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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (ending 12/23/18)



CMLL Coverage

Another busy week for CMLL is chronicled by The Chairshot’s own Joe Dinan!

Arena Puebla Monday

Sonic, Centella Roja, and El Hijo de Centella Roja vs Black Tiger, Fuerza Chicana, and Espiritu Maligno

Black Tiger and Sonic start out to begin the show off and they go back and forth for a bit. Chicana and Centella Roja are in next and they trade moves and wrestle with some interference from both teams. Hijo Centella Roja and Maligno are in next, and they move at a faster pace but very soon in both teams enter. Sonic and Roja reverse the irish whips and get submissions. Maligno power bombs Hijo onto them. Hijo Roja then gets Maligno in an arm lock and Roja submits Chicana with a arm lock. First Fall: Centella Roja submits Fuerza Chicana with an arm lock. 

Black Tiger and Sonic start the fall. Sonic hits a hurricanrana on him to the outside. Roja is in with Chicana now. Tiger comes in quickly to intercept and he goes to dive on him in ring but they mess it up. Tiger clotheslines Sonic on the ropes. Tiger hits a senton on Hijo Roja and Maligno pins him. Chicana hits a code breaker Sonic for the pin. Second Fall: Fuerza Chicana pins Sonic with a code breaker.

They start the round beating on Sonic. They move to Centella Roja but he makes a come back hitting a hurricanrana then back breaker on Tiger and Chicana. Roja and his son have Chicana and Maligno in abdominal stretches but Tiger power bombs Sonic for the win. Third Fall: Black Tiger beats Sonic with a power bomb.

Winners: Black Tiger, Fuerza Chicana, and Espiritu Maligno

King Jaguar, Tigre Rojo Jr, and Rey Samuray vs Hijo del Signo, Cancerbero, and Perverso

Match starts with a bunch of tags being made. Rojo and Cancerbero finally start out. They grapple around for a while. Jaguar postures with Perverso on the apron. Samuray and Signo are in next and engage and grapple some. Perverso and Jaguar come in and Jaguar gets back dropped. Samuray gets kicked in the thigh by Perverso. Perverso hits a spine buster on Jaguar then submits him with a cloverleaf. First Fall: Perverso submits King Jaguar with a cloverleaf.

They begin the next round brawling all over. After a load of teaming up Jaguar hits two back breakers on Perverso and goes for a submission but he’s attacked from behind by Signo. Rojo then arm bars him from behind. Jaguar drags Perverso back in and just throws him back out. Second Fall: Tigre Rojo Jr arm bars Hijo del Signo for the fall.

Samuray starts out hot in this round and then postures to the crowd. Rojo works over Signo and gets the better of him to the outside. Cancerbero comes and pushes him off the turnbuckle. Samuray comes in and knocks him out the ring and hits a middle rope flip on him. In the ring Perverso slams Jaguar and gets him in a leg and arm submission for the win. Third Fall: Perverso submits King Jaguar with a leg and arm stretch for the win.

Winners: Hijo del Signo, Cancerbero, and Perverso

Blue Panther Jr, Stigma, and Black Panther vs Vangellys, Okumura, and Kawato San

Kawato has blue hair now. Interesting. Okumura and Black Panther start the match out with some technical grappling. Vangellys gets in with Blue Panther Jr and he works him over to start until Panther hits a drop kick. Kawato comes in and Stigma hits him with a drop kick. Panther hits 3 back breakers on Okumura. Black Panther gets Vangellys in a victory roll for the fall. First Fall: Black Panther pins Vangellys with a victory roll. 

Kawato and Black Panther start slapping each other but eventually it breaks down into chaos. Kawato gets launched into his teammates and misses a drop kick hitting Okumura. Black Panther attempts a top rope move and Kawato catches him for a DDT for the pin. Kawato and Okumura do a magic killer for the fall. Second Fall: Okumura pins Stigma with a Magic Killer

Stigma gets teamed on to start this round. Okumura and Vangellys both miss double team attacks and Stigma makes a come back and hits a middle rope dive on Okumura. Kawato dumps Black Panther to the outside and hits a dive over the top rope. In the ring Vangellys hits Blue Panther Jr with a fisherman’s suplex for the win. Third Fall: Vangellys pins Blue Panther Jr with a Fisherman’s suplex.

Winners: Vangellys, Okumura, and Kawato San

Diamante Azul, Stuka, and El Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Stuka and Gran Guerrero start the match up with grappling. Azul comes in with Euforia and they grapple as well. Valiente is in next with Ultimo Guerrero but not for long as Los Guerrero’s come in and start to beat on them. They do the Los Guerrero’s triple team spot on Stuka on the ramp. They get all three in a combined submission for the fall. First Fall: Los Guerrero’s submits Azul, Stuka, and Valiente with a combined submission

They start this round brawling on the outside. This continues for most of the round until Stuka makes a come back and Valiente monkey flips him into Euforia. Inside the ring Diamante Azul hits a sit out press slam on Ultimo Guerrero for the fall. Second Fall: Diamante Azul pins Ultimo Guerrero with a sit out press slam.

Azul monkey flips Gran Guerrero to start the match and then does it again and the crowd goes crazy. Valiente comes in hot as well taking on all of them, hitting a hurricanrana on Ultimo to the outside. Then he hits one on Euforia. He hits an arm drag on Gran. Valiente avoids Ultimo running at him and he falls to the outside and Valiente hits a middle rope dive. Euforia gets Azul in a camel clutch but his grip slips so he pins him. Gran Guerrero pins Valiente with a sit out press slam from the top. Third Fall: Gran Guerrero pins Valiente with a sit out press slam from the top rope.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja vs Rey Bucanero, Cavernario, and Hechicero

As the next match is being announced Stuka is being placed on a stretcher. Azul is standing there as it happens making me think maybe he really hurt himself. His neck is in a brace as well. They’re showing the replay and it really didn’t look like he landed on his head. Maybe the way Gran snapped upwards giving some whiplash? So the final match is being delayed a bit.

Well they start the match before introductions with Cavernario attacking Caristico and now everyone is brawling. Hechicero beating on Oro on the outside and Rey is biting Roja in the ring. Now they’re in the ring working on everyone. Hechicero springs Roja up and Cavernario and Rey kick him. They make a come back and Caristico walks down Cavernario down the ramp. Roja gets Bucanero in a stretch and Angel de Oro pins Hechicero with a hurricanrana. First Fall: Angel de Oro pins Hechicero with a hurricanrana.

Cavernario and Oro start the round off and Cavernario spits at him. Ew. Oro gets the better of him however. Bucanero comes in next to take on Roja. Roja gets him out of there then reverses Hechicero’s move into an arm drag and then feigns a dive. Cavernario faces off with Caristico but Hechicero hits him with a drop kick from behind. Hechicero launches Caristico into Cavernario but he hits a hurricanrana. He then hits one on Rey, then he poses. The rudos get the advantage though and Hechicero hits a cross body on Roja while he’s in the ropes for the pin. Cavernario does his running splash on Oro for the fall. Second Fall: Cavernario pins Angel de Oro with a running splash.

They rudos continue to work on them to start the round off. The midget holds up Caristico for a triple drop kick but Rey and Cavernario get pulled to the outside and Cavernario hits the midget as Carsiticio moves. Oro and Roja then hit dives to the outside and Caristico does a head scissors into a Fujiwara arm bar for the fall. Third Fall: Caristico submits Cavernario with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Winners: Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Kaligua and Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pequeno Olimpico and Pequeno Universo

Dragoncito and Universo start out on the feet grappling. Dragoncito hits an arm drag to the outside and Kaligua and Olimpico come in. They do some fast paced work, trading submissions and holds. Dragoncito and Universo are back in now and he works over Dragoncito. Kaligua tries to make the save but ends up getting teamed on. Kaligua gets slammed by both and Universo hits a senton for the pin. Olimpico hits Dragoncito with a slam into a neck crank for the fall. First Fall: Olimpico submits Dragoncito with a neck crank.

Round starts with Olimpico and Universo working over the other team. Dragoncito makes a come back hitting an arm drag. Then they whip Universo into Olimpico. Dragoncito then submits Universo with a neck crank. Kaligua submits Olimpico with an arm stretch. Second Fall: Kaligua submits Olimpico with an arm stretch.

Universo works over Kaligua in the start of this round. Kaligua makes a come back hitting a hurricanrana on him. Olimpico comes in to hold off Kaligua until Universo comes back and hits a michinoku driver which Dragoncito breaks the pin up. They make a come back and Kaligua slams Universo and hits a vader bomb for the pin. Dragoncito submits Olimpico with a neck crank. Third Fall: Dragoncito submits Olimpico with a neck crank. 

Winners: Kaligua and Ultimo Dragoncito

Akuma and Camorra vs Hijo Del Signo and Yago

Match starts with Akuma and Camorra getting attacked during the entrances and they are now brawling. Signo messes around with Camorra’s mask. Now Yago is ripping at his mask. Yago and Signo continuously punch Camorra in the head against referee orders and he DQs them. First Fall: Yago and Signo DQ themselves disobeying ref orders.

Second round begins with Signo working over Camorra. Camorra makes a come back and basically rips Yago’s mask in half. It simply cannot stay on. It’s not slightly ripped its completely torn. So I assume Yago went into business for himself since it’d be impossible to continue the match and he ripped off Camorra’s mask and put it on himself. Second Fall: Yago DQs himself taking off Camorra’s mask.

Akuma challenges them to a hair vs mask tag match I presume. So Akuma and Signo hair and Camorra and Yago mask. Yago and Signo attack them. Camorra doesn’t have his mask and Signo tries to rip his shirt off.

Winners: Akuma and Camorra

Rey Cometa, El Audaz, and Drone vs El Sagrado, Nitro, and Disturbio

Drone and Disturbio start off in the match with some fast paced wrestling, doing a lot of counters and transitions. Audaz is in next with Sagrado and they do a couple of things and Cometa and Nitro come in soon after. Cometa tricks Nitro to the outside and hits a middle rope dive. Cometa hits a springboard moonsault on Disturbio for the pin. Audaz submits Sagrado with a standing arm stretch. First Fall: Audaz submits Sagrado with a standing arm stretch.

Audaz hits an arm drag on Sagrado off the apron. Drone hits Disturbio in the corner and then hits knees on him. Cometa and Nitro go back and forth hitting moves on each other. Disturbio and Sagrado hit knees to the corner on Audaz and Drone. Nitro hits a Canadian destroyer on Cometa for the fall. Second Fall: Nitro pins Cometa with a Canadian destroyer.

They start this round beating up on Drone. They move their attack to Cometa when he tries to help. Disturbio hits a leg drop on Drone and he kicks out. Cometa hits a hurricanrana off the apron on Sagrado to start the come back. Audaz hits a cross body and he moves out of the way during the pin and Disturbio hits an elbow on Nitro. Drone hits a cross body on both for a one count. Drone and Audaz then hit dives on Disturbio and Nitro. Cometa hits a tornado splash and then he hits a Spanish Fly off the top on Sagrado for the win. Third Fall: Rey Cometa pins Sagrado with a Spanish fly.

Winners: Rey Cometa, El Audaz, and Drone

(Match Relampago) Guerrero Maya vs Misterioso

They tie up to start the match and Maya works a take down on Misterioso. They get back up and continue to grapple on their feet fighting for position. Finally Maya gets Misterioso to the outside and Maya hits a plauncha dive to the outside. Misterioso gets back up and throws him into the barricade. They get back in the ring and do some stuff until Maya hits a drop kick to the outside and then another dive. Back in the ring Maya hits an arm drag off the top rope for a close two count. Maya hits a power slam for a two count after they get up. Misterioso catches him and hits a gory special for the win. Misterioso pins Guerrero Maya with a gory special.

They take Maya out on a stretcher. They love that gimmick.

Winner: Misterioso

Atlantis, Stuka, and Flyer vs Mascara Ano 2000, Mephisto, and Luciferno

Well i guess Stuka is okay. What was the point of the stretcher gimmick? If it was for a concussion he shouldn’t be wrestling tonight but hey it’s Mexico. Anyway Atlantis and Mephisto start the match and they’re grappling for position. Flyer is in with Luciferno now. Flyer has a very LA Park inspired outfit. Park is his uncle after all. They grapple as well, trading holds and countering each other. The match breaks down and the Rudos start to team up on the technicos. They kick Flyer out of the ring and beat on Stuka. Mascara and Atlantis fight on the outside. Mepbisto hits a facebuster on Stuka for the pin. Luciferno hits a shoulder breaker on Flyer for the fall. First Fall: Luciferno pins Flyer with a shoulder breaker. 

Flyer gets stomped on on the ramp in between rounds. They beat on Atlantis when they make their way back into the ring. Atlantis kicks Mephisto to the outside and Flyer hits a sunset flip on Luciferno for the pin. Stuka hits a springboard head butt on Ano and then the weakest arm stretch ever for the fall. Second Fall: Stuka submits Mascara Ano with an arm stretch.

Stuka comes out hot this round hitting a hurricanrana on Ano. He hits back breakers on Luciferno and Mephisto. Flyer is in next with Mascara Ano. Flyer uses his speed and makes him fall to the outside. Mephisto and Luciferno try to double him but he’s able to hit and arm drag and head scissors on them. Atlantis is in with Mascara Atlantis hits hip tosses on all three of them, then poses. Stuka hits a middle rope dive on Mascara and Flyer hits an asai moonsault on Luciferno. In the ring Atlantis hits Mephisto with a hurricanrana for the pin. Third Fall: Atlantis pins Mephisto with a hurricanrana.

Winners: Atlantis, Stuka, and Flyer

Angel de Oro, Soberano, and Niebla Roja vs Ultimo Guerrero, Templario, and Gran Guerrero

Just in case you needed reminding, Templario is apart of this group but wears his other ring gear when not teaming with them. Templario and Soberano start the match off and they take each other down and counter each others moves in the beginning. Very soon after Oro and Ultimo are in. They start to grapple on the ground. Guerrero gets him in a surfboard stretch and Oro then tries to get him in one but Ultimo stands on his head to counter. Now Niebla Roja and Gran Guerrero are in. Roja takes his shirt off and the crowd cheers. At that point Los Guerrero’s jump him from behind. They hit the Los Guerrero’s triple team spot on him. Ultimo drop kicks Oro off the apron. Ultimo slams Soberano and Templario does a handspirng flip dive over the ropes from the apron for the pin. Gran Guerrero hits a choke slam on Roja which they call the Gran Final. First Fall: Gran Guerrero pins Niebla Roja with the gran final.

They team on Oro to start the match. Gran and Ultimo holds him up and Templario drop kicked his butt. They move their attack to Soberano hitting a vertical suplex drop kick combo. Templario really does add to this team. Roja tries his hand now and gets knees in the corner by Ultimo. Soberano avoids an attack and knocks down Ultimo. Oro launches Roja into the others hitting a double drop kick. They then both dive to the outside on Templario and Gran. Soberano hits a tornado dive off the top rope on Ultimo for the pin. Second Fall: Soberano pins Ultimo Guerrero with a tornado splash.

Oro poses to the crowd to start and Ultimo hits him with a shoulder block sending him flying. Oro hits a head scissors on him. The other two come in and he hits a hurricanrana and then a head scissors and poses to the crowd. Templario comes in next with Roja. They stare down for a little bit and run the ropes where Roja hits a basement drop kick. Gran comes in next but Roja rolls into a hurricanrana. Roja and Ultimo then trade strikes in the corner to each other. Roja hits a spinning elbow to knock him down and the crowd cheers.

Soberano gets in with Gran but Templario comes from behind to double him. Soberano is able to fight back, Gran throws him up for a power bomb but Soberano flips and hits a hurricanrana instead. Templario misses a spear in the corner and falls out of the ring. Gran is pushed off the top rope. Ultimo gets hit with a hurricanrana by Soberano. Roja then does a flip dive over the top on Templario. Oro does the golden moonsault on Gran and Soberano does the backwards flip dive over the top rope on Ultimo. What a sequence.

Oro hits a lionsault in the ring on Gran for a two count. Gran hits the gran final but the pin is broken up. Roja hits a sunset flip power bomb on Templario for a two count. Templario hits a lung blower on Roja but Soberano breaks it up with a leg drop. Soberano dodges Ultimo attack in the corner and he falls out of the ring leading to Soberano hitting a flip dive over the top rope. Roja and Oro get them on the top rope but they’re reversed. Templario hits a gut wrench suplex off the top and Gran hits a sit out death valley driver on Oro for the win. Third Fall: Gran Guerrero pins Angel de Oro with a sit out death valley driver.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Templario, and Gran Guerrero

Arena Mexico Friday

Star Jr and Robin vs Raziel and Cancerbero

Star and Raziel start as we begin with an overhead camera angle. Robin is dressed like Santa Claus. Raziel and Star grapple back and forth to start. Santa comes in with Cancerbero and they start grappling as well. They grapple until Star hits a cross body. Star avoids their double team efforts. However, Raziel is able to get star in a pinning combination and Cancerbero submits Robin Claus with an arm stretch. First Fall: Cancerbero submits Robin with an arm stretch.

Cancerbero and Raziel take out Robin to start the match and then move the attack to Robin. The doubling stops until Star hits a tornado dive on Raziel and then gets him in a pinning combination. He does a back drop to Cancerbero and Robin pins him with a swanton bomb. Second Fall: Robin pins Cancerbero with a swanton bomb.

Robin is hot to start this round, having an answer for everything and then hitting a pose afterwards. Robin gets Cancerbero in a cloverleaf and Raziel breaks it up. Cancerbero slams Raziel on him. They trade finishing combinations but they get broken up. Raziel and Cancerbero submit Robin and Star with a double stretch submission. Third Fall: Raziel and Cancerbero submit both of them with a double stretch submission.

Winners: Raziel and Cancerbero

Blue Panther Jr, Drone, and Black Panther vs Virus, Okumura, and Kawato San

Drone and Virus start grappling to start the match, exchanging holds. Blue Panther and Okumura come in next, and they grapple as well. Black Panther and Kawato come in next and move quick but Drone comes in as does Virus and there’s some chaos which leads to Virus submitting Drone with a stretch hold. First Fall: Virus submits Drone with a stretch.

Black Panther gets Okumura out with an arm drag and then Virus comes in and takes him out. Kawato and Drone come in next and trade moves. Panther Jr gets in there with Okumura and quickly gets him an arm bar for the fall. Second Fall: Blue Panther Jr submits Okumura with an arm bar.

They team up on Black Panther to start this round. Panther Jr comes in to take on Kawato but it doesn’t last long as he starts to get teamed on too. Next up to get teamed on is Drone. Panther Jr comes in and makes a come back and hits a few back breakers. Black Panther hits a hurricanrana on Kawato. Drone and Panther Jr hit knees to the corner on Kawato and Okumura. Black Panther hits an inverted 619 on Virus but he kicks out. Virus submits Black Panther with an arm stretch. Drone then hits a dive on Virus. Okumura and Kawato hit the magic killer, then Kawato hits a double stomp off the top and Okumura pins him. Third Fall: Okumura pins Blue Panther Jr after a magic killer and Kawato double stomp off the top.

Winners: Virus, Okumura, and Kawato

Titan, Triton, and Esfinge vs Polvora, Luciferno, and El Felino

Titan is back in his Christmas hat that won’t fall off squaring off with Polvora. Polvora tries to keep his distance from Titan who keeps kicking his leg out. They grapple some until Luciferno comes in to try his hand. Esfinge comes in for Titan and they do some grappling. Triton comes in and hits a hurricanrana on Luciferno but then Felino hits him with a shoulder block. They brawl with Titan and Triton on the outside and team on Esfinge in the ring. Polvora hits a sit out face buster on Titan for the fall. First Fall: Polvora pins Titan with a sit out face buster.

They team up on Titan to start this round, going for his hat and mask. They move their attack to Esfinge. They dump Triton to the outside and Titan chases the midget with Felino. Titan makes a come back hitting handspring elbows. He then hits a middle rope dive on Felino. Triton hits a leg drop on Luciferno while Esfinge holds him for the pin. Esfinge then hits a springboard splash on Polvora for the second fall. Second Fall: Esfinge pins Polvora with a springboard splash.

Polvora and Esfinge start the round off going back and forth trading moves. Esfinge gets him to the outside and hits a hurricanrana off of the apron. Felino and Luciferno try to double Triton but he’s able to stop the attack, fighting off both guys, then hitting a pose with Esfinge. Titan and Polvora exchange a few acrobatic spots and Titan hits a head scissors to the outside. Esfinge and Triton do middle rope dives while Titan does an asai moonsault to the outside on all three. They messed it up last week but got it now. Titan drop toe holds Felino in the ring and gets a pinning combination for the win. Third Fall: Titan pins Felino with a pinning combination.

Winners: Titan, Triton, and Esfinge

(Match Relampago) Angel de Oro vs Mephisto

They start with Oro taking down Mephisto and they begin to trade submission holds. Oro gets the better of him hitting a few arm drags. Oro counters a power bomb into a hurricanrana to the outside. He fakes a dive and instead hits a hurricanrana off of the apron. Oro is using his speed to his advantage hitting a head scissors to the outside then doing the golden moonsault. Finally Mephisto gets some offense in the form of a face buster but Oro kicks out. Oro hits a drop kick sending Mephisto to the outside then he hits a handspring flip dive to the outside and lands on his feet. Oro hits a lionsault for a two count. He places Mephisto on the top rope but it’s reversed into another face buster in which Oro kicks out. Oro gets a small package out of nowhere for the win. He sells his lower abdomen after the match. Maybe a random groin shot. Angel de Oro pins Mephisto with a small package.

Winner: Angel de Oro

Kraneo, El Valiente, and Stuka vs El Terrible, Euforia, and Rey Bucanero

Kraneo comes out dressed as Barney the dinosaur. Wow. Bucanero and Stuka start the match out with some ground grappling. If that ever sounds repetitive like I’m half assing or something, it’s not. Almost all matches start with some kind of real wrestling, whether it be submission grappling, freestyle wrestling, or greco roman wrestling. A lost art in American wrestling. Terrible and Valiente come in next and they exchange holds and counter each other. They re-engage and grapple some more until Kraneo and Euforia come in. Kraneo uses his size to his advantage on Euforia but then Rey and Terrible come in to team on him. They slam him and in comes Stuka. Euforia gets Valiente in a neck stretch for the first fall. First Fall: Euforia submits Valiente with a neck stretch.

This round begins with the continuation of teaming on Stuka and the others. Kraneo dodges a corner attacking sending Euforia to the outside. Valiente does a middle rope dive on Bucanero while Kraneo is holding Terrible in the corner with his ass. Stuka then does a moonsault off the ring post to Euforia. Kraneo then does a running hip attack on Terrible then a leg drop for the fall. Second Fall: Kraneo pins Terrible with a leg drop.

Stuka and Euforia start the round out and he has an answer for everything. Hitting a hurricanrana on Euforia to the outside then suplexing Terrible onto Bucanero. Kraneo is in next with Terrible and they bump chests in the middle of the ring. Kraneo wins that battle. They then start the slap each other in the chest. Rey and Euforia try to double Kraneo but he ends up hitting a double splash on both of them. Valiente gets in there with Terrible who tries to use his size to his advantage, but he’s too quick. He slides to the outside then crotches La Comandante who’s at ring side on the barricade. Valiente holds Rey so Stuka can hit a dive but Rey moves and Stuka hits Valiente. In the ring, Terrible power bombs Stuka then Rey and Euforia force Kraneo to the top and make him slam Stuka. Terrible pins Stuka. Euforia then submits Kraneo with an Octopus stretch. Third Fall: Euforia submits Kraneo with an Octopus stretch.

Winners: El Terrible, Euforia, and Rey Bucanero

Pentagon Jr, Ultimo Guerrero, and Cavernario vs Caristico, Volador Jr, and Diamante Azul

Volador and Caristico both randomly have their belts with them this week so maybe they’re giving them exposure because they intend to do something with them soon. Cavernario also has his belt. No belt for Penta naturally but Ultimo Guerrero doesn’t come with his heavyweight championship? Weird stuff. Azul and Cavernario start the match off with Azul using his size to his advantage and Cavernario using his speed. Volador and Ultimo are in next moving at a fast pace. Volador looks to have voluntarily cut his own hair so maybe the days of him wearing long hair are done. They grapple on the ground and Guerrero gets Volador in a surfboard stretch.

Pentagon finally gets in with Caristico and Pentagon gets a huge pop. They start grappling on the ground and it looks a little rough but Caristico had the advantage. Cavernario comes in to help out. Pentagon rips Caristico’s mask and the ref warns him. Azul hits a running clothesline from the ramp on Cavernario and Ultimo. Caristico hits a middle rope dive on Pentagon on the outside, then Volador hit a Canadian destroyer on Cavernario for the pin and Azul hits a sit out press slam on Ultimo for the fall. First Fall: Diamante Azul pins Ultimo Guerrero with a sit out press slam. 

Volador starts out hot in this round, getting the better of Ultimo then hitting a head scissors to the outside on Cavernario. He then leaps over the ropes hitting a hurricanrana on the outside. Pentagon gets in the ring with Caristico and does his cero miedo pose. Caristico gets the better of him hitting a spinning DDT. Caristico gets his revenge and rips at Pentagon’s mask. The crowd is super hot for this. Caristico then hits a big arm drag on Cavernario who tried to interfere then poses.

Azul takes out Ultimo then hits a running elbow smash on Pentagon. He then hits a monkey flip on Cavernario. He signals to the fans for another and then hits another. Volador dodges Ultimo’s corner attack, sending Guerrero to the outside. Volador then does an over the top rope dive on to Cavernario. Azul then hits a dive off the ramp on Ultimo.  In the ring Caristico goes for a springboard attack but Pentagon kicks him below the belt for the DQ. Second Fall: Pentagon DQs himself kicking Caristico below the belt. 

After the match Pentagon says he is Penta zero fear. Pentagon challenges Caristico to a match one on one next week. Caristico accepts and that’s the main event for next Friday. This will be a test to see Pentagon’s drawing ability in CMLL alone. Caristico tries to get a Tengo Miedo chant going saying Penta is scared but Pentagon isn’t having it and kicks him and rips his mask off.

Winners: Caristico, Volador Jr, and Diamante Azul

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (4/20/19)

It’s a rematch of Darewolf and Lifeblood’s Luchador!



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 396

ROH brings us a big rematch from a fast-paced match-up! Will PJ Black make up for his loss to Bandido? Or will LifeBlood’s Luchador go 2-0 on the Darewolf?



  • Kenny King VS Tracy Williams; King wins.
  • Reno Scum VS The Bouncers; The Bouncers win.
  • PJ Black VS Bandido; Bandido wins.


Kenny King VS Tracy Williams!

The K I N G has a shot at the ROH World Championship after winning the Honor Rumble at the G1 Supercard. But first, he’ll be tested by the Hot Sauce of LifeBlood! Will Tracy be too spicy for Las Vegas’ most eligible bachelor? Or will King prove himself worthy of challenging #GrandSlamTaven?

Tracy wants to keep the Code of Honor, but Kenny declines. The bell rings and Tracy dares Kenny to tie up then. They do tie up, and Tracy waistlocks. Kenny spins but gets caught into a snapmare. Tracy has the chinlock but Kenny powers up to power Tracy to a corner. Kenny climbs on Tracy to bark at him, but backs off at the ref’s count. Kenny trash talks as Tracy comes out of the corner. They tie up again and Tracy wrenches to a shoulder breaker. Tracy has the armlock but Kenny reverses it. Tracy rolls and waistlocks to throw Kenny down. He backs up to let Kenny up, and they circle again. Kenny gets the waistlock but Tracy gets the standing switch. Tracy shifts to a headlock but Kenny powers out. Tracy runs Kenny over then keeps moving.

Things speed up and Kenny drop toeholds to float over to a headlock. Kenny grins but Tracy fights his way up. Tracy brings Kenny to a knee and gets the arms, to then get the headlock for himself. Kenny powers out but Tracy blocks the hip toss for a takedown and spinning toehold. Tracy loops it around to a standing toehold, but Kenny endures. Kenny pushes Tracy off and things speed up again. Kenny hurdles but Tracy catches him for a roll up, TWO! Tracy shifts to a hammerlock chinbar! The Hot Sauce has the King of Vegas on the defense while we go to break.

ROH returns and Kenny hits Tracy with an arm-drag, then another into the armlock, but Tracy headscissors. Kenny pops out but Tracy arm-drags back. Kenny headscissors but Tracy pops out, and the two stand off as Kenny handsprings up. Fans applaud while Tracy and Kenny circle again. Tracy wants a second try at the Code of Honor handshake, but Kenny just punches him! Kenny elbows Tracy at the ropes into the corner. Kenny throws hands and elbows but Tracy forearms back. They trade hands and Kenny pushes Tracy to the ropes. Kenny whips but Tracy holds the ropes. Kenny kicks but Tracy reverses the whip to CHOP away! Tracy scoops Kenny for a back suplex! Cover, ONE, but Tracy keeps on Kenny with a wristlock.

Tracy stands on Kenny’s other arm as he twists the wrist, but Kenny reaches for a ropebreak with his legs. Tracy lets up, but brings Kenny up for a half hatch suplex. He keeps going with another! Tracy hurries to a corner and up top but Kenny stands. Kenny kicks the ropes to trip Tracy up! Tracy tumbles off but gets away from Kenny’s slingshot. Tracy trips Kenny on the apron and Kenny tumbles to the floor! Fans cheer as Tracy throws hands on Kenny. Tracy puts Kenny on the apron but Kenny spins around to throw a forearm! Kenny hops up to the apron for a corkscrew cannonball! Kenny grins and dusts himself off before putting Tracy back in. He brings Tracy up for a snap suplex but floats over to rain down rights. Kenny covers, TWO!

Kenny scoops Tracy for a backbreaker then shifts to a grounded chinbar. Fans rally as Tracy endures. Tracy powers his way up and fights out of the hold. Tracy throws forearms and spins, but Kenny ducks and spins Tracy for a backbreaker to SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Tracy lives but Kenny keeps his cool. Fans rally up as Kenny stalks Tracy to the ropes. Kenny chokes Tracy on the ropes while trash talking, but backs off at 4. Tracy gets up and CHOPS away! Kenny pokes Tracy in the eye! The ref reprimands Kenny but he got away with it. Kenny whips Tracy corner to corner but Tracy reverses. Tracy runs in but is put on the apron. He hits Kenny back then climbs up, but Kenny SHORYUKENS!

Kenny climbs up to join Tracy, but Tracy fights him off. Tracy grabs Kenny but Kenny fights back. Kenny flips off but Tracy dropkicks him down! Fans fire up with Tracy as he runs corner to corner for a big clothesline, then spins for another! Tracy fireman’s carry but Kenny slips out. Kenny shoves but runs into an elbow. Tracy hops up but Kenny enziguris him back! Kenny climbs up but Tracy gets him! DDT to the buckle! Then fireman’s carry, Spicoli Driver! Cover, TWO!! The K I N G survives and we go to break!

ROH returns and Tracy sunset flips Kenny, TWO! But Tracy’s ready for the crossface! Kenny resists and rolls to throw hands. Tracy backs off but Kenny ends up in a corner. Tracy CHOPS then forearms Kenny. He whips Kenny corner to corner but Kenny goes up and over to sunset flip. Tracy slips out but Kenny ducks the Penalty Kick to get a single leg takedown! Kenny drags Tracy to then hit the Last Chancery! Kenny shouts out the Greatest Manager That Ever Lived but Tracy endures. Tracy throws hands and breaks free! The fans rally up as both men slowly stand. Kenny brings Tracy up but Tracy throws forearms. Kenny stomps Tracy’s foot then sweeps the legs. He kicks Tracy in the ribs then in the back of the head! Cover, TWO!!

Tracy refuses to #BendTheKnee and Kenny grows frustrated. Tracy gets to an apron and counter punches Kenny away. Kenny ducks Tracy to Eddy Gordo kick. Kenny slingshots Tracy in the climbs up top. He leaps but Tracy gets under to knee and reel Kenny in, but Kenny trips Tracy up for a high stack! Kenny’s using ropes on the cover!! TWO and Kenny can’t believe it! Kenny takes a breath and grits his teeth as Tracy glares back at him. Kenny CHOPS Tracy but Tracy glares again. Another CHOP, but Tracy doesn’t back down. Tracy gets to his feet and Kenny CHOPS, but it only fires Tracy up! Tracy throws off his shoulder sling and dares Kenny to give him more! So Kenny CHOPS more! Tracy CHOPS back and often!

Kenny kicks but Tracy blocks to CHOP again. Tracy goes to lift but Kenny fights him off. Kenny kicks then punches, but takes to long rolling the dice. Tracy ducks but gets caught in a fireman’s carry, only to cradle counter! TWO but barely! Tracy blocks the Gordo to give a clothesline! Tracy fisherman busters! Cover, TWO!! Kenny lives and Tracy is beside himself! Tracy gets to his feet as fans rally up. Tracy climbs to the top rope and leaps, but Kenny catches the crossbody to roll through and pop Tracy up, Royal Flush!! Cover, Kenny wins!

Winner: Kenny King, by pinfall

Vegas cheers their K I N G as he overcomes the Hot Sauce. But will they be cheering him on as the next ROH World Champion?


PJ Black speaks.

“Let me start from the beginning.” The Darewolf came in with a chip on his shoulder, thought he knew better and was just plain better. But his loss to Bandido really hurt. PJ’s been doing this for 22 years now, but given how long he’s been doing this, the frustration is building. He’s been trying to take shortcuts to get ahead, but it doesn’t work. ROH is built on honor and respect, of course, but PJ’s been doing the opposite. Now he’s doing some soul searching and rethinking his mindset. He knows he has to do it differently now. LifeBlood sets a great example for him, and he’ll learn to follow the honor in Ring of Honor. PJ knows now he didn’t know better, but will he be able to make it right in tonight’s highly anticipated rematch?


The Crockett Cup cometh.

And in a face-to-face, The Villain, Marty Scurll, told the National Treasure, Nick Aldis that he wants to challenge him for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship! Aldis accepted, and the match is set! Will Aldis keep the 10 Pounds of Gold around his waist? Or will Scurll create a spot of bother as he brings that belt under Ring of Honor?


Reno Scum VS The Bouncers!

Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend return to ROH but they might not be here for long. Will Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas kick the Scum to the curb?

The Bouncers finish their drinks and then offer the Code of Honor handshakes. Reno Scum accept to keep the Code, and then teams sort out. Milonas starts against Adam as fans chant “OI! OI!” for Reno Scum. Adam kicks and headlocks but Milonas lifts and powers out easily. Milonas runs Adam off and Bruiser gets fans happy for beer! Adam tags out to The Legend and he goes toe to toe with Milonas. Milonas introduces Luster to “Body By Beer”. Luster throws a hand then ducks to throat chop! Milonas gets to a corner and boots Luster away. Milonas scoops and holds Luster up with one hand! He throws Luster down then tags in Bruiser. Luster headbutts Bruiser then runs, but Bruiser follows to crossbody Luster down!

Bruiser throws jabs on Luster and fans chant “BEER! BEER!” with each one. Luster hits back then runs, but Bruiser follows. Adam gets in a cheap shot and Bruiser swipes at him. Luster comes back but Bruiser still gets him with a right. Milonas protests but this keeps the ref from seeing Adam sucker punch Bruiser! Luster drags Bruiser up for knees then throws hands in the corner. Luster rakes Bruiser’s eyes but the ref reprimands him. Tag to Adam and Reno Scum throw Bruiser into buckles. They then double knee and club away on Bruiser from all sides! Reno Scum fires up but fans are divided. Adam drags Bruiser up for more hands then bumps Bruiser off Luster’s head. Adam drags Bruiser up and goes to scoop, but Bruiser is too big!

Fans chant “Reno Sucks!” as Luster tags in. Reno Scum double scoop and slam Bruiser, then Luster uses Adam as the human weapon back senton! Luster himself fires up for the falling headbutt! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up with chants of “BEER! BEER!” as Luster drags Bruiser up. Luster double chops and bearhugs Bruiser. Bruiser endures the squeeze and fights out with elbows. Luster powers Bruiser back to the corner and Adam tags in. Luster whips Adam in but Bruiser elbows him away. Bruiser dodges Luster and hurries for his corner! Fans rally as he crawls, but Adam grabs Bruiser’s foot. Bruiser still gets loose and tags in Milonas!

Milonas shoves and clubs Adam down then squashes Luster in the corner! Milonas tackles Adam down and fans fire up. The Mastodon tags in Bruiser and Bruiser clotheslines Luster out. Bruiser brings Adam up and over, for the Last Call leg drop! Cover, The Bouncers win!

Winners: The Bouncers, Beer City Bruiser pinning

The literally biggest team on the roster keeps on winning! Will they finally make their way to the ROH World Tag Team Championships? Will the Guerrillas of Destiny even bother showing up to the bar?


PJ Black VS Bandido!

The Darewolf has said he’ll change his ways and do this right. Will humbling himself and playing by the rules help him make up for the loss? Or is the difference in skill just too much?

The Code of Honor is upheld and a bow is added and fans cheer. The bell rings and the two tie right up. Black waistlocks but Bandido reverses to a hammerlock but Black reverses right back to a snapmare. Black loops around for La Majistrol, ONE! Bandido facelocks but Black reverses to a wristlock. Bandido rolls and trips Black to get a toehold. Black works to pry free but Bandido drops to a cover, ONE! Black gets Bandido in a ghost pin, TWO! The two stand off and fans cheer. Black and Bandido circle again and tie up. Black spins to a keylock but Bandido bridges back. Bandido pulls himself to a headstand, then trips Black up. Bandido wants the leg again but Black headscissors. Black rushes and gets a wristlock but Bandido reverses. Black rolls and cartwheels to reverse back to a wristlock.

Fans cheer this exchange but it’s still going as Bandido handsprings to break free. Bandido aims his finger gun but Black wants him to calm down. Bandido says BANG but Black “catches the bullet”! Black draws his bow but Bandido “dodges the arrow”! Black headlocks Bandido but Bandido powers out, only for Black to run him over. Bandido knips right up but Black kicks low. Black headlocks but Bandido powers out. Black handsprings and arm-drags but Bandido arm-drags back. Bandido shows off his agility and core strength as he goes Matrix to then spring back up. Black runs at Bandido and handsprings through the hip toss to sweep the legs. Cover, ONE, and Bandido sweeps. Cover, ONE and Black deflects the dropkick.

Bandido dodges the back senton and aims his finger gun. Black gets up but gets the dropkick! Black bails out but fans fire up as Bandido builds speed. Bandido slides but Black dodges to slingshot. Bandido gets in under him but Black counter punches. Black springboards but Bandido dropkicks him down! Bandido builds speed again but Black returns to elbow him. Black wrenches and reels Bandido in for Bad Habits! It leads right to a ghost pin, TWO!! Bandido survives and bails out of the ring while we go to break.

ROH returns again as Black wrecks Bandido with a dropkick. Black skins the cat then slingshots for a plancha! Fans cheer and the Darewolf soaks it up. Black goes to the ring and to the top rope. Bandido hurries up and around the way, daring Black to come after him. Black hops down and builds speed, but he DIVES into Bandido’s kick! Bandido soaks up the cheers from the fans now, then drags Black from the ropes for a suplex to the floor! The ring count begins and Black rolls all the way away to barriers. Bandido takes aim from across the way as he climbs up top. Fans rally as Black returns, only to get a SUPER ASAI MOONSAULT!

Fans cheer Bandido on as he takes aim again, and runs in from across the way. Bandido cannonballs, but Black dodges to send him into the barriers! Both men are down as the count continues to climb, but both men slowly stand to start throwing hands! Black kicks and throws Bandido in at 14/20, but then runs into a right hand. He keeps returning the haymakers but Bandido keeps giving them. Black back kicks then front kicks then roundhouses! His jumping back kick takes Bandido down! Black hurries up top but Bandido stops him with an enziguri! Bandido climbs up now and we get flashbacks of their first match. Black knows that, too, and shoves Bandido down.

Bandido lands on the apron and springboards back up to SUPER STEINER, but Black rolls through! Black gives Bandido a STYLES CLASH! Cover, TWO!! Bandido survives and shocks the Darewolf! Black stomps Bandido out of frustration. Black drags Bandido up to whip but Bandido reverses. Bandido roundhouses but Black ducks to pump handle and scoop him up, for the Wellness Policy pop-up cutter! Cover, TWO!! Black is furious that Bandido survives again! Fans rally up as Black is careful of the mask. Black drags Bandido up for forearms but Bandido gives them back. They brawl, Black blocks a boot but gets elbows instead. Bandido rolls with Black and ties Black in a knot for a lift, modified cradle brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Black survives and now Bandido can’t believe it! Not only that, but we go to one last break!

ROH returns once more and Bandido climbs up again. Black stops him with a right then climbs up to join him. Black wants a superplex but Bandido holds on. Bandido fights back and pushes Black back down. Black returns fast to SUPER STEINER Bandido! Then he springboards to quebrada! Cover, TWO! Black still can’t believe he can’t put Bandido away. Black drags Bandido up again and throws forearms. He runs but Bandido follows to knee him against the ropes! Bandido runs but Black follows to roaring elbow! Black runs again but Bandido gets the SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Black lives, and suddenly catches Bandido for a crucifix pin! TWO, but Black gives Bandido a swift school boy kick! Fans rally up as both men slowly stir.

Black gets himself to a corner and drags himself up. Bandido sits up and fans are loving this. Bandido runs in at Black but gets a BOOT! Black skins the cat to the top rope an dleaps, DOUBLE STOMPS! High stack cover, TWO!! Black is beside himself as Bandido survives again. Black waits for Bandido as fans duel. Bandido gets up and Black runs in at him, but Bandido puts him up top. Black kicks Bandido but Bandido enziguris Black! Bandido climbs as Black still perches up top. Bandido has Black for a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO?! Black survives the C4?! Bandido keeps going and hops up, to MOONSAULT, into boots!

Black gets up, for the WOLFSAULT! Bandido dodges but Black rolls through, to run in, for Bandido to scoop him into the torture rack! Bandido pops Black up for the knee! Black staggers to ropes and Bandido loads up, 21 Plex!! Bridging cover, Bandido wins!!

Winner: Bandido, by pinfall

An instant classic for the main event goes the way of LifeBlood’s lucha bandit! Will Bandido find himself competing for gold on behalf of the stable?

But Bandido and Vegas give respect to Black. The Code of Honor is still upheld with a handshake, and “Both These Guys!” even bow. Will Black’s new attitude stick around and help him find his place in ROH?


Something went down backstage!

There’s all sorts of things thrown around the hall, but lying in the wreckage of a wooden table, that’s Tenille Dashwood! Who attacked Dashwood this time?! Bully Ray?! “What is it about bad things always seem to happen to good people?” Six months, Dashwood wanted to know who attacked her before. Does she know who he is? Bully Ray tells Tenille he’ll tell LifeBlood she said good-bye. Is this really the curtain call for Tenille in ROH?!



My Thoughts:

What an incredible episode! We got right to action with King VS Williams, that was a great opener. King still tried to cheat but thankfully it didn’t work, because it was getting old. King still wins since G1 Supercard has set him up as a future challenger. I assume King will have to wait until a Face takes the title off Taven because I don’t see Heel VS Heel happening, or working that well between Taven and King. Aldis VS Scurll for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is coming at the Crockett Cup, and I can’t be sure Scurll wins that. I’m still expecting for Scurll and Villain Enterprises to battle Taven and The Kingdom more over the ROH World Six Man Tag titles.

The Bouncers VS Reno Scum was a good match, but naturally the bigger team wins. And as I posed earlier, it’d be pretty fitting of GoD’s characters after G1 Supercard to dump those ROH titles for another team to pick them up. The Bouncers are still a top choice for those titles either way, but expect The Briscoes to come back for them, whether or not Jay & Mark win the Crockett Cup. Black VS Bandido II was truly incredible, almost too good for free television. This should’ve been for a title opportunity, though it might still do that, unofficially. A little surprised that Bandido wins but he’s more involved with ROH than Black at this point, so it makes sense. Bandido challenging for the ROH World TV Championship would be great, though I can’t be sure he’d be able to take it from Jeff Cobb.

And then perhaps the biggest story development in a long time, we finally learn who attacked Tenille Dashwood months ago, after she gets attacked again! Bully Ray getting some real good heat attacking a woman wrestler outta nowhere, though we obviously don’t see it because seeing it would be too much for TV. Tenille is of course done with ROH, and was back in March. Finally a month later, we see her last appearance on ROH TV. If she’d renewed with ROH, I would’ve expected this to turn into a one-time-only co-ed match where Tenille gets revenge on Bully, but guess not. Perhaps this leads to a bigger Bully VS Juice match so Juice can get revenge on her behalf, while putting LifeBlood over Bully’s crew of bullies.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Worlds Collide Results & Report! (4/24/19)

Worlds Collide with the WWE Women’s Division!



WWE Wrestlemania Worlds Collide

WWE Worlds Collide continues with the Women’s Division! The NXT UK Women’s Championship is on the line in a Triple Threat! Will it still be #ToniTime after?



  • Candice LeRae VS Kay Lee Ray; LeRae wins.
  • Piper Niven VS Zelina Vega; Niven wins.
  • Io Shirai VS Sonya Deville; Deville wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Toni Storm VS Bianca Belair VS Nikki Cross; Storm wins and retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship.


NXT’s Mia Yim joins commentary!

The Head Baddie in Charge joins Vic Joseph and Aiden English in covering all the action!


Candice LeRae VS Kay Lee Ray!

Mrs. Wrestling represents NXT while KLR represents the NXT UK! Will the WWE Universe see LeRae or Lee Ray take the victory in NYC?

The bell rings and KLR circles with Candice while fans duel. The two tie up and KLR gets a wristlock. KLR shoulder breaks then yanks Candice, but Candice rolls to reverse the wrench. KLR spins to reverse it back to a hammerlock. Candice brings KLR down and reverses back! Fans cheer this technical exchange but KLR stomps Candice’s foot. KLR wrenches, shoulder breaks then yanks again. She reels Candice in for a headlock but Candice pries free. Candice gets the headlock and takeover, but KLR headscissors back. Fans rally and Candice pops out to a jackknife cover. TWO as KLR bridges but they both spin around. KLR wants a backslide or even Gory Bomb, but Candice sunset flips! TWO, and Candice Crucifix Drivers! Cover, TWO!

KLR boots Candice and grits her teeth as she CHOPS Candice hard! The snarky Scottish lass mocks the fans that cheer for Candice. KLR snapmares and rolls with Candice to kick her down, then covers, TWO! Candice gets to a corner but KLR goes after her with a suplex, for a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! KLR keeps on Candice with a seated stretch. KLR digs her knuckles into those ribs but Candice endures. Fans rally up again and Candice gets up, only to get a knee to the stomach. KLR whips but Candice dodges and tilt-o-whirls into the Octopus Stretch! Fans cheer Candice and want KLR to tap. Candice drives knees into KLR’s head but KLR stumbles to a ropebreak!

Candice lets go but keeps on KLR with a whip. KLR reverses and table tops Candice down to then drag her out. KLR spins Candice into the forearm shot! Then she drags Candice all the way out to whip, but Candice reverses and sends KLR into a post! Candice gets into the ring while KLR staggers about. Fans fire up with Candice as she builds speed, and DIVES! Direct hit sends KLR into barriers, but fans encourage Candice to keep going. Candice obliges and DIVES again! She’s 2 for 2, she wants the hat trick! Candice DIVES and gets it! She puts KLR in then climbs up high to leap for double stomps! Cover, TWO!! KLR lives but Candice won’t let up.

Candice drags KLR into position and LIONSAULTS! But she flops as KLR dodges! KLR SUPERKICKS! KLR runs but into Candice’s forearm. Candice runs but KLR reels her in for a forearm to the back. KLR reels Candice in but Candice slips out of the Gory Bomb to enziguri! Both women are down but New York fires up! The ref starts a standing count and both women slowly stand. They get up at 9.5, and start throwing hands! Candice dodges to rally with forearms and elbows! KLR ends up in a corner and Candice runs in for a back elbow! Candice climbs but KLR kicks her back! KLR climbs to join Candice but Candice resists.

Candice clubs KLR back, then sunset flips, but KLR holds on! Candice dodges the punch to hit a SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! KLR surivives and fans are loving this great bit of “Women’s Wrestling!” Candice springboards but KLR trips her up, to SUPERKICK her in the back! Cover, TWO!! Candice lives and KLR is growing frustrated. KLR drags Candice back up as fans rally up. KLR fireman’s carry and pops up, but Candice hits a REVERSE-RANA! Neckbreaker and LIONSAULT! Cover, Candice wins!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by pinfall

LeRae proves she can get it done against Lee Ray and at Wrestlemania Axxess! Will Mrs. Wrestling use this momentum to head for the NXT Women’s Championship?


Piper Niven VS Zelina Vega!

The Scottish Viper represents NXT UK while La Muneca represents both SmackDown and the WWE main roster! But who will represent with a victory?

The bell rings and Piper stands face to face with Zelina. And it’s clear who has the height advantage. But Zelina has a bigger attitude as she pushes Piper. Piper shoves back and knocks Zelina off her feet! Zelina seems to grin as she starts throwing forearms. Zelina runs, but Piper catches her and scoops. But Zelina slips out to kick away. That only angers Piper! Zelina baits her into a corner to drop toehold her into buckles! Zelina kicks Piper then chokes her on the ropes. The ref counts and Zelina backs off at 4 to soak up the heat. Zelina runs back in to Tiger Feint into a draping crossface! She lets go at 4 to then bulldog Piper down! Cover, TWO!

Zelina tells Piper she’s nothing, but then Piper grabs Zelina to throw her into buckles! Piper runs in but Zelina dodges. Zelina runs back in but is put on the apron. Zelina manages to forearm Piper away, then slip around to a waistlock. Piper elbows out but Zelina dodges to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO! Zelina is shocked and furious but she goes after Piper with a dragon sleeper. Piper endures as Zelina has a behind-the-back grip. Zelina shows she’s smart but Piper shows she’s tough as she continues to endure. Zelina shifts to a normal sleeper but Piper makes her a backpack. Piper bumps Zelina against buckles then throws her off.

Zelina runs away but Piper rallies with double ax handles. Piper scoops Zelina to slam her down! Then she drops the big senton! And the basement crossbody! But Piper’s still not done with Zelina as she drags Zelina to a drop zone. Piper climbs up and fans fire up, but Zelina avoids the Vader Bomb to hit a code breaker! Zelina borrows from El Idolo for Cien Knees! But Piper is dead weight! Zelina has to drag her out, TWO!! Piper survives and Zelina is furious! Zelina climbs up high, moonsault, but she flops! Piper scoops for the Michinoku Driver! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

The Scottish Viper strikes and is victorious! Will this help Piper climb the NXT UK ranks to challenge the champion? But with that title on the line later on, who will that NXT UK Women’s Champion even be?


Io Shirai VS Sonya Deville!

The Genius of the Sky represents NXT while Fire & Desire’s Gladiator Gal represents SmackDown and the WWE main roster! Shirai wants after Shayna and the NXT Women’s Championship while Sonya wants after the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Who will use this win to take a step closer to gold?

The bell rings and fans rally up already. The two tie up and Sonya powers Shirai to ropes. Sonya grinds her forearm on Shirai’s face then pushes her around. Shirai comes back and fans are strongly on her side. Sonya rushes in to waistlock but Shirai drop toeholds Sonya down. Shirai gets up and shrugs at Sonya. Sonya gets up with a scowl and gives Shirai a swift kick on the leg. Shirai throws forearms but Sonya throws fast hands! Sonya whips but Shirai ducks and handsprings! Sonya gets clear of that but not the dropkick! Fans fire up with Shirai as she blocks Sonya’s punch to double CHOP! Shirai CHOPS Sonya to a corner then whips her corner to corner. Sonya reverses but Shirai hops up fast. Shirai boots but Sonya blocks to yank Shirai down! Cover, TWO!

Shirai scrambles to a corner but Sonya puts her hair up, time to square up! Sonya kicks away on Shirai then clubs her down. Cover, TWO! Sonya grows frustrated while fans rally up. Sonya reels Shirai into a body scissors and pulls Shirai’s hair. The ref counts and Sonya lets the hair go but goes for a chinlock. Sonya slaps and clubs away on Shirai then turns to lean more weight on her. Shirai sits up but Sonya grabs the arm for a keylock. Shirai pries her arm free but Sonya puts another chinlock on. Fans rally and Shirai manages to make it a cover. ONE and Sonya lets Shirai go, to then roundhouse Shirai down! Sonya stands on Shirai for a cocky cover, TWO! Sonya puts Shirai on the ropes to grind the ribs but she throws Shirai back down at the ref’s count.

Fans sing for Shirai but Sonya mocks them before putting Shirai in the body scissors again. Shirai endures but Sonya pulls her hair again. Sonya lets go to then SLAP Shirai on the back. Sonya squeezes tighter but Shirari gets a ropebreak. The ref counts and Sonya lets go at 4, but then drags her over to drop an elbow, and then another. Cover, TWO! Shirai crawls but Sonya brings her up. Shirai throws hands but Sonya throws kicks and knees. Sonya drags Shirai up and snapmares her hard, to then hit the sliding wizard! Cover, TWO! Shirai survives and Sonya grows frustrated. Fans rally and duel as Shirai kicks Sonya away. Sonya hammers away then drags Shirai up. Sonya wraps Shirai in a chinlock but Shirai endures.

Fans rally up and Shirai fights. Sonya becomes a backpack with that sleeper, but Shirai powers up to back Sonya into buckles. Shirai breaks free after a few more, then ducks the running enziguri! Shirai roars and rallies and Sonya flounders. Sonya ends up on the ropes, Tiger Feint! Shirai climbs and leaps, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Sonya survives and Shirai grows frustrated. Shirai CHOPS Sonya on the leg then drags her up in a waistlock. Sonya resists and elbows out. Sonya kicks but Shirai dodges, only to get an enziguri! Cover, TWO! Sonya drags Shirai up and fires off more kicks and knees. Shirai goes Matrix to school girl, TWO, but she hits Sonya with a SHOTEI!

Shirai uses a spinebuster into the drop zone, and then climbs up top. ASAI MOONSAULT, but Sonya gets clear! Shirai rolls through but Sonya SPEARS!! Sonya high stacks, Sonya wins!!

Winner: Sonya Deville, by pinfall

The Jersey Devil defeats the Genius of the Sky! Maybe it’s an upset, maybe it’s the different between main roster and NXT or maybe it’s the difference of MMA and pro-wrestling. But whatever it was, Sonya still won. Will this lead Sonya to a title match on SmackDown? Can Shirai rebound and prove she’s worthy of a title match in her own right?


NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Toni Storm VS Bianca Belair VS Nikki Cross!

The Lightning from Down Under obviously represents NXT UK as she holds the gold. But she’s going up against both NXT’s EST and WWE SmackDown’s Loony Lass. Will it still be #ToniTime after Worlds Collide? Or will someone else take the title with them to their brand?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this crazy crossover main event!

Nikki chooses to go after Bianca and Toni by herself! She dropkicks Bianca then headbutts Toni. Nikki whips Toni but Toni reverses and sends Nikki at Bianca. Bianca catches Nikki and throws her with a Fall Away Slam! Bianca and Toni are now alone and the fans really like this match-up. Toni offers a handshake and Bianca says “kiss this.” Toni laughs it off and they tie up. Bianca gets the wristlock but Toni spins and bends and handsprings to slap and kick Bianca. Toni runs and sees Bianca drop down, so she redirects herself to dropkick Bianca down! Cover, but Nikki runs in so Toni bails to get clear. Nikki shoves Toni while Bianca rolls out of the ring.

Nikki double chops Toni then runs back in. Toni puts Nikki on the apron. Nikki shoulders and kicks her way back in, but Bianca yanks her down hard. Nikki goes after Bianca for that and trips HER up! Then she traps Bianca in the apron to club away! Finlay would be proud. Toni runs in but Nikki intercepts with a haymaker. Now Nikki has two for one as she puts Toni in the apron! Nikki clubs away then fires up. Toni and Bianca flop out of the skirt and Nikki puts them both back in! Nikki climbs and leaps! Bianca gets clear but the crossbody cover on Toni! BIanca breaks it just in time! She chicken wings Nikki to slam her onto Toni! But wait that’s a cover! Bianca shoves Nikki off Toni in time to then cover Toni herself. TWO, but Bianca keeps her cool.

Nikki rolls out while fans rally for Toni. Bianca clubs Toni and puts her in a corner for a mudhole stomp. Bianca reels Toni out for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Toni survives but Bianca keeps cool. Bianca sits Toni up and slaps her around. She dares Toni to fight so Toni fights. Bianca clubs Toni but Nikki returns to hop on! Nikki has a sleeper but Bianca drops back for a backpack senton! All three women are down but the fans rally up. Bianca and Nikki get to opposite corners, so Toni starts a hip attack train! Toni goes back and forth again and again for four! Toni underhooks Nikki but Nikki reverses. Bianca runs and double SPEARS! The three women are down again and fans rally back up.

Bianca covers Nikki, TWO! Bianca covers Toni, TWO! She goes back to Nikki and drags her up. She torture racks, KoD! Cover, but Toni breaks it! Toni and Bianca go after each other as fans duel. They throw forearms back and forth but Toni gets the edge. Bianca comes back for more then shoves to ROCK Toni! Toni staggers to a corner and Bianca runs in, but Toni sends her into the post! Toni rolls Bianca, TWO! HEADBUTT! Nikki cradles Toni, TWO!! Nikki almost caught Toni! Toni scoops but Nikki slips out for an inverted DDT, TWO!! Nikki grows frustrated as she’s so close yet so far from the title. She fires up and climbs up top, but Bianca goes up. Nikki kicks Bianca all the way down, then leaps at Toni! Toni gets clear and Nikki flops! Toni drags Nikki up, double underhooks, Storm Zero! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall; still NXT UK Women’s Champion

That match was as quick as lightning, but it is the Lightning from Down Under that strikes! Toni Time continues, but who will be next to challenge her for that title?



My Thoughts:

A good third part to the Worlds Collide event, but boy, it sure ended up being more like NXT, NXT UK & SmackDown collides. The Shake-Up would have put Zelina on Raw but things changed and she’s back on SmackDown. Of course, she was on SmackDown before so it was going to be that way anyway. Zelina did well against Piper, and while I didn’t want to make it about size, it came down to size. But at the same time, Piper wins to keep herself strong in the NXT UK Division, since Zelina isn’t really doing much on the main roster. Candice VS KLR was great, especially as an opener. Both women are potential contenders on their brands, so it was good for Candice to get this win here just so the fans can see she’s still good enough.

Shirai VS Sonya was great, but I was very surprised to see Sonya won! I can’t be sure why, though Worlds Collide doesn’t really impact much. I suppose Sonya can’t keep losing or else she won’t seem strong enough for SmackDown. Mia Yim establishes on commentary that she strongly dislikes MMA-turned-wrestler types like Sonya, which of course includes Shayna, Jessamyn and Marina of the MMA Horsewomen, so that’s good character development for her. And then the Triple Threat main event was short but fast and really good. But given it was short and this is Worlds Collide where Toni was against two superstars from other brands, naturally Toni would retain the NXT UK Women’s Championship to bring it back to NXT UK.

My Score: 8/10

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