interference cuts the feed temporarily. We come back to Bully hanging on to the top, but Dustin works over his ankle. They fight up on top of the cage, exchanging rights and doing whatever they can. Dustin is knocked down to the flatbed, but Bully slips down as well. Bully pulls Dustin down but misses with a clothesline and tumbles over one of the steel bars. The Bully leaps with a double ax handle, he makes the climb for the horn, Dustin gives chase, both men reaching for it. Dustin rakes Bully’s eyes but the slowing of the truck pulls Rhodes back. Blacktop Bully yanks Dustin back to the flatbed, blows the truck horn, and mercifully, this one is done.
Winner: The Blacktop Bully

  • EA’s TakeThe definition of ridiculous and it was only made more ridiculous as the feed occasionally got interrupted and the truck got stopped. Lots of wide shots so you couldn’t see a lot of the action, which was limited at best anyway, especially because it’s challenging to keep your balance on the back of a moving vehicle. As I’ve said before, both men were fired for blading during this match and it goes down as one of the most infamously ‘WCW’ moments in wrestling history. If I was Dustin, Goldust would have sounded like a step up to me too.

Backstage: Mike Tenay is joined at this time by WCW World Television Champion Arn Anderson, Col. Robert Parker & Meng. Double A says the King of the Road result was just the first in a clean sweep for the Studd Stable tonight. The hour glass has turned and time is running out for Johnny B. Badd to recapture his manhood. A DDT will put his lights out in just a little bit. The $75,000 it cost Col. Robert Parker to get Blacktop Bully out of jail, because it’s paying dividends. In terms of the upcoming martial arts match, Meng has Duggan shaking like a leaf, and he’s going to pay the price for putting his hands on the manager. Hacksaw’s crossed eyes are going to be crossed for good soon.

Match #2 is a Martial Arts Match – Special Referee Sonny Onoo: ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan vs. Meng w/Col. Robert Parker
Duggan is dressed for the occasion and he gets the USA chants going. Onoo gives the competitors instructions, but Hacksaw bows to no one. He finally concedes so we can get started. Duggan chases Parker off the apron. Duggan bows to his opponent and takes a kick in the face. Meng makes a cover for two. Duggan and Meng exchange strikes, Meng with several throat thrusts. Duggan takes his boot and pounds his opponent back, but a big elbow sends him back. Meng grabs a nerve hold but its broken by the boot. Duggan swings and misses with the boot and Meng comes back with chops. A straight choke by Meng and Duggan falls to his butt.

He hulks back up, is unphased by several strikes and delivers a series of punches. Meng knees the gut and follows with a kick and a clubbing forearm. Meng grabs another nerve hold as Duggan looks for the crowd’s help. Duggan breaks the hold with elbows, goes for a shoulder block but can’t take Meng down. He tries again, but Meng brushes him away. A big kick right to the neck by Meng and he chokes Hacksaw on the bottom rope. Sonny Onoo backs him off, and Duggan takes advantage with a right cross. Meng fights back and knocks Duggan down with a back handed chop. Meng rakes the eyes and chokes Hacksaw on the mat.

Back up to vertical, Duggan absorbs a savate kick, but Meng is too much to handle. Meng tries the nerve hold for a third time. Onoo drop checks the arm, but Duggan holds at two. Up to vertical, Duggan with elbows to the mid section, he tries a headbutt but it takes more out of Hacksaw himself. Meng uses his foot to choke Duggan on the apron until Onoo backs him off. Col. Parker takes advantage of the distraction and uses his handkerchief. Big uppercut chop by Meng, but Duggan moves away from several elbow attempts. Hacksaw mounts a comeback, Meng reverses a whip to the ropes but Duggan stops short and punts him.

Duggan stands on the 2nd turnbuckle for count-off rights. Onoo tells him to break it up, Duggan feigns like he’s going to dump Sonny over the top rope, Meng stalks in but Duggan ducks a clothesline. Irish whip by Duggan, he gets into his three point stance and nails him with the lariat, but Meng is right back up. Parker tries to get Hacksaws attention and he’s pounded on the apron the apron. Onoo grabs his fist to stop him, opening up the opportunity for a savate kick by Meng, which helps him pick up the W.
Winner: Meng (Savate Kick)

  • EA’s TakeOkay, so we have a ‘Martial Arts Match’ where one competitor uses no martial arts and the other uses just a couple martial arts strikes and holds that are just part of his normal repertoire? Does that mean every Meng bout was ultimately a gimmick match? Well, at least we had a special guest referee who played a confusing role at times? No, that last question mark isn’t a typo.

Backstage: Mike Tenay is joined at this time by Johnny B. Badd and his boxing trainer Roc Finnegan. The Badd Man may be at a disadvantage since someone will be trying to wrestle him while he’s sporting gloves, but this isn’t about boxer vs. wrestler, this is about Badd vs. Anderson. Finnegan says his student is going to knock that stiff out, and Badd tells The Enforcer he’s going to dreamland.

Video: A piece highlighting the career of the TV Champ, and he explains why and how he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his belt.

Match #3 – Boxer vs. Wrestler: Johnny B. Badd w/Roc Finnegan vs. WCW World Television Champion ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson w/Col. Robert Parker
There will be up to 10 three minute rounds with a 1 minute intermission. You can win by pin, submission or a 10 count KO. Round #1 is underway, they circle, Arn trying to lock up but Badd keeps him back with a left. Badd ducks a collar and elbow and throws in a jab. Badd backs Anderson into a corner, he throws in a big series and Anderson has to bail out. Parker encourages his client and The Enforcer climbs back in. They measure each other, Badd with body shots and Anderson drops to his knee. Arn covers up and finally gets a knee and a left in but Badd is overwhelming. Anderson covers in the corner and the ref backs Badd off.

Anderson leaps for a single leg but Badd backs off, Anderson eats shots in the corner as the bell rings for round 1. They check in with the respective men in their corners. Parker tells Anderson to take his legs out from under him. They’re back up and we kick off round #2. Anderson is able to bear hug Johnny into the corner and drive Badd into the corner. Badd fights back with a flurry of punches and the 10 count starts. Anderson is up at 7. Badd continues to pummel him in the corner and Anderson covers up. The Enforcer gets a single leg pick up but misses an elbow and Badd knocks him down again. More jabs from Badd and Anderson is just absorbing.

Anderson gets some hard shots to the kidneys and he goes down. Parker cheers his man on and the ref checks in. Anderson gets him in the gut, but Badd is still dominating. Anderson drops down again and Badd poses. 10 seconds left in the round and Anderson just covers up. During the rest period, Anderson sneaks in with a cheap DDT before collapsing himself. Finnegan checks in with Badd in the corner, and Anderson rushes in with more cheap shots, he looks at the ref and says: No DQ? And chucks him over the top rope. Parker takes a liberty and rolls Badd back in. Anderson goes to work and chokes Badd on the bottom rope before stomping on the jaw.

Badd fights back with body shots, but Anderson lifts his knee. Knee shots to the kidneys by The Enforcer. Badd is vertical and Anderson drives his shoulders into the mid section. Another knee lift by Anderson, and Parker holds up a stool in the corner for an Irish whip. Badd collapses after being struck by it, but here comes Finnegan to jump on Anderson’s back. Anderson sheds him, but it buys Badd a little time. Anderson stays in control in the corner and he poses for the crowd. Arn chokes away and hits a jaw buster. Badd wakes up and throws body shots, but Anderson simply dumps him on the floor where Parker stomps him as the 3rd round ends.

It should be the rest period but Anderson tosses Badd into his coach. Finnegan encourages Badd but Anderson ambushes him with a scoop slam. He mocks in the cameras direction but turns around into a shot from Badd. Finnegan puts a bucket on Anderson’s head and the 10 count is on. Johnny B. Badd wins it by knockout.
Winner: Johnny B. Badd (TKO/Round 4)

  • EA’s TakeThank sweet baby Jesus this didn’t ACTUALLY go 10 rounds! This match ticked me off, not just because it was boring, but it made wrestling look inferior, particularly in the first two rounds. Anderson sold it as best he could, but it was hard to save this nonsense. I don’t think there’s ever been a case where boxing and wrestling have been fused together and it came out good. Piper/Mr. T, Inoki/Ali, the Brawl For All…I’d hope by our current year (2019) we’ve seen the last of it. I like boxing, more so than MMA, but these just never work.

Backstage: Mike Tenay is joined by ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Tenay asks if Avalanche’s attack on Saturday Night was a wake up call. It is what it is, but just like bucket-head Arn Anderson, Avalanche is going down at the hands of Savage. He’ll take anyone out on the way, so Tenay should wipe the smile off of his face. Ooooh Yea!

Match #4: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage vs. Avalanche
Avalanche hits the ring and Savage wastes no time. He works him in the corner, Avalanche reverses an Irish whip but Savage moves away from the splash. Quick jabs by Savage, but he can’t move the big man with shoulder blocks. Avalanche lectures and Macho slaps him in the face. Shoulder block by Avalanche, he rushes in but Savage moves out of the way and Avalanche tumbles to the floor. Savage climbs to the top and hits a flying cross body down to the floor. He introduces Avalanche to the ring post and the steel steps. Macho pulls the big man back into the ring. He tries a scoop slam, but it’s too much. Avalanche pancakes him and gets two count.

A stomp and a head of steam for an elbow. Avalanche runs again with a leg drop but can only get two. Avalanche poses and the crowd boos. Savage tries fighting from his knees but he’s brushed off. Belly to belly suplex by Avalanche. Savage is slow to his feet and Avalanche hits a drop kick but Savage is too close to the ropes for a pin. Scoop slam by Avalanche, he moves in for an elbow but Savage moves. Avalanche dumps Savage down to the floor, and follows him out for some forearms to the chest. Savage is run jaw first into the ring post. Macho is slow to the apron where gets more forearms and dumped back to the floor.

Savage crawls back up, but Avalanche drives his shoulder into the gut and boots him back to the floor again. Savage tries again, but a big knee returns him to the floor. Back to the apron, Avalanche hooks him for a suplex, Macho blocks and slingshots the big man down. Macho heads for the top rope and hits a crossbody, but there’s a big kickout. Randy tries some clotheslines with little effect. He hits the ropes, ducks two clotheslines and tries a sunset flip, but Avalanche sits down hard on top of him. Avalanche steps across the sternum of Savage and lands a big splash. Power slam by Avalanche, he stomps around, he went for the Avalanche Drop but Savage rolls away. In the corner, body shots by the big man. irish whip but Savage comes back hot and tries a schoolboy for two.

Savage goes to the eyes and heads to the top, he takes flight but is caught in mid air. Avalanche drives Savage into the corner and lifts Macho for another power slam. Avalanche goes to the 2nd turnbuckle, he dives but Savage moves. Macho climbs to the top but Avalanche rolls to the floor. Savage accommodates and hits an ax handle down to the floor. From the crowd a “woman” climbs the barricade and assaults Savage. He rolls him back into the ring where he’s double teamed. Scoop slam by Avalanche followed by an Avalanche Drop. The wig is removed, and it’s revealed that the “lady” was Ric Flair. From the back, Hulk Hogan rushes to his friend’s aid and the others bail out. The ref calls for a stoppage and Savage wins by DQ.
Winner: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage (Disqualification)

  • EA’s TakeIt’s Uncensored! There are no disqualifications! Except when there are, apparently. This was a good match between these two and Ric Flair as a woman was pretty funny, just sort of a bizarre ending considering the premise of the show though. But…you know…WCW!

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