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IMPACT News: Don Callis Talks IMPACT To Pursuit, Product Becoming ‘Edgier’



IMPACT Wrestling
IMPACT Wrestling’s Don Callis offers his thoughts on move to Pursuit!

Last week, IMPACT Wrestling revealed the big news that they have found a new home for their weekly broadcast, as the promotion moves from Pop TV to Pursuit Channel beginning on January 11th (see the announcement here).

While there has been a lot of negative said about the change for IMPACT, it was later reported that the deal is not exclusive and does allow them to move to another network should a deal become available (read more on that here). Unlike a lot of fan sentiment, one such member of IMPACT Wrestling’s front office sees it as a positive, as Co-Executive Vice President Don Callis recently spoke about the deal on his Killing The Town podcast.

According to Callis, the move is “strategic” and will also bring a much more adult-oriented product to fans:

“This week we announced our move from Pop TV which was a great partner for us. A lot of fans thought, ‘Wow, you guys should be on a different network with a different demographic’ so we announced this week we’re moving to Pursuit which is an exciting thing for me. When you talk about how you deal with your content as a company because our parent company Anthem owns not only the Fight Network and Game TV, they also own a significant stake in Pursuit. It’s a great strategic move for us, and I think people are going to love to see a sexier, edgier, maybe even a little more hardcore IMPACT Wrestling. I’m really, really pumped about that.”

Quotes c/o WrestlingInc

You can listen to the full episode of Killing The Town at this link.

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