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Chairshot Classics: WWE WrestleMania 33 (2017)



Video: This past Friday night, the WWE honored this year’s Hall Of Fame Class as Diamond Dallas Page, The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, Beth Phoenix, ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude, Teddy Long, Eric LeGrand and Kurt Angle all were celebrated at the Amway Center.

In The Arena: This year’s WWE Hall Of Fame class is presented to the crowd on the stage, featuring Diamond Dallas Page, The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, The Family of Rick Rude, Teddy Long, Eric LeGrand, Beth Phoenix & Kurt Angle.

Match #4 is a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the RAW Tag Team Championships: Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Cesaro & Sheamus vs. RAW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
The New Day
 come out to the stage, Big E announces that as the hosts they have received word this match is now a Fatal 4-Way, Woods stating there’s another team involved. Kofi wonders who it could be and out comes The Hardy Boyz.

Match #4 is now a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match for the RAW Tag Team Championships: Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Cesaro & Sheamus vs. RAW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff)
The bell rings and a brawl breaks out, The Hardys are left in the ring with the champions, hit Poetry In Motion in opposite corners on Gallows & Anderson, Enzo slides in, gets sent to the ropes for a double back elbow, then clobbered by a combination somersault senton/fist drop. Big Cass hits the ring and gets dumped outside, Cesaro & Sheamus ambush The Hardys from behind, send Jeff to the corner, he scales the ropes and connects with Whisper In The Wind. Matt goes out to grab a ladder, knocks Sheamus & Cass off the apron, Enzo runs into a ladder shot followed by Cesaro, Jeff brings in another ladder and starts to climb up.

Gallows rolls in and pushes the ladder over, Anderson joins him to drop Matt with a double clothesline, lays waste to The Hardys with multiple ladder shots, then start to head up towards the titles. Cesaro & Sheamus come in, The Swiss Superman springs off the ropes to pull Anderson down, The Great White plants him with a rolling fireman’s carry, Cesaro following with a double stomp off of Gallows’ shoulders. He ascends the ladder towards the championships, Enzo & Cass come in, the seven-footer knocks Cesaro down, drops him with a big boot, does the same to Matt and then Jeff eats one coming off the top.

They head out to slide in a couple of ladders, The Hardys drag them out the other side and plank them from the ring to the barricade, Gallows & Cass charge in to squash them with the ladders, Enzo runs around ringside and gets launched into Gallows. The King of Swing decapitates Amore with an uppercut, Sheamus drags Gallows to the apron for 10 Beats Of The Bodhren, Cesaro rolls in, cuts off Anderson and goes into the Swing. The Swiss Superman catapults Anderson into a powerslam from Sheamus, Cesaro scores with the Swiss-1-9 to Gallows, Cass pulls himself back inside and drops The Swiss Superman off the apron with a big boot. The seven-footer presses Enzo over his head and throws him onto Sheamus & Cesaro, Jeff comes in from behind, deposits Cass to the outside, steps to the apron, climbs to the 2nd rope, but gets dropped by a Brogue Kick and lands on everybody outside.

The Great White sets up a ladder under the titles and goes after them, Gallows comes in to ascend it and meet him, they battle on top of the ladder, Enzo coming in to push them both over. Smacktalker Skywalker stands the ladder back up and heads towards the titles, Cass comes in to give him a boost, Gallows rolls back in to cut them off, then drives Big Cass into a ladder with the help of Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior clocks him with a Brogue Kick, Gallows clotheslines him near the ropes, they both fall to the outside and Anderson slides in to stop Amore from getting the championships. The Swiss Superman slides back in, Anderson tosses Enzo off the ladder, Cesaro meets him mid-air with an uppercut, pulls Anderson down for a double crucifix bomb with Sheamus, but Gallows is there to prevent it.

The champions deposit Cesaro & Sheamus outside onto the planked ladders, Matt comes in, surprises Gallows with a Twist Of Fate, Anderson dumps him out of the ring and then starts to go up rung-by-rung. Matt quickly comes back in to climb up after him, delivers a Twist Of Fate off the top of the ladder, Jeff sets one up outside, climbs to the top of it and crashes down through Cesaro & Sheamus with a Swanton Bomb. Matt ascends the ladder again, reaches the titles and pulls them down.
Winners and NEW RAW Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz

  • EA’s TakeWow! I definitely did not see that coming, but what an incredible surprise. Of course, The Hardys completely stole the show here, Jeff giving us another signature ladder match moment, but I also did not expect them to actually WIN the titles. What a shot in the arm for the RAW Tag Team Division that has been sorely needed for some time. I really thought this would be Enzo & Cass’ moment finally, but this is so much better.

Match #5 is a Mixed Tag Team Match – Special Guest Ring Announcer Al Roker: The Miz & Maryse vs. John Cena & Nikki Bella
Nikki & Maryse will start the action, Nikki tries to come at Maryse and she immediately tags right out. The men step inside, the crowd is firmly behind Miz, The Leader of the Cenation tries to rush in and The A-Lister ducks to the outside for a kiss from his wife. Cena goes out in pursuit, chases The Miz into the ring, gets caught coming in with stomps and The A-Lister plays to the crowd some more. He chokes Cena on the top rope, the ref backs him away, Maryse sneaks in a cheap shot behind the official’s back, Miz following with heavy left hands. He batters The Leader of the Cenation in the corner, charges in for the Awesome Clothesline, goes to the top rope and scores with a double axe handle for a 2 count.

A “Miz Is Awesome” chant breaks out, The A-Lister hits the ropes for a basement boot, connects with another, goes back to the well for one more and Cena staggers to the corner. The Miz rushes in for another Awesome Clothesline that’s off the mark, The Leader of the Cenation crawls to make a tag, Maryse comes around ringside and rips Nikki off the apron to prevent it. Cena stumbles up for a clothesline, Miz counters into a modified backbreaker, follows with a neckbreaker, hooks the leg and covers for a count of 2. He stands over The Leader of the Cenation and looks for a right hand, Cena blocks it, attempts the AA, The A-Lister slips out, spikes him with a short DDT and again gets a 2 count. Miz mocks a “Yes” chant, buries stiff kicks to the chest, taunts Nikki, get slapped in the face for it, turns around and Cena powers him over the top to the floor.

The Leader of the Cenation crawls over and finally makes a tag, Nikki comes in and spears Maryse, unleashes a series of right hands, The Miz reaches in and drags his wife out, Nikki hits the ropes for a head of steam, then takes flight with a suicide dive. The A-Lister pushes Maryse out of the way to take the bullet, Nikki rolls her back into the ring, clocks her with a big forearm shot, Miz & Cena roll back inside and Cena delivers a spin-out back suplex. Nikki & Cena set for in-sync 5 Knuckle Shuffles, Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment as Nikki connects with the Rack Attack 2.0, both making a cover and getting the 1-2-3.
Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella (Nikki/Rack Attack 2.0)

  • After The Bell: The Leader of the Cenation grabs a microphone, states that this is what Nikki wanted over a year ago after breaking her neck, getting the WrestleMania moment she has been seeking. He remembers that before she went into surgery where there would be a time he could ask anything he wanted due to being loopy, reminding Nikki that she always wondered what happened. He informs her that he would say it when the time is right, says that time is now and explains that he said one day he would marry her. The Leader of the Cenation gets down on one knee, pulls a ring out of his pocket and proposes, Nikki accepting and then sharing a kiss.
  • EA’s TakeAside from the phenomenal build-up this match had, this was a pretty standard mixed tag. If you’ve seen one before, you can pretty much figure out how this one was booked. There was a lot of talk that Cena would propose after the match so no surprise there, but I don’t think the right decision was made in who won. Miz & Maryse still could have gotten a victory here and theoretically should have since they’re the ones sticking around, but you still could have done the proposal after it. You’re ending with that, so did you really need Cena & Nikki to get the win to lead-up to it? I don’t believe so.

Match #6 is Unsanctioned: Triple H w/Stephanie McMahon vs. Seth Rollins
They both unload with right hands at the bell, The Architect gets the better of it and pummels The Game, hits the ropes, ducks under a clothesline and connects with a single-leg dropkick. Triple H spills to the outside, Rollins goes out in pursuit, sends him face-first into the ring post, looks to whip him into the barricade, Hunter turns the tables and Seth hits the retaining wall. The King of Kings charges in, blocks a boot, delivers a dragon screw leg-whip, The Architect rushes right back in with a clothesline and they spill into the crowd.

Both guys exchanging fists, Seth staggers near the barricade, The Game rushes in, gets back body dropped over it to ringside, Rollins hops on top of it and flies off with a clothesline. He tosses Hunter into the squared circle, climbs to the apron and attempts to springboard in with a knee, HHH catches the leg, gets kicked away and then clocked by an enzuigiri. The Game spills back to the outside, Rollins hits the ropes and takes flight with a suicide dive, rolls back in and connects with another, brings Triple H around ringside and bounces him off the german announce table. The Architect starts to clear the table off, rams The King of Kings head-first off of it again, drags him on top of it for a Pedigree, Hunter with a shot to the bad knee to avoid it, then spikes Seth on the table with a DDT.

The Cerebral Assassin pulls himself together and grabs a chair, bashes Rollins over the bad knee, clobbers Seth with another chair shot to the leg, then planks him from the barricade to the announce table. He stands on top of a chair and leaps off with a knee drop to the bad leg, rolls The Architect into the squared circle, cuts him down with a chop block and then goes to work on the injured limb with elbow drops and a heel hold. Rollins fights his way out of it with punches, The Game puts him in the corner for stiff chops, puts the boots to the right knee and Seth battles back again. He catches HHH with a reverse STO into the 2nd turnbuckle, hops to the top rope, The King of Kings cuts him off with a right hand, then climbs up for a superplex.

The Architect blocks it, goes for a sunset flip bomb, his knee gives out on him and The Game laughs, then hammers him with more heavy fists. Seth powers his way out for a Buckle Bomb, his leg gives out again, Triple H stands over him, sets for the Pedigree, but Rollins counters out and looks for one of his own. The Game blocks it, Seth instead delivers a Buckle Bomb, both guys struggle back to a vertical base, The Cerebral Assassin pulling himself to his feet in the corner. The Architect charges in with a forearm, shoots him back in, Hunter falls over the top to the floor, Rollins ascends the corner to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with a crossbody, hurting his knee further in the process.

He bounces The King of Kings multiple times off the ring post, reaches under the ring and pulls out a couple of chairs, throws them into the ring and drags out a table. He sets it up at ringside, HHH pulls himself into the squared circle, Seth climbs back to the high-rent district and scores with a frog splash, but only gets a count of 2. The Architect goes for one of the chairs, Hunter tries to beg him off, surprises Rolling coming in with a kick to the knee, plants him with a spinebuster and hooks the leg for a 2 count of his own. He takes the chair and sandwiches Seth’s leg inside of it, delivers a stomp and and elbow drop to punish the injured limb, then heads upstairs. Rollins gets back to his feet and tosses the chair in The Game’s face, climbs up to execute a superplex, hangs on and connects with a falcon arrow, but still can’t put it away.

He pulls himself up to the top rope, Stephanie climbs on the apron, sweeps the leg to bring him down, The King of Kings takes the opening and hooks on a reverse figure four. The Architect is able to roll himself over and hit a series of fists to break free, slaps on a crossface, The Cerebral Assassin slips out, delivers a number of shots to the knee and Rollins rolls outside to try and regroup. HHH gets his hands on one of the chairs, cracks Seth in the leg again, locks the reverse figure four back on out on the floor, Rollins reaching under the ring to try and grab anything to escape it, including a sledgehammer. The Game sees it and releases the hold, picks up the sledgehammer and stalks The Architect back in the ring, Rollins surprises him with forearm shivers, they exchange shots, The Game coming back with a modified jawbreaker.

Seth pops back up with multiple superkicks, Triple H rebounds off the ropes with a clothesline, both guys hit the canvas and double down. The King of Kings crawls over to the sledgehammer, The Architect explodes up with an enzuigiri, sets his sights on the sledgehammer and measures, Steph reaching in to remove it from his hands. Triple H spins Seth around and plants him with a Pedigree, Rollins just barely kicks out at 2, Hunter can’t believe it, drags The Architect to the corner, then pulls him up top for a Super Pedigree. Seth counters out with a back body drop, steps to the top turnbuckle for a phoenix splash, hooks the leg and The Game gets the shoulder up before the 3 count. He pulls The King of Kings up and hooks him for a Pedigree, Triple H slips out, goes to the knee and tries for another Pedigree, Rollins reverses back for a Pedigree, but is countered with a back body drop.

Seth lands on his feet and hurts his knee in the process, HHH hooks him for a Pedigree, The Architect counters out, tries another Pedigree of his own, but The Cerebral Assassin slips out and hits another shot to the bad leg. Rollins uses the ropes to drag himself to his feet, Stephanie climbs up and holds him for her husband, The Game charges in, Seth breaks free and Hunter nearly clocks The Billion Dollar Princess, but puts on the brakes. He turns around and gets clocked by a superkick, The King of Kings staggers into Steph and knocks her off the apron, she crashes through the table, Rollins follows with a Pedigree and that’s all she wrote.
Winner: Seth Rollins (Pedigree)

  • EA’s TakeGreat contest with excellent ring psychology from both guys, Stephanie also playing her part brilliantly. Creatively, there was so many things that could have happened in this one. Many people, such as myself, thought it was a lock that Samoa Joe would get involved in some way, so a little surprising that didn’t happen. I also figured interference from Joe would lead to a surprise return from Finn Balor, which of course didn’t happen and leaves me still wondering why he hasn’t been back on television. Moving forward, I’m curious to see if Rollins continues competing or if he kind of takes it easy a little bit since he pushed so hard to get back just for WrestleMania. Like, if he needs surgery is he gone? I bet he will just work a little bit less for the time being.

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