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The Good, Bad, And Ugly: WWE Monday Night Raw (12/3/18)



Drew McIntyre Dolph Ziggler WWE Raw

How was this week’s WWE Raw? Better than last week’s abysmal performance? Bobby checks in with The Good, Bad, and Ugly for this week’s show!

Last week we were subjected to a show that was in fact not a pleasure to watch. It was one of the worst Monday Night Raws on record among a lot of Bad and Ugly for the “A” Brand as of late.  Although I understand the significance of the brand, has the damage been irreparable? Was this week’s any better?

Firstly, wrestling is so patriotic, always has been.  The fans show out every time, and tonight was no different.  RIP George H.W. Bush.

The Good

Alicia Fox and Mickie James w/ Dana Brooke vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

The crowd was into this one.  They were reacting well to the action which was abundant.  Alicia Fox looked Good tonight.  Bayley and Sasha Banks also were sharp.  Mickie James just seems to have lost her touch.  She really seemed to struggle tonight.  Overall this wasn’t Bad, Bayley pins Mickie James with a Bayley to Belly for the Win!  It was short and showcased some decent wrestling.

Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night w/ Baron Corbin

Corbin is unquestionably hated.  Rightfully so, he is horrible on the mic and overrated beyond reason for his ring prowess.  Drew McIntyre is greatly impressive.  He has come into his own as a force and potential top guy with his exceptional size, ring awareness and mic skills.  He is the total package and the push he has gotten is deserved and a Good move.  His feud with Finn Balor is a tremendous match-up and well received by the fans.  When promos like this are done well, they can make memories that actual wrestling cannot bring. However this was another pointless, over the top failure, until Dolph Ziggler unexpectedly interrupted and got instant heat with Drew McIntyre.  This is an interesting feud with two very talented people and made for some great content.  I’d say with the unique gift of a surprise, this went from Bad to Good.

Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler

This being unexpected added a Good feeling to it.  It is rare that fans get surprised anymore.  No one expected this tonight.  Drew McIntyre destroyed every spec of the talented “Show Off” Dolph Ziggler.  We had some decent wrestling and storytelling.  Ziggler put McIntyre over every chance he had.  McIntyre looked great out there with such talent working with him.  Everything was going well, but a promo in the middle of the match is a Bad move.  Luckily it was short and they got back to action.  Finn Balor came out, making things interesting as he acted as a distraction to an otherwise squash match.  What little offense Dolph Ziggler had, was done well.  The spot with the ref and interference with Finn Balor looked Good, and did it’s job.  Ziggler hits a sharply placed Superkick for the victory.

Elias Promo 

As usual we started out with the crowd ready to “Walk with Elias.”  His fan base has grown immensely.  We have seen some decent action between him and Bobby Lashley.  Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush come out and interrupt.  Lio Rush is Good on the mic, sometimes a little too much though.  However it is a Good thing that someone can enhance Bobby Lashley as he hold his own in the ring but can’t handle the mic.  This was a pretty standard ending with Finn Balor literally throwing Lio Rush to the wolves leading to Lio getting slammed by Elias’ guitar.  The purpose was clear and effective.  So dare we say, this was Good enough.

Dean Ambrose Promo

Dean Ambrose’s new entrance is Great!  I like the sirens and the cockiness.  All of it is Good.  The cheap heat suits him well.  This Dean Ambrose is a Good Dean Ambrose.  Pretty regular promo, nothing new, Rollins comes out and attacks from behind.  Rollins “burned it down” destroying the swat team that accompanied Ambrose.  After giving chase, Rollins got some good shots on Ambrose.  Ambrose got the upper hand and put a good beating back on “The Architect.”  Decent hype segment and Good enough that we got the message.

“Loser is Fired Match” Heath Slater vs. Rhyno

It is wonderful seeing them on Raw.  The trend tonight of putting different talent in front of the camera is a Good one.  Someone getting fired is a shame.  It was quick and the right man won.  Heath Slater Wins and will be able to keep feeding his kids.  Rhyno has been around a long time and given wrestling fans, his all.  Thank you to him!  Corbin making Heath Slater as a Ref could make for some entertaining times ahead.

Jinder Mahal vs. Finn Balor

We have been seeing a lot of Finn Balor which is Good.  He is a top contender and heavy fan favorite.  Jinder Mahal not too long ago, like Balor was a Champion.  This is a decent pairing.  We have a big powerful guy vs. a fast high spot guy.  Both have gotten a push and made it to the top.  Finn Balor did so much on this show.  It is exciting to see the potential.  Jinder Mahal wore Balor down in textbook fashion.  The placement of the match was well done.  Balor came back hard but was stopped by the Singh Brothers outside antics.  Apollo Crews ran in for the save leading to a decisive win for Finn Balor.  This match was a Good move.  It was smart booking and showed major improvements to the decision making backstage.

The Bad

Ronda Rousey (WWE Raw Women’s Champion) and Natalya vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka

Raw opening with the most hated person on Earth Nia Jax and Rousey in any capacity seems like a safe choice to wake up the crowd right away.  However it is also a huge risk including Tamina.  Natalya isn’t exactly a safe bet for a positive boost in crowd participation either.  Rousey looked fierce tonight and the crowd noticed.  She came out hot.  Nia got booed accordingly and Tamina looked like she got forced out of bed and hassled to be there.  Raw got it right getting the Riott Squad more involved as more of them is a Good thing.  Aside from the ever popular Liv Morgan, and the hell of a bump Natalya took through a table, this was a jumbled up mess.  Everyone was all over the place, and it just didn’t do anything to help the show.  The only plus was it was very short lived and over quickly.  The after segment was worse in case you are wondering.

Baron Corbin Rise to Power

Baron Corbin is Bad.  Even with his over the top WWE Style Promo Video.

Lucha House Party vs.  Scott Dawson of The Revival (Lucha House Rules 3 on 1)

Scott Dawson is a great talent.  The Revival has so much potential and are great for the sport.  They bring this traditionalist mentality and style missing from so many now.  Lucha House Party is rough.  They have their moments but overall are way to hyped.  This match had some decent moments however this whole Lucha House Rules is Bad.  We need less of this crap.  The trend of the evening seems to be short, effective matches. This one was not Good though.  Lucha House Party Wins!

Bobby Roode vs. Drake Maverick (Tag Team Championship Match Implications vs. AOP)

Bobby Roode being on is vital and an important person that should be used as much as possible.  With leadership qualities and skills to be a Top Guy, he must be seen.  I sensed we were going to get an overdose of cheese here given the set up.  While Roode had his way with Maverick.  AOP destroyed Gable backstage and AOP was added to the match for a second 3 on 1 match of the night.  This was really Bad.  Roode got killed in there.  The crowd did not enjoy this, and AOP really cannot do Good.  This was pointless yet again, as was Gable coming in and fighting.  After AOP destroyed Roode and Gable, Maverick picks up the Victory.

Ronda Rousey (WWE Raw Women’s Champion) and Ember Moon vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka

I always get excited when a mystery partner is involved as it can lead to something special and different.  When the opportunity is wasted I equally can hate it.  Ember Moon is a great choice.  She is talented, exciting and not mainstream yet.  The energy was bright with Ember getting the crowd and Rousey fired up.  She brings a great presence with her.  Unfortunately even as great as Ember Moon looked tonight, she was not bright enough.  This was a rough match.  Some miscues, and awkwardness filling the air.  The crowd seemed to love it.  Tamina taps to a Rousey Armbar after an Eclipse for the Win!  The only reason this was spared the Ugly Stick is because the crowd was super-hot in the end.

The Ugly

Alexa Bliss’ Open Forum:  Sasha Banks and Bayley

Alexa Bliss is Good for business.  I say it often.  However this open forum is Ugly.  It really has no place on weekly programming.  Banks and Bayley are great and more of them is better but in the ring wrestling.  This extra promo, waste of time is an ugly look for Raw.  Another planned round of planted questions.  Just horrible.  The crowd couldn’t wait for it to end under any circumstances.  Alexa Bliss as always was the only Good here, but not Good enough to save this ugly segment.  Mickie James, Dana Brooke, and Alicia Fox run out and are called down by Alexa creating a Tag Match with Fox and James vs Bayley and Banks.

Final Tally

  • Good – 7
  • Bad – 5
  • Ugly -1

Overall:  Good?

The show Gods have spoken.  We had ourselves a “better” show than we have seen in sometime from the “A” brand.  Nothing is Perfect.  This was barely Good.  In fact, the promo’s may have stolen the show here.  The promo’s filled up the Good tally.  They were effective and less Bad.  Will tomorrow give us another Good Show on a stacked SmackDown Live?  SmackDown should be Good.  Hope you enjoyed, please comment, like and share.

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