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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (ending 12/16/2018)



CMLL Coverage

Volcano, Fuego, and Triton vs El Sagrado, Vangellys, and Misterioso

Misterioso and Fuego start out the match and they engage and start to grapple. Vangellys and Volcano jaw on the apron. They grapple for a while trading counters and holds until finally Sagrado and Triton come in. They do some grappling but posture and in come Volcano and Vangellys. They run at each other and clash but Volcano gets pulled to the outside and Vangellys hits a baseball slide. Vangellys hits a german suplex on Triton for the first fall. First Fall: Vangellys pins Triton with a german suplex.

The rudos start the second round teaming up on everyone. Volcano tries to take them all on on his own but can’t over come the numbers. Fuego hits a cross body on Sagrado and moves when Vangellys and Misterioso try to jump on him then Volcano catches them on the ground, however, and quickly hits a splash. Triton and Fuego sit on him so they can’t kick out. Second Fall: Volcano pins them all with a splash. 

There’s posturing to start the last round. Triton and Sagrado run into each other. Triton then starts to hit big moves on everybody. They try to double Fuego but he hits a double arm drag. In comes Volcano and Misterioso and Vangellys hit him with a double suplex and Sagrado hits him with an elbow drop for the pin. Misterioso then hits Triton with a gory special for the win. Third Fall: Misterioso pins Triton with a gory special.

Winners: El Sagrado, Vangellys, and Misterioso

Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja vs Cavernario, Hechicero, and Rey Bucanero

Angel de Oro and Hechicero start the match out with some posturing. They start to grapple and trade submissions on the ground. Bucanero comes in and starts attacking everyone on the apron. Cavernario joins them and now they’re beating on Caristico. They continue to team on everyone and then Hechicero throws Niebla Roja in the air and Cavernario kicks him for the pin. Then Hechicero hits a cross body on Oro and then submits him with a cross face. First Fall: Hechicero submits Angel de Oro with a cross face.

Cavernario starts the round beating on Caristico in the ring. Roja and Bucanero are fighting in the crowd. They continue to team up on them. Caristico hits a handspring elbow to change momentum. He gets kicked out of the ring but Oro hits a super kick on Hechicero then hits a lionsault for the pin. Niebla Roja then gets Bucanero in a pinning combination for the fall. Second Fall: Niebla Roja pins Rey Bucanero with a pinning combination.

There is a ton of posturing to start this round. Hechicero gets Oro in torture rack position. He goes for a slam but it’s reversed into a hurricanrana. Then Oro feigns a dive and hits a pose. Roja and Cavernario then stare down. Roja takes him out then hits a spinning forearm to take out Hechicero. He wants Rey but Rey isn’t having it. Now it’s Caristico and Bucanero. Cavernario tries to double but fails getting arm dragged to the outside. Hechicero and Bucanero get to the outside and Oro and Roja hit middle rope dives on them. In the ring Cavernario throws Caristico in the air and low blows him. Learning from Rush I see. Third Fall: Caristico wins when Cavernario hits him with a low blow for the DQ.

Roja gets the mic afterwards. I believe he challenged Cavernario to a match next week.

Winners: Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja

Volador Jr vs El Terrible

Terrible attacks him before the start of the match and they briefly brawl on the outside. Terrible in the ring hits a styles clash for the fall. First Fall: El Terrible pins Volador with a Styles Clash.

They are brawling outside to start this round. Back in the ring Terrible beats on him in the corner. Volador finally mounts some offense hitting a hurricanrana then a dive to the outside. Volador hits a hurricanrana pinning combination and gets the fall despite a very slow count. Second Fall: Volador pins Terrible with a hurricanrana. 

There’s a ton of posturing with the ref. They’re both talking to him and I guess Terrible is trying to convince him on something. They stare each other down and Terrible puts his hand out for Volador to shake. Volador then hits a hurricanrana and then a flip dive over the top. In the ring Volador gets a victory roll for another slow count. He argues with the ref and Terrible school boys him for a fast count but he kicks out. He hits a hurricanrana and another slow pin. Volador goes for it again but Terrible catches him for a styles clash but Volador kicks out. Volador then hits a super kick into a back stabber for the win. Third Fall: Volador pins Terrible with a back stabber.

Winner: Volador Jr

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Bengala and Leono vs El Coyote and Grako

Leono and Grako start out in the beginning of the match and do some grappling. Leono gets him to the outside then follows him but Grako tells him to go back in the ring. Bengala and Coyote come in now and they start to grapple as well. They grapple at a much faster pace. Grako and Leono are back in now Grako hits a flap jack. Leono then hits an arm drag. Coyote pulls him out of the ring though. Coyote hits Bengala with a northern lights suplex for the pin. Grako submits Leono with a leg lock. First Fall: Grako submits Leono with a leg lock.

Coyote starts the round hot hitting a standing elbow smash on Leono. They start to double team Leono now after taking out Bengala. Bengala gets in though to make a come back hitting a back breaker. They tie Grako in the ropes and Leono hits a drop kick for the pin. Bengala gets Coyote in a leg arm stretch for the fall. Second Fall: Bengala submits Coyote with a leg arm stretch.

Grako and Bengala start this round out countering each others actions. Coyote and Leono come in and exchange strikes. Bengala goes for a cross body but Coyote catches him and hits a back breaker. Grako then hits an elbow drop for the pin. Coyote then hits Leono with a top rope senton for the win. Third Fall: Coyote pins Leono with a top rope senton.

Winners: El Coyote and Grako

Camorra, Akuma, and Nitro vs Hijo del Signo, Yago, and Raziel

Hijo Del Signoa and his team attack Camorra during his entrance and then start to beat up on the rest of them. After things normalize, Signo hits a suplex on Camorra then an arm bar for the submission. Raziel hits Akuma with a spine buster then Signo pins him with a splash. First Fall: Hijo del Signo pins Akuma with a top rope splash.

Signo rips at Camorra mask to start this round. Yago and Nitro are in next and Yago gets the advantage on him. Raziel is in next and rips at Nitro’s mask. Nitro dodges a double team attack and then they get Signo and Yago out of the ring. Nitro gets Raziel in camel clutch position and the others hit him with drop kicks. The others hold Yago and Camorra hits an elbow drop to his inner thigh for the pin. Nitro slams Signo and Camorra does a splash off the top for the pin. Second Fall: Camorra pins Hijo del Signo with a top rope splash.

The Technicos are teaming up on Raziel to start this round. Yago and Camorra are finally the only ones in the ring. Camorra hits a muscle buster but the pins broken up. Signo gets him in a submission but Nitro breaks it up. Raziel is now in with him. He takes his shirt off and tells Nitro to hit him. Raziel hits a sit out pump handle slam for a two count. Nitro hits a pile driver but Yago stops the pin. In the ring Signo tries to sunset flip Camorra but Camorra holds the ropes for the pin. Third Fall: Camorra pins Signo holding the ropes.

Signo calls out Akuma and Camorra after the match. Yago challenges Camorra to a mask vs mask match.

Winners: Camorra, Akuma, and Nitro

Guerrero Maya, Pegasso, and Star Jr vs Virus, Kawato San, and Tiger

Star and Virus start the match out with some grappling. Maya and Kawato come in next and continue to grapple. Tiger and Pegasso come in and now it’s chaos in the ring. Tiger is wrestling in a Christmas outfit. Pegasso is in with Kawato and Kawato hits a drop kick. Pegasso does a head scissors into a school boy on Kawato for the pin and Maya hits Tiger with a springboard head butt for the pin. First Fall: Maya hits Tiger with a springboard head butt.

Maya and Kawato start this round out. Maya hits a few big moves on Kawato. Tiger attacks Maya from behind. Virus gets in there with Maya. Maya tries to make the tag but the ref makes Star go back to the corner. Maya makes a come back from being teamed on to hit a few back breakers. In the scuffle Tiger removes Maya’s mask for the DQ. Second Fall: Maya wins because Tiger removed his mask.

Winners: Guerrero Maya, Pegasso, and Star Jr

(Match Relampago) Drone vs Okumura

They start out by locking up and grappling. They get to the ground and exchange some transitions. Drone hits a hurricanrana then kicks Okumura after countering his sunset flip. He kicks Okumura to the outside then hits a middle rope dive head butt. He then goes back in the ring then slides to the outside. Okumura then pushes him into the barricade. Drone hits a hurricanrana but Okumura kicks out. Drone slams Okumura then hits a moonsault for a two count. Okumura hits a cross roads for a two count. Drone goes to the outside and Okumura chases him. Drone hits him with a super kick then slides through the refs legs for a splash to the outside through the bottom rope. Drone hits knees to the corner and goes to the top but Okumura gets up and hits a superplex off the top for a two count. Drone gets Okumura in a leg lock but he makes it to the ropes. Okumura then hits a cutter off the top for the pin. Okumura pins Drone with a cutter.

Winner: Okumura

Blue Panther, Black Panther, and Blue Panther Jr vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto (Rey Bucanero)

Mephisto starts with Blue Panther and they do some freestyle wrestling and grappling. Black Panther comes in and hits a shotgun drop kick on Mephisto and Blue Panther Jr pins him for the fall. First Fall: Black Panther hit Mephisto with a shot gun drop kick and Blue Panther Jr pins him.

Luciferno and Panther Jr start the round off exchanging strikes. Panther Jr hits a big arm drag on him then poses. Bucanero comes in and gets him on the apron and punches him off. Black Panther comes in and arm drags him out and then Mephisto comes in. Mephisto hits a face buster on him bringing Blue Panther in. Luciferno comes in and Blue Panther goes for a hurricanrana but it’s reversed into a Styles Clash. Somebody pay AJ Styles residuals. Second Fall: Luciferno pins Blue Panther with a Styles Clash.

Bucanero starts the round beating up on Blue Panther. They keep teaming up on Blue Panther and Jr tries to make the save but the ref won’t let him. Panther Jr finally gets in and does a bunch of back breakers. Black Panther gets pulled to the outside and Luciferno does a dive on him off the apron. Jr and Bucanero are on the outside and Blue Panther and Mephisto go at it in the ring. Panther hits a sunset flip then spins him around the ring. Bucanero breaks up the pin and Panther Jr comes in. Panther Jr shoulder blocks him out of the ring and then dives to the outside. Black Panther does a middle rope dive on Luciferno. Panther hits a hurricanrana on Mephisto then does a middle rope dive of his own. He gets back in the ring and does another one. In the ring Bucanero and Luciferno do a double submission. Luciferno has Blue Panther Jr in a camel clutch and Bucanero gets Black Panther in an abdominal stretch. Third Fall: Luciferno submits Blue Panther Jr with a camel clutch and Bucanero submits Black Panther with an abdominal stretch.

Winners: Mephisto, Luciferno, and Rey Bucanero

Atlantis, Diamante Azul, and Stuka vs El Terrible, Cavernario, and Euforia

Stuka and Cavernario start the match out doing some fast paced wrestling. Euforia and Terrible come in and Terrible beats on Atlantis. Azul tries to make the save but he gets teamed up on. They continue to team up on each of them. Cavernario hits the running splash on Stuka for the pin. Terrible hits Azul with a spine buster then submits him with a boston crab. First Fall: Terrible submits Diamante Azul with a Boston Crab.

Cavernario rips at Atlantis’ mask to start the round. They continue to team up on them starting with Stuka. Atlantis hits an elbow on Cavernario and chases him outside the ring. Stuka and Azul take advantage and make a come back. Azul launches Euforia into a clothesline by Stuka. Then Stuka hits a big splash off the top. Azul then gets Terrible in a camel clutch for the submission. Second Fall: Diamante Azul submits Terrible with a camel clutch.

Atlantis starts with Cavernario but not for long. Euforia comes in but Atlantis gets the advantage hitting a top rope cross body. He hits a drop kick on him to the outside and then hits Cavernario with a back breaker. He feigns a dive and hits a pose. Euforia and Stuka comes in and Euforia kicks him. Stuka hits him with an arm drag to the outside and Cavernario comes in and hits a drop kick on him and they square off. Stuka suplexes Cavernario on Terrible. Terrible gets Atlantis on the ramp and Cavernario misses the double team attack. In the ring Azul and Terrible come in and they stare each other down. Azul hits fast arm drags then hits a big hip toss on Euforia. Azul press slams Cavernario. He hits a huge monkey flip on Cavernario. Azul and Stuka hit middle rope dives on Terrible and Euforia and in the ring Atlantis gets Cavernario in a torture rack for the win. Third Fall: Atlantis submits Cavernario with a torture rack. 

Winners: Atlantis, Diamante Azul, and Stuka

Arena Mexico Friday

Halcon Suriano Jr and Robin vs Espanto Jr and Grako

Grako and Halcon start out and Grako works him over a bit. Halcon gets him to the outside then poses. Espanto and Robin come in next doing submission grappling on the ground. Robin does a flip, then Espanto hits a Canadian destroyer for the pin. Grako back breakers Halcon and Mije dives on him for the fall. First Fall: Grako pins Halcon Suriano with a back breaker and dive from Mije.

Second round starts with Grako tearing at Halcon’s mask. He and Espanto start to team up on them. Grako hits an elbow drop on the ramp onto Halcon. Robin ducks a clothesline and Halcon head scissors Espanto to the outside then hits a flip dive. Robin slams Grako and hits a sawnton bomb for the pin. In the ring Halcon gets Espanto in a flying arm bar. Second Fall: Halcon Suriano submits Espanto with a flying arm bar.

Halcon starts out on fire countering all of Grako’s offense. He hits a face buster and Grako falls out of the ring and then he fakes a dive and poses. Crowd boos. Robin hits a hurricanrana on Espanto and feigns a dive and poses. Espanto and Grako hit a double team code breaker german suplex on Halcon. Halcon slams Espanto and does a 450 and pins him. Robin hits a tiger bomb on Grako for the win. Third Fall: Robin pins Grako with a tiger bomb.

Winners: Halcon Suriano Jr and Robin 

Electrico, Fuego, and Astral vs Raziel, Cancerbero, and Disturbio

Raziel and Electrico start the match trading moves. They continue to grapple and trade moves for a bit. Electrico goes to chase him on the ramp after a striking exchange. Astral and Cancerbero are in next and they grapple as well. Fuego and Disturbio are in next and get more acrobatic than the others. Fuego hits a leaping arm drag bringing Disturbio to the outside. Raziel and Cancerbero come in to try and team up but they get countered. Finally Fuego is caught in a back breaker and Electrico gets tripped. Astral gets kneed in the corner for the pin by Disturbio and Fuego gets submitted by Cancerbero with a sharpshooter stretch. First Fall: Cancerbero submits Fuego with a sharpshooter stretch.

They team on Electrico to start the round. Fuego comes in to try his hand but is met with an attack. He quickly tags Astral and he gets beat on too. Raziel hits a falcon arrow for a two count. Astral runs away and Fuego catches Cancerbero with a hurricanrana on the outside. In the ring Electrico and Astral hit double springboard splashes on Raziel for the fall. Second Fall: Astral pins Raziel after a double springboard splash by him and Electrico

Astral and Cancerbero start and Astral gets the better of him hitting an asai moonsault into an arm drag. Fuego is in the ring with Disturbio, and he gets him in a stretch but Raziel breaks it up. He teams on him with Cancerbero. Disturbio beats on Fuego more and Cancerbero and Raziel get Electrico and Astral in a double stretch submission for the win. Third Fall: Cancerbero and Raziel submit Electrico and Astral with a double stretch submission.

Winners: Raziel, Cancerbero, and Disturbio

Titan, Triton, and Esfinge vs Vangellys, Templario, and Misterioso

Esfinge and Misterioso start the match with a lock up and some standing grappling. In next Templario and Triton are in next and they start to go back and forth with some counters and quick transitions. Titan and Vangellys are in next and Vangellys uses his size to his advantage. Titan gets him to the outside and hits a hurricanrana on him on the outside. Triton hits a leg drop on Misterioso for a pin. Esfinge gets Templario in a leg lock into a pin. First Fall: Esfinge pins Templario with a leg lock pinning combination.

Templario and Esfinge get in there and go back and forth. Esfinge kicks Templario on the apron and hits a hurricanrana off the apron. Titan and Vangellys trade blows when they get in the ring. Vangellys catches a Titan with a spinning wheel kick. He places Titan on the top rope but gets hit by a front head scissors. Titan is now going crazy. Kicking Misterioso off the apron then catches Templario in a spinning head scissors. He then poses. Trition and Templario are in next and Triton gets the best of him. He then hits a hurricanrana and arm drag on Vangellys and Misterioso. Then all three of them feign dives and get attacked by Vangellys and Templario from behind. Vangellys hit a fisherman’s suplex and Templario hits a power bomb back stabber for the fall. Second Fall: Templario pins Titan with a power bomb back stabber.

Esfinge gets teamed on to start this round. They keep teaming on the other team members. Triton and Titan hit hurricanrana’s on Misterioso and Templario to make a come back. They both then dive on them. Esfinge gets in there with Vangellys and hits a springboard splash for the pin. Triton hits an asai moonsault on Templario. They check on Titan because when he did his dive which was an asai moonsault. Triton hit the ropes as he was gonna leap so he almost messed up the move badly. Third Fall: Esfinge pins Vangellys with a springboard splash.

Winners: Titan, Triton, and Esfinge

(Match Relampago) Soberano Jr vs Forastero

They engage and stale mate, then engage again. Soberano hits a cross body off the top rope. Forastero punches Soberano off the apron then hits a middle rope dive. Soberano comes in and hits a hurricanrana and then he hits a flip dive over the top and almost lands on his feet to the outside. Wow. Back in the ring Forastero goes for a Canadian destroyer but Soberano handsprings up and kicks him in the face for a two count. They’re on their knees throwing elbows at each other. The crowd is going crazy for this match. They proceed to trade some pinning combinations. Soberano hits a jumping kick then a one legged drop kick. Soberano slides to the outside and Forastero smashes him into the apron and barricade a few times. Forastero goes to pin him but he kicks out. Forastero goes for a springboard move but Soberano ties him up in the ropes and then he does a moonsault on him. Kick out and one minute left. Soberano comes off the ropes and Forastero catches him in a helicopter power slam. Forastero pins Soberano with a helicopter power slam.

Winner: Forastero

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Flyer (Diamante Azul) vs Shocker, El Terrible (La Bestia del Ring), and Rey Bucanero

The match starts with a brawl. Bucanero is beating on Roja and Bestia on Oro and Shocker is working over Diamante Azul. Now Niebla Roja is in the ring getting teamed on. Roja counters Bucanero with a hurricanrana then hits a middle rope dive. Bestia shoulder blocks Oro out of the ring. Azul press slams Bestia and hits a sit out slam. First Fall: Diamante Azul pins Bestia del Ring with a sit out press slam.

They keep brawling on the outside to start the round. Shocker is begging off Azul to not continue hitting him. Bestia and Bucanero regroup on the ring while Oro and Roja are in the ring. There’s a ton of posturing going on. Finally things settle down and Oro and Shocker are in the ring. Shocker hits a shoulder blocks and Oro flips to sell it. Bestia comes in and Oro uses his speed to his advantage. Azul gets in with Bucanero and monkey flips him. Then he does it to Bestia. Shocker is in next and takes his shirt off, then Azul does as well. They exchange strikes in the center of the ring. Azul then feigns a dive and hits a pose after shoulder blocking Shocker out of the ring.

Roja is in now with Bucanero and they continue to brawl, extending their grudge. Roja goes an an asai moonsault but Bucanero pulls him down. Oro gets Shocker in an abdominal stretch and he submits. Bestia pins Oro with a power bomb, Azul gets a school boy but Bestia kicks out. Bucanero kicks Azul’s legs out and now it’s Roja and Bucanero. Roja goes for a school boy but he kicks out. He super kicks him some and another two count. Roja hits a spring board drop kick. He goes to submit Bucanero but Shocker interferes. While the ref is distracted Bucanero pretends he was kicked in the groin. The ref doesn’t fall for his tricks and DQs him. Second Fall: Niebla Roja wins when the ref DQ’d Rey Bucanero for trickery.

Winners: Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Diamante Azul

Caristico, Volador Jr, and El Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero, Sanson, and Cuatrero

We start this match out with some brawling as well. The team of Guerrero Cuatrero and Sanson continue to team up on the other team. Valiente gets drop kicked off the apron.Volador runs at Cuatrero but gets caught in an inverted bear hug. Sanson hits a spin out power bomb on Valiente for the fall. First Fall: Sanson pins Valiente with a spin out power bomb.

They start the round continuing to team on Caristico’s team. Sanson tries to lure Volador in the ring but he’s weary of being teamed up on. He slowly comes in but foolishly postures to the crowd and gets teamed on. They do the Los Guerrero’s team up spot on the ramp. Volador and Caristico hit hurricanrana’s on Sanson and Cuatrero then they hit dives. Valiente then submits Ultimo Guerrero in the ring. Second Fall: Valiente submits Guerrero with a modified tequila sunrise.

This round doesn’t start any different. Sanson and Cuatrero beating on Caristico. Caristico makes a quick come back though. He hits a flying head scissors on Sanson to get him out. He faces off with Guerrero now and hits an arm drag off the top. Sanson now squares off with Volador. The midget that came to the ring with Valiente wants revenge on Sanson. Volador is making him face off against Sanson. Finally he leaves. Sanson launches Volador in the air where he hits a hurricanrana on Guerrero. Volador continues to run wild then hits another hurricanrana to the outside on Guerrero. Crowd goes crazy. Valiente avoids an attack from Guerrero which brings him to the outside and then Valiente hits a big middle rope dive. Volador hits a Canadian destroyer on Cuatrero and Caristico does the head scissors into a Fujiwara arm bar on Sanson for the win. Third Fall: Caristico submits Sanson with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Winners: Caristico, Volador Jr, and El Valiente

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Let us know what you think on social media @ChairshotMedia and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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